Blessed Alliance


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Blessed Alliance


Escalate 2 (Pay this cost for each mode chosen beyond the first.)

Choose one or more -

  • Target player gains 4 life.

  • Untap up to two target creatures.

  • target opponent sacrifices an attacking creature.

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Blessed Alliance Discussion

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast on Jace & Bloodbraid Unbanned

3 days ago

Honestly the deck I could easily see abuse JTMS would be Miracles. With Opt back in the format, this could really be a thing. Other than that I agree with MWorl91 : the format is fast enough to deal with him. And there's already a good amount of unfair decks running around (in my own meta at least) like Storm, Tron and Vizier CoCombo that won't care much about him.

What concerns Midrange decks, I fully agree Jace is a complete nightmare. However, most Midrange deck run green and green gives you access to Thrun, the Last Troll. There's almost no way for UWx builds to beat him unless you run things like Blessed Alliance somewhere in the 75.

If you want to make Control powerful again in Modern, the best way to do that IN MY HOLY OPINION is to bring back Counterspell. It's CMC is restrictive enough and control really lacks a good way deal with noncreature spells permanently. Remand is just tempo and feels really bad on a 1 cmc spell, Mana Leak is fine but gets less and less useful the longer the game goes (strange feeling for a control player), Spell Snare and Spell Pierce are really situational, same for Dispel and Swan Song, etc. So yes you have Logic Knot but your graveyard isn't an endless source of cards and if you run Snapcaster Mages it's kind of a nombo.

Let's let WotC have their money, then let's let them reban BBE and JTMS and let's beg them to reprint Counterspell in a Modern legal set :D

GreatKitsune on Esper Control

5 days ago

Hi Onyx77; thanks for checking the deck out! I'm not much of a brewer, so I was a little skeptical of my own decision making for my first go-around, but I'm glad you approve!

I checked out your Esper list and got plenty of ideas. CTP is definitely the faster clock, and holding what's effectively four mana open for a manland attack is certainly less taxing than five. The only major drawback I see is that it dies to Bolt whereas Colonnade is almost always a safe investment, but I'll definitely test it out and tell you how it works.

I happen to really like Search, so I'm probably gonna cut the Geists for a fourth Snip-snap and a Collective Brutality (yay, I found room for one!). I might trim down a Thoughtseize as well for a second. This also leaves me sideboard room for a Blessed Alliance (forgot how busted that card can be at times) and a Disenchant. What do you think?

Also, now that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is gonna be bombin' around Modern for a while, I'm beginning to think this deck now needs room for a couple of him. I'm not enthusiastic about it, but I think it'd certainly help things along, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Take care, and thanks for your time!


5 days ago

I loved playing RW Prison decks when they were a thing for a while. So I will give you what I know from playing those decks.

  1. If you are running Blood Moon, you need to up your plains count, as you want to be playing Gideons and whatnot. I would say AT LEAST 5+ plains in the maindeck, becuase all your precious duals are going to be mountains anyways.

  2. Chalice of the Void WAS the centerpiece for this deck back when infect was the real deal, but with all the tron decks now, more moons is likely the way to go. Which you should be maindecking since Spirit Guide isn't that great without really explosive plays.

  3. Since this is more midrangey, I could see why not playing Ensnaring Bridge is alright. If you do choose to go for the more prison shell, it's still out there.

  4. You might want Wrath of God or Anger of the Gods as a one-two of against decks like Elves if they are relevant.

  5. Blessed Alliance can serve as excellent sideboard if decks like bogles are played.

If you want any more suggestions, feel free to let me know.

chadsansing on The Evil Scientist's Evil Tricycle

6 days ago

Hollow One seems worth testing here, and I like trying Esper here instead of Rakdos.

You may want to run a few U card-draw spells with discard like Catalog, Compulsive Research, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Magus of the Bazaar, or Thirst for Knowledge.

You may also want to mess around with cards like Funeral Charm, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Thoughtseize to let you disrupt opponent's early plays or discard your own cards for a Hollowed One, if you play it. I think Pack Rat + Hollowed one would be sweet in this deck, too.

Run some light mainboard removal against humans like Flaying Tendrils with Echoing Truth in the sideboard.

You'll want multiple Disenchant in the sideboard to get rid of graveyard hate, and maybe some Leyline of Sanctity to avoid losing value on your cycle cards to other players' hand-disruption.

Rule of Law and Grand Abolisher are probably good sideboard cards versus Control, and a Worship + Pack Rat seems great. Maybe also a Renewed Faith, Blessed Alliance, Sphinx's Revelation, or a Kor Firewalker or Burrenton Forge-Tender or two for the Burn/Zoo match-up.

Have fun!

the_selby on Bant Hexproof

1 week ago

Modern FNM 2/9/18: I went 3-1, with a heartbreaking lose my last match in the final.

  1. Izzet Thing in the Ice  Flip / Kiln Fiend combo: W 2-1. Game one I was on the draw, got a Gladecover Scout down and started to suit it up. Then Thing in the Ice  Flip comes down. Ever had a Thing in the Ice  Flip flip against you while playing Hexproof. Feels real bad. They ended up killing me with a single swing with the help of Temur Battle Rage. I played a little bit more conservatively the next two games - didn't overextend on any creature/kept up enough toughness to block through a TBR - and won pretty easily.

  2. Mardu Pyromancer: W 2-0. Game 1 I had an alright keep, turn 2 I kept up an uncracked Windswept Heath to fetch a Dryad Arbor and snipe a Young Pyromancer in blocks. He then landed a Blood Moon which set me back but I did have 1 Plains and both our sides stalled a little but I grew my board quicker. Game 2 I kept a no creature opening because there was a Leyline of Sanctity. Maindeck Leyline of Sanctity is really good in this meta right now. Shuts off all the Thoughtseizes, Inquisition of Kozileks, and Liliana of the Veils that are so prevelant, and all in this deck. I resolved a Kor Spiritdancer and they had sided out most of their removal. I attacked with a 20-22 flying Kor Spiritdancer for a win.

  3. Storm: W 2-1. Game 1 I put down Leyline of Sanctity, they look at their opening, see the Leyline of Sanctity and concede Game 1 without giving away any information. So, I had no idea how to sideboard and just run it back. They proceed to Storm Combo on turn 3. Game 3 I have a great sideboard plan with Rest in Peace and Stubborn Denial. No opening Leyline of Sanctity but a Rest in Peace and a Stubborn Denial. On the play turn 1 I get a creature down, turn 2 2 Ethereal Armors, turn 3 a Rest in Peace; end of turn they Echoing Truth the Rest in Peace but had held up a Windswept Heath to fetch a Breeding Pool and then Stubborn Denial. They couldn't combo off turn 3 and concede. Stubborn Denial is fantastic sideboard tech for this deck right now. No one sees it coming.

  4. Bant Glittering Wish Control: L 0-2. Game 1 was going as planned. Was a swing away from winning when they resolve their singleton Runed Halo. I tried to rebuild, swung with everyting playing around Blessed Alliance but was blown out by Settle the Wreckage. It was like turn 15 and I conceded the game. Game 2 I mulled to 5, with a still bad hand, and it game them the time to settle good countermagic and stopped me from resolving needed spells. I was then beat down by a Glittering Wish into Thragtusk. Super disappointing. Guess what? Runed Halo is a really good Magic card.

Final thoughts. I am moving the singleton Gaddock Teeg to the side and adding a second Path to Exile to the main. Remember that fetch land shenanigans can win games, getting a good trade in blocks or evading an edict effect with a Dryad Arbor or holding up a surprise Stubborn Denial. This won me 2 games in the tournament. I am in love with the Stubborn Denial sideboard tech. It was really good. My internal argument is whether to move the single Breeding Pool into the main, probably taking out a Temple Garden. I don't want to give my opponent the information in Game 1s but also don't love dedicating a sideboard slot for the land.

solarbeam on Let's Begin With Control...

1 week ago

Hey, love to see someone getting into UW control. First off, to get a more competitive build will be a little tight on the budget.

First off, your mana base needs to be better. Some great budget options are Prairie Stream, Glacial Fortress, and Port Town. The reason you should consider these is that they have a chance of coming into play untapped, and while control can generally survive a few tapped lands, having as many as you do now would be deadly. Temple of Enlightenment is one of my favorite tapped lands though. I have personally been very impressed with Field of Ruin over Ghost Quarter. Once you're able to put a good amount of money into it, go for Mystic Gate (only one), Flooded Strand, Hallowed Fountain, and Celestial Colonnade.

I'm a big fan of big flying angel win conditions. Torrential Gearhulk is fantastic, but just make sure you're running enough instants to make it worth it. Nyx-Fleece Ram is definitely a sideboard card, don't run it in your main deck. 4 Wall of Omens is a pretty good defensive option.

Dissolve is my favorite counterspell, but you shouldn't be running it in modern. 4 Mana Leak. 4 Remand, and 3-4 Cryptic Command are the usual counters to run. Disallow is pretty interesting though. You should not be running Condemn, it was some pretty early Death's Shadow sideboard tech, but there are better options. You will definitely need to invest in a playset of Path to Exile, luckily they're at a pretty low price right now. Instead of Jace's Ingenuity, cantrips like Serum Visions, Opt, or Think Twice would be better options.

I appreciate the enchantments, but Detention Sphere should be making it into the deck over Banishing Light.

I would not run Divination or Ugin's Insight. Your board wipes are pretty spicy, but a little slow. Supreme Verdict is the most typical UW board wipe. Wrath of God and Terminus are other great options. Terminus is a personal favorite.

Planeswalkers you should consider running over the ones you currently have are Jace, Architect of Thought because his +1 will protect you quite well while the -2 is a fantastic source of card advantage. Elspeth, Sun's Champion will win you the game if she goes unanswered, pumping out little dudes with a board wipe at the ready. Narset Transcendent shines in instant/sorcery heavy decks. Gideon Jura is another great planeswalker. All of his abilities fall into control very well, saving you from attacks, removing opponent's creatures, and beating face.

For your sideboard, Blessed Alliance, Rest in Peace, Celestial Purge, Relic of Progenitus, Hurkyl's Recall, and Negate are all great.

Other great cards to consider; Geist of Saint Traft, Vendilion Clique, Entreat the Angels, Secure the Wastes, Faerie Conclave, Sphinx's Revelation, Baneslayer Angel, Dispel, Spell Pierce, Spell Snare, and Jace Beleren

octopimp on More Gain, More Pain

1 week ago

It looks like you're relying pretty heavily on your Ajani to gain life.

There's several cards you might consider, toward that end, such as Blessed Alliance, Congregate, Rest for the Weary, Perimeter Captain, and Healing Hands.

Rhox Faithmender would be a great asset as well. So would Sunbond and Archangel of Thune

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