Brain Maggot


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Brain Maggot

Enchantment Creature — Insect

When Brain Maggot enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals his or her hand and you choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card until Brain Maggot leaves the battlefield.

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Brain Maggot Discussion

thegigibeast on Daxos the Terminator

4 weeks ago

Ok everyone, made some edits!

@chaosumbreon87 removed some of the hatebears, like Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, and replaced them with more enchantments synergy, mainly Doomwake Giant. At first I was thinking about Elesh to hose creature based decks, like Yisan, but Doomwake Giantcan do the same thing, trigger exp counters, and wipe the board later on with more mana. I think more synergy is better. Also lower CMC if it is relevant.

@SaberTech removed those two enchantments as they were really shutting off my main combo line. During playtest it happened twice, and I had nothing to deal with them in hands, so I could not combo... I replaced them with some more enchantments, like Brain Maggot and Blind Obedience, because those would either help removing a card from hands or combo easier while still harming opponents speed. Also, extort can help us get some life back to spend more to our spells.

@iAzire Leyline of the Voidwill replace Nether Voidin this list since it as a similar effect to Rule of Lawand won't let me combo off with my main combo line (Bomberman). I ham not sure about the Helm, but maybe it will be considered in later updates if during some playtests it shows up to be strong enough, and if I find something else to swap.

@Zenaku17 so, Nether Voidand The Abyssare in fact getting cut, not because of budget constraints, but because they prove to be not as good as I initially thaught... Nether Voidprevents me to combo off with my main combo line, and The Abyss is not that good in cEDH, with not a lot of creatures to get rid of. If it was a creature of my choice, maybe it would have stayed, if it was more than one creature maybe it would have stayed, but sadly it was underperforming in playtests so it is going. I will replace them with Leyline of the Voidand Crypt Ghast.

Please comment on my new changes if you think they are for the best, and if I missed anything that could make the deck better!

SaberTech on Daxos the Terminator

4 weeks ago

I'm not sure how many of the other enchantment creatures would be worth running. You mentioned Doomwake Giant. Erebos, God of the Dead could possibly replace Tainted Remedy? I don't know what other enchantment creatures are really worth considering beyond that. Brain Maggot maybe?

For other hatebear options, your deck could run Torpor Orb and/or Hushwing Gryff with minimal impact to itself.

One of the issues I found with Daxos the Returned when I first tried to build with him is mana curve. Black and White have a bunch of fun enchantments but they are generally expensive to cast, and it costs a lot of mana already to get Daxos on the board, cast stuff to get counters on him, and then activate his ability.

Maybe include Crypt Ghast? It helps with mana ramping and is another permanent with Extort that you can combo off with.

PickleNutz on My 8-Rack Deck

1 month ago

Hey, I have a few suggestions/ comments.

Why do you use 24 lands in a deck that has such a low CMC? You're chancing some uneventful draws with so many lands. 19 should be about perfect, it gives you room for more spell play.

Ratchet Bomb is also kind of useless If your deck is running properly, one boardwipe in the main board like Damnation would be fine. Grafdigger's Cage would be a good option for the sideboard.

Necrogen Mists is also a double-edged sword, but since you aren't running Liliana of the Veil it's hard to find a substitution. Since your deck is reliant on you playing spells though. Liliana, Defiant Necromancer  Flip might be a better option on a budget.

Thoughtseize over Inquisition of Kozilek might have a better effect for you too.

Some other interesting cards

Gnat Miser

Ensnaring Bridge

Cry of Contrition

Brain Weevil

Brain Maggot

Augur of Skulls

PickleNutz on B/W/U Control (Work in Progress)

1 month ago

This deck has synergy issues, but I have a few suggestions since you haven't built it yet.

Blue cards

Black cards

White cards

Those are some pretty solid staples to those colors for modern, some are a bit more costly than the others.

As far as creatures




Some multi-color cards

These cards will do significantly well for you in the control department, and almost all of them are pretty affordable besides Snapcaster Mage and Thoughtseize.

It may also benefit you to take out a few lands and use a few more creatures. This deck archetype on a budget has a hard time working well.

You can also try this Planeswalker out, it's a pretty useful one.

It's 3 cost to play and can be a draw card outlet for you, it's not going to replace a Liliana of the Veil though.

TheGooseManWells on B/W Eldrazi

1 month ago

Brain Maggot only cause less specific on mana in lieu of Tidehollow Sculler

xyr0s on MONO BLACK

1 month ago

First: Land-count. Somewhat on the low end. You need more like 24 lands.

Second: Phyrexian Arena is modern legal, and is better than Underworld Connections, as it doesn't tap your land to draw a card (and both cards have same casting cost).

third: Brain Maggot is on the low end of power. It has toughness 1 in modern, so it's probably going to die as soon as your opponent wants his card back. You could add more exile effects and Wasteland Strangler to make something out of exiling, rather than discarding cards, or you could find a nice discard effect instead.

fourth: Devour Flesh and Hero's Downfall are probably not the cards you want. Fatal Push and Geth's Verdict are better, if only because they are cheaper. You could also use Gatekeeper of Malakir, if you want a bit more devotion.

Fifth: consider exchanging Nightveil Specter for Geralf's Messenger. Same devotion, but more resilient, and it hurts your opponent just on the ETB trigger.

corythackston on Dark Devotion

1 month ago

Sup PickleNutz, it's ya boy here. I would say you're definitely gonna want to play four copies of Gatekeeper of Malakir, it can edict your opponent and gives you two black symbols for Gary. I would take out Gravecrawler for it since it's a very conditional card that isn't always that good. I would also probably cut the number of Nykthos you run since you don't need a ton of mana for stuff, but you do need almost all your mana to be black. Also I'm not sure if it's in your budget or not but having some noncreature permanents like Phyrexian Arena and Liliana of the Veil to provide you devotion that doesn't get swept away by Supreme Verdict. Also I saw someone else suggesting Bloodghast which I think is a solid suggestion. Fatal Push is also almost a necessity in any black deck I think. And since Gary is your primary pay off for devotion, I would bump him up to three copies. Also if you can afford Bob's, some number would be good. Brain Maggot can also be good in these types of decks. You could cut Grave Pact, Grotesque Mutilation, Despise, some number of Heroes Downfall, and some of the random creatures. Also I don't think Erebos is that great unless he's just a 1 of really.

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