Immolating Glare


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Immolating Glare


Destroy target attacking creature.

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Immolating Glare Discussion

Femme_Fatale on G/W Ajani

11 hours ago

It's unfortunate that she chooses Ajani. Anything Ajani does is satisfied better by combos of Always Watching and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar. Lifegain decks in general also don't do very well, unless their prime focus is is getting Lone Rider  Flip flipped. I'd remove Steadfast for always watching in this regard, though Unyielding can stay.

Here's my own lifegain build as an example: Alive in Fire.

I honestly don't know how to improve this beyond staples like Avacyn, Immolating Glare, Stasis Snare and Declaration in Stone. Myself, I'd just scrap the deck and build either Human tribal, Abzan counters or Superfriends.

jfrog on Human Tribal Standard

16 hours ago

I had two options for removal spells in the maybeboard, just not sure how to work everything in. Blessed Alliance seems hard to come by in my area, my card shop had none, but I do have a playset of the Immolating Glare. I don't really want to go out and purchase a playset of Declaration in Stone with me already buying so many Selfless Spirits.

Own3d_U2 on Bombs Away!

4 days ago

The problem I have with this deck is that you aren't building to any sufficient threat. The strategy is good I think but it needs a faster clock. Right now (if you're lucky) you drop a ravenous intruder on turn 2 and a Pia's revolution on turn 3. Lets say you have an implement down as well. On turn three you swing with intruder, pumping it to 3/4. The opponent takes it and takes three going to 14. you're out of gas. Now what?

Further, by putting all of your damage into a single creature you risk getting blown out by cards like Immolating Glare, Blessed Alliance, Dazzling Reflection, or any variation on fog in the format.

I'd like to see a back up plan of Embraal Gear-Smasher for unblockable shocks to the face, or Reckless Fireweaver to get extra value. With so many artifacts, look for cards like Reverse Engineer and Metallic Rebuke. You will definitely need the card draw to keep your plan going.

I like the deck, it just needs some changes. Good luck!

Kiivuhl on A Clockwork Orange

4 days ago


In (for sure):

Maybe In:

Femme_Fatale on U/R/w Frontier [*Test]

5 days ago

This doesn't really work ... You are trying to jumble too many things together and not creating very much cohesion. Ornithopter is no longer useful, and should be removed for 2 Aethersphere Harvester and/or 2 Heart of Kiran. Goblin Rabblemaster should be as a 4 of. His power with vehicles is unprecedented. Soulfire Grand Master requires more red based damage spells, and yours are quite conditional. Roast is something I would rather run any day over Stoke the Flames, and Tears of Valakut can be placed in the side. Rending Volley doesn't help you after all. Jeskai Charm can replace your grandmaster, and Immolating Glare is strong removal spell to consider.

Beyond all that, remember that vehicles need creatures. At least 12 creatures need to be mainboarded to utilize them. You have 9.

Mana base is strong, though I would put it down to 22.

like70bunnies on Orzhov Aether Revolution!

5 days ago

WeWhoSaidWhat, that's a really interesting idea. I'll play around with Elusive Tormentor  Flip and see what I think. I feel like he may be a bit of a win-more, but it's worth looking into. As for your suggestion on Lost Legacy or Transgress the Mind over Immolating Glare I like the idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

Firebones675 on Green White Servos (help needed)

5 days ago

Looks pretty good but you don't have any answer to your opponents creatures. Blessed Alliance, Skywhaler's Shot, Immolating Glare, and Declaration in Stone are good options for this.

idiotbane on Esper Control - Kaladesh Standard

6 days ago

I have some input. - Up your land-count to 25-26. Control MUST hit land-drops. If you're playing six-drops, you had better have more land to reliably get that card on the stack every game instead of dead in your hand, while you wait to hit the necessary land. It may feel like you have enough, but trust in the mathematics that have been done over tens of thousands of games and slot in those extra 1-2 land. I would go down on Blessed Alliance to do this as this removal spell is not amazing in every single game. While being amazing in certain situations, it is not what you want to have 3 sitting in your hand.

  • Sphinx of Magosi is a wonderful card for casual play, but competitive standard contains answers upon answers for your threats. If your threat is as easy to kill as any old 2/2 for 2, your six mana will be all-but wasted and you will be without a win-condition for some time. Look for Sphinx of the Final Word. He isn't too expensive ($1 on TCGplayer . com) and is critically capable of protecting himself, while also assisting your control adding "Cannot be countered" to every counterspell you cast.

  • Impeccable Timing is a strict downgrade from Gideon's Reproach ($.01 on TCG). And that's only if you are dead-set on that sort of effect. I would recommend replacing this card with Immolating Glare ($.15 on TCG). For a control deck, Glare is better in every way.

  • Take Inventory is a tough call. In casual, this guy is hilarious and I wanted a card with this type of effect, getting better as you cast more of them, to be great. Yet, two mana is horrible for drawing a single card at sorcery speed. Drawing two cards for two mana at sorcery speed is slightly better than Divination a card that is a baseline, but that requires our deck to give us not one but two of a single card. Sure, having four means you will have them as often as possible. The issue is that, many games, you will get one copy for the part of the game where you need to find answers: the early game. In my experience, you need to find those answers and cannot waste time spending two mana to cycle (spend a card to draw a card), certainly not at sorcery speed. Try out Anticipate. You still replace the card in your hand, but you get to pick from the top three instead of just getting whatever the deck gives you, which means you will find the clutch answer you need, in a turn where you had little to do anyway. The other benefit is its speed. You can hold up a Blessed Alliance or Negate while also having the plan to Anticipate when your opponent passes if neither of your responses are needed at that time. If you just tap out on turn two to draw a single card, your opponent knows he can go ham with whatever he has.

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