Hidden Strings


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Common

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Hidden Strings


You may tap or untap target permanent, then you may tap or untap another target permanent.

Cipher (Then you may exile this spell card encoded on a creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller may cast a copy of the encoded card without paying its mana cost.)

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Hidden Strings Discussion

WhiteWeasel on deleted

1 week ago

If you have ways of reliably getting access white mana, Gavony Township can quickly snowball your tokens out of control in a few turns, even faster if you got ways to untap permanents like Hidden Strings, throw Hardened Scales on top of that and you got yourself an avalanche. Though not as powerful - but in your colors - is the weaker version: Novijen, Heart of Progress

Also if you got any enchants that affect all of your creatures, Infiltrator's Magemark would effectively make all of them unblockable to non-defenders.

acbooster on Can you cast spells during ...

2 weeks ago

Remember to link cards using double brackets.

Hidden Strings
Starstorm (for reference)

Yes you can. Before the game moves on to any step or phase (excluding the untap step, which has no player gaining priority) it has to have a full round of priority passed with no action. Immediately after combat damage is dealt, there's a round of priority before moving to the end of combat step (or second combat damage step if first/double strike is involved).

Keep in mind, however, that you still will have to obey timing restrictions. If your plan was to use a big Sorcery, then you'd be out of luck because you can only cast those during your main phase with an empty stack.

Calliber on Pattern Recognition #27 - Enchanted

3 weeks ago

Guess I could have been more specific :P

You spoke how they tried different ways to balance out aura's, whether through return to hand mechanics, bestow, and equipment. Was Cipher also a result of this attempt to balance? Necromantic Thirst, Sigil of Sleep, Sixth Sense versus Last Thoughts, Hidden Strings, Mental Vapors. I ask because the mechanic itself is unusual, and aura's are probably the only comparison you can make with it; it's like the inverse of an aura. Instead of placing a permanent onto the battlefield that can be targeted, or brought back from the graveyard...you have a spell exiled so it can't be targeted (in most cases) onto a creature but also can not be returned from the graveyard. You switch out a triggered/activated ability for a spell cast. But in both cases you still have the 241 issue.

shaistyone on mill

2 months ago

The major issue I'm seeing is that you don't have any way to deal with your opponent if they get going. You need some mass bounce, boardwipe, something.
Other than that, I don't get why Hidden Strings or Invisible Stalker are in there. Now, Whispering Madness would make sense if you want to Cipher something.. :)

Scorprix on Early Spring Storm

2 months ago


I highly disagree. You don't need that much card draw, and will often either get Gifts or Harmonize, then storm out the following turn, whether that's t3 or 4. I've considered adding Ideas Unbound back into the list, but so far I'm not convinced it's right. Thanks for the response though, and I will look for any card draw I can find that would work well in this deck. Personally, I think I currently have too many untap spells and have been considering cutting Hidden Strings to a 2-of, so adding some more card draw is a possibility I'm am comfortable with. Thanks!

Btw any ideas for the SB? I've been working on that very thoroughly, but I can't find the right balance.

Firebones675 on Kaho, Minamo [Witty Joke]

2 months ago

Tried posting too many cards so it wouldnt let me suggest all of them. here were the others

Arcanis the Omnipotent, Peregrine Drake, Palinchron, Laboratory Maniac

Also one more combo i forgot to mention:

kaho exiling Hidden Strings and a mana rock that produces atleast 3 mana like Everflowing Chalice goes infinite.

Also for what it's worth i'm not a fan of Umbilicus or Blood Clock. Feel like all they do is slowly drain everyone whereas what a blue control deck wants to do is to have the game go long, then either combo out or play a large threat that people can't answer. You don't have as much aggression so your life total s going to be lower than your opponents meaning you'll die first. And i've foind when you play cards like Umbilicus or Blood Clock people get annoyed at you and it makes them want to attack you more often.

Panas on The Prowess of Sages

2 months ago

In the same train of thought, which I was mentioning to another Shu Yun player:

These are beautiful additions for creature slots. Then you have a couple of cards with cipher: Hidden Strings, Stolen Identity :)

And if budget is not a problem, the sword cycle (e.g. Sword of Fire and Ice) are good aditions.

Then add cheap cantrips (e.g. Ponder) and you are relatively set.

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