Great Furnace


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Planechase Common
Mirrodin Common

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Great Furnace

Artifact Land

: Add to your mana pool.

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Great Furnace Discussion

TheSocialistCactus on Scissor turn 3 win for the cheese

1 day ago

Hate to break it to ya, but Seat of the Synod and Great Furnace are not modern legal. I play a Grixis list similar to this except I also run Ensoul Artifact and Tezzeret's Touch with it, which I think could improve the deck quite a bit, but I would personally recommend you get rid of the illegal artifact lands if you really want to keep this modern (Darksteel Citadel is still legal, however) and add 4 Spire of Industry and possibly 4 Scalding Tarn if you can afford them, otherwise just go with 4 Spirebluff Canal. Also your Titan's Strengths could be replaced with Serum Visions or Faithless Looting; red pump usually isn't amazing unless you're playing Kiln Fiend to power it up.

IggmondVanre on Metal Muscle

5 days ago


Not really sure what format(if any) you're going for or what exactly you're deck is trying do. I've been a big fan of artifact decks for along time. Here are a few cards that I think are outstanding.

Arcbound Ravager Master of EtheriumCranial Plating Thoughtcast Bomat Courier Etherium SculptorWhir of Invention Chief EngineerMetalworker Grand ArchitectHangarback Walker Walking Ballista Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Ensoul Artifact Vault Skirge Signal Pest

I also think that Reliquary Tower count could be cut down 4 seems excessive, maybe more Inventors' Fair 3 at most since it's legendary, I also really like using Tomb of the Spirit Dragon, Blinkmoth Nexus and Inkmoth Nexus and pretty tough to. Lastly the Artifact lands Darksteel Citadel Seat of the Synod Vault of Whispers Tree of Tales Ancient Den Great Furnace

The artifact lands with exception of Darksteel Citadel are banned in Modern and Standard.

I've been working on an unconventional artifact deck recently you can check it out here Wrath of the Machines

Good luck!

Klancik on Laughing As The Kingdom Burns | Neheb, the Eternal

5 days ago

To ramp up the speed for getting Neheb out faster would you consider some mana rocks like Mana Crypt, Mox Diamond, Chrome Mox, Mox Opal, Grim Monolith?

Mana Crypt for 0 drop ramp.

Mox Diamond and Chrome Mox would add up to two lands on one turn. Mox Opal would be good for the added artifacts. If you do run this i also suggest running a Great Furnace for another artifact in the deck. Grim Monolith would be very nice for early kick off, and then even late game (even if its really not that 'late' into the game) you can untap it with the generated mana from Neheb.

RunicFrank on Breya

5 days ago

Great Furnace and Inventors' Fair inventors fair either gives you a little life every turn for having artifacts in play or you can sac it to tutor for an artifact.

pugzly101 on Goblin Rush - (Red Budget Pauper)

1 week ago

I'm intrigued by the possibility of Kuldotha Rebirth playing off of Great Furnace, Perilous Myr & Sylvok Lifestaff.

Anyone have any experience in using these?

KALE434 on Krenko Mob Boss Goblin Swarm Deck

3 weeks ago

Awesome Deck! Got a couple suggestions though, Infernal Plunge and Seething Song(I know it says like 2.00 or more on TCG but its dirt cheap.) for some easy mana. Kuldotha Rebirth for another token gen and maybe Great Furnace for another Artifact to help with its cost. Fire Diamond would also help ramp as well as a Phyrexian Altar for another sac outlet. Well thats all i got but if you want anymore ideas check out my Purphoros, God of Hand Dumping deck!

SteelSentry on Made Kalemne Good + Cheap

1 month ago

I would throw in Ancient Den, Great Furnace, and Inventors' Fair for the mana base, to support the artifact matters stuff.

It seems like the deck is lacking in answers, things like Swords to Plowshares or Disenchant-type effects, especially since your Sunforger only has 2 valid targets. Since you have metalcraft, you can run Dispatch and Dispense Justice. I suppose this is more meta-dependent, but for me at least, having sufficient answers is crucial.

Skarrux156 on Pauper Burney Graveyard

2 months ago

Oh, I just realized I never answered!You have most of the usable burn spells, but firebolt could be replaced by Galvanic Blast if you incorporate some artifacts in the list, like the artifact land Great Furnace.

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