Angrath, Captain of Chaos

Angrath, Captain of Chaos

Legendary Planeswalker — Angrath

Creatures you control have menace.

-2: Amass 2. (Put two +1/+1 counters on an Army you control. If you don't control one, create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token first.)

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Set Rarity
Secret Lair (SLD) Uncommon
War of the Spark (WAR) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Historic Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Angrath, Captain of Chaos Discussion

MindAblaze on Edgar markov Drain and Gain

3 days ago

This deck feels like it’s trying to do a lot of different things. I ran a couple of sample hands and I saw some glimmers, but also like it runs out of gas. Toxic Deluge felt counter productive when you’re not getting stuff back often or drawing a lot of cards. Although if you’re on your heels I see the benefit.

One hand I did get Phyrexian Reclamation and a sac outlet. But I also got Oathsworn Vampire, Purphoros and Exquisite Blood, so that line took precedence. I love me some Olivia Voldaren and Mirri the Cursed but I drew them both in my test hands and they’re just so underwhelming without a shell that supports them.

Like I said, some nice glimmers with a solid foundation, but I think the problem with vampire creatures is they don’t have much to unite them other than Edgar himself. The madness line of play doesn’t lend itself to this deck very well though, so drain and gain it is, but then you’re not really synergizing with Edgar. Other than etb triggers and swinging away with tokens.

Cruel Celebrant could fit here, and Malakir Bloodwitch. I’m not a big fan of Vampiric Rites but I have very high expectations of that role, I’d rather just see Dusk Legion Zealot and a way to return him to hand after sacrificing him. But again, that’s just me. I was excited about vampiric rites at first but it never did enough in the environments I’ve played it in. Maybe Stensia Masquerade and Angrath, Captain of Chaos to make your dudes harder to block?

I have a lot of thoughts, and a lot of potential directions to go. Even Call the Bloodline and Bloodline Necromancer seem interesting. A deck built with Olivia, Mobilized for War and Anje Falkenrath as lieutenants and a madness/reanimating subtheme could be fun. Strong? I dunno though.

What do you think?

golgarigirl on Zombie Horde

1 month ago

As we mentioned, I think the best thing for Thrax himself is to get him on the field a turn or two early. Mana rocks are going to be the thing, since we can't make extra land drops with green. Hopefully we can get Thrax down turn 5 or so, so rocks costing 4 or less are where it's at. My favorites are Chromatic Lantern, signets such as Izzet Signet, and others that make your off-colors since we're focusing black with our mana. Altars such as Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar might be the end goal here, given the sacrifice subtheme with the Pact effects.

Some extra card draw might help get us the mana and rocks we need on-curve. God-Eternal Bontu pairs with pact effects for a blowout, Cryptbreaker turns your bodies into cards and your useless cards into bodies, and Midnight Reaper/ Undead Augur are less dangerous to you with your sacrifice outlets to make sure they don't hurt you too much. Corpse Harvester plays triple duty as ramp, tutor, and sac outlet.

I'm going to further push the sacrifice subtheme and see if we can shore up one of the weaknesses Thrax shares with Savra...large creature armies. Archfiend of Depravity and Vona's Hunger will stop a billion saprolings from getting you down, and Butcher of Malakir seems like a good redundancy piece. And it might not be the best, but I really like Syphon Flesh in here.

Also, if you're going for stealth Liliana tribal, you're missing OG Liliana Vess :P I also like Angrath, Captain of Chaos in here (I wouldn't even make a token with him...just leave him up as a harder-to-kill enchantment)...probably better than most of your Lili options if you're not married to the 'tribe'. Last Hope and Heretical Healer would be my picks for the weak links of the planeswalkers you do play.

THERE ARE NO INSTANTS IN THIS DECK?! Let's grab some versatile ones, so I don't start thinking I can free-roll on your turn. Crosis's Charm, Soul Manipulation, Grixis Charm, Silumgar's Command, and Lazotep Plating are some of my picks for cards that can always find a use.

Other cards I'm unimpressed with: Cruel Reality, Army of the Damned, Skull Storm, Nightmare Lash, Mayhem Devil, Nekusar, the Mindrazer

Jasoa on Massive Amassing

2 months ago

I ran Angrath, Captain of Chaos in several iterations of the deck, but I kinda found him to be inefficient because there isn't a reliable way to increase his loyalty counters and reuse his ability without splashing. 4 mana for amass 2 twice before he runs out, so I replaced him with God-Eternal Kefnet because it can copy the first instant/sorcery you draw each turn, and I found that to be more effective. The menace on all creatures is nice, but I found it kinda redundant because Gleaming Overseer does that with the zombie army too and I usually wasn't attacking with any other creatures. Thanks for the input though! I appreciate it!

awatts30 on Amass-ive Creature

3 months ago

Cool looking deck! How often does it come through for you? Have you considered Angrath, Captain of Chaos ? His menace is a bit redundant to Gleaming Overseer , but being able to get 6 amasses out of him (over three turns) is a pretty good payoff.

Fatknight13 on Mardu Knights

3 months ago

Sorin_Markov_1947 I would agree it can be a challenge sometimes to get Stormfist Crusader out on turn 2 and I may change that to Acclaimed Contender however I would disagree on taking Rotting Regisaur out. He is one of the decks win conditions and aside from maybe an Embercleave on a pumped Knight of the Ebon Legion there really isn't that much to close games. Smitten Swordmaster over Venerable Knight is definitely another good win condition, but I will in the long run probably need Rotting Regisaur . I may take it down from 3 copies to 2 or even 1 copy though. Angrath, Captain of Chaos is definitely just a third wheel but that is kinda his point. He's in the deck so that in case i can't get a Rotting Regisaur out i can still go wide with my creatures. Icon of Ancestry may also get the boot in trade for Bonecrusher Giant so that i can get the Shock as well as a 4/3. Thanks for the help though I very much so appreciate it.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Mardu Knights

3 months ago

I don't really like Rotting Regisaur or Stormfist Crusader in this deck. I agree you need some form of card-draw, but Stormfist Crusader has very specific mana requirements on turn two. I think that will be hard to pull off. Rotting Regisaur takes away that card-draw you need, and also isn't a knight. I agree it has great synergy with Embercleave (and The Great Henge just as an aside), but at the cost of your only one-a-turn draw? I think that's not a good trade-off for this deck.

You need more interaction. Right now if your opponent wants to combo off, you just have to let them. I know Bonecrusher Giant isn't a knight, but it gives you a psuedo- Shock that you can cast later to pressure your opponent even more.

Two key knights you've missed are Smitten Swordmaster and Acclaimed Contender . Both of these are four-ofs in competitive mardu knights decks. If you need cards to take out, Venerable Knight is underpowered, and Icon of Ancestry can be clunky and hard to pull off right. Angrath, Captain of Chaos is also more of a third wheel here who just doesn't fit in and only adds general value.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Lick My Zombie Amasshole!

5 months ago

Commence the Endgame and Angrath, Captain of Chaos . Angrath in particular can serve as a replacement for Relentless Advance .

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