Pilgrim of the Fires


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged (FRF) Uncommon

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Pilgrim of the Fires

Artifact Creature — Golem

First strike, trample

Pilgrim of the Fires Discussion

LordMondegreen on Artifice Perfected: Muzzio EDH

3 years ago

Things I'd also suggest taking out.

Darksteel Sentinel has little to no impact. All it does is help with the CMC for Muzzio.

Pilgrim of the Fires is alright, but there's many better choices.

Qumulox makes me throw up a little in my mouth, it's not even an artifact to help Muzzio. Same goes for Somber Hoverguard.

Switch out Cancel for Counterspell. Strict upgrade.

You can't have Cranial Plating in this deck. It's color identity is black due to the cost in the activated ability.

This deck could use a lot of edits, but i like the general and you're on the right path. Try going to www.edhrec.com for any and all help wit commander deck building. It'll show you suggestions for cards normally used with a commander and is really really useful. Good luck building, bud.

Monsmtg on First Colorless Commander with Ulamog

3 years ago

Here's my suggestion.


Beast of Burden he's a six drop 1/1 or 2/2 almost every time.

Hand of Emrakul you have like 0 spawn

Pilgrim of the Fires seven mana 6/4 with no abilities, I wouldn't recommend it.

Deserter's Quarters no, just no.

Paradise Mantle not enough early drop creatures

Hedron Blade just kind of a lost card


Thran Dynamo

Strip Mine is cheap and effective

Ur-Golem's Eye

Worn Powerstone

Erratic Portal good early removal

Metalworker if you can afford it, it's bonkers

If it's any help, I'm happy.

ScruffyEJ on POW!!! Right in the Kisser

3 years ago

Moved Call the Scions to SB. Replaced with Pulse of Murasa.

Thinking of taking out Conduit of Ruin to put in some cmc 7+ to trigger the search from Sanctum of Ugin more often. Conduit of Ruin has search but it puts it on the top of the library instead of in hand and that seems like a waste.

Possible replacements are Bane of Bala Ged, Breaker of Armies, and Pilgrim of the Fires.

NotSquishedYet on Constructicon Standard

3 years ago

The nice thing about that, with having only two to four Mage-Ring Responders and/or Pilgrim of the Fires is that ramping will still let you vomit your hand onto the battlefield. I saw that Hedron Crawler wasn't doing much, especially with the extremely high-end 24 lands, and thought it might be worth giving utility. Sure, you lose a turn or two playing ramp, but you gain four or five turns if you get to tap it once or twice.

Mind playtesting another version of it, despite all your convictions about it? I've played heavy ramp decks several times, and I've played decks with integrated ramp like I've been suggesting for years. I know it sounds harsh, but my current standard decks could probably blow this out of the water simply by the tempo of being 10 to 12 turns ahead in mana,board state, and card draw at any given time. Test it if you wish, but I can already almost guarantee it.

Test it in paper. See for yourself. And remember - you do want to be able to scale up the power, at least in the sideboard. My wall deck will consistently Turn 1 a 0/4, turn 2 Assault Formation, giving me a ready 4/4. Turn 3: Wall of Resurgence, leaving a 6/6 blocker and a ready 4/4. Turn 4: If you haven't blocked, I win. I play whatever I feel like, because it doesn't matter much. Turn 5: Elite Scaleguard, if you haven't played 10 creatures by now, I unconditionally win. Without a 4/5 and a 6/7, you can't really kill anything I have at any point in the game, nor can you punch through any damage whatsoever.

NotSquishedYet on Constructicon Standard

3 years ago

Of course, that is focusing a fair amount too much on playing the Mage-Ring Responder before all else, but remember that the artifact mana ramp can be activated the turn it comes out, effectively reducing its own cost and making it much faster. I primarily suggested Hedron Archive because of its powerful mid-late game utility, which is why it is being played so much. I, personally, have come to commonly see Mage-Ring Responder and its cousin Pilgrim of the Fires as consistent turn 4 or 5 plays, with a huge power scale.

ssb1UP on Weaponsmith Visits Zendikar

3 years ago

So far I have had no reason to play Pilgrim of the Fires. Mage-Ring Responder has been very good at dealing with two types of creatures we'd otherwise be vulnerable to:

  1. Creatures that basically don't ever block unless they're preventing lethal, like Zulaport Cutthroat, Grim Haruspex, Dragonmaster Outcast, and hell, even Weaponsmith. Even if we have to pay to untap and kill these creatures, that's a lot better than nothing. With Fiery Impulse and Sidisi's Faithful helping out, the deck is very good at disrupting these types of plans. Early on this can be backbreaking, because where with Pilgrim the opponent would probably just take 6, with Responder any hope of their getting back into the game just gets crushed. Reclusive Artificer is good at this too, provided we have the artifacts for it.

  2. Fliers, in particular beefy ones like Mantis Rider, Thunderbreak Regent, etc. Also opposing Thopter tokens. Several times I've been able to clear a path for my Thopters this way, which makes me think that fitting a Ghostfire Blade back in for extra damage might be a good idea. Plus, we don't have to give up our Thopters to block their flyers anymore. All of this maximizes the value of Thopter Spy Network and Chief of the Foundry, who I find myself tutoring with Sanctum of Ugin as often as I do another Responder.

If I still had Ghostfire Blades in the deck Pilgrim might be an alright choice, but I should not understate the card advantage Responder provides. Unless it's killed immediately, or unless they have no creatures, it's going to be at least a 2-for-1, and you can basically add another card to that equation every time it untaps. It also survives Languish which kills Pilgrim.

Responder is not good at dealing with decks that go really wide with tokens and such, which has made Orbs of Warding a standout card in the sideboard. I did have two in there at one point, and I'm thinking I may do so again.

Loreshadow on Weaponsmith Visits Zendikar

3 years ago

Will be adding the weaponsmith and hedron to my spell retrieval deck. Just slides right in there to create a ramp version with a couple spell shrivels, god shrines and mage networks thrown in. Since the base deck already got me third at FNM against people I normally lose against, I know it works. By adding a few cards that I also know work in a combo, I can essentially just make an already good deck better.

Should create an endless amount of counterspells, return spells, and awaken component for damage. The new ramp ideas from your deck can potentially turn my little spells into land creature spells each turn after turn 4 when normally it would be too much mana or leave me vulnerable.

Have you tried the Pilgrim of the Fires yet? Or just Mage-Ring Responder?

Loreshadow on Weaponsmith Visits Zendikar

3 years ago

Just picked up most my deck. Missing some Hedron Archive, but I did find some Pilgrim of the Fires as another alternate to Mage-Ring Responder. It has First Strike, and Trample. And it untaps on upkeep. So it might prove better in the long run even if it offers less removal. But it can't be blocked by two 1/1 tokens like a Responder can. Same mana, so it still triggers Sanctum of Ugin. And when in doubt, add them both! Lmao.

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