Lightning Mauler


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Uncommon

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Lightning Mauler

Creature — Human Berserker

SoulbondAs long as Lightning Mauler is paired with another creature, both creatures have haste.

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Lightning Mauler Discussion

Fipsomat on 4 Colour Humans

2 weeks ago

xyr0s I think Aegis of the Gods will not help me too much in this deck. It dies to pretty much everything and doesn't produce a high enough threat to substitute other 2-drops such as Burning-Tree Emissary combined with Lightning Mauler or Mayor of Avabruck  Flip. I really have hard times against removal-heavy decks, strategies targeting myself are usually not that big of a problem. For that matter Leyline of Sanctity is too costly with CMCs of four and to use its first ability I'd have to board a playset which would disrupt my game plan too much.

I might really try a 2-of Collected Company since after turn four the additional two creatures could seal the deal. Sometimes I got my opponent down to 2-3 life but was not able to go for the fatal swing. CoCo might actually help me with that.

SavageGaul on Boros Humans (mostly!) Modern

1 month ago

Nice looking deck.

Have you considered adding sorceries such as Return to the Ranks or Proclamation of Rebirth? You have Boros Charm to protect against sweepers, which is great, but if one gets through--or if you're on the receiving end of spot removal after spot removal--the aforementioned cards can help you refuel.

If that insurance policy takes away from the all-in aggro plan too much for your liking, perhaps consider a Lightning Mauler or two to crank up the speed, perhaps at the expense of a couple three-drops.

Check out my evolving brew ( Boros Bean Counters (Human Tribal) ) if you're interested in a different take on a very similar archetype. +1, and good luck to you.

Bo5dey on Revolt Zoo

1 month ago

Hands with Hidden Herbalists and Reckless Bushwhacker can get a little awkward, for sure. I've seen several lists running the pair of Simian Spirit Guide, presumably to get the red mana for Bushwhacker when the Burning-Tree Emissary mana filtering isn't there.

As compared to previous Bushwhacker Zoo lists, the addition of Herbalists does make the deck go a little heavier on the green (hence stuff like Narnam Renegade and Rancor, and the omission of things like Kird Ape and Lightning Mauler). I may bring Kird Ape back at some point, and yeah, Greenwheel Liberator is on my radar as something to try over Flinthoof Boar.

Tribal Flames is neat, but this deck is gonna top out at about 3 lands when the game is decided, and I feel that you're better off running a "bigger" Zoo list with things like Siege Rhino at that point.

Enral on Marchesa, creature toolbox

3 months ago

Hi, assuming you have no budget limitations I would recommend replacing:

I'll add more later when I have the time. Hope this helps!

Osang on The Way of the Fist (Boros Battalion)

4 months ago

Do you plan on bringing this to FNM any time soon? Because I have a story to tell.

Back when I started playing Magic right before Theros block, I came across the Battalion mechanic like you did. The decklist you have here is basically what I ran, except with other cards like Champion of the Parish, Lightning Mauler, and Silverblade Paladin. Unless this deck is for your kitchen table and kept Modern legal just because of an agreement with some buddies, get out of it immediately. It's a trap.

GeminiSpartanX on Looking for RW humans (MODERN)

5 months ago

I have 2x Ash Zealots, 4x Lightning Berserkers (1 of which is foil), a few Lightning Maulers, and a few other small wants listed on your binder. I'm interested in your Botanical Sanctum, Cinder Glade, and promo Saheeli's Artistry.

KingOfZendikar on Reckless Revolt Zoo

5 months ago

Have you thought about Lightning Mauler. I have a friend who will play a turn 2 Burning-Tree Emissary then use the to play Lightning Mauler

ClockworkSwordfish on Human Boros 2017 +(AMK)

5 months ago

Lightning Mauler is solid in decks like this. He can really speed you up, especially with Hanweir Garrison as a juicy follow-up.

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