Gnaw to the Bone


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common

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Gnaw to the Bone


You gain 2 life for each creature card in your graveyard.

Flashback 2G

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Gnaw to the Bone Discussion

Errast on Cards like Congregate

3 weeks ago

Most Green/Black cards like Congregate deal with creatures in the graveyard rather than on the field, but I'll list them here just in case you're interested.

Of course I'll probably remember another one as soon as I post this, but these are all I have right now.

Squirrel_of_War on Goodbye For Now [2DH]

3 weeks ago

Wow, can't believe I forgot to +1! Anyway if you haven't looked at my budget Jarad deck in a while, check it out. I took out the Devoted Druid combo since prices went up and added a bunch of new stuff. A combo I'm not using but is awesome is Hermit Druid with no basics to mill your whole library, Praetor's Council to pick up your whole library, Skirge Familiar to get a ton of mana, and then Death Cloud to nuke everyone. After a Gnaw to the Bone before you Praetor's Council of course. :)

Chino90 on Foretelling the End

3 weeks ago

I am really fond of this original take on Living End. Great job! Smart use of Gnaw to the Bone too!

I was thinking that if you were willing to splash white instead of black, you could replace some of your cards as following: Fatal Push--> Path to Exile ; Drake Haven (In my playtests, i never used it. I would rather pay an extra cycling cost to dig for As Foretold as fast as i can) --> Wall of Omens or Angelsong (i suppose the idea behind the drakes is to chump block, so these 2 cards accomplish the objective of stalling and drawing) and maybe add Idyllic Tutor to tutor for As Foretold

Other cards that come to mind (but haven't analyzed seriously): Constricting Tendrils, Delay, Wheel of Fate, Remand (these 2 give you more card draw :) ) and Restore Balance.


Teifling on Budget R/G Assault Loam Project: ...

1 month ago

Taking the input I've gotten here and my current collection into account I jave 13 or 15 cards set aside for sideboard options.

Ancient Grudgex2Naturalizex2Pyroclasmx2Gnaw to the Bonex2Obstinate Balothx1Sowing Saltx1 (just what I have, otherwise would be Crumble to Dust )Tormod's Cryptx1Pithing Needlex1Crucible of Worldsx1 (this is has been suggested main but I want to test it, especially with Ghost Quarter )

If I could I wpuld get another needle and baloth for the last two slots... thoughts?

Teifling on Budget R/G Assault Loam Project: ...

1 month ago

That's the matxh up I was kinda thinking of but maybe I should just stick with more artifact hate for that one.

I have a single Obstinate Baloth I was thinking would be good for 8rack and burn... with Gnaw to the Bone for burn as well I was looking at other things that punish hand disruption... would Guerrilla Tactics sound good or too clunky?

xyr0s on Budget R/G Assault Loam Project: ...

1 month ago

Gnaw to the Bone could be okay against burn and merfolk, maybe against 8rack too (assuming you are on a budget, that is).

Besides, you need to bring anti-artifact and -enchantment cards, and quite a bit of it, in your SB. Otherwise you will be shut down by Chalice of the Void on 2, Rest in Peace, and other GY-hate.

MattStar on Screams from the Fallen

1 month ago

Hey Chino90! That's a lot to consider, thanks a lot for the input.

My build definitely tries to go big as fast as possible these days going all-in on aggro in the mainboard, but it's tough when the most consistent threats are hovering at 3CMC without haste and ALSO need to rely on filling the graveyard on turns 1 and 2. At one point early on I tried diversifying the playstyle of the build to allow for removal and counterspells and protection, but all the viable options like Trickbind weren't creatures, and in running them I would get dead mills all day and I would rarely reach lethal damage before turn 6 and 7. These days, I'm fully committed to running creatures and aggro as heavily as possible in the mainboard for a number of reasons:

1) I don't care if the opponent counters or kills my creatures, it's fine. that's just eating up their mana and their cards to stall my game with a larger graveyard later. (Path to Exile is pretty rough though unless I'm lucky enough to have Hedron Crab out and a spare basic in the library)

2) I have a huge number of targets for them to worry about between mana dorks, Fauna Shamans, Splinterfrights, and Strength from the Fallen boosts. If they can literally take care of all of my threats between Splinterfright, Nighthowler, and anything that gets boosted, then they are probably not doing much of anything else that's productive, aside from protecting some punk-@#$ 2-card combo or some such.

3) In keeping the mainboard highly creature-aggro fucussed, I've narrowed the lethal damage window down to around turn 5 or 6 on average, with turn 4 doable and turn 3 pretty unlikely but possible.

The big reason I run 2 Plaxmanta in the mainboard is just to push through a final attack and it curves out well. I only really need 1 to get the final push, I just run 2 because 1 is pretty likely to get milled. I know it's something to consider to try and protect my creatures after I play them, but why bother? If it's killed or countered, then I'll just fetch up another bigger one with Fauna Shaman later, and the following turn I'll swing, draw out removal, and fetch and flash out plaxmanta with the kill spell on the stack.

All that being said describes the mainboard pretty well, but now we're getting into dealing with the graveyard and graveyard-hate which is largely sideboard tech for most decks unless their doing something pretty wonky. Thanks to the popularity of decks like modern dredge, GY hate is a consistent sideboard threat almost everywhere which makes it consistently predictable. Most decks are going to run it except for dredge and probably most reanimators. so as long as we're up against anything else that likely will run GY hate then we board out 4 Splinterfright, 3 Strength from the Fallen, 3 Renowned Weaver, 2Dryad Arbor, some Gnaw to the Bones and whichever of Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, Nyx Weaver, and Soul of Innistrad you prefer. Then board in the entire sideboard and go HAM on milling out the opponent, hopefully with their Rest in Peace out. The only reason this actually works, and yes, it actually works, is because of the predictability of the meta and the versatility of Hedron Crab. Heck, Phantasmal Image is only included in the side to act as crabs 5-8.

Game 1 will usually be a blowout in either direction, either the mainboard matchup is good or it isn't. If it's good and I don't suspect GY hate that I can't deal with, then I make no changes and push for game two. If I'm coming off of a loss from either game 1 or 2, then the next game is usually a steal for me when I board in the sideboard. Basically the deck flips modes entirely and is always fully committed in one direction or another, and for either purpose I'm mostly just looking to make it faster and more consistent. To that effect, you're right, Lightning Greaves is pretty rad. I've always known it was rad, but I never really considered it for this build due to not being fetchable with Fauna Shaman and also being a dead mill for me, but now I'm going to consider it.

You've definitely given me some food for thought, and I really appreciate your input. Thanks a lot :D

CaputStercoris on Jarad dredge deck

1 month ago

Hey, just a few ideas I use myself...I hope they help.

One of my favorites for something like this is Sewer Nemesis...not only does it boost the crap out of your creatures...but its a crap monster!

A strong card in any deck like this is: Gnaw to the Bone I cannot tell you how many times this one has saved my butt in a similar deck play.

Also, for a great deal of control from the grave, I would suggest adding at least 1 of each: Vengeful Pharaoh and Genesis (Perhaps in place of your doomblades)...

I would personally prefer Dawntreader Elk to the Birds of Paradise simply because it has potential to boost both land and your creatures from the grave...but its ultimately up to you.

One card that can deliver a death-blow from a deck like this is: Haunting Misery, but I wouldn't go overboard (Learned that one the hard way)...not modern or standard legal...but neither is Tendrils of Despair a great alternate to one you already play.

And if you feel like smashing the piggy bank...Crucible of Worlds (This can be strong in conjunction with things like Walking Atlas or Skyshroud Ranger...Or perhaps Groundskeeper would work better than all of this and save you a little cash...

Not sure how well red jives with this deck. I personally play something similar with blue (for the hand filter) but go out and find what works for you! I hope I helped and didn't just confuse you more.

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