Ravenous Intruder


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Ravenous Intruder

Creature — Gremlin

Sacrifice an artifact: Ravenous Intruder gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Ravenous Intruder Discussion

Daedalus19876 on THE ATOG STRIKES BACK

2 days ago

GrayAlchemyst: Servo Schematic is there to give a +4 boost to Ravenous Intruder. It seems to be performing well so far, but I'm still testing the deck.

I'd definitely consider Prophetic Prism, but I don't need it to activate Wandering Fumarole: I can tap 3 lands and Wandering Fumarole itself to turn the Fumarole into a creature, then use its ability (because after all, I just want the activations, I don't need the Fumarole untapped to make it useful).

zenbeni on Gremlins and Atogs fed by Etherium

5 days ago

Yeah I know many decks use Fling but I am not sure about that or maybe a one-of, I prefer sacrifying artifacts with Shrapnel Blast than my Atog or my Ravenous Intruder and having no board at all then. I will test Flight Spellbomb to use evasion if needed with atogs and see if it is better. Atogs and Smuggler's Copter are the only real win-cons of this deck with a bit of burn spells. In fact this deck is more midrange than classic all-in atog decks, less explosive, but I try to make it more reliable and able to recover wipes.

Drachegeist on Goblins...? Atogs...? Gremlins!!!

1 week ago


Ruinous Gremlin great at taking out pesky Vehicles.

Ravenous Intruder are basic Atog in standard.

Metallic Mimic to help with the Gremlin Tribal theme.

Freejam Regent is a late game finisher that utilizes the 20 artifacts in this deck.

Speaking of artifacts, Inventors' Fair to help buffer life total losses without too much worry.

Metalspinner's Puzzleknot for some card advantage.

Pilgrim's Eye to make sure you have better chances to play a land after turn 3.


Unlicensed Disintegration is great against Saheeli Combo, can take out the Guardian and redirect the 3 damage to Saheeli.

Heroic Intervention is to prevent board whipping.


Implement of Combustion to replace Implement of Ferocity just as another way to disrupt the Saheeli Combo by redirecting 1 damage to her after she makes a copy. But will test play with having +1/+1 Counters up for grabs.

Cradum on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo $50)

1 week ago

just for fun, have you ever thought about including Aetherflux Reservoir instead of Marrionette master maybe? It is just another way the combo could go off for more fun with Pia's Revolution, Ornithopter and Ravenous Intruder / scavenger. Would be interesting a slightly faster / get you some life gain against aggro decks to last just a bit longer.

Deputy_Cofax on GREMLINS DUDE

1 week ago

stormhammer16 The problem with Built to Smash in this kind of deck is that you are primarily using the Ravenous Intruder for your damage, and since it isn't an artifact creature it doesn't get the trample from Built to Smash which means that the Giant Spectacle is better overall I think.

ndgipper on B/R Burn?

2 weeks ago

nice deck, I like the idea!

If you want to add another win con, you can have Foundry Inspector with 1 mana artifacts, making them free and sacking them to Ravenous Intruder, and finally, punishing your opponent with Pia's Revolution, making them either take damage or have the onedrops recasted. I do like the deck though, interesting idea!

+1 for sure!

DEDmaster on U/R: Thopter Production

2 weeks ago

Im with joshuaizac you need to combo. well you dont need the whole combo for the production. but you should drop some cards and add somethings that will let you have the energy production. if you have nine energy two Decoction Module1 Mechanized Production and one Whirler Virtuoso you win turn five. Or maybe some Gonti's Aether Heart like two or even just one so you get that play once in a while. but build energy all game. then by turn 6 if you have 9 thopters and and 8 energy. you could win by just swinging away twice. or that last bit is all you need. I dont know.

the things I would take out is Experimental Aviator if you havent drop the production by turn four then you are not going to have the alternative win. And by turn 5 you should have bigger plays then a five drop popper.

and Ravenous Intruder if you are trying to win with thopter production then you should not be sacking them out to a two drop. Its a good idea. but if you do that then later when your one short you will be saying "only if i didnt sack those 3 earlier, I would have already won." so just to avoid that inner monolog just take that out and replace it with a more effective, goal driving cards.

WizardLogic on U/R: Thopter Production

2 weeks ago

Hope of Ghirapur, Whirler Virtuoso, Padeem, Consul of Innovation, Glassblower's Puzzleknot, Ravenous Intruder, Harnessed Lightning.

Hope gives you something to do on turn 1, and can be disruptive to combo and control decks.

Padeem can protect your thopters and gives you some incidental card draw, making it easier to win with production.

Whirler and Glassblower's presents a lot of of inevitability if the game goes long, and you can production the puzzleknot to scry and get energy every single turn. Lightning fits in with this plan, as it could theoretically kill any non indestructible creature with enough energy.

Running the intruder gives you an out to otherwise unwinnable board states if you can make it unblockable.

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