Seat of the Synod


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Common
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors (DDU) None
Commander 2016 (C16) Common
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (DDF) Common
Planechase (HOP) Common
Mirrodin (MRD) Common

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Seat of the Synod

Artifact Land

Hooded Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

When Hooded Hydra dies, put a 1/1 green Snake creature token onto the battlefield for each +1/+1 counter on it.

Morph {3}{G}{G}

As Hooded Hydra is turned face up, put five +1/+1 counters on it.

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Seat of the Synod Discussion

SynergyBuild on An...Uncoventional commander

3 days ago

Not really. Maybe... but Demarge, because it starts at 4 loyalty, it needs to die or +1 before doing it, taking 3+ turns just to go off, all of that is assuming you even can.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage has a -1 ability, rather than a +1, this is actually better, as it dieing lets you make more mana when you recast it, and also allows you to draw your whole deck to finish the loop. but as is that isn't possible with Tezzeret.

Secondly, untapping 4 permanents makes getting 5 mana and untapping The Chain Veil easy. How many rocks tap for 5 mana in mono-blue as is? None other than Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice as far as I am aware. This is the problem.

Also, untapping permanents vs artifacts is also different, you can't just untap some lands unless they are Darksteel Citadel/Seat of the Synod, so the combo is generally really weak, and the commander is often too given no other setup.

Prehcise on Crazy Artifacts

2 weeks ago


Hi there! I made this deck almost 5 years ago before I knew too much about magic

Flooremoji on

3 weeks ago

This deck is not modern legal. Great Furnace, Seat of the Synod, and Goblin Welder are each either banned or not printed in a modern legal set.

joeandr802 on

3 weeks ago

Great Furnace, Seat of the Synod, and Goblin Welder are all not Modern legal. Try building this in a format that allows these cards.

GreenFuzzyNinja on artifact combo

3 weeks ago

I believe that this deck is based around the combo stated in the description. If so, I would remove cards and cut the deck down to 60 cards, so you have a higher chance of getting the combo. Some cards that don't add much to the deck are Anodet Lurker, Diamond Mare, Angel's Feather, and Alhammarret's Archive, unless you are attempting a lifegain theme. I also noticed a Myr tribal theme. Was that intentional? Also, I would add some basic lands and artifact lands, like Ancient Den, Great Furnace, and Seat of the Synod.

He_Who_Hungers on Scarecrows

1 month ago

It looks to me like you're going for a sort of different type of deck than mine (or at least are playing it in a very different environment), so I'll be careful with suggesting too much, and stick to the things I have found worked well in general for me.

First I would recommend is Channel the Suns. If you're looking to get the King out as early as possible, this is the card to do it, allowing you to drop him as early as turn 2 in combination with Sol Ring. Even beyond that, it usually feels pretty good to get him out a turn earlier, or for one less mana, sometimes enabling you to follow him up with a scarecrow right away.

Secondly, I agree with your aversion to use too many changelings, but if you're looking for a wacky combo, it doesn't get much better than the trio of Changeling Hero, Changeling Titan and Changeling Berserker. I find they work great on themselves, as they allow you to champion a scarecrow, which re-enters when they die, and can get you another trigger. If you manage to get all 3 of them together, though, you can have them champion each other (e.g. play the Titan first, champion any creature, then drop Hero, champion the Titan, then play Berserker, champion Hero. Since Hero leaves play, Titan re-enters, which champions Berserker, causing Hero to return and so forth), which is usually a game ender since you're able to destroy all of your opponents' permanents. I'm usually not much of a combo player, but I personally find this one very funny, if a bit hard to get off.

For theme, I'd urge you to play Reap and Sow. It's not really a great card, but it can help you ramp and tutor for some of the more key Nonbasic lands (in your case probably Cataracts or Inventor's fair). And it just fits the theme. If you're playing Reaper King, you might as well start Reaping (or sowing, or both!).

I also tend to like Tezzeret the Seeker , especially if you back him up with a set of artifact lands (Seat of the Synod, Tree of Tales, Vault of Whispers and Ancient Den). You'll mostly want him for his second ability, which allows you to tutor your artifact lands for some added ramp, or a simple -1 to grab that Heap Doll if you need a RK trigger and don't have one on hand.

Lastly I'd like to recommend either Fabricate or Drift of Phantasms (or both, as I did). The point of fabricate is hopefully somewhat clear, and I tend to like the Drift as it can find a lot of your key cards (I usually end up transmuting him into either a Scarecrone or a Chromatic Lantern), and even if you don't need to transmute it, it can never hurt to have an extra flying blocker.

I'll leave it at that for now. If you're looking for more inspiration, take another look at my list.

Kjartan on Blues

1 month ago

Seat of the Synod is banned. You can run Darksteel Citadel

FogonaFrog66 on Who am I? Everyone you've ever met.

1 month ago

Good one from what I can see. I would love to play the deck you already have assembled. I have always liked Trinket Mage to find Walking Ballista, Tormod’s Crypt, or Sol Ring. Also you could target other cards like Hangarback Walker, Skullclamp, Sensei's Divining Top, or even artifact lands like Seat of the Synod. Some tutors I wouldn’t want to miss out on would be Final Parting and Diabolic Intent. Finally, if you go more towards the Reanimator theme, creatures that rock my socks off every time are Sidisi, Undead Vizier and Phyrexian Delver. The instants and sorceries in this theme I would consider are Dread Return and Victimize. That’s about it, I guess. Hope my suggestions help you find your way. Cheers and good luck!

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