Vault of Whispers


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Common
Mirrodin Common

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Vault of Whispers

Artifact Land

(Vault of Whispers isn't a spell.)

: Add to your mana pool.

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Vault of Whispers Discussion

Ulberth on Atraxa Control

4 days ago

Previous version

Land (30)
1xAcademy Ruins
1xAncient Den
1xBojuka Bog
1xCommand Tower
1xFlooded Strand
1xInkmoth Nexus
1xMarsh Flats
1xMisty Rainforest
1xMurmuring Bosk
1xPolluted Delta
1xSeat of the Synod
1xStrip Mine
1xTree of Tales
1xTropical Island
1xUnderground Sea
1xUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
1xVault of Whispers
1xVerdant Catacombs
1xWooded Foothills

Instant (11)
1xAnguished Unmaking
1xCyclonic Rift
1xEnlightened Tutor
1xMystical Tutor
1xPath to Exile
1xPistus Strike
1xSwords to Plowshares
1xTainted Strike
1xUtter End
1xVampiric Tutor
1xVirulent Wound

Sorcery (8)
1xAustere Command
1xDemonic Tutor
1xLife from the Loam
1xMerciless Eviction
1xSeasons Past
1xYawgmoth's Will

Creature (24)
1xBlighted Agent
1xClever Impersonator
1xCore Prowler
1xCorpse Cur
1xCrystalline Crawler
1xEternal Witness
1xGilded Drake
1xGrand Architect
1xGyre Sage
1xHand of the Praetors
1xIchor Rats
1xMaulfist Revolutionary
1xNoble Hierarch
1xPhyrexian Crusader
1xScavenging Ooze
1xSkithiryx, the Blight Dragon
1xSnapcaster Mage
1xTorrential Gearhulk
1xTreasure Mage
1xTrinket Mage
1xTrophy Mage
1xViral Drake

Artifact (19)
1xAstral Cornucopia
1xCauldron of Souls
1xChromatic Lantern
1xContagion Engine
1xCrucible of Worlds
1xDecimator Web
1xEverflowing Chalice
1xExpedition Map
1xGrafted Exoskeleton
1xInspiring Statuary
1xLightning Greaves
1xMana Crypt
1xMana Vault
1xParadox Engine
1xSol Ring
1xSwiftfoot Boots
1xThrone of Geth
1xTormod's Crypt
1xVoltaic Key

Enchantment (7)
1xCorrupted Conscience
1xGlistening Oil
1xMirari's Wake
1xPrismatic Omen
1xPrivileged Position
1xSylvan Library

IggmondVanre on Metal Muscle

4 weeks ago


Not really sure what format(if any) you're going for or what exactly you're deck is trying do. I've been a big fan of artifact decks for along time. Here are a few cards that I think are outstanding.

Arcbound Ravager Master of EtheriumCranial Plating Thoughtcast Bomat Courier Etherium SculptorWhir of Invention Chief EngineerMetalworker Grand ArchitectHangarback Walker Walking Ballista Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Ensoul Artifact Vault Skirge Signal Pest

I also think that Reliquary Tower count could be cut down 4 seems excessive, maybe more Inventors' Fair 3 at most since it's legendary, I also really like using Tomb of the Spirit Dragon, Blinkmoth Nexus and Inkmoth Nexus and pretty tough to. Lastly the Artifact lands Darksteel Citadel Seat of the Synod Vault of Whispers Tree of Tales Ancient Den Great Furnace

The artifact lands with exception of Darksteel Citadel are banned in Modern and Standard.

I've been working on an unconventional artifact deck recently you can check it out here Wrath of the Machines

Good luck!

jrgette on Keeping Secrets of Silas Renn

1 month ago

I'm interested to know why you aren't running Vault of Whispers. Also I feel like the sad robot Solemn Simulacrum is always helpful in most edh decks, especially those based on artifacts.

I like the deck though!

nerva90 on da budget breya

2 months ago

Hey, just stumbled upon your deck. One recommendation that I have for you is Artificer's Intuition. It works even better if you have some graveyard recursion because then you can discard fatties and recur them on turn 3-4.In your deck Artificer's Intuition can go fetch the following:

  1. Darksteel Citadel
  2. Seat of the Synod
  3. Vault of Whispers
  4. Sol Ring
  5. Skullclamp
  6. Everflowing Chalice
  7. Chromatic Star
  8. Executioner's Capsule

So... yeah that's 8 cards and you can add the other two artifact lands to help fix your mana. I love it in my deck.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

2 months ago

I like all of these inclusion, i amonkhet a big fan of the direction of black and green cards. I made som additions

Whirler Rogue good in General and a bomb in ub

Merchant's Dockhandthis might be to all in (?)

Thirst for Knowledge really good in ub, 23 card in blue

March of the Machines well.. Maybe?

Faerie Mechanist with a higher density of artifacts this might go in more decks.

Shape Anew strictly worse and harder to build Tinker



Cranial Plating i don't know about this one

Darksteel Citadel

Vault of Whispers Seat of the Synod i like sending a message by only including the two

Hibernation's End i love this card, so do you!


WargRave on Soul-Slingers, Line-Tenders ($40 Budget)

2 months ago

This is labeled reanimator, but I'm not seeing many enablers or targets. Ravos's ability isn't really a reanimation effect. Do you want to develop this theme or just focus on artifact creature tokens?

Vault of Whispers and Darksteel Citadel are missing. Rather than guildgates, use karoos and life-lands first, then vivid lands if you need more color fixing, then Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds. And Command Tower, Commander's Sphere, Sol Ring and/or Skullclamp; since they go in so many decks I personally amortize their cost. If you need to keep the cost down, take out Westvale Abbey and Ancient Den first. Include the Signets too, they're generically good and grow Akiri.

How about more anthems like Intangible Virtue and Spear of Heliod? Spear is even an artifact. Maybe you want Hammer of Purphoros as well. Keeping up the Theros theme, Dictate of Heliod is a nice double anthem.

For more artifact creature tokens, you can put ci:wbr o:"artifact creature token" into for a list. The highlights are Foundry of the Consuls, Sram's Expertise, and Myr Battlesphere.

Cranial Plating duplicates Akiri's power. Brass Squire duplicates Auriok Windcrafter's utility for less mana and is an artifact, but I'm not sure there are enough equipment you want to be swapping around.

By the way, some board wipes and card draw would be good too.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Sphinx

3 months ago

Ancient Den and Vault of Whispers should be included as artifact lands. Not extremely important, but always helpful.

Sculpting Steel is an incredible card overall, but it also has infinite combo interaction with your commander (copy Sharuum, legendary rule forces you to sacrifice one, recur it with the other's ability, recycle for infinite etb/ltb, use Disciple of the Vault as outlet).

Inventors' Fair is a nice land that slows gains life early on, then you can sacrifice it to tutor for a game-winning artifact.

Master Transmuter allows you to do ALL the shenanigans. Bounce an artifact that's a chump blocker/about to die, put down something silly like Sphinx of the Steel Wind or Darksteel Forge.

Time Sieve is an artifact that allows you to take extra turns. No further explanation is needed. Oh, it also has an infinite combo with Thopter Assembly.

Tophus on Robo-demons (budget)

3 months ago

So per your suggestion, i've been looking at the pros and cons of Darksteel Citadel for this deck vs Evolving Wilds.

The pros being the fact that it is an artifact and that allows it to be sacrificed in order to trigger my effects. And it doesn't come into play tapped.

The cons being that it doesn't produce black mana. Its neutral to my improvise effects (because it taps for mana anyway, I can get any artifact to do that). And it doesn't thin out my deck like Evolving Wilds does, allowing me to get cards more consistently.

I'm thinking that the cons outway the pros in this decks case. I could most certainly be wrong because another sac target looks appealing, just not appealing enough. If only Vault of Whispers was still in modern I would use it all day long.

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