Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Shadowmoor Common

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Add two mana in any combination of colors to your mana pool.

Draw a card.

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Manamorphose Discussion

Brainifyer on Ah!? Locusts!

1 day ago

You also want Divination, Concentrate, Tidings, Manamorphose, Pull from Tomorrow and Open Into Wonder.

You might want another wincon- consider Chasm Skulker

hwagner on abby315

1 day ago

So here is what I got!

Going by tcg market prices.

My end:

4x Baral, Chief of Compliance AER $3.52

4x Desperate Ritual CHK $1.60

2x Empty the Warrens Duel Deck $0.19

2x Gifts Ungiven MM3 $3.87

2x Grapeshot MMA $0.41

2x Pyretic Ritual M11 $1.03

2x Sleight of Hand 9ED $ 4.55

3x Manamorphose SHM $6.16

Total = $59.06

Your end

2x Voice of Resurgence DGM $11.75

1x Voice of Resurgence MM3 $9.29

1x Qasali Pridemage ARB $2.08

2x Wall of Roots MIR $0.84

2x Lightning Helix RAV HP $4.38

1x Path to Exile FNM $8.22

2x Renegade Rallier AER $0.25

1x Selfless Spirit EMN $3.27

1x Eldritch Evolution EMN $1.70

Total $59

Let me know what you think!

abby315 on hwagner

1 day ago

Alright here's what I've come up with:

You have:

4x Baral, Chief of Compliance ($15.24 total, $3.81 ea)
4x Desperate Ritual ($6.64 total)
2x Empty the Warrens ($.78 total)
2x Gifts Ungiven ($8.8 total, $4.4 ea assuming MM3)
2x Grapeshot ($.96 total)
2x Pyretic Ritual ($2.88)
2x Sleight of Hand ($8.06 total, assuming 9ED)
3x Manamorphose ($20.76 total, assuming SHM)
3x Remand ($14.67 total)
Total: $78.79

I have:

2x Voice of Resurgence [Dragon's Maze] ($32.28 total)
1x Voice of Resurgence [MM3] ($12.93 total)
1x Scavenging Ooze [M14] ($3.5 total)
1x Qasali Pridemage [Alara Reborn] ($1.99 total)
2x Wall of Roots [Mirage] ($1.98 total)
2x Lightning Helix ($8.76 total) Heavily Played
1x Path to Exile F ($10.69 total) [FNM Promo]
2x Renegade Rallier ($.86 total)
1x Selfless Spirit ($3.88 total)
1x Eldritch Evolution ($1.99 total)
Total: $78.86

Note that the Lightning Helix's are OG Ravnica and HP, so I adjusted the price to the lowest you can buy a HP Rav one: $4.38. As always happy to provide pics :)

Otherwise the prices are all the prices listed on the site (TCG median?). The Path to Exile is the foil FNM promo.

I went by the editions listed on your decklist, so if any are different let me know!

Non-storm cards I was interested in are your Remands but I can take them out of the trade if you don't want to trade 'em.

Does this look okay to you? & PLEASE check my math it's not my specialty @_@

passimo on For the Hive!

1 day ago

Hi LeaPlath, Thanks for your suggestions. I personally think that Luminescent Rain is useful in this deck, because it can save you at the last moment, even during your opponent's turn, maybe allowing you to survive even with your slivers tapped or without blocking any attacking creature. Moreover, there are only 2 of them in the deck, so you don't risk to draw them when they are useless. As for the blue and the black spells, they can also be cast using Manamorphose, which is a card that is rarely countered by opponents. Also, putting in some swamps or islands would only result in making the deck worse. I also used this board vs Mono-black control decks and, generally, people think it is better to kill a Muscle Sliver or something like that, than a Gemhide one.

lenneska on Griselbrand aetherflux

2 days ago

Well I prefer Baral's Expertise in this deck, another combo with it i just thought of is with Manamorphose which is basically 2 free mana and card draw since you cast it for free with baral's.

And the thing is, in one turn i can combo so many spells that even if i draw 2 times with griselbrand, i can still manage to get to 50 life if one turn.

The other possibility is to just get rid of the aetherflux part, and go for a modern deck with tokens and Polymorph ? Like a cheap version of a Griselbrand glass canon, grixis i guess.

I don't have Goryo's Vengeance but i do have Footsteps of the Goryo, i guess i can combine it with Anger to achieve the same goal. With a lot of cantrips it should be easy to get them in the graveyard. I guess i would run Soul Spike and Fury of the Horde.

Then the idea would be to pitch an early Lingering Souls and Anger, cast lingering flashback cost, cast polymorph on a token, get griselbrand and win like that ? Another way is to pitch griselbrand and anger and reanimate through footstep of the goryo and win this way too.

Junknot on Delver in the Ice

4 days ago

I agree, the deck really wants Manamorphose, and I'm going to buy a set. What I can't decide, is what to take out. Simic Charm seems to be the go to, but honestly, it has preformed above and beyond for me. So yeah, any suggestions on what to cut?

Squirrelbacon on Grixis Prodigy

1 week ago


I saw your thread on help wanted on decks, so I figured I'd drop by and check in on them. I play a ton of jeskai control, and while I have not played grixis(at all) I have also played mardu and esper control as well. The spells suite that you are running in this deck makes it look like a control deck due to the counterspells and the addition of Vendilion Clique and flashback effects. However, it feels kinda off to me... So I'll make some suggestions and see what you think!

First off, discard and counterspells is fairly awkward. I played Esper Mentor and while back with two different versions of the deck. One that was heavy in discard/spot removal and one that focused on protection and counterspells. I found much more success with the discard variant because discard is simply more diverse in my opinion. With the Liliana of the Veil, I'd recommend 3(or 4) Inquisition of Kozilek and 2 Thoughtseize in the main. To make room, I'd actually move Ancestral Vision to the sideboard for more grindy match-ups.

Second, just a fun card suggestion! I personally find the Yahenni's Expertise is suuuuuppper under-rated. In modern, it more or less is a full board wipe. Kills mostly everything in afinity, burn, jeskai, infect and zoo decks alike. While it doesn't do much against tron or eldrazi, it still can pressure through killing mana dorks for eldra and then dropping a free spell. Could be lili, ashiok or snapcaster late game, doesn't really matter, it's free value! Value is amazing in control!

I'd also consider running 4 snaps and 2 JVP since counterspells and sorcery-speed JVP are a Nonbo.Going along with creatures, I love TITI. One of my favorite cards in recent years, however, for what your deck does Tasigur, the Golden Fang is better. It can get you a card and can come down almost as early as TITI. No, you don't return you snapcasters to hand, but you get a spell from your graveyard and a great creature body. I feel the deck is too slow to utilize TITI, since you aren't running any cheap cantrips...(Serum Visions/Slight of Hand/Manamorphose/Thought Scour). Vendilion Clique may want to be put in the sideboard since its only super effective into combo, but flying and flash is a plus so it's opinion.

Fatal Push is also a card, but I don't know if it is worth a spot...

Sorry if that was a lot, but I hope it helps, even if it is minor.

rjphilla on Another Prowess....

1 week ago

Playing almost the exact deck in Vegas this weekend.

You REALLY NEED ManamorphoseIt's Insanely good. Fix mana and replaces itself and triggers prowess.

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