Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Common
Nemesis Common

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You may return an Island you control to its owner's hand rather than pay Daze's mana cost.

Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Daze Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Who needs a library anyway?

1 week ago

As far as counterspells go Daze could find a home here, as could Spell Pierce; Mana Leak could also be an option.

Emzed on Thrasios & Kydele, Infinite Partners

3 weeks ago

Isochron Scepter only works with instants, so no Time Walk combo. Also, the storm mechanic doesn't help flip Erayo, so Hindering Touch or Brain Freeze aren't worth it at all. You need cheap spells such as Moxen, Gush, Daze or Force of Will for that.
I actually think Sidisi, Undead Vizier might the best way to go, if you pack the deck full of mana acceleration and a few Reanimate effects, tutoring for Time Vault plus Voltaic Key should be easy.

Guardians on Izzet Legacy

3 weeks ago

3-4 Stifle, 4 Delver of Secrets  Flip, 4 Brainstorm, 1 Thunderous Wrath, 3-4 Daze. you only need like 18-20 land too

theDramaLLama on delver in the sky (casual & budget mtg deck)

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the reply GabeCubed.

Spell Snare could be good, but it is 5$ same with RemandSpell Pierce looks very solid. I will probably mainboard a few, or run some in the sideboard.i'll test Disrupting Shoal it could be a budget replacement for FOW

as for Gush, it is a very very good card, but I don't think that Gush can work in this deck as I can barely support Daze in this deck.

still, it is a very good card. I might be able to make it work with a few more islands.

Price of Progress looks very good. It might be a little rough with all of my pain lands, but it is still definitely a card to be considered.

as for fetches and shocks, I cannot afford them, as I have no money.

People in my playgroup also dislike people who spend large amounts of money on magic as they feel it is then a pay to win game.

I agree that fetches are necessary if I want the deck to be as good as possible, I also need fetches if I want to be able to play Brainstorm. Brainstorm is necessary to the deck, as it quickly allows you to turn a bad hand into a good one. fetches also fill my graveyard for treasure cruise.

I will up the amount of Thought Scour in the Mainboard.

thank you for your advice and all of the card suggestions.

theDramaLLama on delver in the sky (casual & budget mtg deck)

3 weeks ago

Hi Hardhitta71194, thanks for the reply.

Izzet is the best!

Due to the nature of this deck, I only want to run 12 creatures

I considered Stormchaser Mage, but ultimately chose Young Pyromancer over him due to my meta, and me needing to chump and swarm around Gurmag Anglers

Stormchaser Mage could be very good as a sideboard card against decks with -1-1 effects, or he could be very good in the mainboard if my meta ever changes to a point where evasion, and a 3 toughness will be useful.

I will definitely test this card. It has the potential to be extremely good.

Bedlam Reveler is an excellent card, but he has negative synergy with Treasure Cruise, and the counters that I like to hold in my hand.

as for Mana Leak and Counterspell, I usually like to tap out, and that is why I highly value the free counters such as Daze and Mental Misstep

also, Due to the nature of my meta, Counterspell, and Mana Leak are often too slow as my opponents can fire off a Hypergenesis off of a cascade card as soon as turn 1.

Rift Bolt doesn't quite fit in this deck, as immediate effects are very important in this deck. That is one of the reasons I run so few creatures. it is because a creature top decked in the late game is a dead card.

Thank you so much for your advice, it has been very helpful


3 weeks ago

Is there a particular reason you went RG for this instead of the traditional U Stiflenought route?

Stifle is just as effective at landing a turn 2 Phrexian Dreadnought as anything else, and it also has the side benefit of ruining a large number of triggered and activated abilities (the latter being extremely important- an opponent's ability to answer your Dreadnought is dependent upon mana. If you Stifle their Misty Rainforest, they may not be able to obtain the GB needed to Abrupt Decay your Dreadnought).

Dreadnought is a hard to protect card, and U offers the capacity to protect him more adequately by utilizing Spell Pierce, Force of Will, Misdirection, Flusterstorm, and more. Black discard, such as Thoughtseize and Duress aren't bad at proactively protecting your win condition either. I just don't see what red nor green bring to the table, aside from acceleration to get out Torpor Orb (which, Ancient Tomb does better at this than anything the deck is currently running). Burning Tree adds no consistency to the Dreadnought win if that is the overall plan, while Ghor-Clan Rampager is the definition of win-more since, yeah, it can give a Dreadnought +4/+4 and haste, but that still won't kill an opponent and will require another Dreadnought swing... meaning why do it in the first place?

This deck toes the line between Zoo and Stiflenought but does neither strategy justice. Zoo-style decks need their mana denial and cheap, efficient removal in order to get through the swaths of larger creatures in Legacy (A Tarmogoyf eats every single creature in this deck that isn't Dreadnought except Vexing Devil, and in order to take one out, you need to 2 for 1 yourself in order to take one out and get your dudes through. That's not good, obviously). Stiflenought needs to get out its giant beater that wins in two turns and protect it so it can win, and obviously running no protection means it's just going to get exiled or destroyed by an opponent while they block your tiny beaters with no problem. I do not see what combining these two strategies really does for the deck archetypes as a whole: Rather than matchups against Miracles, Nic Fit, Storm, Elves, etc., improving, they actually seem to have gotten much worse across the board.

As a Legacy deck, this would have a hard time beating Grixis Delver through its counters and mana denial (Wasteland, Rishadan Port, etc.), it would have a hard time being combo no matter if its Storm, OmniTell, Painter or something worse, and I can't possibly see it winning versus Miracles or any other control deck. Gurmag Anglers just can't be won against if, say, a Grixis Delver dropped on versus this deck, and it'd be hard to resolve a Dreadnought given they run Forces, Dazes, and the like.

Honestly, because of the 4 maindeck Torpor Orb, your best matchup would probably be Stoneblade or something, which is a deck archetype that's dying in Legacy right now.

My recommendation as a player who has participated in Legacy for a decade would be to either drop GR, or drop Dreadnought/Orb and go Punishing Zoo. Zoo can still work in metagames where Eldrazi hasn't overtaken everything else aggro.

Winterblast on Baral EDH

3 weeks ago

Thwart and Daze are additional free counters, maybe also Foil and Misdirection...nothing better than free counters imo. People don't expect it when you are tapped out, especially because most players only think about FoW and Pact in commander.

GabeCubed on hunting for a witness

4 weeks ago

Looks like it's definitely unique, but yes, there are some cards you do need to change.

Creatures: Looks decent. I'd add Vendilion Clique or True-Name Nemesis, but not sure what to take out. Deathrite Shaman is a Legacy must, so add it if you can. Also, a one of Emrakul, the Promised End, or just another big boy creature, would be pretty sweet.

Instants: The place that need the most help. Intuition, Tolarian Winds and Thought Scour are not what you want to do. You need a four of Brainstorm. Daze, Force of Will, Spell Pierce and Counterspell are all things that are pretty necessary. Of those, Daze is probably the worst, and more for a tempo based strategy. I'd also move down a copy of Spell Snare.

Sorceries: Commune with the Gods costs too much mana for Legacy. Ponder is a worthy replacement, possibly also adding Preordain, though not as good.

Enchantments: Seance is kinda alright. Too much mana, to be honest.

Lands: Adding a land or two would help too, especially a fetchland. It assists your Brainstorm and Threshold.

Hope that helps, at least a bit.

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