Roar of the Wurm

Roar of the Wurm


Create a 6/6 green Wurm creature token.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might (DDS) Uncommon
Eternal Masters (EMA) Uncommon
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Odyssey (ODY) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Roar of the Wurm Discussion

Yesterday on

6 months ago

What are composite prinnies?

My folders aren't very organised. [Not My Commander] is my only folder where I include other people's decks, and literally only just started doing that a few days ago. Yours is the second one I've added, so I don't really have any context for it yet. Rest assured I like the idea of your deck a lot.

Yeah, no love lost for the Worldgorger Dragon here either. It needs more than decent support in the form of reanimation and countermagic, and if your deck isn't all about that then it's not necessarily a great fit. I just mentioned it because it's an interesting card that cares about exiled stuff. I won't be offended in the least if you don't adopt a suggestion of mine, in case you're concerned about that. It's your deck, dude. I'm just here to help.

Lion's Eye Diamond is crazy expensive, money-wise. For that reason, I personally don't think it's ever worth running unless you're building at least a somewhat competitive deck, unless you just happen to have one handy. On the other hand, if you do only play casually with friends then they probably won't mind if you run a tournament-illegal version of Yawgmoth's Will – there are gold-bordered signed collector's versions available for significantly less than the regular cost (with Yawgmoth's Will on magiccardmarket ATM, it's €7.00 as opposed to the official card that's €23.95). They don't have a standard MtG back on them though, so you'll need to be using sleeves to use them.

So, Doomsday . If you don't like it, then don't run it. But as I understand it, a lot of those packages run 3-4 draw spells, Laboratory Maniac , and maybe some countermagic support. Considering this is what's in your deck ATM, I'll run with that. It's another all-in strategy and once again; if your Lab Maniac gets countered or killed before you draw the card, it pretty much means that you lose. I know a lot of people run Gitaxian Probe and other super-cheap draw spells in this package, the idea being to cast them all in the one turn and then win. If you want to stick with the Flashback theme, there's Faithless Looting and Scour All Possibilities and Echo of Eons which you already run, and then there's Deep Analysis and Think Twice . None of these is particularly expensive money-wise. Also, I know this is exactly the opposite of what you're looking for, but if Doomsday is to be a legit wincon for this deck then you might want to reconsider cutting Mirror of Fate . It's rarely an amazing card, but in this deck if things are going well, basically stands to serve as a second Doomsday, which is exactly what every Doomsday deck wants.

As for the landbase, how exactly did you want to revise it? There are a lot of interesting things to be done with lands, but I've usually just forgone those when it comes to 4+ colour mana bases (particularly if budget means running slow fetch lands like Bad River as opposed to Polluted Delta ). Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is good in any deck that uses black. I know you're not running any other Slivers, but Path of Ancestry is still a decent land in 5-colour decks that aren't high-end competitive - just read it as a Command Tower that enters tapped, which is still pretty great in non-competitive EDH. If you are okay with a couple of a taplands, Grand Coliseum is also great. On the other end, Tarnished Citadel is good for mana right now if you need it.

Now, for some suggestions on Flashback and other cards to cut.

I think you have just a couple too many recursion effects for instant and sorcery spells. Cards like Pull from the Deep are pretty decent because they get you two-for-one, as in you spend one card to gain access to two.

Conversely, something like Recoup probably isn't so good - it only gives you access to one card when you cast it, and you need to have the mana available to cast it that same turn. It's not an awful card, it has Flashback which both gives it more utility than for which I'm giving it credit and also fits this deck's theme. But you have an above-average amount of recursion spells and if you are actively looking for something to cut, this'd be something I'd recommend.

I think Sins of the Past is a decent card, but not great unless you have a number of really great bombs in your deck. If you don't have a fair number of high-cost, high-impact spells to target with it, it becomes an expensive 1-for-1. Similarly, Mystic Retrieval can be good when things are going your way and it sort of fits the theme, but in the early- to mid-game it can really suck to be left with only this card in your hand. When making cuts, you'll generally want to cut the cards that, at some points of the game, do straight-up nothing. Unfortunately, Mystic Retrieval kinda fits the bill here.

All Suns' Dawn is a great recursion spell, but less good when you lean away from a few colours. Considering you already have a number of other great spells in your deck, I don't know about this one in this scenario. I think basically, you'll want a few low-end and a few high-end recursion spells.

Some cards I would cut when push comes to shove —

  1. All Suns' Dawn
  2. Creeping Renaissance
  3. Flood of Recollection
  4. Increasing Confusion
  5. Roar of the Wurm
  6. Sins of the Past
  7. The Great Aurora
  8. Tombfire
  9. Force of Rage
  10. Oracle of Dust
  11. Feldon's Cane
  12. Force of Virtue

MontaukMonster on Blue Green Self Mill help

9 months ago

Take a look at Dave Humphreys's Madness. This deck was played by Dave Humphrys in the 2003 world championships. The deck is so crazy and it plays itself. But there are a lot of self-mill cards in there as well as cards that like to be milled like Roar of the Wurm and so forth

pokepower116 on

1 year ago

Wow, your list is pretty much beat-for-beat how I would like to run a Trostani deck! So as far as adds go, there aren't any that immediately come to mind aside from maybe Test of Endurance, Oracle of Mul Daya, Swiftfoot Boots, and Lightning Greaves. Especially the last two since you have so many cards that require attacking (Myraid cards, Wingmate Roc, Giant Adephage, Wayfaring Temple, Sun Titan) and cards that require tapping to activate (Trostani, Rhys & Oviya). Not to mention you don't want a massive token just sitting around without protection; swing with it right away AND give it hexproof/shroud!

Cuts, on the other hand, I have a couple of suggestions for. Since your deck (and Trostani decks in general) are much better at going tall than going wide, I'd probably recommend cutting some of the "go-wide" cards. Essence Warden, Soul Warden, and Soul's Attendant are good low drops and good at gaining life but aside from cards like Storm Herd I don't see us gaining a lot of life in this deck from these cards. If they're mostly in here because of the low mana cost I'd recommend the cheap mana dorks like Birds of Paradise, Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves instead to help you reach your big cards quicker.

Roar of the Wurm, Wurmcalling, and Slime Molding I'm torn on. They seem a bit too mana intensive for what you're getting but they do scale with the game (aside from Roar of the Wurm).

Voracious Wurm seems kind of "win-more" since you need to have gained a considerable amount of life (probably from playing a big token already) before you want to play it. However it is only 2 mana so it probably wouldn't hurt to keep it in.

Celestial Convergence has always been removed before the last counter is taken off in every game I've played.

Cradle of Vitality is kind of like Voracious Wurm in regards to how you're only getting value from the card if you've already played something big. Could be worth it, but if you have a 10/10 on the board, would a 20/20 help you that much more?

Wingmate Roc doesn't seem like it's impactful enough for the mana cost.

Hopefully some of these help! In short I think since your curve is pretty high you should work on either reducing some of the higher CMC cards (but a lot of those are your win conditions or good token generators, so maybe not) or increasing the amounts of ramp in the deck. Good luck! Digging it so far.

rhystictutor on Ghave, Guru of Spores

2 years ago

And here are some spells (sorry for not compiling all this into one post)

oh yeah, Cryptolith Rite is really good in token decks.

DarkLaw on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

2 years ago

Minotaur lord does a lot.

A lot.

I think that EDH players will be satisfied.

However, I am livid with Censor. We had a chance, a real chance, at a good counter for once in Miscalculation being reprinted, but no. We get a damn two mana force spike. That's not what we need. Stymied Hopes, even, is almost as good, but unplayable garbage. Fml.

And yet, WotC continues their line of making no sense by giving us Pull from Tomorrow. Lest you wish to target your opponent, it's practically strictly better than Stroke of Genius or Blue Sun's Zenith- which are irrefutable as some of the best draw spells ever printed. I am of course referring to draw spells in raw quantity- anything that nets you fewer than two cards, counting the loss of the card itself, is more of a card filter card in my eyes. Sorry, DTT. It also helps you stock your grave.

Wizards is seriously confusing me. They give us good blue cards starting almost exclusively CMC 3 or up, because they hate straight up control I guess.

Don't get me wrong. Glimmer of Genius is better in control decks for now because you lean so much on Torrential Gearhulk. There aren't enough cards to support the original, purer kind of control- this card is a welcome gift, but useless by itself. Well, except in commander. I'm rejoicing.

Quick fire: Never//Return is better than Ruinous Path, which doesn't say a lot. Catface is only as good as a 3 power double strike that attacks on turn 5 is. Sure, Catface is tenacious, and easy to turn on, but pretty slow as a result. She really needed a single evasion keyword to push her over the tough hurdle of her CMC.

Finally, Honored Hydra. My favorite card spoiled today. Better than Roar of the Wurm. That trample really works wonders. Roar of the Wurm saw play in Standard back in the day, and it has been power creeped, but given the perfect keyword to make viable again. Imagine a slightly smaller Verdurous Gearhulk that costs only 4 mana. The difference one mana makes is pretty significant.

ClockworkSwordfish on Jaya & Squee: friends in spellshaping

3 years ago

One of the best discard outlets in your colours is Wild Mongrel. I'd run it over Llanowar Mentor, Greenseeker or Sparkspitter, easily. Noose Constrictor works, too, if you don't care about the colour change. Roar of the Wurm and Fledgling Dragon might also be appreciated as finishers.

TheVectornaut on

3 years ago

I think borderposts tend to be weak if you don't have any artifact synergy, so I'd recommend filling their spot with other mana dorks or utility cards. Since you're in Naya now, Knotvine Mystic and Mayael the Anima could be interesting. Some other big dudes in the colors are Woolly Thoctar, Spellbreaker Behemoth, and Godsire of course. If you're dedicated to the wurm theme, which I can definitely understand, you could probably just drop red entirely since it's not doing anything unique in the current build. Some other wurm options in Selesnya are Engulfing Slagwurm, Elderscale Wurm, Worldspine Wurm, Novablast Wurm, and Enlisted Wurm. You could even try a wurm token theme with Advent of the Wurm, Autochthon Wurm, Roar of the Wurm, Wurmcalling, Garruk, Primal Hunter, and populate effects like Trostani, Voice of Selesnya.

DarkRequiem on

3 years ago

Advent of the Wurm, Armada Wurm, Crush of Wurms, Penumbra Wurm, Roar of the Wurm, Symbiotic Wurm (extra nasty with a Mimic Vat in play, Worldspine Wurm, Wurmcalling, Wurmweaver Coil and Wurmcoil Engine. They all produce tokens that work quite well as finishers and pump your life through soul sisters.