Undercity Informer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Undercity Informer

Creature — Human Rogue

1, Sacrifice a creature: Target player reveals the top card of his or her library until he or she reveals a land card, then puts those cards into his or her graveyard.

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Undercity Informer Discussion

Sarkhan_Dragonclaw348 on The Great Combo Alliance

1 week ago

Hello again,

  1. I'm definitely not saying that your mana base is bad. I'm just noting what I saw, and even an extremely expensive base can end up flopping. I just looked at a deck with fetchlands but no basic lands, and even without seeing that kind of thing, I think it's better for the base to have at least a half-dozen of each basic land type, especially in bicolor decks, rather than hundreds of dollars in waste. The color pie on the right of the page here says things are just fine, so I'd go by that.

  2. I'm half-embarrassed that I overlooked two major rulings in that instance, but I do things like that too much, and I've learned to expect them. Oops.

  3. That makes sense, I guess. Myself not being a Magic connoisseur, there are plenty of cards--particularly the older ones--that I don't know about. In my experience, this seemed pretty powerful, but I'm not exactly surprised that there are plenty of cards that could shut down this strategy. There's one of those for each deck strategy ever conceived. I have a speficic red-black Act of Treason + Undercity Informer or Bone Splinters combo deck to shut down most mid-range or aggro creature decks.

Anyway, nice job on this, and I hope FtV: Lore gives us some sweet green-blue reprints for abusing counters like this!

Have a great day, or night, or something.

Karns_Pyromancer on GTC Draft

1 month ago

Between Boros & Gruul, aggro is strong, but mana fixing is key. Mill is also viable, but you really need Undercity Informer.

jaantonaglia on Alesha, Who Smiles At $100-ish Budget

1 month ago

I run an Alesha deck as well, and I found a couple things to be underwhelming, but it's probably dependent on your playgroup.

I found Master of Cruelties was super worth the space, and I was underwhelmed by Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit. The bolster was just not worth the slot, especially when you have Cathars' Crusade already.

Palace Siege seems cool but it forces you to pull a creature from your graveyard every turn. If you're doing things correctly, you'll have costly creatures with nasty effects in your graveyard, and it's disappointing to pull them back to your hand.

Some great additions would be maybe Sun Titan and Palisade Giant are good. Sun Titan gets back lots of your noncreature permanents too, as well as Alesha herself. Undercity Informer doesn't seem on-theme to me, and you can probably find a better sacrifice effect.

And two things that will be indispensable are Benevolent Bodyguard and Standard Bearer. The Bodyguard can be brought back from the graveyard with Alesha as she attacks and you can sac him immediately to get something past a bunch of creatures. The Standard Bearer perturbs the entire game, especially because you can recur her with Alesha. She discourages people from playing buff spells, burn spells, and generally mucks up a lot of powerful activated abilities.

My deck is here if you'd like to check it out: Smile though your heart is breaking

And thanks for some good ideas! Dictate of Erebos and Avalanche Riders are so nasty.

NewHorizons on Your Library Your Graveyard, What's the Difference

1 month ago

Well the only thing he'd need to add that he wouldn't have added anyways would be an Eldrazi Titan (which could easily go into the slot of Elixir of Immortality and Narcomoeba. So the combo would just require Mes orb, monolith, and a sac engine. He's got Altar of Dementia and Undercity Informer already. idk. It's a win condition that costs two cards slots that's hilarious. Something to think about.

yozora_karasu on Death and Taxes: Blue / Black Mill

1 month ago

Do you know any cards like Skywise Teachings that has a cheaper mana drop? I would like to be able to bring out tokens or something for a combo with Undercity Informer.

1empyrean on Sedris' Tyranny EDH

2 months ago

thewyzman: A few reasons actually, but you basically have it right, although I avoid saccing unearthed creatures if I can help it (unless I have Void Maw out). In any good reanimator, self mill can be as effective a card draw, and sometimes more so. Undercity Informer is just one of those cards I had lying around that fit a role I wanted, and haven't really thought too much about since then. It works. I haven't updated my deck in a long time, so I need to figure out if there are any cards released in the past year or so that would work well here. UPDATE INCOMING!

A note about unearth: I've only ever played one game where I unearthed a bunch of creatures without a way to make them stick around, either through Deadeye Navigator, Conjurer's Closet, or Void Maw. This is because my primary win-con is combo. But when I am forced to, I can quite often win through combat and non-infinite direct damage. This is one of the benefits of having so many creatures.

thewyzman on Sedris' Tyranny EDH

2 months ago

Why Undercity Informer? Self-mill off sacking your unearthed?

fredsamboyo on Anafenza Hates Your Graveyard

2 months ago

There's a small life gain theme going on, so I'd definitely slot in Death Grasp and Debt to the Deathless as ways of triggering lots of life gain/loss shenanigans (to that end, Defiant Bloodlord as well).

Another possible suggestion, if you want to cut back on the mass graveyard removal theme, is to run a small mill package. That creature I hit you with today Undercity Informer works well, and you have enough of a token package to make it work (or, do what I do and hit it on a board wipe and watch all those creatures get exiled before Anafenza dies). Altar of the Brood would do wonders as well.

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad over Sorin, Solemn Visitor any day, both for token making (and to supplement your mill package) and for a permanent power boost (even without the lifelink I'd still go -2 emblem). The ultimate is better on the latter, but never expect to go ultimate with planeswalkers in multiplayer games.

As to what I would cut? Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit, because you don't have enough creatures (and it won't hit the creatures that matters). Dragonlord Dromoka, maybe, though it has its advantages (I'd try to slot in Grand Abolisher for a similar effect (and probably the only card from my deck I'd suggest). Necromancer's Covenant, which is also on the next round of replacements in mine (along with Identity Crisis). I mention this because I'm not sure how often you'll end up getting graveyards with very many creatures to make that effective. Plus, you only have one zombie in your entire deck. Tormod's Crypt, honestly, because you have Relic of Progenitus and don't need both.

Also, because it isn't in my deck anymore: Wood Elves. Also also, because I lied and it's still in my deck: Viridian Emissary. Because ramp is always a good thing.

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