Skyline Despot


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Rare

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Skyline Despot

Creature — Dragon


When Skyline Despot enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you're the monarch, put a 5/5 red Dragon creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

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Skyline Despot Discussion

poorpinkus on The Devil On Your Shoulder - EDH Tempting Deals

4 weeks ago

_goose I'm glad you've been enjoying the deck, thanks for coming back and letting me know how things went!

First of all, I just wanted to mention that this deck requires a lot of finesse in terms of politics. The main idea of the deck is that you do have some cards that are powerhouses, but they have a give people time to respond to them so people don't find you as much of a threat (even if things stay on the board).

Something big to keep in mind with politics is that a lot of people are wise to the usual tricks. This means that if you have a deck that just sits back and draws cards and nothing else, people will get suspicious. This means that the best way to play the politics game is to still be a noticeable part of the game while never being the "biggest threat", and never being the contingency that could blow everything up.

For your first point, in terms of monarch, I assume you are talking about Skyline Despot. My main thought with that card is that is usually a good card to play if everyone else has a large board presence and you don't; usually monarch won't benefit you initially, but if everyone else has big dudes, they will inevitably attack you purely because it is the easiest option. This makes Skyline Despot a good card to show some dominance; when everyone else is stacked, you need to let them know that there might be some repercussions to attacking you. Usually the card is more of a counterspell-bait than anything, but even if it gets out and gets removed immediately you still get the monarch mechanic out (which isn't really even there for personal gain, but just because I thought the mechanic was interesting). Let me know though if you disagree with me on any of these points though, since I haven't actually been able to play the card very often.

In response to your second point, definitely! Vial Smasher is best used with smaller cards, since people don't care as much about losing small amounts of life. Usually there are ways to get Ludevic's effect going without vial smasher as well (sometimes people will let me hit them if I was the only one without profitable attacks during that round), but a lot of the time I will only play Vial Smasher if I notice that I am missing something from my hand (lands, something on-curve, etc). If you play Vial Smasher when you need something, it will make people less likely to be upset that you played her. Additionally, it's important to let people know that you totally understand if they are going to kill Vial Smasher, because then you are kind of taking their side and they won't think of you as an enemy. The thing is, if she does any amount of damage you have gotten some value out of her, so if people use removal on her they have now burned removal and taken damage (think of it like 3 mana counter target spell, deal X damage to an enemy).

Another point I wanted to make with Vial Smasher is that she combos well with cards that benefit the majority of the table (like a counterspell, removal or a silly card in a sense), because then whoever gets hit will think of the damage more like a necessary evil than a malicious prod.

The other thing is that in the end your main goal IS to deal as much damage as possible, you are just trying to do it in ways that don't attract too much attention. If Vial Smasher is going to deal a ton of damage, make a game out of it if you'd like! I like to use a roulette app that I downloaded on my phone; it sort of makes people realize that even though you are dealing a lot of damage the deck is still all about fun. Anyways in general yes, try to deal low amounts of damage with Vial Smasher early game and when people are low on life you can speed up the clock by dropping larger spells.

Sorry for the wall of text lol, I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other suggestions/questions from your experience with the deck!

jaimegomez27 on Budget Mayael

4 weeks ago

Animate THIS

Commander / EDH teveris


not sure Regal Behemoth is what you want or expect it to be, same with Skyline Despot

I dont think Price of Glory fits, its good but not sure its a fit. Courser of Kruphix will thin out lands for you

gdm1989 on Five Stars Dracomancy

1 month ago

I would run some of the signets to ramp up mana quicker. And perhaps some dragon token generators

So far these might help I thinkScourge of Nel Toth, Skyline Despot, Dragonmaster Outcast, Quicksilver Amulet, Cover of Darkness

CommanderAdventures on Need card ideas for "exceptionel" ...

1 month ago

I just finished a Queen Marchesa deck surrounded by strange and really rare mechanics:

[PreCon] Game of Thrones - Monarch

Commander / EDH* Shirkhan92


This deck is a real gem within our playgroup and boy it's hella fun! It's made for multiplayer commander so the main target is to set your opponents at each other, while you stay back and pull the strings. :)

Jimmy_Chinchila on How to Train Ur-Dragon

1 month ago

My favorite dragon overall is Thundermaw Hellkite. Not only is a 5/5 flying haste for 5 a solid deal, but tapping down every flying would-be-blocker is ridiculous. Skyline Despot also really powerful and has awesome art (yes it's wearing armor).

Also a fan of Scalelord Reckoner, Crucible of Fire and Haven of the Spirit Dragon. Balefire Dragon is another fat fatty you may enjoy.

alistairetheblu on EDH Conspiracy Help

1 month ago

I wanted to add that for cards like this, they have a different template, meaning they have some effect referencing a draft and that part of them doesn't work outside it. An example of why these can't be used would be Pyretic Hunter, which you could then claim you'd drafted it 15th, making it a 15/15 menace for 5. But even realistically, how would you verify whatever number they chose?

That template is also the same as the conspiracy type of cards, like Weight Advantage and those cards are not allowed outside the conspiracy draft. So while gatherer site says Regicide etc are legal, anything you can't verify, can't be used. And then those cards with that template follow that logic.

And that's the biggest takeaway: the template will tell you if you should be considering using it or not. Conspiracy template= don't bother.

There are cards from the conspiracy sets that do work and those don't have the special template. I found out in mtgo that the "monarch" and "vote" mechanics work in normal games after having it played against me then verifying in the comprehensive rules. So cards like Jeering Homunculus, Skyline Despot, Illusion of Choice, Selvala's Stampede...those last 2 could be a pretty good combo.

MegaMatt13 on Who needs a Scion, when Ur-the Dragon?!

2 months ago

Really like your deck! :)

I have 2 dragons to suggest that both put in a lot of work in my version:

Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury: The power boost he gives to each dragon for each dragon attacking is insane. The dash ability is nice when using him and his anthem effect as a finisher.

Dragon Broodmother: Similar to Scourge of Valkas, the triple red casting cost is a bit gross, but she performs really well. Her dragon tokens during every player's upkeep combos well with Dragon Tempest, Scourge of Valkas, Kindred Discovery, Utvara Hellkite, and all the Fate Reforged "whenever a dragon attacks". She also just provides chump blockers to help buffer against retaliation strikes.

In terms of what to cut...perhaps Skyline Despot? You're running enough other card draw and giving yourself the monarchy just gives people an extra reason to attack you. Is it worth the 7 drop spot? Also , maybe Karrthus as others have suggested. I'd be scared of some black deck killing him and then reanimating him stealing all your dragons! That may be more of a concern depending on meta. My meta loves graveyard shenanigans like that.

My version if you're interested: The Ur Dragon's Raging Rainbow Friends

Derpsofdoom on The Ur-Dragon Initiative

2 months ago

@MegaMatt13: Hey there Matt. Glad you enjoy reading my dissertations. I am also glad that you agree with the servants removal. I just think for what he does, it just seems lackluster and having a dork that can make mana for any spell is much more relevant. Selvala's Stampede is game winning when played on turn 3. Also yes, I played Selvala's Stampede on turn 3 in a game. It got me my Deathrite Shaman, Hellkite Tyrant(who proceeded to steal my opponents Chromatic Lantern), and a Savage Ventmaw. The ramp that game was so good. Nobody caught up and my dragons just ate everything.

One reason why I didn't add Dragon Broodmother is because I don't own her and the fact that she costs 3 red and 1 green as a requirement scares me a little, but I understand why one puts her in. She is good, however, another card I have considered was Skyline Despot. Become the monarch and make tokens if you keep the monarch, seem pretty decent.

I have also consider Phyrexian Arena, which when combined with Sunscorch Regent, basically kills off the negative side effect of the arena. I also really want to add back in Herald’s Horn. The discount and potential card draw is nice, have there been times it has whiffed, yes it has, but it still does its job well. No clue where to put it right now. I personally like Herald’s Horn over Dragonspeaker Shaman but I can understand the dispute that is coming from this. I really think I prefer cost reduction spells to be in form of enchantments and artifacts instead of creatures.

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