Blessed Alliance


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Blessed Alliance


Escalate 2 (Pay this cost for each mode chosen beyond the first.)

Choose one or more -

  • Target player gains 4 life.

  • Untap up to two target creatures.

  • target opponent sacrifices an attacking creature.

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Blessed Alliance Discussion

deaddrift on Look Ma, No Eyes! (with primer)

2 days ago

Thanks Tethys. I've out a lot of time into balancing this deck and I think it's pretty good.

The deck is very good against Grixis builds in general, because it is attacking from a bunch of tough angles for them. Strangler is extremely good against a suspended Ancestral Vision, and while Fatal Push doesn't hit Tasigur or Anglers, it's great against Delvers, Shadows, and Tar Pits. And Path (or Blessed Alliance from the side) can get the big guys.

Relic is great, slowing down T2 Tasigur drops easily and often turning Snapcaster Mage into a crappy Ambush Viper. Lingering Souls chumps for days, and taxes counterspells and removal heavily. And Shadow decks need to watch out for late-game Smasher topdecks that could finish them off, so they often find they need to leave a blocker behind when going into the red zone. (They'll need two cards in hand to remove a Smasher with a spell, of course.)

We need to watch out for Fulminator Mage out of the side from most players--Pithing Needle can be a good pre-emptive play against Fulmie, though it's unlikely to survive all game because of Kolaghan's Command. Some players are beginning to run Spreading Seas too, which is even better against us than Fulminator is, tbh.

multimedia on Energy Elves (AKH)

2 days ago

Thanks a lot CoreGon.

I've decided to cut black and Fatal Push. The four color Dark Bant manabase was ok, but I'm finding just straight Bant to be much more consistent and honestly better. Immolating Glare and Blessed Alliance will most likely become the cheap mana instant removal spells of choice in the future.

I still don't know if cutting black and Winding Constrictor is the right move. The Snake has real potential with Rhonas the Indomitable, but I'm afraid of the -1/-1 counters theme that's in Amonkhet. Turn 2 Snake, turn 3 Rishkar, Peema Renegade, turn 4 Rhonas seems nuts. We'll have to see if later on if it's safe to play Constrictor.

I've been very impressed with Tamiyo, Field Researcher with Rhonas the Indomitable. She doesn't really have a home in Standard because Bant isn't a deck maybe this deck can change that? Cast Out is just as advertised, it's great, auto 4 of in my opinion because of the cheap cycling. Another card I've recently added is Scattered Groves. I've increased the land count to 23x from the usual 20x to play it. I'm starting with using only 4x cycle lands, I feel this is a good starting point number because they do come into play tapped after all and can possibly disrupt my first four turns of casting spells. It's nice to be able to use a land to draw a card after I have six lands in play for Sylvan Advocate and don't really need anymore. I've also had some turn threes where I've cycled both Cast and Grove at the end of my opponent's turn to draw two cards which helped me draw into a better turn four play. Having these options is nice.

You all know my fondness toward Skyrider Elf and I think Rhonas makes Skyrider even better which I'm pretty excited about.

Sogatog on White Weenies

2 days ago

Unless they ban cat, I can tell you right now you almost certainly want Stasis Snare over Declaration in Stone and Blessed Alliance. Also, worth noting that red gives you access to Honored Crop-Captain, Hanweir Garrison, and Shock, tho I'm not actually sure if that is better.

SlimJim83 on [Budget] UW-control

3 days ago

I leaned a couple lessons from my foray into UW control. First, as nice as Dissolve looks, it's a sideboard at best. You would be better if replacing it with Spell Snare, which hits almost everything good in Modern. Second, get some copies of Path to Exile on top of the Condemns. You can usually only surprise them once with Condemn, after that they get really cagey. Path didn't depend the situation and can get rid of static effects long before you can play Detention Sphere. Third, get Supreme Verdict. A lot of decks in Modern are midrange and sweepers generally make you tap out, so they just Mana Leak you if you try to Wrath and you're facing a really bad board state and down a card to boot. Verdict is much better because it can't be countered.

Speaking of finishers, AEtherling is crazy. He's the best budget bomb in any blue based control deck. Great choice. I usually sideboard one and mainboard the other. Look at Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Gideon Jura, and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. I recommend them over your current planeswalker because they come down much earlier. Jace is money, though. Keep him.

Manlands like Mutavault, Blinkmoth Nexus, or Faerie Conclave are great alternate win cons. They shorten games where AEtherling is on the bottom of the deck. The Conclave also taps for .

Here are some more good cards to play in this shell. Logic Knot, a delver tax Counterspell, Ojutai's Command, the best budget modal spell in the game (gets you back a Wall, too), and Blessed Alliance, another really great modal spell.

Lastly, the one thing that will kick this deck into overdrive is a set of fetch lands. It filters your lands out and thus improving your chances of hitting answers rather than lands. I keep getting land flooded when I play mine and these will definitely fix that. Speaking of filtering, Serum Visions is awesome.

I know I've said a lot and it seems like I'm coming down hard. I'm sorry is that's the impression, I love this deck. UW Control is exciting. It's the first deck I ever played so it had a special place in my heart. This archetype is really in a great spot right now. I think it can do well at a budget level. You have a lot of the right pieces so upgrading shouldn't be a problem. The mix seems right, too. Love the deck, may you always topdeck what you need.

Welch on [SOI/EMN] G/W Humans

3 days ago

Looks much better now :)

Here are some suggestions:

  • Your manabase would benefit a lot from some dual lands. If you want to keep the deck SOI-block only, try to get some Fortified Village. Also i think that even without those, you can go down to 23 Lands.

  • 4 Open the Armory seems too much at 4 artifacts, though. 2 would be suficcient. 2 more Blessed Alliance or maybe 2 Aim High would probably be better.

  • You now have quite a lot of legendaries, so Thalia's Lancers might be an option.

Flalafell on Naya Exert Beatdown

3 days ago

Of all lists Ive seen for Exert, this one looks like one of the most consequently designed, great job!

Honestly i don't get it why everyone is picking Djeru's Resolve, that card just seems like a really bad card to me that just got slightly better cause of cycling. I would always pick Blessed Alliance over it.

And i would consider Arlinn Kord  Flip and Samut, Voice of Dissent in the main if you really want to play the Combat Celebrant cause cards like him really need haste to shine, otherwise he will always die before he commits anything to the board.Haste is also critical for later Glory-Bound Initiates and the suggested Watchful Naga even though i would prefer to play Mouth / Feed as that card can provide a lot more card adventage and is never dead in your hand, as it won't hurt to lose or trade the token when you still have the opportunity to play the Feed-halve later on.

2austin5 on Amonkhet making modern miracles

4 days ago

Mystic Speculation was something I thought about a lot as I just have two sitting around, I may try out two copies as with thassa it isnt something I need, but in a crunch the dig is just so hard to pass up.

As for Crucible of Worlds, the synergy is nice, but I just feel like it would be a wasted slot. As a control deck we need to stall and it can help that cause, but I feel like there are other things the deck would want to do.

Blessed Alliance is a good idea though. It may not crack my main, but I need to test against the field to see if that holds up. Im also considering a Blood Moon strategy in the side for the odd matchups (control, maybe even D.Shadow since they dont like to get basics until late in the game) and the obligatory Crumble to Dust to nix Tron which Blood Moon aids in as well. I was thinking to add Kor Firewalker or even Bonfire of the Damned for aggro matchups, and then the other flex spots would be meta dependent. One big issue to play against is Lingering Souls though so finding a good answer for that should be paramount as well because once they know its miracles, they will just hold up souls until we Entreat if they are smart

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