Disciple of the Vault


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Common

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Disciple of the Vault

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard from play, you may have target opponent lose 1 life.

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Disciple of the Vault Discussion

Duuland on Grixis Affinity

2 hours ago

I'm not sure what card I would take out, maybe just put in a 1 Golem Foundry, taking out a Disciple of the Vault. Or maybe put it into the sideboard to help versus control decks.

Phayd on Daretti edh

8 hours ago

For the all-in sac artifacts theme:

  • Overseer of the Damned -> Herald of Anguish - You can probably discount Herald to a 2BB easily. The removal isn't quite as good, but the discard triggers are painful.
  • Executioner's Capsule -> Quicksmith Genius - The whole deck is centered around Daretti's -1, so you really don't need a lot of removal. You have 14 targeted removal spells. I'm big on Quicksmith Genius, as he triggers on tokens and vastly improves card quality.
  • Murderous Cut -> Chaos Warp - You actually only have 1 card in here that can kill a Pithing Needle (that names Daretti). A few more anti-artifact cards might be warranted.
  • Pentavus -> Hellkite Igniter/Hellkite Tyrant - was never a fan of Pentavus, as he's so dang slow. Also there doesn't seem to be any proliferate support so he is basically 12 mana for 5 artifacts.

I definitely think Pia's Revolution deserves a spot, although I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet to be sure.

Disciple of the Vault and Underhanded Designs are both pretty good too, but would be main-deck material if you were sacrificing things in waves with Krark-Clan Ironworks and such.

TheFirstWarbird on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

6 days ago


I'm not fond of Molten Psyche, the deck doesn't really need to cycle hands, it's not quite what the deck does.


Cheers pal! I think Disciple of the Vault is a potential option if you go into Rakdos colours, but I think this deck is much more efficient when it is mono-red. Reckless Fireweaver was initially in the sideboard, and while it makes the combo even more deadly when it is on the board, it doesn't quite work for the deck's curve.

I thought about affinity for artifacts cards too, but more often than not you don't have many artifacts on the board, so wouldn't always get the affinity value - hence why I use Slag Fiend instead as a late game body when all the artifacts are in the graveyard after processed by Ravenous Intruder.

I'd be interested to see what you make though - there are some decent Aether Revolt cards that support a Black-Red version of the deck, maybe you could introduce the Improvise mechanic into the deck too. Let me know when your version is done, I'm intrigued!

Lanngan on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

6 days ago

I liked the deck i tried to build one like this some years ago before quitting magic for some time, now im coming back to the game and really want to finish the one I started...what do you think about Disciple of the Vault you could punish the opponent when you sacrifice for Atog or Ravenous Intruder and punish then with Reckless Fireweaver and Pia's Revolution...you could think about adding some artifact lands in it, to dig in for cards you could have Ichor Wellspring, Terrarion......you can add Frogmite in the deck too and Myr Enforcer you will have a lot of artifacts to play them...to dig for mana you can add Mycosynth Wellspring....these are just ideas for you to think but for me Ill finish what I started and then post here to have the feedback from you guys to make my sideboard because I dont even know Eldrazi existed until last week XD

lkibe on Affinity vs. Miracles

1 week ago

Affinity is an underrated deck in Legacy right now, but it'll always be a dog to Miracles. There's very little it can do to help with that. Even with Abrupt Decay Affinity still has to battle through Terminus, just like Firebones said.

One of the things that Legacy Affinity can do better than Modern is take advantage of the lands. Might I suggest Disciple of the Vault over Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas as something a little more cost-efficient in a the maindeck with a very low curve. Instead of just losing everything over Terminus, you can at least get value out of your Arcbound Ravager like the deck is keen to do. Agent is fine in the sideboard for the aggro matchup that you can just block and Omnibeam to finish. Inkmoth Nexus is also still a viable finisher in Legacy even with the presence of Wasteland.

DoomOnYOU on Breya's Band of Hard Core Beaches

2 weeks ago

My favorite combo in my Breya deck is Sharuum the Hegemon + Disciple of the Vault + Sculpting Steel. Have SS enter as a copy of Sharuum, return from graveyard trigger goes on the stack, but legend rule kills Sharuum, pinging someone with Disciple, and then the return trigger resolves, returning Sharuum, and just repeat infinitely until you have infinite damage with Disciple. Fun and easy to pull off, no hoops to jump through outside of getting the cards out.

psychosmurf96 on 8-Tog

2 weeks ago

Hamster2558 in the main deck, yes. post board it finds you white mana. also by playing fetches it is one less land you risk drawing into when you go off chaining eggs. Also, some people from my LGS suggested adding Blood Crypts main to add in Disciple of the Vault.

Triton on Eggs Over Easy

3 weeks ago

Some cards to consider are: Disciple of the Vault and Prophetic Prism. The description made me laugh lol

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