Darksteel Citadel


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Uncommon
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Common
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (DDF) Common
Darksteel (DST) Common

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Darksteel Citadel

Artifact Land

Indestructible (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy this land.)

: Add to your mana pool.

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Darksteel Citadel Discussion

KingRamz on Pimp My Ride, Hope of Ghirapur Edition

1 day ago

I've considered the Urzatron, but it just seems so unlikely that I'd naturally draw into all three of them. I could add Expedition Map but I'd still need to draw three out of four cards. I also have no way of recurring them if one gets blown up. The cost of adding extra colorless nonbasics over Wastes is not zero, either - I like having a lot of Wastes for Strata Scythe and Thawing Glaciers or for opposing cards that punish nonbasics.

The three worst nonbasics in the deck currently are probably Tomb of the Spirit Dragon, Darksteel Citadel and either Sequestered Stash or Arcane Lighthouse (because I have so few effects that target opposing stuff). I could see cutting these for Urzatron but I think still I'd rather just find better colorless lands that do stuff without me having to draw two other specific cards.

Worldslayer is a cool idea in theory. I think the reality would be if I did get through and blow everything up I'd just sit there while people who can play colored spells to ramp and draw recover faster and kill me. Could be sweet if I added more indestructible stuff to the deck, especially Darksteel Forge.

Kidchaos2084 on Budget Robot Zoo

1 week ago

You definitely need Darksteel Citadel.

Lutachris23 on Suicide Ramos- Tank me later

1 week ago

Thousand-Year Elixir isn't the card you need for the Door to Nothingness combo, you were probably thinking of Voltaic Key, but I'd keep in the elixir so you can act fast with Bazaar Trader and such. Transguild Courier is a good card in Ramos, so I've heard, since he is all five colors.

Since you asked me to advise you on what to take out, I'd probably take out Ajani and Bolas, they don't really add to your strategy, so they're just value or in Ajani's case, slow for the value you get. Aside for Sheoldred, I don't see much synergy with Buried Alive in the deck, and I know that in my deck I have Norn's Annex in the list, but it is more so I can pay the four life, and not as much the protection it offers. Keep it in if it is important to protect yourself, and be the only one to be draining your life total. I don't know if Argentum Armor is worth the mana it is as well, you have plenty of other removal, and I think I even took out of my deck. 44 lands seems like a lot, especially since you also have spells that fetch, and rocks so maybe take out one or two of those. I would also add in Darksteel Citadel and/or Cascading Cataracts to combo with Mechanized Production; the Cascading Cataracts is useful at least if you need some fixing. Mechanized Production plus Stuffy Doll seems fun too XD and since you have so many other tutors in the deck, Diabolic Tutor and maybe even Liliana might be worth taking out.

GeminiSpartanX on Not your average land destruction

2 weeks ago

Actually, you have a lot of that reversed YamishiTheWickedOne. Ponza is one of Jund's absolute worst matchups. Jund doesn't like Blood Moon at all, and if it resolves against them they pretty much lose. An Obstinate Baloth in hand loves seeing a lily across the table, and even if jund bolts the turn 1 bird (they can't do much against a turn 1 sprawl which helps too), they often don't present enough pressure to catch up unless they have a pretty perfect hand. Chameleon Colossus is great against them, Thragtusk is a 2-for-1, Inferno Titan likes killing Bobs as well as their face, they can't touch Thrun, the Last Troll, and they'll almost never get double black to cast a lily later in the game if you destroy their basic black sources or blood moon them. I've tested against the 2 local Jund players at my LGS (who aren't bad players), and while they'll occasionally take a game here and there, I haven't lost a match against them yet.

However, Affinity is a very tough matchup. They don't care about blood moon since it doesn't keep them from casting their guys, and indestructible Darksteel Citadel is pretty good vs Stone Rain. They're faster than Ponza by far, which is why I dedicate a lot of SB hate against them. Ancient Grudge is good since it kills 2 artifacts for only one card early in the game at instant speed.

Burn is good or bad depending on how much lifegain makes it into your MD. Many lists run a single Primal Command in the main as well as more or less Thragtusks and Baloths. Your creatures are bigger than burn's, and your spells often cost more than 4, so you don't take much Eidolon of the Great Revel damage. If you run Courser of Kruphix, it can also pad your life total. If you don't draw any of those cards, burn can still win. Some lists also run a Wurmcoil Engine as yet another burn trump card that happens to be good against non-Path to Exile decks.

Aside from Affinity, Gifts Storm is a bad matchup. Ponza just doesn't interact with them enough other than trying to keep them off of lands. Some lists run Trinisphere in the SB just to help against that deck as well as hard control decks. Merfolk is another tough matchup since they can mess with your lands with Spreading Seas, causing your sprawls to fall off, Blood Moon is ineffective against them, and they have Aether Vial to get around your other LD spells. A quick Inferno Titan picking off their lords or a lucky Bonfire of the Damned is the only thing you can really do.

It's true that most versions of Tron are good matchups. I've had problems against blue tron variants, but those are fortunately not as popular right now and slamming blood moon slows them down regardless.

Ponza has never been all-in on the land destruction plan. You mostly just use it to slow down your opponent in order to get ahead with your large threats, which is why the deck was mostly built around Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and Blood Moon. There's a surprising amount of depth when it comes to customizing the deck for a perceived meta. I friend of mine who also plays this deck even runs Plow Under as a 2-of, although I prefer to focus more on efficient threats than on heavy LD. You really can customize it however you want, and make it as fun or as competitive as you'd like.

ShaharRyu on Budget aetherborn tribal

2 weeks ago

Have you thought about Tragic Slip, Murderous Cut or Grasp of Darkness as a removal options?

Darksteel Citadel gives you a land which can be sacrificed for Syndicate Trafficker and Desert of the Glorified may be of some use thanks to the Cycing.

Bontu's Last Reckoning or otherwise Flaying Tendrils are cheap options for a boardswipe which can beneffit Yahenni, Undying Partisan to a great extent or just clear the way for an indestructible Syndicate Trafficker.

Vengeful Rebel is a great Aetherborn which grants removal. Lastly Aethersphere Harvester is a great vehicle which could be crewed with Servo's.

DarDar17 on Double Strike Red

3 weeks ago

I would also replace the Darksteel Citadels with more mountains, there is no point to have them and the colorless mana really slows the deck down.

Airakk on We are Myr. Resistance is futile.

4 weeks ago

okay! what you say about Welding Jar is right! i use it because i have some boardcleaner in my deck an i forgot it X)

Dispatch is the same like Thoughtcast: there are other cards doing the same but more consistant... in this case Silkwrap, Journey to Nowhere or classic Oblivion Ring.

before you reach the point where Tempered Steel becomes usefull, you need more than just Myr Battlesphere to get more than 1, maximum 2 myr each turn. for this reason Myr Matrix becomes much more interesting than Myr Turbine... Ring of Three Wishes or Citanul Flute are better (in my opinion) than Myr Turbine because you dont need to tap a lot of creatures which are needed for more important quests... and there are a lot more cards which let you search your library for a creature.

here is a small list of cards you should know and maybe you can make something awesome out of it ;)

Soul Foundry

Prototype Portal

Sculpting Steel

Ghostfire Blade

Myr Welder



Buried Ruin

Darksteel Citadel

i notice that there are not so much cards who throw out myr weenies other than Myr Matrix, Myr Turbine and Myr Battlesphere... or crap cards like Myr Sire

TheDeckMaker2300 on test 2

4 weeks ago

no problem

so here we go with the others

first off seriously how come Platinum Angel isn't here? its a safety net

i notice Hive Mind is a card so this cycle should helphttp://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&name=+%5Bpact%5D&set=%7C%5B%22Future%20Sight%22%5D

Epic struggle

  1. Sprouting Phytohydra + Pestilence/Pyrohemia
  2. Saproling Symbiosis
  3. Mycoloth
  4. Storm Herd
  5. oh and all the token doublers Parallel Lives/Anointed Procession are the cheapest


  1. Infinite Reflection
  2. Progenitor Mimic
  3. Rite of Replication this is the most important one
  4. Spitting Image

Laboratory Maniac

  1. Leveler
  2. Thought Lash
  3. Divining Witch/Demonic Consultation (also works with Approach of the Second Sun)
  4. Enter the Infinite
  5. Inverter of Truth

Near-Death Experience

  1. Worship
  2. Angel's Grace
  3. Soulgorger Orgg
  4. Sustaining Spirit
  5. Fortune Thief
  6. anything spell/permanent that involves paying any amount of life my favorite isMinion of the Wastes because this works with Mayael's Aria as well

Mayael's Aria

  1. Serra Avatar
  2. Progenitus (promo versions are only $5)
  3. Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage/Vampire Hexmage
  4. Primordial Hydra

Chance Encounter

just one thing Krark's Thumb

Darksteel Reactor/Azor's Elocutors/Helix Pinnacle

note: only proliferate

  1. Deepglow Skate (all other counter related stuff works too.)
  2. anything with proliferate Contagion Engine and Inexorable Tide are the best ones
  3. Kalonian Hydra (the ariel will work as well)
  4. Gilder Bairn
  5. Winding Constrictor
  6. if your are willing to spend this much money. Doubling Season but you can go without it

Celestial Convergence

two things Hex Parasite and Vampire Hexmage but i want to point this out puting it to zero doesn't cause it to trigger it has to be on upkeep for the winner to be decided from this.

Felidar Sovereign/Test of Endurance

the celestial convergence win con takes this as well

  1. Kambal, Consul of Allocation
  2. Fumigate
  3. Wall of Reverence (with that avatar i mentioned eariler you double your life every end step)
  4. Debt to the Deathless
  5. Any of the whenever one of your creatures ETB Soul Warden is the best one

Barren Glory

  1. you have Banishing Light so the family members of this
  2. Kaervek's Spite trigger just before your turn
  3. Decree of Annihilation

Demonic Pact

just Bazaar Trader and Zedruu the Greatheartedand theres a few more enchantments you can do the exact same thing with Fractured Identity but you need platinum angel for a few of them though


nothing everything you need for this one is here

Approach of the Second sun

just a couple more tutors thats itlast but not least

Mechanized Production/Hellkite tyrant

the biovisonary and epic struggle stuff works if the target is a creature
  1. Darksteel Citadel
  2. Myr Battlesphere
  3. Hangarback Walker
  4. Thopter Assembly
  5. Thopter Spy Network
welp hope this stuff helpsoh one more thing Fractured Identity it works with leveler just as well as phage
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