Gitaxian Probe


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Common
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Gitaxian Probe


(symbol:U/P can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Look at target player's hand.

Draw a card.

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Gitaxian Probe Discussion

toastySmorc on Satyrs and Snipes

4 hours ago

Just remembered, but cards with Phyrexian mana like Gitaxian Probe and Apostle's Blessing are both good here. Blessing also acts as protection.

Temur Battle Rage is also op.

Fejocan1710 on The Plague

1 day ago

All in all a great deck. I would suggest some hand disruption to replace the now banned Gitaxian Probe, such as Inquisition of Kozilek or Thoughtseize. Also Abrupt Decay would be a nice option to deal with permanents instead of just creature removal. Lastly, I suggest Rancor as a permanent pump spell and it gives trample. It also returns to your hand if your creature dies. Just my two cents. Good luck with the deck and keep us posted on the results you get with it.

Grubbernaut on Ashtray Tactics (pauper)

2 days ago

Treasure Cruise is banned in pauper -- maybe Ponder, Preordain, Brainstorm, Gitaxian Probe?

Sweet brew! Cheers

BodhiQL on Serious Infection

2 days ago

Pabs4444 This isn't my deck so I can't make any decisions but I can tell you why those cards are subpar. Larger Than Life is Sorcery speed and costs 2 mana, which makes it practically useless. Blighted Agent and Glistener Elf are far better than Ichorclaw Myr. Besides, Infect usually doesn't run too many creatures so it is unnecessary in colors with better options. Assault Strobe effects can be used in Infect, however it makes the deck more inconsistent and reliant on those cards. After the banning of Gitaxian Probe and the printing of Fatal Push last year, Infect has evolved from more of a rush berserk deck to more responsive. That is why cards like Vines of Vastwood and Blossoming Defense are good.

clayperce This seems great. I have been playing Infect for about four years and unlike most decks here on TappedOut I have nothing demoralizing to say. I highly reccomend Shapers' Sanctuary, but it is in your maybeboard already. If you want, I have a primer for my deck, however I recently added Black and switched to Sultai.

Frankenstein's Monster- Modern Infect (Primer)

Modern BodhiQL


Anyway, I love the deck. For the glory of Phyrexia!

MTGPALADIN on Issue Solved

3 days ago

Its ok, I think you would benefit from watching a couple videos on legacy storm decks. Your kill will be different, but they ramp up to 7 and 8 mana very quickly and consistently.

Also you might want to run some graveyard removal like Tormod's Crypt or the like to ensure an opponent doesnt have any free cost cards like Gitaxian Probe in the yard that they cast in responses to your win con.

MTGPALADIN on Issue Solved

3 days ago

Funkydiscogod has the formula you need to do this turn one. The ritual adds three, one is spent on casting manaforge cinder. The next is spent activating its ability to produce a red, which leaves you with one black floating.

Still say Lotus Petal is very helpful

Now this is a nut draw kind of situation, but you can use Street Wraith, Manamorphose, Gitaxian Probe to sculpt shaky hands into winning ones.

Gattison on Power 9 Equivalent in Pauper?

4 days ago

I'm back. Sorry for taking so long to return, but I have been mulling everything everyone has said over, and I have some thoughts. I'd like to keep this dialogue going and reason out our choices.

Firstly, I've updated the Original Post, took my silly pIX list off and put up the running talley. I really like the way the current top 9 looks, honestly, despite that less than 10 pauper players voiced their opinions on it, lol.

Secondly, Modern_Brews, with all due respect, I think the pIX should be a list of the most broken pauper cards, because that's exactly what the Power 9 is. The P9 also doesn't care about representing the color pie fairly, and thus I feel that neither should the Pauper IX. I guess I did make it sound otherwise in my statement above, and my apologies for not clarifying earlier.

Third, Captain_Howel, I would actually argue that all three of the blue cards in the P9 could be called "draw." At the very least, every single one of the power 9 cards do essentially the same thing for a deck. They accelerate it. They give you more mana, cards or turns (which is really just card advantage, imo) than you would normally get, under normal circumstances.

I'm not trying to be argumentative with either of you, instead I'm just hoping to further define what the Pauper IX should be. =) Feedback is welcome!

Now on that line of thought, let's get back to the culmination of our votes in the list in the OP. Let me first say that I personally feel that, ignoring everything else, Lightning Bolt, Lotus Petal, Gitaxian Probe and Ash Barrens all NEED to be on this list, and there's no getting around it. Does anybody else feel this way?

I also feel that Simian Spirit Guide should definitely be on this list alongside Lotus Petal, because like DarkMagician said, it is literally a pauper version of Mox Ruby. It doesn't matter if people aren't playing this card currently, or if it's not "paupular". Not everybody always plays the P9, the same would therefore obviously be true about the pIX, wouldn't it? What does matter is that this card is free , which is crazy good no matter what color it is, and as a pauper player "you should know about this." For the same reasons, I feel Dark Ritual is the pauper version of Mox Jet, and should rank on the list.

I also feel the same way about Apostle's Blessing, but to a lesser extent. I also want to point out that this same line of reasoning (first iterated by DarkMagician above) is exactly why we "all" agree Gitaxian Probe should qualify. Because ANY deck can play it. And ANY deck can play Simian Spirit Guide for a free or a free , and to a lesser extent, any deck with in it can play Dark Ritual.

Next, I agree with Captain_Howel (and eyes2sky) about Gurmag Angler that it's not an auto-include in decks running . However, it is quite easy to alter most decks, just a bit, to allow 1 or more Anglers. I think that is why people play it so much, and why it got so many votes here. One more vote than Delver of Secrets  Flip in fact, and I think that is indicative of how it's slightly harder to alter "just any deck with in it" to squeeze some Delvers in.

Finally, I do think we should all stop and reconsider whether Slippery Bogle should be on this list or not. It's not a game accelerator, like Lotus Petal or Preordain, but it is a super useful creature that should be known to all pauper brewers and builders.

Thanks for your input so far everybody!

StrateN on UR Thermo-Alchemist

1 week ago

Ponder, Serum Visions, Gitaxian Probe and Preordain are having the downside, that they are sorcerys. That's okay in the beginning or if I want to go wild in my own turn. But I would prefer to cast as much as possible of my spells in my opponents turn.

Because of this, I'm thinking about playing Opt instead of Preordain.What's your opinion about this?

Of course is Gitaxian Probe stronger then Accumulated Knowledge, but I already had a playset of Knowledge. And I like the possibility to draw more than one card with it. In the lategame I would say, that it may even be stronger than the Gitaxian Probe.

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