Undercity Informer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Undercity Informer

Creature — Human Rogue

1, Sacrifice a creature: Target player reveals the top card of his or her library until he or she reveals a land card, then puts those cards into his or her graveyard.

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Undercity Informer Discussion

denijsx90 on UB Mill

3 weeks ago

Ghost Quarter to activate Archive Trap. To activate Surgical Extraction

Your target? A fancy land they probably have 4 of.

Aim for the lands... why?

Because it'll increase the power of grinders like Mind Funeral Mind Grind and Undercity Informer and up until this very moment.. all that grief was for free!!

Oh yes.. they'll hunt for those lands.. but there will be huge gaps between them now.

Hail_Hydra on Control Life and Death

1 month ago

It's not impossible. Yes, there are some high costing cards, but the point of this deck is to take control of creatures your opponent controls and then sacrificing them so that way your opponent no longer has an offense. With numerous amounts of very cheap spells such as Dreadbore, Undercity Informer, and Act of Treason, you bide yourself time to play the higher costing cards with ease.

titanreaver on B/U mill

2 months ago

Surgical Extraction, Extirpate, Extract, Lobotomy, Sadistic Sacrament, Pick the Brain and a few more cards I can't remember at the moment make it easy to get cards out of your opponents library without milling them. Which can be very helpful for you, because it prevents the problem of milling an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or something similar which sort of null and voids your game plan. Also since you are playing black you have access to Leyline of the Void as a mainboard option. Obviously leyline doesn't work with the first two cards I mentioned but oh well. Also Balustrade Spy, and Undercity Informer have the same effect of Mind Funeral on a body. You could also play one of the infinite mill effects like Leyline of the Void (although more commonly Rest in Peace) and Helm of Obedience, or Painter's Servant and Grind Stone. Both are pretty fun to play. Basically what I am saying is why not exile stuff if you can, and/or use some precision extraction with your mass mill. I am also not sure what you are doing with the Shelldock Isle since you don't have anything really in need of hiding away. I would switch to something else in that slot. I suppose it depends on how competitive you want to be, and how much you are willing to spend as to how to decide on what to change. Like playing Halimar Depths, Bojuka Bog, and Dimir Aqueduct is fun with the synergy and to fuel your Hedron Crab but not really fast enough to be very competitive, and playing Underground Sea, with Polluted Delta is fast enough and fuels the crab but is very expensive. You could also play Force of Will and Thoughtseize to protect your stuff, with a team of walkers like Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Liliana of the Veil, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor to lay down threat but that doesn't entirely seem like the way you wish to play. I have a few decks you could look at if you'd like to see what I did. your worst nightmare, tezzstone, and a deck that uses Shelldock Isle, today is doomsday. Hope something I said is worth while to you.

sonnet666 on Jarad, Extreme Sub $50 Budget EDH

2 months ago

Traverse the Ulvenwald was in your budget for a while, but has been slowly creeping up.

Behold the Beyond is a combo deck's wet dream of a tutor, and it's sitting at a dollar.

Corrupted Grafstone is a nice mana rock for graveyard decks that gives you a turn 3 Jarad.

Crawling Sensation and Vessel of Nascency can self mill.

Cryptolith Rite has been dropping, so it might end up in your price range if it's an effect you want.

Deathcap Cultivator is a mana dork that likes graveyards.

Drownyard Temple can ramp from your graveyard.

If Eldritch Evolution and Grim Flayer ever drop in price they'd probably be good here.

Splendid Reclamation is enormous ramp in graveyard decks, and the price could go either way.

In general though, I noticed you have very little in the way of self mill for a deck that's so graveyard based. Hermit Druid is only about $2 and is phenomenal, and even if that's too expensive there are some great, cheap self mill cards like Nyx Weaver, Satyr Wayfinder, Undercity Informer, and Splinterfright you could use. As well as some great cards that play well with them, like Dread Return and Morgue Theft.

Hope that helps.

sylvannos on Self-mill, Rites, & Angels

2 months ago

This was definitely a deck when it was in Standard.

Sam Pardee wrote this article on Human Reanimator that's reminiscent of Oops! All Spells in Legacy.

Fiend Hunter + human sac outlet + Angel of Glory's Rise = infinite loop to do whatever nonsense you want. Burning-Tree Emissary/Wild Cantor for infinite mana? Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip for infinite life and 2/2s? Death Cultist for the win?

I think the main shell of the deck is going to be:

4x Unburial Rites
4x Angel of Glory's Rise
4x Fiend Hunter
4x Cartel Aristocrat
4x Faithless Looting
4x Tormenting Voice
4x Goblin Lore
4x Golgari Grave-Troll (for maximum self-mill)

Your win conditions are between:

Now that I think about it, I might have to build this deck myself...

ForAkros529 on Dimir Mill(Needs Work)

2 months ago

I agree. Mill is one of the deck themes that may seem simple, but every one may do it a different way. Psychic Spiral also works well if you have an Undercity Informer or a lot of instants and sorcerys in your graveyard. You could consider taking out a Fog Bank For a Lazav, Dimir Mastermind.

Daedalus19876 on I Call Her Vera: Sidisi EDH

2 months ago

parjir7: Thank you for your long and in-depth thoughts! In the order that you brought them up...

1) If Necrotic Ooze is on the battlefield, and Mirror-Mad Phantasm is in the graveyard, Necrotic Ooze gains its ability. Because of the odd way the ability is templated, if you pay 1U, you shuffle Necrotic Ooze into your library and flip cards until you find a card named "Mirror-Mad Phantasm" (don't worry, I cleared this with a judge). Because there obviously isn't one (singleton formats are great), you mill your whole library instantly. Without Necrotic Ooze, you're correct that Mirror-Mad Phantasm can be a tiny unreliable, but on average it still Traumatizes me for 1U (sometimes more, sometimes less). If I miss, I can always use its ability again! It's definitely something I'm happy to cast at any point in the game.

2) Splendid Reclamation is perfect for this deck. I haven't updated the list online with cards from Eldritch Moon, but I added both Splendid Reclamation and Haunted Dead (over Geralf's Masterpiece and Pernicious Deed, the latter of which went into my retuned Meren deck). I'm actually considering adding Amulet of Vigor to combo with Splendid Reclamation (Yawg Will --> Amulet --> Reclamation --> everything else).

3) I have a very strange relationship with draw power in this deck: because my deck is built almost exclusively around recursion and reanimation, self-milling becomes a form of card advantage (much like Dredge in Legacy). I actually rarely draw cards in the deck anyway, because I turn a draw into dredge whenever I can. However, there are some powerful options for draw (such as a mass reanimation spell into Disciple of Bolas sacrificing Terastodon or Sewer Nemesis). Deep Analysis gives me the draw I need when I am in a tight spot, or when I want to win off of Laboratory Maniac. But as long as my graveyard is full, having an empty hand really doesn't bother me too much.

4) Conjurer's Closet: the ETB effects are important to this deck, but Conjurer's Closet is too slow and fragile, and I need to keep the creature-count as high as possible. I would consider Deadeye Navigator for this purpose, though, if I could find space (also, because it goes infinite with Peregrine Drake). Thoughts on what to cut for him?

5) Westvale Abbey  Flip: Too fragile - Ormendahl can be bounced or exiled, which leaves me down a land and five creatures. Also, I have some trouble getting the right colors in this deck, so I'm wary of lands that produce colorless if I don't have a good reason for their inclusion. Westvale is in my new Meren deck, though! You're welcome to check it out if you want (though the description isn't very good): Beggars and Kings: Meren EDH

6) Balustrade Spy: Ehh. The ETB isn't super good (if it said "basic land", I would be immediately sold). Undercity Informer is generally better.

7) Liliana, the Last Hope: Too expensive (in terms of money), and I find her somewhat underwhelming in EDH. I suspect I'd end up using her mostly for her -2 (or for picking off utility creatures), and there are better options for that (for example, Oversold Cemetery, which has been hiding in the maybeboard forever).

8) Sheoldred, Whispering One: Too expensive (in terms of money). I'd also probably run Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur over her.

9) Haunted Dead: Great minds think alike! As I mentioned above, he's gone in already :)

10) Consecrated Sphinx: Too expensive (in terms of money). Also, I'd again prefer Jin Git.

11) Glimpse the Unthinkable: WAY too expensive (in terms of money) AND it's bad in EDH (imo). A $40 one-time effect that takes up a non-creature spot and is basically irrelevant after T2 or T3? Count me out.

12) Mnemonic Wall: I've considered it before, and I would be amenable to re-adding it. I'd need to find space, though.

13) Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip: Ehh. He's very powerful in EDH, but I'm not super interested here because he cost a lot of $$$, and the only super-relevant mode is his -3 (which you can usually only do once).

14) Dark Salvation: Too expensive (in terms of mana) for a marginal effect. Also, it's comparatively low in power for a non-creature spell in this deck.

15) Grave Titan: He's been in previous versions of the deck, and he's pretty good. I just...ended up taking him out because he has no evasion, and although his zombies can be resources, I'd usually prefer to draw/reanimate other things over him.

16) Havengul Lich: The only complaint here is that I have to pay the mana costs (including color), and my mana is relatively tight. I could see it, though, especially if I can steal my opponents' utility creatures. I'll consider finding a space! :)

17) Curse of the Bloody Tome: While the thought of cursing myself is entertaining, it's too slow and non-creature. I would prefer Splinterfright over this.

18) Dream Halls: Great card, but the symmetry would kill me immediately. I don't want to make every counterspell into a Force of Will, haha.

19) Mana Reflection: Expensive in mana and money, and if I have 6 mana, I usually should be winning or moving more directly towards winning. Also, I sound like a broken record, but non-creature spells are tight here.

20) Sultai Ascendancy: Too slow, and non-creature.

21) Worry Beads: Way, way, WAY too slow, and non-creature.

22) Undead Alchemist: He's an interesting case. I don't get to hit my opponents with my zombies very often, though. The one big use I could get from him would be to defuse Eldrazi titans, but currently Gravespawn Sovereign is in that spot and also useful at other points in the game.

23) Wharf Infiltrator: I haven't considered this guy before. Hmmm. I'm thinking he doesn't fit, but maybe the looting might help...

24) Thought Scour: No. See point 21.

25) Wailing Ghoul: Almost strictly worse than Balustrade Spy.

26) Cyclonic Rift: ...Yeah, this should probably be in there (it should be in ever deck that plays blue, honestly). But I haven't found a space, and it's tricky to cast it from my GY.

27) Snapcaster Mage: WAY too much $$$. If I had one, though, I'd be playing it!

Thank you for your comments, and taking the time to find so many relevant cards! I hope this wasn't too long of a response, haha. If you like the deck, you're welcome to leave a +1 :)

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