Undercity Informer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Undercity Informer

Creature — Human Rogue

1, Sacrifice a creature: Target player reveals the top card of his or her library until he or she reveals a land card, then puts those cards into his or her graveyard.

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Undercity Informer Discussion

Nero23 on Mill-nificent Zombies

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions and the upvote! :D

I agree that Gravecrawler Is much better suited than Diregraf Ghoul, but the Ghoul has a much friendlier price tag than the crawler. Aside from the fact I only have 1 Gravecrawler right now, the price is the reason i haven't used it too much....maybe someday, but not today.

I did not realize Altar of Dementia wasn't modern legal....Undercity Informer is a great card, but I'm really trying to stay tribal with Zombies, so that's not exactly going to work with my other cards. Empty the Pits is something i could definitely see using, same with Mesmeric Orb except for the whopping $10 price tag. lol

plusmental on Mill-nificent Zombies

1 week ago

Altar of Dementia I see in the maybeboard isn't modern legal, however Undercity Informer is

catrule3564 on I Have 60+ Cards But They Have No Deck

1 month ago

Breaking is a better Mind Sculpt and decent budget replacement for Glimpse the Unthinkable, the gold standard for mill cards.

Since you are running Hedron Crab, I would replace some of your taplands with Evolving Wilds. It still fixes your mana, but also provides additional mill triggers.

I would also try to make room for a few more lands. 21 really isn't enough considering the number of 5 mana spells you have.

Speaking of spells on the more expensive side, Startled Awake  Flip is a decent, recurable source of mill.

I would cut Memory Erosion, which is really slow; and Sphinx's Tutelage, which is sweet, but only really good if you have lots of ways to draw additional cards. Undercity Informer is also probably sub-par.

Good luck with the deck! The world needs more mill.

AllClar on Altar of the Brood fun

1 month ago

@Thylian1 Yes there is, whenever Altar of the Brood and Undead Alchemist are both on the field, and either causes my opponent to mill, each creature that they mill creates a 2/2 zombie. Each zombie etbs, which triggers Altar of the Brood again. Also, supposing I have all of these excess zombies, plus Undercity Informer, I can keep sacrificing zombies to make them mill even more.

Cetriel on Demoralizer

2 months ago

I don't play commander/EDH but I had thought about it before. I would imagine that you would have to have a way of tutoring up what you need since there is a definite lack of variations of cards that are needed. For example, even with the lack non-land mana generators and using something like Mana Severance and lands you would still be stuck with only two cards to self mill fast enough Undercity Informer and Balustrade Spy. As I noted above it is best to have one of these in your opening hand. Instead of a 8/60 or 2/15 chance you are looking at a 2/100 or 1/50 chance of getting one. There are many cases like this. Also there are no sideboards in Commander/EDH so you would have to have the sideboard in your main deck leaving you with even more cards you likely wouldn't want on turn 1. I am not saying it is impossible to do but would be extremely difficult. You could likely take the sideboard (with a replacement for the 2nd Oblivion Ring I know there is something that would work I just can't think of the card off the top of my head) and build a deck around it. It would be quite different and though the end result may be the same it would work quite differently getting there. There is also the lack of good 5 color commanders for a deck like this. The commander would likely end up just being for show.

dash_2026 on Turbo Mill

2 months ago

Your deck looks a little slow for me, the bugget deck of this i been testing has ~ turn 6 kill (still tweeking as i buy the cards i am missing). i love Jace, Memory Adept but yeah hes to slow, same reason why i had to remove Traumatize. for your deck you really should try out Visions of Beyond over Pilfered Plans and Undercity Informer seeing as you have a lot of dudes you can sac.

Tome Scour is fine but i was going to play that i would play Shriekhorn witch i have swapped out currently testing 3 Dream Twist 1 Isochron Scepter not enough reps to be 100% but i dont like this compared to the previous configuration. i think i will be trying Grindclock next.

You should have a look List he has a good list of the pros and cons of each mill card.

Beio53 on Pure Undying Fury

3 months ago

This is the first Alesha deck I've looked at since kaladesh came out, and I'm drooling about Panharmonicon and Recruiter of the Guard because I've been thinking the same thing for my own Alesha deck haha. Your enchantments and avacyn are very nice for keeping your creatures out on the battlefield and i think Goblin Sharpshooter could be great if you have deathtouch, so maybe Archetype of Finality could be useful? If I may though, I'm curious why you chose Master of Cruelties since his ability won't trigger if he's recurred with Alesha. He can still be used but I doubt he'd be attacking alone unless you worked some board wipe shenanigans first. Also, for as many enchantments and artifacts you have, I'd recommend something like Auramancer and Treasure Hunter. If you want your deck to "cycle" as you say, then you'll want as much as you can to be recurrable which is why I imagine you have Anarchist. As one of the other comments was saying, running sac outlets is always nice with etb effects because you have to rely on echo effects and combat to reload. I just got Undercity Informer for that purpose and dredging out creatures. Anyway though, you obviously are willing to put the important cards into your deck and I'll give you the upvote for your creativity. If you'd like, feel free to check out my Alesha deck Alesha's smiling ear to ear and we can talk more deck tech!

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