Grip of the Roil


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Uncommon

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Grip of the Roil


Surge (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)

Tap target creature. It doesn't untap during it's controller's next untap step.

Draw a card.

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Grip of the Roil Discussion

Ninja_T0-_-0 on Breaking the ice. (NEED HELP) Competitive

1 week ago

Expedite and Crash Through are good 1 manna red spells. You could also dabble in some Surge Cards like Boulder Salvo and Grip of the Roil

NobleGhost117 on dynavolt tower

1 month ago

Is this deck budget? If not, Torrential Gearhulk is a great card since it has flash and is a huge blocker and attacker. Also, if you're looking for some instant-speed cards, you have Magma Spray, Grip of the Roil, Reduce to Rubble, and Chilling Grasp.

DubiousDanish on Fraying Sanity (HOU Standard)

1 month ago

With Glimmer of Genius you want a deck that is already running some energy-centric package. It helps resupply in multiple ways, but won't help you apply pressure immediately. Adding Dynavolt Tower to your sideboard would help to buffer against any aggressive strategies and create more synergy for Glimmer of Genius. Edifice of Authority can be used here instead if you drop Glimmer of Genius from your build, as it does not require energy to use. Essence Extraction can be used to kill off a haste creature and recoup life lost from an attacker that slipped through. Grip of the Roil can frost a creature and draw you a card. Lay Bare the Heart synergizes with Fraying Sanity and removes threats before your opponent can cast them. Manic Scribe has an etb mill 3 and can then block for you. Consign / Oblivion can stall a spell and then aftermath to make them discard it which will work with Fraying Sanity. Those are some options to consider while tinkering with your build, I hope something catches your eye.

Singularity6 on Don't Kill, Mill!

1 month ago

I'm thinking about taking out Oath of Jace and maybe 1x Jori En, Ruin Diver in favor of 4 x Grip of the Roil. My reasoning is that Grip of the Roil would 1) Tap down an opposing creature. 2) Draw a card. 3) Be synergistic with Baral, Chief of Compliance, Jori En, Ruin Diver, and Thing in the Ice  Flip. 4) Is an instant.

The only downside is 3 x Oath of Jace gets me 9 cards deep into my deck while 4x Grip of the Roil only gets me 4 cards deep. Can someone comment on their thoughts about this? Thanks.

Miracles-and-Charms-of-Alara on Mono Blue Affinity

1 month ago

Seems like a good replacement for Grip of the Roil. I like it! Now, I just need to find a replacement for Lupine Prototype.

dcs619 on Mono Blue Brains

4 months ago

Playing this deck a lot in casual to get a feel for it. It does well for slower decks, but against aggro you really need a Engulf the Shore or Grip of the Roil to start in hand. 3 lands to start is kindof a must too.

DanaBarrosReincarnate on Mono Blue Control... Fast Enough for standard?

5 months ago

not sure this will be of any help to you, but i've been messing around w/ a couple control decks lately & you might be able to glean some ideas off of them:

deck 1:

deck 2:

the first is a mono-blue energy control deck. The engine is Dynavolt Tower plus Glimmer of Genius with some spirit synergy sprinkled in. I love the IDEA of both Baral & thingy  Flip, but w/ the emergence of Fatal Push, they seem less effective overall. the rest is similar to what you already have, tho i think i focused heavier on counters rather than bounces, which i'm not 100% on tbh

second deck is an Izzet Fevered deck based around Fevered Visions (duh), & (mostly) instant-speed draw&burn cards. i kno yr running mono-blue, but figured maybe you could get some ideas abt alternative blue spells to use in yr own. for instance, Grip of the Roil, in my experience, is a killer card w/ that surge cost, & i kno Docent of Perfection  Flip is high-cost but i wanna say 80% of the games i've played w/ this deck i've managed to flip him by turn 6, which is fucking DEVASTATING for the opponent & hilarious 4u. also, again, i kno yr running mono blue, but i'd at least CONSIDER splashing red for Fevered Visions bc the combo of every-turn card draw + bouncing their permanents = they're almost always gonna take dmg. unless of course they're aggro, then you sideboard the fevah out for more blockers (Niblis of Frost, much like docent  Flip, has performed extremely well for me in most scenarios)

hope this helps!!!

GamingInTheDark on Mono Blue Control... Fast Enough for standard?

5 months ago

I have been playing this deck at FNM and gone 3-1, 3-0, and 2-1. Some changes I made were as follows.



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