Wrench Mind


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Common

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Wrench Mind


Target player discards two cards unless he or she discards an artifact card.

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Wrench Mind Discussion

Yeti_Confetti on 8-Rack Fae

20 hours ago

Drop the Wrench Mind for Hymn to Tourach.

Faerie Miscreant could be useful for card advantage and to have more faeries out.

Oona's Prowler could be a decent beater in the air, 3 power for two mana, unless they want to discard a card, which they probably won't, even if they have cards in hand.

I know you know of Thieving Sprite, but I'll suggest it anyway. Seems a faerie discard deck could use it.

Faerie Tauntings could add some more damage with flash and instants, maybe even add another Funeral Charm to have a playset of instant speed discard.

+1 from me, of course, baby. xoxo

Vathlo on Who needs friends when you have infect?

22 hours ago

I would max out the copies of Ichorclaw Myr and add in 1xRancor. I would also take the Thoughtseize out of the sideboard and into the main. The Wrench Mind can be taken out for it. You should also consider Blossoming Defense. You could even cut the Groundswell since you're not running fetchlands.

pacundo on Goblin Control

6 days ago

may i suggest Blightning in the MB. Along with Goblin Dark-Dwellers, it is a 4-to-1 card advantage.and maybe Wrench Mind fr. the SB.

Hunson_Abadeer on Can't hold down the fort with no hand

6 days ago

Thank you, KaraZorEl!

I actually did have Nihilith in here at one point. I might use him to replace Nyxathid.

Wrench Mind is definitely good and I'll probably try to work in one or two copies of it.

KaraZorEl on Can't hold down the fort with no hand

6 days ago

Nihilith is a good card for a discard or mill deck.

Wrench Mind is good too.

ChrisClement on Suicide Zombies

1 week ago

I put in Wrench Mind to get the merchant or polluter in the grave, something like this, or Raven's Crime works too

GabeCubed on R/B Burn/Discard

1 week ago

Not sure if you are going for a more aggro or control style, but there are several cards I think would help.

Burn- Max out your Lightning Bolt. Weird you don't have it as a four of, but make it that way. Other good burn includes Lava Spike, Rift Bolt, Bump in the Night and Kolaghan's Command(which doubles as discard).

Discard- Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Duress and Wrench Mind are all pretty effective.

I'd also max out the amount of Liliana's Caress, as it seems like your best enchantment, besides Pain Magnification, which seems decent.

I'd have more, but it's too damn late for me. Hope that helps!

Tethys on Liliana Eats Your Brain (Creaturless T4 Win Combo)

1 week ago

Thanks! Liliana is definitely a strong card, but she is in here partially for flavor. There are a couple options for replacing her two slots with more budget-friendly options. I think any two of these cards in her place could be reasonable:

Wrench Mind
Waste Not
Fatal Push
Collective Defiance

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