Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Shadowmoor Common

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Add two mana in any combination of colors to your mana pool.

Draw a card.

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Manamorphose Discussion

Tethys on Suicide Bloo (Post Git-Probe Ban)

6 days ago

TheAlexGnan -- In a sense, Manamorphose is the only "free" cantrip left, so I suspect that it would be an adequate replacement for the Probes you lost.

I'll try adjusting the Revelers and Thought Siezes each to 3. One thing to note is that Bloo decks have been running 2-3 maindeck Revelers without any Thought Siezes before the Probe ban, although more as a backup should a Kiln Fiend Combo fail to land, which typically dumps nearly half a dozen Instants and Sorceries in the graveyard anyways.

TheAlexGnan on Suicide Bloo (Post Git-Probe Ban)

6 days ago

jup, if I am not mistaken, the loss of Gitaxian Probe can be mitigated by taking the deck a notch down in terms of speed and going for the midgame. I think (hope) it'll be just fine, and still very competitive then.

2 things: first, add the 4th Lightning Bolt. do it. its unequivocally a 4of. far too powerful.

second, the only way you will cast Bedlam Reveler for cheap with any regularity is running 4x Thought Scour. with git probe gone, its even more important to run them, and they're perfect for this deck anyway. trigger Thing in the Ice  Flip at instant speed, cantrip at instant speed.

without having tested this, I would say run as many scours as revelers.

Its also questionable (in my list as in yours) wether 3 is not better than 3. If they come just right and you kind of chain from one to the next reveler, its awesome and almost certainly gg. but if you draw 2 inside the first 3-4 turns, it just sucks and is card disadvantage.

I have a question about my deck: I didnt run Manamorphose before. do you think its a viable replacement for Gitaxian Probe?

YamishiTheWickedOne on Banned and Restricted - Jan ...

1 week ago

thekaratekid97 I'd swap to Delver if you can afford Jace and Snapcasters. There are plenty of options for draw power between Serum Visions, Sleight of Hand, Thought Scour and Think Twice, not to mention Electrolyze and Remand cantrip and that deck can run Manamorphose. It's pretty fast for a control deck and you can stay Izzet or go Grixis. The portion of that deck this hurts is the prowess bits (Swiftspear and Stormchaser along with Grim Lavamancer to a very small degree) but those are still usable.

Scouty on Grixis Blitz Delver

1 week ago

For UR Prowess decks focusing on delver, free spells mostly. Stuff like Gut Shot or Mutagenic Growth. Even Manamorphose if want to play Thing in the Ice  Flip

Luddis15 on We didn't start the fire!

1 week ago

I have looked at Manamorphose before but I don't really see it's value and it costs a lot which I want to avoid as much as possible

Firebones675 on We didn't start the fire!

1 week ago

Not sure if Seething Song needs to be a 4 of here, yes it generates a lot of mana but you might not always have something to do with it. I'd swap out atleast one or two of them for a Manamorphose as it draws you a card while helping with colors.

raefgall on Kiln Fiend Red Convertible

1 week ago

I'm really hesitant to add it with only Manamorphose as a blue source.

deltacobra on Infect without Gitaxian Probe

1 week ago

We never gonna get what Gitaxian Probe gave us for 2 life. So it really depends on what you want to go with if you wanna fill your graveyard for Become Immense you could use spells like Manamorphose which a free spell and you draw a card which is pretty good. We have Gut Shot kills some weenie creatures and can be cast for 2 life helps fill graveyard. We have Surgical Extraction look at hand,graveyard and library which extremely useful to see and plan for the next match. We have Peek which does everything Gitaxian Probe did but trying up a blue source for it just not worth it. Than we could use more protection spells to make up for the uncertainty of our opponents hand.

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