Ravenous Intruder


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Ravenous Intruder

Creature — Gremlin

Sacrifice an artifact: Ravenous Intruder gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Ravenous Intruder Discussion

stensiagamekeeper on Big Red Booty Ramp

4 days ago

lagotripha on Sacrifice black/red Pezzent

2 weeks ago

Budget sacrifice brews are kinda cool.

Abusing artifact mechanics tends to be more effective due to the low price of Atog, Ravenous Intruder,Slag Fiend and Pia's Revolution- give this list a try Budget B/R sacrifice which contains a mess of untested options.

It fares badly with modern decks sideboarding against affinity, and the affinity matchup isn't great, but if you're prepared to pick up a set of Heartless Summoning you can start turning it into some spicy combo brews.

mrfab13 on Big Red Booty Ramp

3 weeks ago

Ravenous Intruder seems kinna bad for sb

Chandra, Torch of Defiance seems perfect for this deck, removal, ramp and card advantage. but it is rotating out so its up to you

Jaya's Immolating Inferno isnt actually that good in this deck, the deck is better of running things that dont have x in the cost as sunbirds doesnt work with it, same goes with kicker, as it will trigger sunbirds for less than you payed or if you cast it off sunbirds you have to pay the kicker cost in addition

Gilded Lotus is interesting as it fits poorly on the curve but once sunbirds it out it wil let you cast more things a turn, it probably needs some playtesting to see if it is worth it

the SB is also missing some enchantment hate and GY hate, its hard with not much information on meta decks with domineria but Pirate's Pillage and Ravenous Intruder seem like wasted slots

ClockGear on Mono-Black Artifacts (Dominaria Standard)

3 weeks ago

@Onyxio I think Ravenous Intruder is better in decks that can produce a lot of artifacts (like servo's), in this deck it will probably be able to sac like 2/3 artifacts and it also dies to Phyrexian Scriptures. I think Fling might be a bit too aggressive and it sucks if it gets countered. Pia's Revolution is an interesting card, but I'm not quite sure what I would cut for it, I don't think I can cut any more creatures, but the noncreature spells feel like they're stronger than Pia's Revolution. Abrade is a very strong card (which I would probably even try to fit in mainboard, but if it's the only card to splash red, I'd rather not do that, since then I can run a lot of colorless lands with upside.

Onyxio on Mono-Black Artifacts (Dominaria Standard)

3 weeks ago

ClockGear Pia's Revolution, Abrade (For sideboard), Ravenous Intruder, Fling (Sideboard against exile decks to still push damage)

Kittus on Jeskai Infinite Combo (in Standard)

1 month ago

Thank you very much for your help razelfark!

I am also concerned about what you say, I don't know if the deck will be consistent enough in order to get a combo before dying. The good part is that most of the pieces can be in the graveyard (so you can block with Restoration Specialist, Ravenous Intruder or Reckless Fireweaver) when turn 4 or 5 comes and you try to combo. Too many pieces to do it consistently before turn 5 or 6 I guess...

Adding more Champion of Wits or Cathartic Reunion may be a way to enhance this, and are useful because, as I said, things can be in the graveyard with no problem.

I will playtest when the set comes out and try all the possibilities. Thank you again for your feedback!

razelfark on Jeskai Infinite Combo (in Standard)

1 month ago

I like your take on combo with Teshar, Ancestor’s Apostle. The only thing I am not sure is if you can survive long enough to perform your combo. Most of your cards are combo pieces that can be substituted for one another which is great, but none of them really give you much to defend yourself with which is my concern. Your deck also lacks any form of board or spell control, meaning you don't have any answers to what your opponent does.

You may want to cut Saheeli Rai from your deck as she does not offer much to your decks goal other then give you a slow scry mechanic.

You also may want to remove Pia's Revolution from the deck as this is only an infinite combo if you have your opponent to low to not pay 3 life or you have Restoration Specialist in play, in which case you already go infinite.

By removing those 2 cards you should have 5 cards that you can now use to help control the board by using spells like Settle the Wreckage or further your draw into your combo by adding more Champion of Wits or cards like Cathartic Reunion. You could even use cards like Servo Schematic to help out your early game because it also combos well with Ravenous Intruder. This will get you some early blockers and another artifact that you won't mind eating to help you block earlier in the game (or eat to survive a burn spell).

Best of luck with the deck.

AUAIOMRN on Treasure for everybody, well not really... just me

3 months ago

Fatal Push can kill Gleaming Barrier but also does a lot more. But if it's just about killing your own artifacts, these are some other options:
-Costly Plunder
- Makeshift Munitions
-Ravenous Intruder
-Syndicate Trafficker
-Defiant Salvager

Also a side note: Inspiring Statuary would effectively let you use treasures for mana without sacrificing them (so you can save them until Marionette Master comes out).

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