Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Common

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Exile up to two target creatures you control, then return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control.

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Displace Discussion

Firebones675 on Zombeginning

2 days ago

It's a good start but it needs a bit more work. Here are a few points that i think would make the deck better.

Land count: You have a relatively low land drop count. If you're planning on having your curve end at 3 mana spells 20 is fine but seeing as you have 6 drops in your deck, you might have to add a few more mana sources to prevent them from being stranded in your hands.

Removal: Right now you don't have a huge amount of interaction. Counterspells are good, don't get me wrong but if your opponent resolves a threat you have no way to get it off the board. Having a few spells to kill creatures would help with this

Lords: Right now you have a lot of zombies. Since there are a lot of cards that boost all zombies, running some is a good idea. Cemetery Reaper, Diregraf Colossus, Undead Warchief, Lord of the Accursed, Endless Ranks of the Dead, and Diregraf Captain among others all reward you for getting a critical mass of zombies

Cuts that should be made: There are a few cards in here that I think can be taken out fr some of the other ones I mentioned. Rooftop Storm is a powerful card but since it's the most expensive card in your deck you should be able to cast your zombies and your hand is probably going to be relatively empty anyways. The 2 cards with infect should go as well. Infect decks generally want to run only infect creatures and cards without infect as the main wincon don't want to run infect. The reason is that you will often get to a situation where your opponent is at low life only to draw a card with infect which can't do regular damage. Without having much in the way of enter the battlefield abilities, Displace can be cut too.

Hope this helps!

JuQ on Brago's Bounce House

1 month ago

Cloudblazer, Solemn Simulacrum and Duplicant feel like auto include cards you are missing in your deck.
Cards like Archeomancer, Mnemonic Wall and Scrivener are awesome way to recurse instants that flicker your creatures again. Ghostly Flicker, Displace, Illusionist's Stratagem will give you some redundance on that aspect.
I guess you know already but phasing in doesn't trigger "enters the battlefield" effects (speaking about Teferi's Protection).
You can recurse you many power 2 creatures with Reveillark.
I find Key to the City a high value card when you need to make creatures unblockable and it won't fall of a creature if you flicker it. You can also use it just to loot through your deck.
Cathars' Crusade would be a good finisher, you can run together with your Call for Unity.
Eldrazi Displacer?
I don't think in your deck Strionic Resonator is more abussive than Panharmonicon or Fireshrieker which you already run and have a simmilar or even better effect as you don't have to pay for them each time you use them.

Overall I like your deck, I would like to play it. Maybe Brago, King Eternal is a better "enters the battlefield" commander than Roon of the Hidden Realm which I love.

Emzed on Blue/Green Flicker

1 month ago

You should definitely play Eternal Witness to recur your Ghostly Flicker every time you use it. I think Riftwing Cloudskate might also be useful for you, you can suspend it early and it comes online in time for you to flicker it. Maybe Wood Elves would be better than Farseek in the context of your deck.
Some more ideas: Displace is almost identical to Ghostly Flicker in case you want more of this effect. Merchant Scroll and Eldritch Evolution can help you find the cards you need.

hoardofnotions on Nobody beats the Wiz

1 month ago

possible cuts

omenspeaker- too small of effect?

cackling counterpart- displace might be better

noggle hedge-mage- to small of effect?

obelisk of grixis- maybe swap to Worn Powerstone or something bigger like Thran Dynamo?

mizzium meddler- How has this played out? Seems really cool, just wanted some thoughts on it

architects of will- Have you had success with this card?

The etb tapped gain 1 life lands, ex. Akoum Refuge, create infine life with the dualcaster+ghostly flicker combo. Granted you're winning with inalla if you have dualcaster mage but just wanted to let you know.

Bojuka Bog might be worth it, helps mitigate some of the damage a patriarch's bidding could do to you.

Mystical Teachings gets you dualcaster mage and ghostly flicker in one card

Izzet Chronarch/Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker/Displace/Illusionist's Stratagem is reuse any etb creature you have at instant speed for as much mana as you have

Painful Truths has put a lot of work in my budget decks. Do you think you're doing ok on card draw?

Man this is such a combo deck! I love it. Just wanted to make sure I'm picking up on them all.

Wanderwine prophets+combat damage is infinte turns

dualcaster mage + ghostly flicker is infinite mana, and etb effects

rite of replication + dualcaster mage is infinte every creature on the battlefield

bloodline necromancer + ashnod's altar is inifine mana and reanimate everything

twinflame/heat shimmer + dualcaster mage is infinite damage

This is a really cool deck guy, thanks for letting me look over it! It definitly has your special flavor to it lol

Force_of_Willb on Roon's house of bounce.

2 months ago

No Archaeomancer or Mnemonic Wall to go with your Ghostly Flicker, Eerie Interlude, Ghostway, Illusionist's Stratagem, or Displace?

I would remove poor blink targets like Predator Ooze

Rzepkanut on Tish-ana Wizard or Few

3 months ago

Pretty sweet deck I appreciate it a lot. Wizard tribal is pretty cool I never noticed how inexpensive most of the wizard tribal cards are on Magic Online....I think I'm going to have to give it a try. My favorite Tishana version to play right now is actually an elf tribal version. In my build the MVPs are often copy spells and blink effects. Specifically Cackling Counterpart, Vizier of Many Faces, Ghostly Flicker, Essence Flux, Displace, Siren's Ruse, Nephalia Smuggler and good old Deadeye Navigator. You can make a copy of Tishana and choose to keep the real one and the copy goes to the graveyard but you still get the ETB card draw trigger. And blink effects can be used to save creatures early or get more value from Tishana late. I'll be getting a Patron Wizard for my wizard tribal version though, because I like being extra annoying....I'm putting a link to my Tishana deck too, although it's actually a tad different now because of some recent changes I've been testing.. its like 94% the same still.

And I see by your username that you also know that Tool is the best band ever. Good stuff friend. A+

MagicBlues on Pauper EDH Primer

3 months ago

Really nice introduction to the format! I hope it will at some point get the attention and player base it deserves.
Right now I am running a Sultai Soothsayer combo/control build that did quite well in regular EDH pods so far. I've never had the opportunity to run it in a PDH pod, but it makes me wonder if Ghostly Flicker and Displace are ban-worthy. Here is my list for anyone who wants to check it out
Sultai Soothsayer PDH

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