Sengir Autocrat


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Uncommon
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" (TSB) Rare
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Fifth Edition (5ED) Rare
Homelands (HML) Uncommon

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Sengir Autocrat

Creature — Human

When Sengir Autocrat enters the battlefield, put three 0/1 black Serf creature tokens into play.

When Sengir Autocrat leaves the battlefield, remove all Serf tokens from the game.

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Sengir Autocrat Discussion

Guerte on [[Primer]] Gonti - Night Market Shenanigans

3 months ago

So, playing Gonti means almost no artifact/enchantment removal. In order to cover that, I have to run N-Disk and O-Stone, which puts a damper on things if I have a bunch of stuff out. I’ve been trying out Meteor Golem as a way to get rid of those things without blowing up my board. I’ve been really impressed thus far and am thinking about replacing them with something else. I’m currently thinking of Sengir Autocrat as another option for infinite mana with Deathmantle/Altar (this would make it option 4; is that too many?) and Sandstone Oracle for card draw. Would these be good choices, or should I find something else? I have a whole list of other options.

Shinwizzles on Whisper, Blood Liturgist EDH: To Make an Omelette

4 months ago

SynergyBuild, thanks for the thoughtful recommendations! There's no denying that the Triskelion and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed combo is useful, and would fit nicely into this deck, but I already have it in another one of my more competitive decks. I wanted this one to be pretty casual for the most part, which is also why I avoided putting too many tutoring cards in there.

As for the 0-drops such as Memnite, Shield Sphere, Ornithopter, etc.: I'd rather focus on creatures that can generate tokens like Abhorrent Overlord, Sifter of Skulls, and Sengir Autocrat for the sac bait. Since CMC isn't an issue for Whisper, Blood Liturgist's ability, there'd be no point to include the 0-drops that would only be worth a single sacrifice, and not necessarily be worth bringing back with Whisper, Blood Liturgist to sacrifice again.

I do think that most of the cards you suggested be cut still have pretty valid reasons to be present in the deck. Most of those cards are either for spot removal Malicious Affliction, control Grave Pact, ETB/upon death triggers Kokusho, the Evening Star, discard effects Call the Bloodline, or token generation Noosegraf Mob. I mean, sure, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger doesn't really fit in the deck, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to potentially cheat out an Eldrazi titan on like, turn 4.

I could probably drop Ancient Craving for one of the more efficient cards like Night's Whisper though. I really like Corpse Connoisseur too. Diabolic Intent fits the theme of the deck, so I might swap that in for one of the other tutoring cards. Withering Boon seems pretty great too. Counterspells in black are hilarious, and often unexpected. Toxic Deluge could very well end up replacing Damnation, because you're right, it is pretty good. Just not sure if paying that much life is always worth the effect.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions! I've definitely still got some work to do on this deck.

Bulletproofcats on [Primer] Nightmare by Design

7 months ago

Savaaage hmm...I am going to get a few games in with Sengir Autocrat over Gravecrawler that does seem tasty. Twilight Prophet is a card I want to so badly love, but you are right on the bait aspect. It usually draws removal instantly and isn't the best reanimation target.

Savaaage on [Primer] Nightmare by Design

7 months ago

Personally i'd rather run Sengir Autocrat over Wurmcoil Engine or Gravecrawler. Nets 1 positive and one extra life w/ Phyrexian Altar, and fuels the 3/3 Life costs per Chainer's activation. Serfs are also great fodder for Skullclamp.

Twilight Prophet seems like a trap/bait card for now (from an reanimator perspective)... I've been interested in including in my list but haven't gotten around to it yet. I think it's better suited in a stax/control archetype like Xiahou Dun Control.

thecakeisalie42 on The Old Razzle Dazzle

1 year ago


The deck was under 150$ when I made it, but that's since changed. I'm making some cuts to try to get under that limit again.

As for your suggestions:

Bitterblossom is far too expensive($) for the deck.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is also very expensive($), but may be powerful enough to make the cut at some point. I'll keep it in mind; thanks!

I love Kormus Bell, but it is a little too high risk, seeing as I lose all my lands to a board wipe. Also, I will be saccing my lands on the combo turn to Rain of Filth already.

Breeding Pit requires too much of a mana investment on turns where I want to be ramping.

I already have Sengir Autocrat in the deck. 99% of the time he is one of the first things I fetch with Razaketh.

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder is an option I had looked at when I first started brewing, but had dismissed as too expensive(). However, I now realize that if he is down and I cast Razaketh, the Foulblooded, I get 8 tokens, which is simply game over for my opponents. I'll put him in.

Thanks for your suggestions!

usaDiabetic on The Old Razzle Dazzle

1 year ago

You could also use cards like, Kormus Bell, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Breeding Pit, or Sengir Autocrat as token/creature generators.

Sorry for all the posts, I just really like the idea of a deck like this deck.

whatskraken on Yahenni

1 year ago

Sengir Autocrat and Marsh Flitter produce tokens in black, along with the more expensive Ophiomancer and Bitterblossom

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