Disciple of the Vault


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Common

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Disciple of the Vault

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard from play, you may have target opponent lose 1 life.

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Disciple of the Vault Discussion

PurpleSprout458 on Breya Throws Lightning At People

2 weeks ago

There are a few reliable wincons I can think of for an artifact-theme deck:

  1. Sword of the Meek, Thopter Foundry, and Disciple of the Vault combo (You're already running the Ironworks). It's efficient, but gets old quickly for the people you're playing against.
  2. I'd also think about Hellkite Tyrant as another wincon. Especially since you play Mycosynth Lattice.
  3. Speaking of the Lattice, Karn, Silver Golem combos really well with it. I know it's not a wincon, it is a great way to blow up your opponents' lands. March of the Machines can also get the job done, but it hits everyone all at once.

Good luck with the edits!

oo7x7oo on oo7x7oo

3 weeks ago

One more thing, since you made your decklist and I really like your detailed descriptions, I would like to clarify some MTG rules you repeatedly used in your descriptions. They might be small but I have encountered situations where those rules can change the games.

First, "enter as a copy of" effect from Sculpting Steel/Phyrexian Metamorph does not target, although the situation might be obvious enough you never have to declare what they are copy of until everyone agreed to let it resolve. It makes a difference in situation where commander is destroyed before Phyrexian Metamorph resolves; you may still have Phyrexian Metamorph enter as a copy of another creature or artifact.

Second, legendary rule is a state-base action before ETB triggers put on stack, say if your Phyrexian Metamorph resolves and you choose to enter as a copy of the commander, you have to choose one to sacrifice, they technically never be on the battlefield at the same time. Furthermore, state-base action does not use the stack so no one receives priority to do anything.

Last, when an ability with "target" is about to put on the stack, you must choose the legal target to have the ability to put on the stack.

So for your description as an example:

-Summon Phyrexian Metamorph/Sculpting Steel; use Sharuum as the target for the copy (mana pool = 0)

-As the copied Sharuum enters the battlefield, the copied Sharuum's ETB trigger is put on the stack.

-The legend rules state-based action resolves. Choose to send the original Sharuum the Hegemon to the graveyard.

-Disciple of the Vault's triggered ability is put on top of the stack and resolves, causing an opponent to lose 1 life.

-The copied Sharuum's ETB trigger resolves, and targets the original Sharuum.

-Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield, its ETB trigger is put on the stack.

-Repeat from step 2.

I would explain as follow:

-Summon Phyrexian Metamorph/Sculpting Steel; enter the battlefield as a copy of sharuum (mana pool = 0)

-The legend rules state-based action happens: Choose to send the original Sharuum the Hegemon to the graveyard.

-As the copied Sharuum (Phyrexian Metamorph) enters the battlefield, the copied Sharuum's ETB trigger is put on the stack. Targeting Sharuum the Hegemon in the graveyard.

-Disciple of the Vault's ability triggers the same time as previous step, put it on top of the stack and let it resolve before recur Sharuum the Hegemon, causing an opponent to lose 1 life.

-The copied Sharuum's ETB trigger resolves, returning the original Sharuum.

-Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield, its ETB trigger will be put on the stack after it's sacrificed from legendary rule.

-Repeat from step 2.

It gets a little more complicated with Blasting Station/Grinding Station combos because all the tap and untap...but you get the idea.

Jpegwun on Breya, Ghost in the Shell OVER 65 INFINITE COMBOS

3 weeks ago

Question for OP or anyone who knows the rulings on this.

So, Mycosynth Latticeand Reckless Fireweaver in play. I play, let's say, a nonartifact creature. It is now an artifact. But do I get the Fireweaver trigger from it entering??

Originally, I thought Mycosynth Lattice + Disciple of the Vault/Reckless Fireweaver/Altar of the Brood + Saheeli Rai was a combo, but now I'm questioning it because I'm not sure if it would work the way I think it does.

Yes, i understanf that it will still work with Altar of the brood (because it only cares about permanents entering) and Disciple (because Lattice has already made that permanent an artifact), but how about Fireweaver?

Sorry for the long post, but thank you :)

I've been racking my brain on this for a little while.

SynergyBuild on Master Artificer

4 weeks ago

None of these cards are standard, but if you want to make this modern, switch the Sol Rings for Dimir Signets, and the Seat of the Synods / Vault of Whispers for Watery Graves and Polluted Deltas.

To boost the deck, take out all of the Vedalken Archmages and Disciple of the Vaults for Ornithopters/Memnites and some lands. Other good lands could be:

oo7x7oo on Sharuum Artifact Combos: Infinite Possibilities

4 weeks ago

Yes that's the reason I cut that card and keep only Disciple of the Vault since I have never seen player hexproof played in EDH even once.

MonoBlackCoffee on Sharuum Artifact Combos: Infinite Possibilities

4 weeks ago

meta dependent but Zulaport Cutthroat circumvents hexproof with the Sharuum the Hegemon + Sculpting Steel/Phyrexian Metamorph combo, downside being he doesn't work with some of the other combos in your list that Disciple of the Vault does.

Shimapancakes on Breya *Batteries Not Included (but they are)

4 weeks ago

Dropped Disciple of the Vault for thematic reasons. Added Lodestone Golem, Master Transmuter, Grand Architect, and Lim-Dul's Vault.

Obviously, I'll have to drop some more, but I'm not sure what yet.

DrunkManSquakin666 on Sen Triplets or Breya Etherium ...

1 month ago

Thopter Sword is notorious in Modern, but I get the feeling that not as many people know how deadly it can be in Commander as should be the case, because of its synergy with other cards.

Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek and Ashnod's Altar or Krark-Clan Ironworks is the most obvious example. Infinite life and mana is nothing to scoff at, especially when you can then use that mana to gain infinite life, again, and produce infinite 1/1 flyers with which you can swarm the table into submission.

Thopter Sword and Time Sieve gives you infinite turns with 5 mana. With 4 mana, you could swap out Thopter Sword for Myr Battlesphere and Nim Deathmantle to achieve the same effect.

Swap out Sieve for Altar or Ironworks and you have infinite tokens with Battlesphere and Mantle.

Altar + Mantle + any creature that produces at least two tokens on entry will yield infinite tokens, as well.

Ironworks/Altar + Mantle + Wurmcoil Engine +2 mana yields infinite 3/3 beaters.

Even something like Disciple of the Vault or Marionette Master can be deadly with Thopter Sword.

Sydri, Galvanic Genius + Aetherflux Reservoir + WUB mana murders everything to death until it dies...

There are ridiculous numbers of infinite combos and other deadly synergies out there. Those are just my favorite ones. =3

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