Gnaw to the Bone


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common

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Gnaw to the Bone


You gain 2 life for each creature card in your graveyard.

Flashback 2G

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Gnaw to the Bone Discussion

ragnaerok on Limbo

6 days ago

Pauper spirits with Tortured Existence is fun, especially using cards like Plagued Rusalka along with cards like Ashen-Skin Zubera, Dripping-Tongue Zubera and Floating-Dream Zubera. Thief of Hope is a great engine for life drain and getting spirits back to the hand.

If you're keeping the soulshift creatures, I would consider adding Shinen of Life's Roar as a finisher along with Wicked Akuba.

Gnaw to the Bone is solid for survivability, Death Denied is an arcane spell that can get some creature cards back to the hand.

LeaPlath on Cradle to the Grave

1 week ago

So first up, pure life gain cards like Gnaw to the Bone are bad.

Secondly, Diabolic Servitude could be a better spell? Like, why do you have it now?

simplebricks on Pauper Reanimator

2 weeks ago

I have been brewing different takes on reanimator (most private) and playing against myself using another deck on this site, most decks didn't make the cut due to being incosistent. In my opinion the main problem of reanimator is the prevalence of blue in the format and bounce spells like Vapor Snag. If at least your crusher died you could exhume it back, having it in your han on turn 3 is bad, really bad. That is why the for latest iteration of this archetype I moved over to golgari Tortured Existence using Songs of the Damned and drege/Pit Keeper to relentlessly place little guys into the battlefield. I have more cretures than they have removal/bounce/counters so in the end the board is mine. Crypt Rats help wrath away boards and players and Gnaw to the Bone makes sure there is no chance for an aggro deck to kill before I have everything set up to win.

There are other reanimator spells such as Breath of Life and Mistmoon Griffin of dubious legality in paper and Unearth and Stir the Grave for pretty much anything but big-fat-fun creatures.

My personal recomendation is that you brew the deck however you prefer but forego that many big eldrazi. Gurmag Angler has great synergy with discard and fetch-lite lands like Ash Barrens or Terramorphic Expanse. It also dodges doom-blade which is nice. If you splash blue you can have Striped Riverwinder which dodges targeted removal and happily jumps into your graveyard on command. In Rackdos colors you have Horror of the Broken Lands with synergy for discard Ingot Chewer for affinity and some other fatty with cycling or evoke I don't remember. Personaly I would also drop cathartic reunion as the heavy control meta makes it read "discard 3 cards including a card named cathartic reunion and spend 2 mana to bait a counterspel". Also if you are running red and discard for your reanimator list Dragon Breath can easily make you win a turn earlier and dodge all that pesky sorcery speed removal and letting your oponents untap.

Have fun with the deck, I would be very interested to see where this takes you as I haven't tried brewing Rakdos reanimator...yet.

zephyr_chang on Splinter Freight (Train)

3 weeks ago

I'd cut Strength from the Fallen - at 9 enchantments in the whole deck I'm not expecting it to trigger very much? I'm not sure the maindeck Gnaw to the Bone is necessary either, it could be a sideboard card instead. Also, I'm not sure how you expect Curator of Mysteries to work in this deck? There are no other cards that has cycling or enables discard in your deck.

I've tried a G/B version of this deck before, and I think black is probably better than blue for the splash. A common oversight is not playing enough creatures in the deck, and playing too many 'enablers'. 22 creatures is not that many. You'd have to mill roughly half your deck to have an average of 6-8 creatures in the graveyard, plus a modest board presence. It is usually not enough to win games?

Alhanalm on The Undertaker

3 weeks ago

Gnaw to the Bone is not good, it's gonna be pretty weak lifegain for edh and serves no other value, I'd suggest Whip of Erebos cause you get the lifegain you wanted and can reanimate stuff to attack or be sacrificed again

Zhorus_The_Bauqret on My new Modern deck

1 month ago

Mainboard: +Lotleth Troll, +Dakmor Salvage, -Westvale Abbey, -Sequestered Stash, -1Mortal Combat, -Spider Spawning, -Gnaw to the Bone, -4Forest, +Balustrade Spy, +Stinkweed Imp,(maybes but expensive) +Life from the Loam, +Vengevine, +Bloodghast, +Gravecrawler, Fetch and Shock Lands (reduces lands in deck, which is an advantage for Mortal Combat).

Sideboard: +Abrupt Decay, +Gnaw to the Bone, +Spider Spawning.

Chill_Casual on Check out Guitar George! (Sultai's of Swing)

2 months ago

Sick deck man! Definitely deserving of the +1. If you wanted to turn up the heat on the self-mill, I highly recommend adding Tunnel Vision to the mix. It acts like a pseudo-tutor and aggressive Self-mill, all wrapped into one. Some cards that would go great with a Tunnel Vision would be, Psychic Spiral, Spelltwine, Spider Spawning, Gnaw to the Bone, Twilight's Call, Grim Flowering, Songs of the Damned and Living Death. Although these combinations would either require a lot of mana or multiple turns, the payout could very well be victory. The only catch is, playing these combinations are not subtle, so timing is everything.

PickleNutz on Meren's Graveyard Goodness

2 months ago

Some suggestions

Hope that helps.

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