Gladecover Scout


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common

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Gladecover Scout

Creature — Elf Scout

Hexproof (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Gladecover Scout Discussion

Pheardemons on Aggro Enchant, Boggles

1 week ago

Look up a deck called "boggles." It utilizes Slippery Bogle and Gladecover Scout because they have hexproof. You have quite a few cards in here that are used in that deck as well. As far as competitive modern goes that is the deck that you are closest to.

the_selby on Bant Hexproof

1 week ago

Modern FNM 2/9/18: I went 3-1, with a heartbreaking lose my last match in the final.

  1. Izzet Thing in the Ice  Flip / Kiln Fiend combo: W 2-1. Game one I was on the draw, got a Gladecover Scout down and started to suit it up. Then Thing in the Ice  Flip comes down. Ever had a Thing in the Ice  Flip flip against you while playing Hexproof. Feels real bad. They ended up killing me with a single swing with the help of Temur Battle Rage. I played a little bit more conservatively the next two games - didn't overextend on any creature/kept up enough toughness to block through a TBR - and won pretty easily.

  2. Mardu Pyromancer: W 2-0. Game 1 I had an alright keep, turn 2 I kept up an uncracked Windswept Heath to fetch a Dryad Arbor and snipe a Young Pyromancer in blocks. He then landed a Blood Moon which set me back but I did have 1 Plains and both our sides stalled a little but I grew my board quicker. Game 2 I kept a no creature opening because there was a Leyline of Sanctity. Maindeck Leyline of Sanctity is really good in this meta right now. Shuts off all the Thoughtseizes, Inquisition of Kozileks, and Liliana of the Veils that are so prevelant, and all in this deck. I resolved a Kor Spiritdancer and they had sided out most of their removal. I attacked with a 20-22 flying Kor Spiritdancer for a win.

  3. Storm: W 2-1. Game 1 I put down Leyline of Sanctity, they look at their opening, see the Leyline of Sanctity and concede Game 1 without giving away any information. So, I had no idea how to sideboard and just run it back. They proceed to Storm Combo on turn 3. Game 3 I have a great sideboard plan with Rest in Peace and Stubborn Denial. No opening Leyline of Sanctity but a Rest in Peace and a Stubborn Denial. On the play turn 1 I get a creature down, turn 2 2 Ethereal Armors, turn 3 a Rest in Peace; end of turn they Echoing Truth the Rest in Peace but had held up a Windswept Heath to fetch a Breeding Pool and then Stubborn Denial. They couldn't combo off turn 3 and concede. Stubborn Denial is fantastic sideboard tech for this deck right now. No one sees it coming.

  4. Bant Glittering Wish Control: L 0-2. Game 1 was going as planned. Was a swing away from winning when they resolve their singleton Runed Halo. I tried to rebuild, swung with everyting playing around Blessed Alliance but was blown out by Settle the Wreckage. It was like turn 15 and I conceded the game. Game 2 I mulled to 5, with a still bad hand, and it game them the time to settle good countermagic and stopped me from resolving needed spells. I was then beat down by a Glittering Wish into Thragtusk. Super disappointing. Guess what? Runed Halo is a really good Magic card.

Final thoughts. I am moving the singleton Gaddock Teeg to the side and adding a second Path to Exile to the main. Remember that fetch land shenanigans can win games, getting a good trade in blocks or evading an edict effect with a Dryad Arbor or holding up a surprise Stubborn Denial. This won me 2 games in the tournament. I am in love with the Stubborn Denial sideboard tech. It was really good. My internal argument is whether to move the single Breeding Pool into the main, probably taking out a Temple Garden. I don't want to give my opponent the information in Game 1s but also don't love dedicating a sideboard slot for the land.

DarkStarStorm on Super Budget Dumpster Fire

2 weeks ago

And what happens if your opponent drops a Gladecover Scout on turn one, an Ethereal Armor + Rancor turn two, and a Daybreak Coronet + Cartouche of Solidarity turn three?

What happens if they keep casting Lightning Bolts at your face while countering your lifelink with Skullcrack?

What happens if their win conditions don't make use of creatures, or they make creatures faster than you can exile them?


2 months ago

Why Abundant Growth and Unbridled Growth, you don't need to fix your mana as you're mono green.Maybe Gladecover Scout would be a good addition to this deck. Also Blossoming Defense is just a strictly better than Ranger's Guile

BlaineTog on Bad Bogles 2: Back in Black -- $8 / 2 tix Hexproof

2 months ago

To be honest, if you're playing casually and not in any particular format, this probably isn't a great starting place for a Bogles deck. We're stuck with expensive Bogles and so-so auras in Standard but if you're not constraining yourself like that, you might as well go for a more traditional Bogles deck with cheaper, stronger auras and all 1-CMC Bogles. This Much Abrew deck ( is a pretty decent full-powered Bogles deck and while it's obviously way, waaaaay more expensive that what we have here, you could take some inspiration from some of its cheaper auras.

That said, Invisible Stalker is strictly better than Silhana Ledgewalker while not even costing more. I'd also prefer 4x Gladecover Scout or Slippery Bogle over any combination of Scaled Behemoth and Thrun, the Last Troll, but at that point the deck is becoming very different and would need a lot of different cards.

Snap157 on how to not get attacked

2 months ago

Palace Guard, Wall of Denial, Journey to Nowhere, all help tremendously, and lands would be a good inclusion. I feel like you should go towards an exalted build, which is pillowfort but can pump up a singular attacker for the slow win. For this, take out Geist of st traft, all trolls, one Gladecover Scout, all counterspells, 5-7 of the pump enchantments of your choice and add in a few Sublime Archangels, Qasali Pridemages, and Silent Arbiters, and 3 Silhana Ledgewalkers.

For a landbase that would work, I would put in 3x Breeding Pools, 4x Misty Rainforests, 3x Hallowed Fountains, 4x Flooded Strands, 3x Temple Gardens, 4x Windswept Heaths and 2x Cathedral of Wars.

Hope this helps! +1

Funkydiscogod on Keyword Idea: Preparation

3 months ago

Allow me to explain: let's take a hypothetical card:

Delicious Bogle

Creature - Beast

Preparation 1 (When a permanent you control becomes attached to this creature, if it isnt prepared, put a +1/+1 counter on it and it becomes prepared.)

As long as Delicious Bogle is Prepared, it has hexproof.


Simple enough, but how would a creature like that play in a modern bogles deck?

Turn 1: Delicious Bogle.

Opponent's turn: Realize what's about to happen, and leave mana up for path/push/bolt.

Turn 2: Either do nothing, and let your own bogle give the opponent an extra turn, or risk trying to enchant it, and maybe lose everything in response.

It's true it would seem like a good fit into a bogles deck, but the opportunity cost of running a bogle like that is too high. Few people would give up Kor Spiritdancer or Gladecover Scouts to make room. That's why I argue it's unlikely to be playable.

ibstudent2200 on Next Stop Aura IL (Bogles Bitchantress)

4 months ago

I only count 2 uncommons (2x Keen Sense), assuming that the random Artisan of Kozilek is a typo and not actually a card in your deck. Armadillo Cloak is a common.

I might opt for more Gladecover Scout and less Hopeful Eidolon, possibly moving the Eidolon into your sideboard. However, I'm not a Boggles player, so I could be wrong here.

Wild Growth is another option if you want more Utopia Sprawl-esque effects.

Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra might be worth considering.

I'm not a huge fan of cycling lands in aggro decks, since you want to be curving out, not spending time cashing in your lands for extra cards. Again, I could be wrong in this area.

You need to cut 2 cards, though having the random Artisan of Kozilek makes one cut easy.

If you need to get back your Enchantress, Eternal Witness is always a reasonable card.

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