Weaponcraft Enthusiast


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Weaponcraft Enthusiast


Fabricate 2

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Weaponcraft Enthusiast Discussion

KingRaikou98 on Robo Bois

1 week ago

Honestly, I did not consider Hidden Stockpile over Weaponcraft Enthusiast. I even had 2 copies of Hidden Stockpile in the deck but took it out for the two copies of Anointed Procession. The Panharmonicon and Metallic Mimic though are solid ideas, I just do not know what I would take out for them.

bearclaw0291 on Robo Bois

1 week ago

why Weaponcraft Enthusiast and not Hidden Stockpile? That paired with Anointed Procession creates to create. Plus if you could shoehorn Panharmonicon and Metallic Mimic psh you have a self-replicating automatic 2/2 servo army.

Matrixxx999 on Shreiky the Cheeky

1 week ago

Hi! +1!

Have you considered: Bog Witch, Cryptbreaker, Dark Confidant, Gate to Phyrexia, Weaponcraft Enthusiast?

And I would recommend to use Bitterblossom for all the stax and mana dinial spells and as a sac fodder generator.

chrclgry on Orzhov Tokens Looking for advice

1 week ago

Costly Plunder + Duress are worse than Hidden Stockpile and Ornithopters are not necessary when you have so many Servos. Weaponcraft Enthusiast is such a small body after the fabricate and Start is good removal.

amurphy1893 on Bontu's Aristifacts

2 weeks ago

Maybe trade it for a Weaponcraft Enthusiast and a Bontu the Glorified? How have these two cards been working for you? I find them a little slow personally. Plus, since Bontu the Glorified is legendary, it wouldnt hurt to reduce the chance of drawing two in an opening hand. What do you think?

splatterb0y on Aetherborn Angels

3 weeks ago

Maybe you want to take a look at my modern Aetherborn Masterrace-Deck it might give you a better Idea what you can do creature wise.

I'm not sure why you're not playing Yahenni, Undying Partisan he is one of the strongest Aetherborn out there if you support his ability with some removal.

Have you tried replacing Supernatural Stamina with Die Young? It would help you use the energy counters you get from Live Fast and could even remove strong creatures.

I would also suggest to up your lands to 22 at least when your average CMC is above 3. Cut the Regal Caracal and add Syndicate Trafficker because it can use all the Servos you can generate with Weaponcraft Enthusiast and Angel of Invention.

Oh and maybe I missed something or dont get it right now, but why is Panharmonicon in here?

Hobbez9186 on Razaketh Ramp

2 months ago

Finally got these cards in paper the other day, this deck is pure beast mode.

Actually, I only ordered two of the Herald of Anguish because I have one laying around somewhere but I couldn't find it. I had just taken apart a Grixis Gearhulk deck that lost a lot of cards in rotation and just wasn't worth rebuilding so I was splitting it up into new decks and immediately had homes for all the hulks except for Noxious Gearhulk. I put one in place of the missing Herald and a second one in place of a land because I actually seemed to be too heavy on land despite the high curve because I tend to use artifacts to pay for things a lot more than actual mana. I'm really liking the way that it is playing out in paper. The added Gearhulks provide another kill card and able bodied threat that can also be used to tap for "mana" if absolutely necessary. The bonus life gain is also completely relevant, especially if you are using Arguel's Blood Fast to keep up your hand.

Battle at the Bridge is also nuts. As a kill card it is quite serviceable. Too bad it isn't instant, but the built in Improvise really does tip it over. What really shines about the card though is that life gain. Sometimes the gain is absolutely massive, and even on turn 3 it can be used to kill a 4 (or more) or less toughness threat and gain back 4 (or more) life which can be a huge swing. Every turn almost grows it's potential exponentially. Very happy with this one.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh is another card that I'm just super happy with. Sometimes the ramp just doesn't get online hard enough, or the draw doesn't line up quite right. The damage from this adds up very quickly, even if all you can pull out are Ornithopters and Weaponcraft Enthusiasts.

The interactions intended during the building process work even better than I could have hoped and I've discovered happy accidents that I didn't even consider. I've been shuffling and playing out hands over and over and over again at my desk while watching Netflix or while working on other things just to get the feel for the consistency and how to play out different starting hands and I must say that I really like how explosive this is and how many different finishers are possible.

Tons of potential with this one, can't wait to bring it to Monday Night Magic and possibly make a return to FNM and raise some eyebrows :)

PeeBee on W/B More Tokens More Power

2 months ago

This is a good start and some good suggestions from Oloro_Magic however currently looking at the deck there are a few things needing to be fixed.

1). Currently you have no 3 drops, so you can never curve out and can be important to keep advantage

I would suggest Never / Return as a good 3 drop removal, Aethersphere Harvester is a good way to make use of all your 1 power creatures, Master Trinketeer can help make tokens and also boost them if you need additional damage and finally Weaponcraft Enthusiast is another good token producer which has an option to become a bigger creature if needed. I would personally choose Master Trinketeer as x4 and Aethersphere Harvester as x2.

2). You can drop some lands, currently you have 26 lands but only have 4 drops at your top end, this is too many and you can easily go down to 23 without being effected by not hitting your lands drops. This will also help you see more creatures or spells in your deck.

3). Personally i would drop the blue in your deck. This will enable you to have more consistent mana base by dropping the blue lands. and swapping Opt for a card like Hidden Stockpile or the 3 drops mentioned above.

Overall the deck is looking good though.

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