Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Common
Mercadian Masques Common

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You may return two Islands you control to their owner's hand rather than pay Gush's mana cost.

Draw two cards.

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Gush Discussion

Titanofeternalfirescry1 on Pauper mono blue mill

1 day ago

Good deck although,I would recommend using Gush (since you can also cast it for free) or Thought Scour instead of Thassa's Bounty since they are both effective and cheaper alternatives.

Enral on The 8th Plague

1 day ago

I like your inclusion of Impact Tremors and Training Grounds. Are you planning to cast your commander during the game at all? I would definitely cut the slower cards like Keranos, God of Storms and Psychosis Crawler for cards like Frantic Search and Gush. I've tinkered with a competitive build too with my commander just being my win condition instead, feel free to check mine out! +1

Aethos on The Locusts are Coming... (cEDH)

2 days ago

I just try to throw in some stuff, maybe you can use some of it.

Well known combos which might be nice here:
Grim Monolith/Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact = infinite colourless mana.
Grim Monolith/Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth = infinite colourless mana.
Tidespout Tyrant + Sol Ring/Mana Vault/Mana Crypt = infinite colourless mana.
Tidespout Tyrant + infinite colourless mana + Candelabra of Tawnos/Palinchron = infinite coloured mana.
Tidespout Tyrant + infinite colourless mana + Izzet Signet/Mox Opal/Fellwar Stone/Gilded Lotus = infinite coloured mana.
Palinchron + Phantasmal Image = infinite coloured mana.Candelabra of Tawnos + High Tide or similar = good mana rock.
Future Sight + Helm of Awakening + Sensei's Divining Top = draw.
Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter = a lot of infinite stuff possible.

I'd probably play Preordain, Gitaxian Probe, Impulse and Fact or Fiction. Maybe also Gush and certainly Frantic Search. These help you go through your pile quicker, which is quite important, since you don't have access to a lot of the good black tutors. Gamble and Intuition might be good, tutors are important for in cEDH. Turnabout seems good. I think most red cEDH decks play Pyroblast/Red Elemental Blast. Chain of Vapor probably belongs here and also Hurkyl's Recall. I think Dack Fayden belongs in every commander deck. Past in Flames. Baral, Chief of Compliance.

I'd streamline the deck towards fast combo (similar to a storm deck) and remove the stax elements. Usually if you try to be between fast combo and stax you don't do either right. I like Mind Stone, but for cEDH it's probably too slow. Library of Leng doesn't do enough in this deck I think.

sylvannos on Banned and restricted announcement speculation?

1 week ago

I want Goblin Recruiter unbanned in Legacy. I don't think it's on anyone's radar though to have any changes.

I'm wondering what will happen with Vintage. Last update saw the restriction of Gitaxian Probe and Gush. These haven't done anything to the metagame as Mentor and MUD variants continue to dominate the format. If anything, the format got worse because archetypes outside of those two decks were hit disproportionately. I still think the problem is with Monastery Mentor. Gitaxian Probe and Gush were merely symptoms of a larger problem.

Personally, I don't think Death's Shadow is all that good. The deck is pretty glass cannon. The problem isn't the power the deck, it's that there isn't a strong control deck left in the format.

A lot of the U/R/x control lists have so many issues sideboarding against everything you just have to cut your losses and save the space, hoping you don't need a certain card in your 75. The loss of Splinter Twin and Dig Through Time really hurt the archetype. B/G/x Rock variants haven't been able to keep up much, either.

There's been sprinkles of good control cards here and there (Nahiri, the Harbinger and Fatal Push come to mind). There's just not a whole lot of catch-all answers in the format for control or card advantage engines. Maybe we need something like a Deathrite Shaman unban or Dig Through Time taken off? Artifact lands so Affinity can just race Death's Shadow even faster and keep the deck in check that way? Maybe they should just reprint Force of Will, Misdirection, or Daze in a Standard set so we have something that's a consistent Counterspell and we can eliminate the turn 4 rule?

Honestly, I hope they don't ban anything in Modern and start unbanning cards. I think we've gone in circles with the format. A lot of the No Banlist Modern tournaments have shown things are actually quite diverse. If anything, the banlist is hurting format diversity. The real problematic cards are essentially Treasure Cruise, Skullclamp, Stoneforge Mystic, Green Sun's Zenith, Blazing Shoal, Umezawa's Jitte, Sensei's Divining Top, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and Hypergenesis. While other cards on the banlist may also be problematic, these are the only ones that really come to mind as being cards that should never come off.

Zarathustra616 on Jeleva Slim

1 week ago

EREM, this is a combo deck and it aims to win the game without ever having to cast Jeleva at all. If you have to cast Jeleva you're in a losing scenario and she's there just in case you run out of cards. If she hits a tutor or a wheel effect off of someone's topdeck that can often times stabilize the game for you. The reason there are so many tutors is because the wincons are so finely tuned that usually 1 tutor can allow you to win the game on the spot or set up 1 turn in advance.

This is a storm deck and it has 2 wincons:

1) Casting a bunch of spells in the same turn with Aetherflux Reservoir in play so that you can gain enough life to shoot your opponent(s) for 50 damage. This can easily be done with the combination of Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter and a mana rock such as Sol Ring in order to cast an infinite number of spells, which also turns Mind's Desire into a wincon of sorts.

2) Assembling a 5-card pile with Doomsday that almost always involves casting Laboratory Maniac and drawing from an empty library within the same turn. This is the most complicated wincon in all of Magic, but a typical 5-card pile for this deck will be Gitaxian Probe, Gush, Lion's Eye Diamond, Yawgmoth's Will, and Laboratory Maniac in that order. However, there are a myriad many possible Doomsday piles and it's highly dependent on the board state and your knowledge of your opponent's deck.

stensiagamekeeper on Necropotence Doomsday

2 weeks ago

That first cantrip, Gush and a Brainstorm would be enough to deck yourself and you could do it without a lion's eye diamond if you didn't want to pay that much for a card or didn't already have one. And that only needs to be five available manna (including rituals) after you cast doomsday. Four with an egg or Gitaxian Probe.

PookandPie on Esper Tech

4 weeks ago

Fabricate, while not the greatest card ever, might be a solid inclusion to find either of your primary combos since your deck wins with at least two artifacts on board. Due to its reliance on artifacts, even Teferi, Temporal Archmage combo decks run Fabricate, a lot of the time, to find what it may need. It may be better than Reality Shift, which I don't exactly feel is an excellent removal card (you've already got Swords, Chain, Rapid Hybrid, Deluge, Rift, Totem, and Drake to deal with creatures. There really shouldn't be a whole lot to deal with, creature-wise, before turn 6 that the above can't already handle, not to mention a bunch of counters).

You already run Lab Man, why not go all the way with Doomsday? It wouldn't require a whole lot of change in your deck- you could swap Ponder for Gitaxian Probe and then something else for Gush, which would basically enable your win piles to finish a game via Lab Man.

I've been playing an Esper Doomsday list for a few months, since I finally got it built. If you want some ideas, you can check that out here: Zur's Discount Card Firesale.

ATreeOctopus on Plan Z

1 month ago

Thank you for explaining why the stasis lock does not work as is Scorprix, I misscalculated the steps needed at first. I'll be sure to update the combo section here soon. Cast Out is mostly used as an easy draw effect with the Ad Nauseam combo. I am considering cutting the draw effects down to just the 2 cycle lands and maybe Gush. Any suggestions there?

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