Relic of Progenitus


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Uncommon
Modern Event Deck Uncommon
Modern Masters Uncommon
Planechase Common
Shards of Alara Common

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Relic of Progenitus


: Target player removes a card in his or her graveyard from the game.

, Remove Relic of Progenitus from the game: Remove all graveyards from the game. Draw a card.

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Relic of Progenitus Discussion

rolfMTG on The sliver wave

4 days ago

Maybe you can try Grafdigger's Cage and/or Surgical Extraction in the sideboard as your graveyard hate, I think Relic of Progenitus is not efficient enough because you'll need to keep leaving up mana.

Other sideboard options include: Counterspell, Ethersworn Canonist, Abrupt Decay, Leovold, Emissary of Trest, and more Flusterstorm and Swords to Plowshares.

Good luck!

xxxavo on U R Delving for Miracles

4 days ago

Accumulated Knowledge over Take Inventory was an excellent suggestion. I forgot I own that card.

Thunderous Wrath exceeded my expectations by a large margin, and won me games on its own vs control, I had to keep this at 4.

Lightning Strike I did add 2 copies over a Mana Leak and Thermo-Alchemist as the deck turned more towards burn-control, and just need a couple more direct damage spells.

I also took your suggestion, and added a couple Into the Roil over lands to deal with permanents on board, which came in handy.

Mnemonic Wall was excellent sideboard against control, thank you. It came in twice, and both times it got me Accumulated Knowledge back, which drew me 3 cards each at the time.

Sadly, I didn't have access to Hydroblast, Pyroblast, and Relic of Progenitus. I have to order those

Bulldawg1310 on Go Elf Yourself

5 days ago

WiltLeafElves like I said on your page, when I built this deck I didn't use it to be competitive so my casual-esque games were full of dragons and spirits, so yeah I had a sideboard full of flyers. Im keeping the plummets in there as a just in case situation. I will switch to the Thornweald Archer though. im not seeing the point of scavenging ooze? do you think I should just cut the plummets and add Relic of Progenitus? my meta is full of death shadow.

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

6 days ago

Well if I'm being honest... I've been away for some months, and when I took the hiatus, Grixis Control was doing pretty well, spearheaded by Corey Burkhart. I expected that trend to continue.

I tested around in the present meta, and the fact is that Grixis Control (as opposed to Shadow) just isn't a very good deck right now. That pains me and is quite hard to get my head around.

Every game against Eldrazi, Shadow, Burn, Affinty, even Hatebears, feels like an uphill battle that I MIGHT win, but more often don't. There is one too many Relic of Progenitus, one too many Cavern of Souls, one too many Etched Champion in all of those matchups to really get to a positive or even win/loss ratio.

The reason Cavern of Souls is so devastating is that counterspells are there in grixis (i didn't always realize that) to give it a breather, to make an exchange that is equal in card value but positive in tempo. They set you up for Snapcaster Mage and the commands to take control (yea, lol) of the game. Mana Leaking a Thought-Knot Seer may be the most important play there is against eldrazi.

So if I seem put off by certain cards, this is the overarching reason.

I hope there's a solution there, because honestly, while the colors are the same, Grixis Shadow does not compare at all to Grixis control. It's a cool deck, but just not my cup of tea.

.Aliens. on crispy shadow

6 days ago

This RB burn deck list is similar to what you are doing.

Side Board:

I would completely remove white from the SB and just go full RB.

1 or 2 Exquisite Firecraft have been really good for me. It is a great card against control decks and it is a guaranteed four damage. I would play this instead of Guttural Response, you dont need to get into a counter war with this type of deck.

2 or 3 Nihil Spellbomb is great graveyard hate against control, dredge, lantern, etc. In this kind of deck, it is better than Rest in Peace because it draws you a card, only costs one to cast, and the effect is asymmetrical. I also like Relic of Progenitus in this spot, but Spellbomb is better if you are running black and Grim Lavamancer.

Typically, Boros Burn plays three Path to Exile in the side for the Eldrazi matchup. I would replace these with three Dismember. Dismember also works well with Death's Shadow and can be cast for colorless through a blood moon.

Rain of Gore is an absolute house in the right matchup. It is great against Lightning Helix, Batterskull, Kitchen Finks, and all of soul sisters. It can win you games that are otherwise unwinnable (i.e. soul sisters).

Smash to Smithereens (two CMC artifact removal) is essential against decks that run Chalice of the Void. It is also good against Affinity.

This is what Im proposing for a SB:

2x Exquisite Firecraft - one of these is a flex spot

2x Nihil Spellbomb

3x Dismember - one of these is a flex spot

3x Rain of Gore

3x Smash to Smithereens

1x Kolaghan's Command

1x Skullcrack - this is a flex spot

Main Deck:

I really like Grim Lavamancer in this kind of deck. Two main board makes sense.

12 fetches is probably too many. Eight fetches (four Bloodstained Mire four Arid Mesa) makes sense. I think two or three Swamps would work for the main. You could replace the other four fetches with Foreboding Ruins.

I think you can take out the three Fatal Push in the main and replace it with two Searing Blaze and another Grim Lavamancer. Searing blaze is one of my favorite cards in burn against creature decks. Instead of Fatal Push in the main, run two or three Dismember in the side.

5_Emmas_in_Main on Gisa and Geralf Zombie Tribal

6 days ago

I would suggest a Relic of Progenitus against graveyard decks.

Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

1 week ago

The sideboard should ideally be used to hate on other matchups to give you an advantage I would run something like this (of course this changes based on which matchups you find yourself facing a lot; for example if you ever face affinity you want Stony Silence):

Oloro_Magic on Boros Aggro - Competitive Humans & Tokens

1 week ago

I find Hero of Bladehold is your most expendable card at the higher portion of the curve, honestly it's just preference anything that costs a good amount of mana should be up for being cut.

As for the sideboard, here is a rough outline:

Other cards to consider for SB (these are great sideboard cards that based on your matchups I don't see as being totally necessary but they can be considered):

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