Pharika's Cure


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros (THS) Common

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Pharika's Cure


Pharika's Cure deals 2 damage to target creature and you gain 2 life.

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Pharika's Cure Discussion

IlGuale on Mono-Black Midrange

9 months ago

I play a similar list myself and have to suggest Go for the Throat over Doomblade, since black creatures are very relevant at the moment and Gurmag Angler is also immune to Victim of Night.

A boardwipe i like is Flaying Tendrils, because it removes creatures like Kitchen Finks and is cheaper than Languish and Mutilate.

Some cheap, efficient sideboard option i like against burn are Gonti's Machinations, Pharika's Cure (which kills every creature burn plays) and Shadowfeed. Shadowfeed can also provide some graveyard hate, which you don't have, with Nihil Spellbomb.

Funkydiscogod on You played a creature? And.... its gone!

10 months ago

Less Pharika's Cure, more Devour in Shadow. The life loss won't be an issue; you do have lifelink critters.

Also, I vote for ninjas, since you have creatures with pwoerful ETB effects and/or evasion, throwing one or two ninja in there could be randomly good. I'd swap out Indulgent Tormentor for Okiba-Gang Shinobi or Throat Slitter.

Also, since you need black devotion, maybe swap out Doom Blade for Executioner's Capsule or Seal of Doom?

Nintendows on life is Forfeit

1 year ago

19 creatures in an athreos deck isn't going to use your commander much. You also don't have many other permanents that can provide devotion if you want to get on the beat down plan.

Some things have just too little impact, I think. I'd suggest cutting these to make room for more creatures and permanents:

There are more, but this is a good start. Got any other creatures in your collection? Throw them in!

BerylLasko on Sewer pauper

1 year ago

I like what you're doing here, Dash Hopes is vicious! I think I might add it to my own deck.

There is a couple of things I don't quite agree with:

1) The play set of Wicked Akuba. It would benefit from some type of evasion, or even deathtouch, but it doesn't. More often than not, it's a bear. I think I'd rather see either another type of removal, or Chittering Rats, which has the always effective ETB effect. If your looking for something to help the devotion, another decent creature could be Dauthi Slayer: opponent can't chump block, which forces them to expend a removal spell.

2) Pharika's Cure seems too cute of a card. It's essentially a 2 cmc 4 life gain, strictly worse than Lone Missionary or Rest for the Weary, but in Black. Once again, I'd rather see some type of removal, or hand disruption, something that impacts the board state a bit more.

Thanks for sharing! You got an upvote!

Uncanny_Ghoul on Life gain aggression

1 year ago

Pharika's Cure is bad

Tablet of the Guilds is bad

Spectral Procession is amazing in soul sister deck.

Lone Rider  Flip is great also.

Bloodbond Vampire -1 and add another ajani pridemate

Go for the Throat instead of doomblade + sunlance

Murderous Compulsion & Oppressive Rays are bad could be replaced with Stasis Snare

That would be a start. :) goodluck mate!

wisegreenbean on Modern Monoblack Midrange

1 year ago

Crypt Incursion for side board.

I would agree that you need some life gain; in modern, particularly if you're casting thoughtsieze, if you wait til turn 4 to have a field presence, you are dead.

Pharika's Cure is probably too weak as a watered down Lightning Helix...Soul Spike is also probably too resource intensive, but then, there's a good chance of you having an over abundance of high CMC black cards...

Perhaps Collective Brutality, tossing extra lands and whatnot.

Samuel-Frederick on

1 year ago

This is a cruel deck that starts off nice and slow for the opponent, and then they begin to realise that their demise is inevitable. The two main themes of the deck are life gain and life loss, and vampires and tokens. It combines the inevitability of defeating your opponent through incremental advantage by stealing their life, alongside making powerful difficult to deal with threats on the board, a two pronged strike that will keep your opponent on the back foot game, after game, after game...

The one drops, Doomed Traveler and Indulgent Aristocrat. If you have a Scoured Barrens in your hand play that first as your one drops are essential in the first turn, and the Barrens will slow you down later on down the line. So, on the face of it these two guys may not seem like the most exciting of cards, but they most certainly are, and this is why; First, Doomed Traveler, a poor lowly 1/1, but a 1/1 that gets better when dies. This keeps you alive in the early game as he can 'chump block' twice, also removal spells aren't very good against him as your opponent would need to use two, coming back also means he's a good sacrifice choice for the Aristocrat. But also, when you have Sorin, Lord of Innistrad on the field, and you've -2ed him a couple of times your Doomed Traveler becomes a double threat all on his own. So, Indulgent Aristocrat, with Doomed Travelers and Lingering Souls to sacrifice this guy can make your vampires very big very quickly. Now remember that you can sacrifice creatures this way at instant speed! This makes the combat maths for your opponent very difficult. Also, remember that you can block with a creature, then sacrifice it before the damage step (this way you won't take damage from the creature attacking you (unless it has trample), and you'll still get to use it to make your vampires bigger before the damage step). These guys are not to be underestimated!

Tithe Drinker, your two mana creature, is it a powerhouse that will win you your games? No, not on its own at least, but that extort trigger you get from it, that's something that will surprise you. Every spell you cast, pay one mana, and you deal 1 and gain 1, and that adds up very quickly. She also has lifelink and is a vampire, you'll grow to love this girl.

So, for three mana, Vampire Nighthawk. Flying, Deathtouch, Lifelink... This guy is a scary creature for your opponent to fight against, he blocks flyers, kills whatever he fights, gains you life, is a vampire so gets bigger with your Aristocrat as well. Along with him in the three mana slot you have Lingering Souls, 3 mana for two 1/1 flyers is great value anyway, but then casting it again! From your graveyard! For less mana! I mean, come on... These guys make great blockers when you need them, are great to sacrifice to your Indulgent Aristocrat when you need to, and become massive threats that will win you games when you have Sorin, Lord of Innistrad on the field as well. Because Lingering Souls can be cast from your graveyard, it makes good wrath insurance as well. That is, once you've cast it you may want to not cast it from your graveyard if you know your opponent runs wrath (spells that destroy all creatures), wait for them, then once they clear the field you can bring back a couple of 1/1 flyers even if you have no cards in hand. Treat these cards with respect, learn them, and they will reward you.

Your four mana cards. First, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. He makes VAMPIRES, with LIFELINK, and then he creatures emblems (which you can have multiple of) to make all your guys bigger, this guy is crazy good and if your opponent doesn't kill him quickly can win the game on his own. You'll need creatures back to protect him though, but with Lingering Souls, and the fact that he can make a creature every single turn, protecting him should be easy!

Also in the four mana slot we have Cliffhaven Vampire. This deck gains life all over the place, and every time it does, you deal 1 damage to your opponent. So with Tithe Drinker whenever you extort you now instead gain 1 life and deal 2 to your opponent, when Scoured Barrens is played you gain one and your opponents lose 1, whenever one of your mana lifelink creatures gains you life, your opponents lose 1, you run 8 removal spells, Pharika's Cure (which can also finish off an opponent if you need it to, and Tribute to Hunger, and what do they do? That's right, they gain you life as well, so whenever you use one your opponents lose 1 life. Also he's a 2/4 Vampire, with flying, you'll like this guy more that you think you will believe me!

So last, but in no way least, is the top of your curve, Obzedat, Ghost Council. He hits the field as a 5/5 for five, he gains you 2 life and your opponent loses 2 life. During your end step you exile him, then at the start of your next turn you bring him back, you gain another two, they lose another two, he gains haste so he can run in, then end of the turn 'poof' gone, then start of your turn, comes back, gain 2, they lose 2, etc, etc, etc. Many opponents will find this 4 point life swing every turn hard to race, but he's also hard to kill. Firstly he has 5 toughness, which makes him hard for red players to kill with burn spells, but he also isn't on the field during your opponents turn, this means he can't be killed by sorcery speed spells, wraths, enchantments, anything like that can't get to him. He isn't a vampire, but you'll forgive him for that! He will win you games, and he will finish off opponents. You only run two as he is at the top of your curve, and he's legendary so you can only have one on the field... Unfortunately... But if you grow to love him so much you want him on the field more often, then you can add another one in, and take out a Tribute to Hunger for him, but that's personal preference of course.

So that is a run down of the deck, the more you play it the better you'll get with it, and the more powerful it will seem. Enjoy!

2016HynesS on Grixis Delver

1 year ago

Hey, what's going on? I have a few 'creature removal' suggestions that i think could help you eliminate early to mid-game threats and eventually,control the board. I think their mana costs are fairly cheap,and also their affordability. My suggestions are,Dead Weight,Grasp of Darkness, Pharika's Cure,and finally, Sinister Concoction.

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