Midnight Guard


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Dark Ascension Common

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Midnight Guard

Creature — Human Soldier

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, untap Midnight Guard.

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Midnight Guard Discussion

Sliver_God on White Tokens

1 week ago

Looks solid, I like it, and the Selfless Cathars can also be really nice when you can go wide enough. As far as removal, you have to be careful not to dilute your power too much-- remember, you win by going wide and then pumping, and anything that takes away from that "waters down" your overall power. That being said, creatures like Fangren Marauder can steal an otherwise solid win from you with this deck, so you do want to have the option to have about 4 Removal after sideboard. I'm no mathmagician but 4 copies of a card or effect usually means I'll see one of them in the vast majority of my games.

As for Standard Bearer it wrecks not only Stompy and Infect pump spells and Boggles/Hexproof enchantments, but also the Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond combo decks. It also protects against targeted removal from Blue and Black that might otherwise get your Veteran Armorer, and it can even save you against Burn, eating a Lightning Bolt that would have otherwise hit you in the face, although your built-in Lifegain will probably keep you out of Burn range anyway most of the time?. Meanwhile your targeted removal and team-pump spells still work beautifully. ;)

Rzepkanut on Samut's Tapdance School

2 weeks ago

It looks like a fun deck but I see what you mean by it seeming a little wonky. I think that your problem is that you're trying to be two different kinds of decks: a combo deck and a Beatdown deck. I think this is a common problem in "good stuff" decks. There are a few creature matters cards that probably don't do enough because you don't have that many creatures in the deck. And so your combos probably aren't that consistent without more combo pieces and tutors. Personally I would swap out the creature buff cards for cards like Felidar Guardian, Restoration Angel, Midnight Guard, and Sparring Mummy so you have more combo cards for making infinite dudes. Selvala, Explorer Returned also seems great with so many ways to untap and reuse him. Happy gathering!

AnorexicObesity on Lil Humans & The Divine

1 month ago

I would say toss your Thraben Standard Bearer and put Increasing Savagery in. Then toss Midnight Guard and add more Restoration Angel. This should give you a good start.

dankmim on Why Only Have 1 Infinite Combo?

1 month ago

How about infinite creatures? Midnight Guard plus Elemental Mastery or Presence of Gond!

aholder7 on Token Convoke

1 month ago

you have 58 cards and 5 Scatter the Seeds so the deck is currently illegal. that needs to be fixed first.

ill go down the list for your cards

starting with creatures

Elvish Mystic: this card is good at ramping you to high cost cards, however the only cards you have that are high cost, already have convoke so this card basically is a 1 mana 1/1 with no effect.

Essence Warden: pretty good card in a token based deck. theres also Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant if you want more of this effect.

Midnight Guard: i mean unless your abusing it's untap effect such as attempting to cast multiple convoke spells a turn, this card is pretty underwhelming. I don't think you will be casting multiple convoke spells per turn due to the fact that they are all so expensive.

Nest Invader: 2 mana 2/2 for 2 is considered a sort of standard/base. this card is that with a free 0/1 which can be sacced for mana. this is pretty good. One thing i will note is that you cannot tap the token for convoke and sac it for mana for a convoke spell. However that's not the end of the world.

Seraph of the Masses: this card is a hopefully going to be a big angel that you can get out relatively cheap. if you have 5 tokens and 5 mana this thing can come down as a 6/6 flyer by tapping 2 guys. that not a terrible deal. however i think it would be more effective to make all of your tokens bigger threats with cards like Intangible Virtue. 5 2/2s can be much scarier than a 6/6. one reason for this is because there are lots of options for cheap removal. Terminate, Path to Exile, Doom Blade etc. are all methods of getting rid of your 6/6 that are cheap and often played. these do not work as well when you have multiple threats.

Siege Wurm: See above.

Sunblade Elf: At first I did not like the card but i'm starting to like it more and more as I look at the rest of your list. I think this card is fine for now since its a 2 mana 2/2 most of early game and it can pump the team late game which is great since you will likely have a lot of tokens.

on to instants

Might of the Masses: this card is itself a good card for this deck but pump spells in general tend to be weaker than you'd expect. That's because of instant speed removal. people can cast Lightning Bolt in response to the spell to kill the creature you are targeting which means you will be getting 2 for 1'd as you lost a creature and a spell to their 1 spell. now that's not to say that this card is bad. I just wanted to make you aware that it's power is a bit more fragile than you might first expect. it is stronger in my opinion than Seraph of the Masses since it is so much cheaper and demands an answer from your opponent immediately instead of seraph which waits around for a turn before attacking and usually requires you to tap several of your creatures.

Raise the Alarm: this is a good card for any token deck. Gather the Townsfolk and Servo Exhibition are decent in their own right as well.

Scatter the Seeds: yeah you want 5 in your deck. sadly you cannot play 5 in your deck. its a token maker card that can put down more tokens to replace the ones you tapped. so you really don't even care if you had to tap 3 creatures to play this.

Sprout Swarm: this card is very powerful even if it seems week. you can pay for the "Buyback" cost with convoke. it's also an instant so you can do it at the end of your opponent's turn. so if you have a bit of mana and a few tokens, its not unreasonable to make 2 tokens at the end of your opponents turn for essentially free, then do it again every turn. for that reason i think you should have 4 of these.

lets do sorceries next

Launch the Fleet: this card is good and bad. its good because it can allow you to make several tokens at a 1 to 1 ratio which is pretty good. however this card has some downsides. its limited not only by the number of creatures you control but the number of creatures you are willing to attack with. you will often times want to hold back your stuff until you have enough tokens to get around most of their defenders or perhaps they have a few strong attackers on their side and you really want to have some defends held back. so this card won't always let you make any tokens regardless of how much mana you have. so this card is fickle and a bit unpredictable which is bad in a card. tl:dr its complicated and im not certain if you want it or not.

Nissa's Expedition: this card is good to help you get some mana out, however to pay for it you either need mana (and if you need to cast this we can assume you don't have that) or you need tokens, however if you need to cast this you probably don't have that many tokens, therefore you may need to tap all of your defender in order to cast this which leaves you wide open without giving you that great of a pay off.

Overwhelm: this card seems like a dream come true. a card that pumps all of you little guys and can be cast for cheaper with all your little guys. seems like the perfect combination right? the problem is that at 7 mana you NEED to tap several dudes to cast this, and for each token you tap to pay for this, that makes the spell that much worse since it's power comes from the number of attacking creatures you have. this card is a trap in my opinion.

Triplicate Spirits: Scatter the Seeds but with flying. see Scatter the Seeds for my opinion on this card.

enchantment time

Sigil of the Nayan Gods: this is basically Might of the Masses but sticks around longer. the problem is that this card is not an instant. masses could be cast after blockers were declared and you would be threatening to deal massive damage if your opponent didn't do something right then and there. this card has to be put on a creature before combat. now they just make sure to block it. it also suffers the same problem that masses did. your opponent can play a simple kill spell and all your set up is wasted. cycling is a nice addition but does not make up for the fragility of the card.

Spirit Bonds: this card sadly does not trigger when a token comes in, which means that it's useless for half the cards you play. you also have to pay mana to get more tokens. which means you have to pay a total of 4 mana for 2 tokens which is a lot worse than just playing Raise the Alarm.

maybe board

Hornet Queen: too expensive for what it does.

Whisperer of the Wilds: 2 mana Elvish Mystic that needs some set up to become a slightly cheaper Greenweaver Druid. i'd suggest passing on this one.

Stanleyman on Weird Remedies - Turn 3 Infinite/Win

1 month ago

I play Lead the Stampede in budget version of this deck.

With Presence of Gond you can have infinite tokens and with Essence Warden on the battlefield infinite life.For Presence of Gond you can add one or two Midnight Guard

TheTindell179 on Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage Pauper EDH

1 month ago

Gotta get Midnight Guard in there. No Selesnya token deck is complete without the infinite elf combo.

lil_cheez on RuPaul's Drag Race

2 months ago

Midnight Guard is weak on it's own but can be a Splinter Twint combo piece...

Presence of Gond can work also, but I think only with the guard

The new card Combat Celebrant is also a combo piece, have a look on him!

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