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Andorra's Plane (Multiplayer Peasant)

By Andorra

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Welcome to Andorra's Plane!

muddy bloody mixture of a rusty screw bubbled up this swampy cube. Come together tu run this quirlie staff in magic's gathering.

A multiplayer peasant Cube for up to six/ten players is in construction here.

This cube had it's birthsteps with the Shadow over Innistrad Block. Since my playgroup loves to play multicolored and all together in a big group, the challenge has rose fast. The following criteria for this cube is to optimize:

opinions and tipps to improve this cube are welcome :)

BOOSTER-PACK (content-structure)

  • 2 Cards each color
  • 2 Multicolored Cards
  • 2 Artefacts
  • 1 Nonbasicland

Number of playtests: 2

the last evenings we played this cube we had a lot of fun. Including draft interaction with Cogwork Librarian or Lurking Automaton. The game itself was characterized due a lot of interaction by any player. Everyone was involved. Some cards push you to play them early like Soul Warden or Malakir Cullblade that are Cards that bring a multiplayer game in motion.

Andorra says... #1

Is there anybody out there? :)

March 15, 2017 3:58 p.m.

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Pack size 15
Cards 443
Date added 1 year
Last updated 3 months