Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Shadowmoor Common

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Add two mana in any combination of colors to your mana pool.

Draw a card.

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Manamorphose Discussion

MangaVentFreak13 on Shamanism on a Budget

9 hours ago

My RG Shaman build: Deck-large:17-10-16-shamans I'm kinda doing a budget build but I'm not as budget as you are, since I decided to invest in it a bit (Hence the Collected Company and Manamorphose, I had the Atarka's Commands from it's Standard season).

I hope you can get some ideas from my build. I personally found Wolf-Skull Shaman to be too slow, but that's just me and Flamekin Harbinger is much worse than Fauna Shaman, because Harbinger only puts cards on the top of your deck while Fauna puts the card in your hand. But it is pretty expensive which is why I'm not running it.

lagotripha on Turn 5 Win-No Creatures

2 days ago

I've got a list running helix for cruel ultimatum in grixis with Raven's Crime, so Flame Jab is a good shout, as you just need two in the yard and one in hand. Pyromancer Ascension is another interesting choice, Burning Inquiry exists, as does Goblin Lore and Shattered Perception. Simian Spirit Guide for faster combo.Ignorant Bliss would be interesting as sb against discard, and useful if you had another way to cast worldfire. Reroute has potential, but only in specific matchups, Manamorphose is traditional in the Thragtusk/Worldfire lists. Young Pyromancer could provide board presence in such a spell heavy list. Its really tricky to make suggestions, as what is currently here is a super unreliable 'combo as fast as possible' list, while the best form of it likely has a backup plan and runs a little differently, threatening other combo and providing other spellweaver interactions. You could probably drop a pair of Time Stretch to take infinite turns in pretty simply. Threatening a spellweavered Devil's Play, or Past in Flames.

Most of this type of list run other colours for their specialties to help stall the game, blue for counterspells and digging, black for hand disruption and removal, green for large blockers, abrupt lifegain and ramp, or white for removal and protective spells/enchantments. It tends to make it a little less budget though, so that should be kept in mind. Running pure search spells in blue has potential, treating combo peices as dead cards, and threatening Spellweaver Volute. Once again, a different list.

skoobysnackz on Ink-Eyes, Apprentice of Golden Fang

2 days ago

Thanks seshiro_of_the_orochi, usually the opponent will forget about erayo until one of their spells gets coutered, so you're right that is one use, but it's also for pushed goyfs etc. With all the 0 and 1 cmc cards, I don't think Manamorphose is necessary. Usually if I have Erayo, Soratami Ascendant in my opening hand, I'll wait until it is on the battlefield to vomit all the baubles and Ornithopter etc.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Ink-Eyes, Apprentice of Golden Fang

2 days ago

That's a pretty cool idea. Inke-eyes is cool here. Do i get it right that it's there to reanimate your opponent's countered creatures?

Manamorphose could be useful if you ever feel that you can't get erayo online fast enough.

neosapien on Nevermore Prison

4 days ago

Thinning your deck is such a yugioh thing lol, might as well play Squadron Hawk and Manamorphose if thinning mattered that much.

HollowYoshi on Gifts Storm

4 days ago

The idea is to stick one of the cost-reducer guys (Baral, Chief of Compliance or Goblin Electromancer) as soon as possible and then cast a Gifts Ungiven.

The cards you generally want in your first Gifts are Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, Manamorphose, and Past in Flames. From there it's super easy to go off, cast Gifts again, and repeat until your storm count is high enough to Grapeshot them.

CSwissEllis7 on Modern Infect

5 days ago

Entrei I like the idea of Assault Strobe, but I have no way to generate other than if I throw in Manamorphose. I'd likely have to run a full play set of each, meaning I have less pump spells. I'm just not sure its worth it to splash red for just one card. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Entrei on Modern Infect

6 days ago

Assault Strobe for more frequent t2 kills. Oh, and Manamorphose let's you essentially draw a card for free in this deck.

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