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, Exile Cranial Archive: Target player shuffles his or her graveyard into his or her library. Draw a card.

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Xica on 4 Color Hollow One (Avg. CMC .517)

1 month ago

I also brewed up a mono red version.

Its slower, but a lot more grindy, with more diverse threats. One of my goals was to change the deck in such a way that grave hate would not really hinder it, and the opportunity cost of playing such cards would mean that they harm more my opponent than me (think something like playing gravehate against snapcaster mage).

Imho your deck seems dangerously close to "dredge with Hollow One & Flameblade Adept" i say dangerously, because its pretty hard to out-dredge dredge. In you postion i would play some cards to protect my grave (like Cranial Archive), and some hate against decks that can be reliably faster than you, like storm, various griselbrand reanimator strategies, infect and the like.

Dickhead Returns! - Modern Turbo Xerox

Modern* Xica


May i ask about your opinion regarding my brew?

Darth_Savage on Modern Discard v2

2 months ago

Hi marypopins,

Your deck is a sort of hybrid of three other decks; 8 Rack, Owling Mine and Hollow One while there is some symmetry in how these decks function, the first two are control decks and the last is aggro. At the moment I'd say your deck leans more towards control, but without the heavier discard or counterspell package. Outside of Hollow One you aren't gaining any advantage from the cards you discard either in terms of recursion (cards with Flashback, or like Bloodghast and Gravecrawler) or play (cards like Fiery Temper or Flameblade Adept) and you are only running 3x of Hollow One.

Your main strategy then is based on your opponent discarding cards, so how to make that more efficient, First up Wheel of Fate with Simian Spirit Guide you can potentially cast Wheel of Fate turn one, which would put your opponent on a clock. Next, admittedly with a little more work Reforge the Soul, you would need some Scry effects, but that is manageable. Or a more recent addition Collective Defiance, the effect was even attached to a creature, once Barbed Shocker... If you really don't care (but you probably should) about letting your opponent draw then you may as well run Master of the Feast, as it's an under-costed evasive beater.

I do think it is possible to build a strong Red/Black discard deck and here your lack of recursion could be a safety net. Since you aren't running any recursive threats you can use cards like Elixir of Immortality or Cranial Archive to fold your graveyard back into your library, meaning at a push you might be able to win by decking your opponent, or at worst you reset your deck. Note that Mill is generally a terrible strategy for winning though.

Finally here are a few other cards for your consideration; Rakdos Augermage, Neheb, the Worthy, Kolaghan's Command, Jagged Poppet and Igneous Pouncer.

I hope I've given you some ideas, enjoy brewing your deck.

wisegreenbean on Archangeldor

5 months ago

It looks like you're going for a light sweep/reanimator strat, so I'll recommend cards based on thatBurnished Hart, Oreskos Explorer. Dualcaster Mage brings a lot of versatility. Fiend Hunter if you pursue a few more sac outlets. Palace Jailer might be ok regardless. Skullclamp is great in any deck that wants its creatures to die. Stonecloaker for the blink/recursion value, maybe Cranial Archive to also cover the graveyard base without messing you up too badly. Archon of Justice.

If you want blink engines, there's Conjurer's Closet and Angel of Condemnation. Eldrazi Displacer is SUPER close to the price.

Vizier of Deferment is kind of cute, though maybe too situational.

For some hot reanimate/blink targets, Molten Primordial and Luminate Primordial are both pretty nifty.

You have 2 karmic guides.

lukas96 on healing indestructible Artifacts

5 months ago

Altar of Shadows seems preeetty slow.Cathar's Shield does nothing.Cranial Archive does nothing.why do you needGhirapur Orrery?There are better ways for unblockable than Hot Soup, but why do you need to be unblockable?.Trading Post is very versatile but what is he for?You have only two cards to make things indestructible so Worldslayer is a dead card in any other case.

get rid of all the one ofs that cost more than 6 mana, they all do dofferent things and make the deck very inconsistent

KeelHaul10 on Radha or die

9 months ago

Graveyard hate, eh? Burn Away do anything for you? if not, I recommend Mudhole for lands, Cranial Archive for card draw, Phyrexian Furnace is cheap but slow, Thran Foundry, and Watchers of the Dead seem like good choices to sub in. as for cuts, if you feel Vicious Shadows over preforms, then leave it in, but I just don't see how. It's trigger can be mitigated by having a low hand count. Shefet Monitor also could be cut.

All in all, I love your deck, commander needs more beat-down decks like this one rather than the tier 1 combo-crud that's been hitting my meta recently.

jimmynitos on Kami of the Rising Tides II: THE SECOND WAVE

11 months ago

The group draw spells I remember are Font of Mythos, Horn of Greed, Howling Mine, Temple Bell, Fascination, Prosperity, Skyscribing, Windfall and Dictate of Kruphix.

For the graveyard recursion, Cranial Archive and Quest for Ancient Secrets may help.

I have a Kami deck myself that punishes people for having cards in hand, if you want, feel free to look for ideas.

Voltron3030 on I prefer your deck face-up

11 months ago

If you like toying with opponents' yards, look at Geth, Lord of the Vault. It's a little pricey dollar and mana wise but if mana isn't a problem he can be very rude. I would also recommend Mesmeric Orb; it is probably the best mill card in all of EDH in my opinion. Sure, it mills you too, but Psychic Spiral, Cranial Archive, and Elixir of Immortality can save you from that. (Laboratory Maniac will also get the job done,but in my experience, they don't usually stick around long enough.)

I used to run Lazav as a voltron deck because it's pretty easy to make him into something nasty then hit him with Bonehoard, Nighthowler, and/or Trepanation Blade and hit for lethal pretty quick. I ran a bunch of unblockable and double strike enablers to make it even easier.

If keeping your friends isn't something you're worried about, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker is plain disgusting (also with double strike). Mind Grind is another good group mill card.

Hope some of this helps at the very least. If you're bored you can check out my artifact mill deck on my home page (I can't seem to hyperlink my deck for some reason).

lilgiantrobot on All Aboard!

11 months ago

That is a lot of creatures. Cutting the least impressive ones for better general utility cards is a good start.

With Depala you can run a nice selection of wraths since your vehicles will survive them. I do suggest adding 3-5 of them. Some hard 'destroy all' effects like Fumigate and a Mizzium Mortars or something.

I think Oketra the True and Hazoret the Fervent may help. They're hard to kill, and if they're not 'alive' they still can make tokens, burn opponents, and crew vehicles (why I'm suggesting them over Theros gods - Iroas, God of Victory may be nice though). Sun Titan is another just very good value creature. These aren't 100% need to adds by any means, just some alternative ideas.

A more generic suggestion is more mana rocks. Boros Signet or Fellwar Stone or Boros Cluestone; just some nice, cheap ways to accelerate your deck more. If you are drawing a lot of vehicles or dwarves, more ways to cast them is good! It will also help you look deeper in your deck. One nice thing is your deck average card cost is really low right now.

I'm also a fan of effects like Cranial Archive/Perpetual Timepiece/Elixir of Immortality. You can use them to mess up opponents gy strategies, or to recycle your cards if there's a wipe and just try to Depala them back into your hand.

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