Gnarled Scarhide


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx Uncommon

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Gnarled Scarhide

Enchantment Creature — Minotaur

Bestow 3B (If you cast this spell for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.)

Gnarled Scarhide can't block.

Enchanted creature gets +2/+1 and can't block.

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Gnarled Scarhide Discussion

DJMintEFresh on The best Minotaur deck you can make

1 week ago

OOMJasonDavis with Ragemonger on the field, would that make Gnarled Scarhide free?

Murderotic on The Happy Merchant

1 month ago

if youre looking for some early cards Gnarled Scarhide and Bloodsoaked Champion have always been cards I've liked =)

SteelHeadPaladin on $15 Competitive Modern Minotaurs

1 month ago

I play Mogis minotaurs if you're looking for a one mana drop I strongly recommend Gnarled Scarhide as a replacement for Vampire Lacerator. Gnarled Scarhide easily fills the role of a turn one drop, a free drop with Ragemonger, and acts as an enchantment for later game. Sure, it can't block, but you not really worried about that when you're mostly going on the attack. Plus it makes it a true minotaur tribal, and you're not dinging yourself with Vampire Lacerator.

Though I have to say this deck is pretty solid. Any suggestions I have to add is putting in some Temple of Malice or a Fanatic of Mogis along with Dictate of the Twin Gods

Samuel-Frederick on Mono White Heroic Auras

4 months ago

Hey there. For me, it doesn't feel like black is adding anywhere near enough here. For one mana I'd want 4x Trailblazer as well as the 4x Hoplite, then for two mana just drop the bloodcrazed and run the full 4x Skyguard, and 4x Hero of Iroas, as both of them are doing a lot more. Then when it comes to the enchantments, black isn't doing a great deal there either. The bonus of mono-white, the consistency of the land, and if you curve at two you can even drop the land to 18/19 as well. With black though you do get Agent of the Fates, who I love, but may not be fast enough for what you're looking for. He's so good though!

Ethereal Armor should be a four of. Ethereal Armor plus Hero of Iroas is awesome, and when I play it, I like to take advantage of both and run Hopeful Eidolon, Nyxborn Shieldmate, and Eidolon of Countless Battles. They are protection against removal and wrath, they are reduced in cost when bestowed from the Hero, and they count towards Ethereal Armor. They are so much more powerful than they may first appear. If you're sticking with black, then you get these beasts to choose from as well, Gnarled Scarhide, Spiteful Returned, and Herald of Torment. You could run Nighthowler as well, I'm not as keen on it in the build, but depends on what the decks you are against are like as well. He is good post wrath though!

I'd drop Predator's Gambit as you'll nearly always have multiple creatures on the field, and Edge of the Divinity as you don't have any creatures that can take advantage of it. Not the cheapest card but Daybreak Coronet is obviously all sorts of powerful! Spirit Mantle is also pretty popular, and really can tilt opponents who aren't ready for it.

Just a few things to have a think about, see if you like the sound of them.

lagotripha on Minotaur Slam

5 months ago

Nice minotaur tribal. Comptetitive modern relies heavily on those 1/2/3 drops turns 1/2/3, so some Boros Reckoner/Deathbellow Raider/Gnarled Scarhide/Ruinous Minotaur to drop out a lethal obilisk are probably the way to go. Nameless Inversion is a key changeling mixed removal/pump spell that does work, and Taurean Mauler could help. If you want to sit higher on the curve, you'll need some removal and disruption for those first few turns- Duress, Despise, Dismember, Geth's Verdict are the budget player's friend. Ruinous Minotaur is ok if you don't mind the drawback/shock vulnerability. Just remember this is a format with Shared Animosity and its ilk so you can see some pretty insane tribal decks of almost any type, its just a question of making it tick.

The_Ninjurai on Aggro Delirium

6 months ago

Thank you for the suggestions.

You are correct I needed another way to get cards in the yard, thought I had one. Put in Grisly Salvage for that. Gnarled Scarhide helps with delirium by being two types, so I wouldn't want Bloodsoaked Champion over it. Bloodsoaked Champion may be better than Strangleroot Geist due to the double green requirement. Mindwrack Demon might be a good replacement over Nemesis of Mortals, but Nemesis of Mortals does have a chance of costing double green for a 5/5. Woodland Bellower is too slow and doesn't get a high enough impact card. Varolz, the Scar-Striped is not an aggro card and works against delirium a bit. Discard spells like those are control cards, like you said, not aggro. However, a card like Collective Brutality may be worth it since it gives options and fills the yard. You're right about Eyeblight's Ending not being good and might should have been Nameless Inversion, but I changed them for Grisly Salvage.

TheRedGoat on

6 months ago

Not a bad build, but unless you've play-tested this to know it works with so few lands, I'd drop 1 or 2 of the Felhide Petrifier's and Kragma Warcaller's for lands. In particular I'd look at Mutavault, and you could maybe squeeze in Gnarled Scarhide for Felhide Brawler (minotaur don't really care about having big buts or blocking anyway).

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