Shrapnel Blast

Shrapnel Blast


As an additional cost to play Shrapnel Blast, sacrifice an artifact.

Shrapnel Blast deals 5 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

Shrapnel Blast Discussion

jonmaior on Gruul Prowess

2 months ago

how do you feel about Zurgo Bellstriker, Kari Zev, Skyship Raider and Domri, Anarch of Bolas for Mox Amber. I made a similar deck to this one but it uses Mox Amber. it seems to have a slight edge in the mirror. is there a reason you didn't go this direction? also Shrapnel Blast can be pretty big and playing a couple Darksteel Citadel doesn't seem like a huge cost if you do play Mox Amber. Atarka's Command seems insane every time you get it. interestingly I think taking the draw is better in the mirror which seems insane but shocking a t1 play is such a big game

Swilliam on Shrapnel Ghast

3 months ago

Gingerbrute might be a good addition here. If you have no creatures to recur Scrapheap Scrounger with, it kind of nullifies its greatest strength. I'd also consider Mask of Immolation. Granted, I play that card in a deck that is more equipment heavy, but it can still give you extra points of damage. It also makes a good target for Shrapnel Blast once you have used it. If you know your meta or the decks you are playing against Phyrexian Revoker could be a good two drop.

Swilliam on R/W hammer time

3 months ago

I'm trying to run something similar that is a little less equipment heavy in my deck, Revenge Of The Smith. Even with fewer artifacts, I've found that it can be helpful to be able to punch through their life total or creatures with a couple copies of Shrapnel Blast. If you ever get flooded with too many artifacts, it could be helpful to have.

WhatevWorks on 3 open slots in Modern ...

4 months ago

I made a budget RW Affinity deck in Modern, and I have 3 slots that I can't figure out how to fill. Currently, I'm playing 3x Tempered Steel in the slots, but that feels too slow compared to things like All That Glitters and Steel Overseer. What should I play in its place? I've been considering moving Emerge Unscathed to the mainboard, and I've also been considering Goblin Oriflamme or Shrapnel Blast, but none seem to fit perfectly in with the deck. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Link: Mechanized Revolution (RW Affinity)

psionictemplar on Kaboom

4 months ago
  1. I think a couple of board wipe spells would be beneficial. Something like Storm's Wrath or Hour of Devastation would help you stay alive vs aggro and give you a good shot a killing some plainswalkers as well. Another card that burn decks have run in the past for this reason is Ensnaring Bridge. You would probably need to keep your hand emptied which leads into my next thought.

  2. If you do want to try the Ensnaring Bridge plan, then you will probably need to empty your hand a little bit faster. Your creatures will help you with this, but don't really work well with the board wipes. Trading the creatures for cards like Talisman of Indulgence or Chromatic Lantern gives you mana that can be used instantly. They also have the side benefit of being able to give you red mana on the chance you only have tron lands in play.

  3. Another consideration I had for this deck would be getting hosed by things like Leyline of Sanctity. I know you have All Is Dust for things like this, but you could also try something like Ugin, the Ineffable to not only remove troublesome cards like leyline, but also give you another creature option to work with. It also has the potential benefit of card draw. The static ability could help you play some of your hand out.

  4. General food for thought.
    4.1 Changing the mountains to snow mountains to add Arcum's Astrolabe. Reasoning is card draw and mana filtering for possible color splashes.

4.2 Chalice of the Void Why? Well given that your playing a large number of spells that can be whatever cost you want, you can place this at almost any value you want for some potential spell control. It would probably be better as a sideboard card, but it couldn't hurt to have for the combo matchups. Imagine landing this on 2 to combat the Grinding Station/Underworld Breach decks.

4.3 Shrapnel Blast This just seems like solid damage for the cost. Sacrifice fodder for this could be astrolabe's, talismans, chalice, you name it. (example) destroying your own Ensnaring Bridge to allow you to attack.

5dollarMTG on $5 Pioneer Improv

5 months ago

I haven't tested this one enough cmore329508, but it's performed well so far. I definitely think it's good to get in a set of Shrapnel Blast or (in the case of modern) Galvanic Blast. They basically replace Reckless Fireweaver which was always a bit awkward in a super-aggro deck.

lagotripha on Gobbo Time!

6 months ago

Tricky. 8 Whack is well known and fairly optimised. The benifits of being 'off list' will likely shine in your sideboard slots to let you steal some wins- include your sideboard in your planning.

Burning-Tree Emissary sees play in these lists and is fairly cheap.

Since you are already looking at Signal Pest it might be worth testing Kuldotha Rebirth and Shrapnel Blast, while cutting prospector for Bomat Courier or Ornithopter. This also lets you test Darksteel Citadel in your land slot. If you cut outburst you can cut to an uncomfortable 18 lands fairly safely- with a couple slots open for Mogg Fanatic.

Its similar speed to 8 whack, but the 'direct to face' finish is a touch more resilient to 'normal' sideboard answers, while more vulnerable to any affinity answers in the meta.

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