Jotun Grunt


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander (CMD) Uncommon
Coldsnap (CSP) Uncommon

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Jotun Grunt

Creature — Giant Soldier

Cumulative upkeep-Put two cards in a single graveyard on the bottom of their owner's library. (At the beginning of your upkeep, put an age counter on this permanent, then sacrifice it unless you pay its upkeep cost for each age counter on it.)

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Jotun Grunt Discussion

MrSilk on Modern Competitive Solemnity - Azorius

1 week ago

So I really like the finks/blasting station matchup in this deck. I used to have an Esper version that ran Viscera Seer as a sac outlet, but it wasn't a wincon techincally.. Just infinite life and a Zur the Enchanter.. But his high mana cost (and also requiring 3 colors) made him unreliable.

To be honest, I only ever win with the kitchen/blasting station combo and only have the Phyrexian Soulgorgers (with the unblockable cards) as backup.. I switched to the Spirit Mantles to basically make them unblockable/unkillable by opponent's creatures. TiTi was always a consideration for the deck.. His wipes are essential for slowing the game down. I might take your advice and just take out Supreme Verdict.. But this deck doesn't really care about board wipes since the main wincon has infinite persist haha, so any board wipe will usually be one sided (in a perfect world)

my Idyllic Tutors are basically just to ensure that if for whatever reason I'm missing one of my infinite life enchantments that I have a chance to tutor for them.. Essentially having a 7x of each of my Solemnity/Unlifes, but I could likely cut one to make room for cantrips/Kira, Great Glass-Spinner/removal/countermagic card.

Unfortunately I don't think Vexing Sphinx and Jotun Grunt interact well with solemnity since they cannot have age counters on them.

As for my sideboard, other than the Auramancies/sanctities, those are just old cards that I took out of the deck for testing. I'm actually going to update it right now as well as my maybeboard reflecting possible changes. I'm a bit excited to give this a shot and see if it makes the deck run a bit smoother. Thanks again man!

escesare on Modern Competitive Solemnity - Azorius

1 week ago

Glad that was helpful!

You're right tokens would be very problematic; Lingering Souls could fly over your big creatures and also block them for days. I would just play more Declaration in Stones and Echoing Truths (probably sideboard) since those are great in every matchup. Ghostly Prison just seems worse; bad in most matchups, tokens can still block, and you already have Phyrexian Unlife.

You should also focus on fewer win-cons, which has lots of benefits. If you remove Finks/Blasting Station, for example, you can play Rest in Peace and Stony Silence which are nuts since you can tutor them, don't have to play dead Blasting Stations (at least play the full 4 Finks and Glen Elendra Archmage if you play the Stations), focus on protecting the huge creatures with Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, and now all your creatures are immune to small creature removal. Or you can trim down to 1 Phyrexian Unlife (still can tutor) and play more creatures, which means you're less vulnerable to removal. Removing Phyrexian Soulgorger is also nice since it's one of the few cards vulnerable to all the artifact removal. Thing in the Ice  Flip seems like the strongest of the bunch. There's no need to worry about not enough win-cons cause you can just play more cantrips in those slots. Cantrips are the most powerful things blue can play in Modern :) Of course I can see the appeal of playing different win-cons for entertainment; it's a personal decision but certainly less competitive. You can also play Vexing Sphinx and Jotun Grunt, though they don't seem great.

Speaking of Thing in the Ice  Flip, why would you even want Supreme Verdict if you have a win-con/board wipe rolled into one? Just play more cantrips to find them.

Also it doesn't seem like you're taking advantage of Idyllic Tutor. Playing a mainboard Runed Halo is basically autowin vs. Scapeshift, Storm, and Ad Nauseam and wrecks Death's Shadow and Dredge. Nevermore is also great against those decks and also Living End. Stony Silence and Rest in Peace are also too good to pass up playing at least one to tutor, even with Kitchen Finks/Blasting Station. How come sideboard only has 8 cards?

Xandermarron on Solemn Bacteria

4 months ago

Love the idea, but it needs some work. First off before I use constructive critisism until this thing is in the dirt, let me say that I am glad that someone finally found a way to break chronozoa, thank you.Second, here are some cards that you are running that are frankly, garbage.

  1. Spawning Pit Very ugly non-bo with solemnity, no charge counters, try Grinding Station.

  2. Sphinx's Revelation Good card, but... you will never need 4, drop that number to 2 if you REALLY like them. If you are that concerned about drawing cards, use Blue Sun's Zenith as a better replacement.

  3. Anointed Procession This is what is considered a "win more" card. You have no need for this thing at all, its only good with the combo, and it only does a little extra.

Now, about what can be done to this deck or added to it I would say should be as follows.

  1. More threats. This combo is absolutely absurd, but you have a problem, you have a too small chance of drawing your pieces. Thus, you added card draw. This is a good start, but you need to make this more resilient. This can be done with cards like Geist of Saint Traft, Celestial Colonnade, or, as a possible finisher, Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

  2. Elaborate on the deck's combo. This combo is an absolutely bonkers thing, especially in modern, take advantage of what Solemnity is giving you, the key to infinite combos. Add more Phyrexian Unlife, maybe slash black for a Zur the Enchanter, or Geralf's Messenger, play absurd things like Kitchen Finks, Glen Elendra Archmage, or some janky stuff like Jotun Grunt, Krovikan Whispers, or, if you want to be a major jerk, Phyrexian Soulgorger. And if you REALLY want that juicy card draw, Survivor of the Unseen, and Wall of Shards can become an OP Wall of Omens

  3. Getting solemnity. This is your power-card, getting it can be the problem though, for this, I suggest Idyllic Tutor, or the aforementioned Zur.

  4. However, do realize, that in order for this deck to work, it should at least be able to function without your precious Solemnity on the field.

  5. Lastly, add some of white and blue's super-powers, defense. Path to Exile, Detention Sphere, Leyline of Sanctity, Worship.

In any case, this seems like an un-flushed out idea, so I suggest that you try tinkering with it some more, see how good you can make it!

reeljazz7 on Modern Soldiers

5 months ago

Im not a fan of the mana-curve in this one. Got a lot of high CMC cards that may make it hard to work. I'd try some creatures like, Champion of the Parish which grows when you add human creatures. Kor Skyfisher and Jtun Grunt make some decent low cost creatures. I'd find room for Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip to try and transform him. You can get some ramp love from Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Thalia's Lieutenant. Precinct Captain is a good low cost card that starts generating tokens quick. Token generation can make for good synergy with Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip once you transform it.

It looks like you've got Devouring Light as a removal. Might I suggest Path to Exile instead? Its a 1 CMC rather than a 3 and doesn't care if the target is blocking or attacking.

I feel Darien, King of Kjeldor has a bit too high of a cost for this deck. I also tend to advise against one of most creatures. Odds of pulling him are very low. I would also bump your land up to 24 with some non-basic lands.

Look up the Rule of Nine. Helped me a lot when I started building. I went from picking random cards and tossing them into a deck to learning how to work with synergy and combos. Good luck and keep brewing!

square711 on Pattern Recognition #39 - Upkeep

5 months ago

For what it's worth, Verdurous Gearhulk can be an 8/8 with trample, costs one less mana and is more versatile than either of those. But anyway...

I like cumulative upkeep, if only because it appears on many of my favorite cards ever. I still want to make not-too-terrible decks centered around Jotun Grunt, Vexing Sphinx and Braid of Fire one day, and Sheltering Ancient is the best card in my favorite deck (Uh, are you sure that's a 5 and not a 2...?). You guys wouldn't believe how many times I've had someone use sorcery-speed removal on my Ancient with no creatures on their side of the board, just because they didn't realize it'd die on my next upkeep anyway.

Airakk on Dark Solemnity

5 months ago

ah! oh! sorry! Solemnity doesn't work with suspend!

but what about Jotun Grunt or Krovikan Whispers or Vexing Sphinx or Wall of Shards ?

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

7 months ago

Interesting point about Grab the Reins. I was looking for low CMC Threaten effects that are instant. I want both defense and offense. The sorcery speed cards are mostly unable to provide defense. Besmirch does provide defense, so it is actually a decent option, and I even considered putting Grenzo, Havoc Raiser back into the deck for more goad/pillage effects, but the dependence on attacking creatures makes Grenzo questionable. Besmirch does not have that dependence as much. Act of Aggression is more expensive, but does what Grab the Reins does, only it untaps and gives Haste, and it has the CMC flexibility of phyrexian mana if I need to cast it earlier. I also have a Disharmony that is asking to be played, but the only use it has is for defense, making it an awkward combination of half-fog, half-removal/control/combat trick. I am not sure if it will make the cut, but I will try it out. Kari Zev's Expertise may be great, with the number of <3 CMC cards in the deck, but a large number of them are reactive spells, so I am not sure how often it would pay off. I ordered one for testing anyway, thanks for the tip. Harness by Force would give a middle ground between the normal single target Threaten effects and the multi-target Insurrection/Mass Mutiny/Mob Rule, and could swing games, but is less flexible than Word of Seizing. The only real issue I have with Word of Seizing is the higher CMC, which may be something I just have to get over. Zealous Conscripts is an interesting option, but too many decks have it, and it may scream combo, which I don't want. I will have to play with the rest of these some to find out what I like. Cards like Backlash and Delirium have been really strong for this deck, and I could see any of the Threaten effects doing the exact same work, plus having potentially more flexibility. I will likely cycle through all of them, and every time I draw/play one, I will ask myself if I would have rather had one of the other ones in the list instead.

The other option I was considering was beefing up the midrange elements of the deck some. I am not sure I would have enough card slots to make it worthwhile, and I would be afraid that adding more overt offense would paint more of a target on my head. I would need midrange options that are significant defensive additions, that happened to come with some offense. I think Dread is a good example of this, but Jotun Grunt could make the cut as well, for it's graveyard work that can be used for my own recursion and as anti-reanimator tech. Midrange elements would potentially help against Stax and more reactive decks, but my meta actually frowns on Stax, so this would be a change to prepare for stepping into other metas, and may not really ever pay off. I think adding to what the deck already does through the addition of Threaten effects is probably the better plan that shifting to more midrange, even though it would be mostly useless agains other reactive decks.

As a side note, I have really liked Burning Wish, but had poor outcomes with Death Wish. The Wishboard has been fun, and does create a lot of flexibility, without being totally overpowered. I may work on the contents of the Wishboard as I go along, but I will be replacing Death Wish with a Cruel Tutor I just traded for.

Chasmolinker on Super Budget Competitive

7 months ago

Jotun Grunt works great against Tarmogoyf and with Death's Shadow decks everywhere the opponents graveyard is good for targets. As for self milling Corpse Churn is a decent mill card in black. I could throw Mindcrank in there.... I'll have to mess around with it once I update the deck list.

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