Vault of Whispers


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Common
Mirrodin Common

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Vault of Whispers

Artifact Land

(Vault of Whispers isn't a spell.)

: Add to your mana pool.

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Vault of Whispers Discussion

Enral on Akiri, Silas, and the Chamber of Many Artifacts

1 week ago

I forgot that you totally would benefit from the artifact lands and Tolaria West:

Looks like the curve and cmc turned out to be awesome haha

assassinite9 on Breya Improvements

2 weeks ago

I suggest the other artifact lands that are in her colors Ancient Den, Great Furnace, and Vault of Whispers along with Time Sieve and Goblin Welder. Welder is insane for value (especially with Myr Battlesphere or Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve if you're into infinite turns) otherwise Ashnod's Altar + anything that makes at least 2 tokens on etb + Eldrazi Displacer = Infinite mana).

I found your deck via wordpress ( is the link. It mentioned wanting to play more combo-y or durdle-y, and I noticed it was more synergy based and not combo-y or have anything that really gets a durdle value train going (I really like Goblin Welder recurring/sacing Ichor Wellspring and Solemn Simulacrum )

trixster87 on Counters for Days

1 month ago

Hate to break it to you but marvel and timepiece aren't a combo. - Permanent means literally any card on the battlefield it doesn't count any form of mill ( putting card from library into the grave). since this is a casual deck - I'd toss in the artifact lands so you have sac fodder late game and to fuel the affinity cards :Ancient DenSeat of the SynodVault of WhispersGreat FurnaceTree of Tales

To ramp energy - i'd suggest running the puzzleknots over elixer and time piece. as they'll give you 6 energy when cast and sac while giving you other value.

Thor_Naadoh on UC ARTIFACT

1 month ago

I'd suggest more creatures. You currently have 17 + 4 Manlands and 11 Equipment.

I'd cut 2 Lifeline (helps opponent), 1 Horned Helm, 2 Vorrac Battlehorns (although one could argue that trample is too good to cut) and 1 Lightning Greaves. Then add cards like Ornithopter, Frogmite or Myr Enforcer.

You could also cut Ghitu Fire (for a creature) and the UrzaTron and make another deck from those. Then replace the lands with 1-2 Mountain, 2-3 Swamps, 4 Warped Landscape and some Vault of Whispers. Cranial Plating gets a hundred times better if you can instant-equip it to an unblocked attacker.

burferking on Gravedwellers

1 month ago

Personally I don't like Accursed Centaur (no synergy to sac another creature), Carnophage and Embalmed Brawler make you lose life (you only have 3 spells that make you gain 2 life each) and Ghoulcaller's Accomplice isn't a zombie. Gangrenous Zombies could be useful if you control a Snow-Covered Swamp, but you only have one. Also, assuming you control your snow swamp it would be an almost guaranteed boardwipe unless you have zombies with higher toughness than 2. Shepherd of Rot is a bit dangerous if you don't have lifegain. Twisted Abominations are coslty and you already have 24 lands, so are you sure that they are useful? In my opinion, Clutch of Undeath is too colstly for its effect, but I reckon it can be versatile. For Zombie Infestation, you don't have many choices of cards to discard, unless you discard lands (if you are mana flood), or maybe the abominations. You have only 2 cards with madness ( Gisa's Bidding). You really don't need Ghoulcaller's Bell because you don't mill the opponent with any other spell in the deck. I'd also remove Vault of Whispers. Keep that card for an artifact deck.

dlamars on Breya help in c16 league

1 month ago

Could always add the 4 missing artifact lands Great Furnace, Ancient Den, Darksteel Citadel, and Vault of Whispers. From there you have a lot of options.

Triton on [Primer] Breya's Badass Bitch's Brew

1 month ago

Very nice list, +1. :) Is there any reason as to why not you are using the remaining artifact lands (Great Furnace, Ancient Den and Vault of Whispers)?

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