Blessed Alliance


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Blessed Alliance


Escalate 2 (Pay this cost for each mode chosen beyond the first.)

Choose one or more -

  • Target player gains 4 life.

  • Untap up to two target creatures.

  • target opponent sacrifices an attacking creature.

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Blessed Alliance Discussion

multimedia on Abzan Revolt

16 hours ago

Zaueski, Selfless Spirit is a amazing revolt enabler because Renegade Rallier can recur it. Being an enabler while at the same time protecting your army from combat or removal seems very good. The only problem is it's 1 toughness which Walking Ballista can feast on, but you can sac it in response to Ballista.

Speaking of Ballista it too can be a fine revolt enabler while at the same time giving you a card that can stop the Saheeli Combo that's not narrow like Authority of the Consuls or bad card disadvantage like Lost Legacy. Liliana, the Last Hope can get back Ballista from the graveyard which seems good.

Another card I recommend is Tireless Tracker. Tracker can do two things give you some draw and be a revolt enabler. When you sac a clue to draw this triggers revolt since the clue is permanent before it's sacrificed.

Eldrazi Displacer could let you reuse Rallier which seems powerful to out value your opponent and great in grinder/board stall matchups. 1-2x Displacer and 4x Aether Hub might work. You're already using an energy theme so Hub will also help to fix mana colors.

Another interesting option is Eldritch Evolution. Spell Queller is not seeing much play right now. It would let you sac a creature to tutor for Rallier. You could also sac any Servo token to get any 2 drop such as Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. Evolution could work main deck, but I think it would be a fine sideboard card to bring in matchups where you don't expect to see Queller.

I don't know what you're maximum budget is, but my suggestions would add much more cost to this deck. In summary these are the changes to consider I would start with:
Main Deck

Good luck with your deck.

Yuri200X on Budget White Tokens

1 day ago

The greatest advantage of Mono White Tokens is that it can be all-out aggro.

Since you won't be using the Black cards from BW Tokens, you could take advantage of the biggest (and kinda only) advantage in going Mono-White: go aggro.

I recommend you replace creatures (most of them) for token generators such as: Midnight Haunting, Raise the Alarm and Spectral Procession.

And you can also be bold and use Leyline of the Meek and Honor of the Pure.

You could also use Windbrisk Heights to have some kind of card advantage. Also, Hero of Bladehold would go in nicely.

There are also cards such as Shrine of Loyal Legions and Timely Reinforcements that can be used.

There's also the possibility for Soul Warden and get some life out of it too.

And you might like Secure the Wastes, Promise of Bunrei, Martial Coup and Vessel of Ephemera.

Try to leave cards like Oblivion Ring, Stasis Snare or such to the sideboard since it might be a better plan to go all-out aggro.

For more sideboard, there is Disenchant, Blessed Alliance, Path to Exile and Condemn, as well as Pithing Needle/Phyrexian Revoker and Relic of Progenitus.

TheVectornaut on mono white

1 day ago

This actually has some pretty cool ideas for a first deck.

I think you might benefit from focusing more on the noncreature spell plan than on the lifegain plan. You can certainly still have both, but having a card like Soulmender just to trigger your two copies of Sunbond seems very committal when you aren't getting other synergy out of it. If you are more interested in the lifegain plan, just let me know and I can certainly provide other suggestions.

With that in mind, some of the creatures could be swapped out for others with heroic or similar abilities. Sungrace Pegasus and Lightwalker could be replaced by Akroan Skyguard or Wingsteed Rider. Graceblade Artisan could be Tethmos High Priest or Fabled Hero. Soulmender could be Myth Realized or Favored Hoplite. Student of Ojutai could be Dawnbringer Charioteers. Nyx-Fleece Ram could be Hero of Iroas, Vanguard of Brimaz, or Monastery Mentor.

If you want to stick with the enchantment theme, you might replace the non-enchantment spells with something like Eidolon of Countless Battles, Ethereal Armor , or Daybreak Coronet. Otherwise, heroic works well with spells that have multiple targets. Some examples are Ajani's Presence, Launch the Fleet, Phalanx Formation, Blessed Alliance, Dauntless Onslaught, Shoulder to Shoulder, Tandem Tactics, Redeem, and Cauldron Haze.

Well, there's some ideas to mull over at least. Good luck with your deck man. (Oh, and by the way, card linking is done using double brackets, not double parentheses.)

lagotripha on SOUL RESERVOIR (opinions please)

2 days ago

In this 'stall to combo' style deck, I'd cut the Genesis Chamber. Most cards you're running aren't going to let you successfully swarm an opponent down with 1/1 tokens, (unless discard spells are the only spells in your meta) another lifegain creature or spell would let you stall better even then in almost all cases. I'd consider cutting them for another two kitchen finks and a sac outlet like Spawning Pit or Blasting Station to enable the anafenza/thune sac combo.

Alternatively Blessed Alliance provides a powerful, versatile scaling spell to help survive until you can combo. Hope this helps, Good luck and happy brewing!

DevilNight72 on W/B control

3 days ago

Mardu vehicles is a 50/50 match up with this deck because of all the hand/field removal and if it gets a bit too fast that's when my sideboard comes in. The reason Anguished Unmaking has so many copies in MB is because I have no idea what I'm playing and I personally want to be able to respond to anything and the life link helps counteract it. I am very heavily debating putting Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim and Blessed Alliance into the deck. If you would like you could deck share with me and we could work together to make a even stronger BW control/agro which I think could be interesting. And I do enjoy having others opinion so I can get all perspectives.

Rzepkanut on Selvala, Sneak-A-Win

3 days ago

Nice list. I have a Selvala deck too, but it's very different. It's cool seeing such different take on it. Got a couple ideas for you...

Quest for Renewal is like another Seedborn Muse.

Nature's Chosen is another Instill Energy.

Blessed Alliance and To Arms! Are great instant speed untap effects too.

Here is a link to my list if you are interested...

Selesnya Selvala is my favorite mana dork ever.

Commander / EDH Rzepkanut


sharasapasta on Esper Control

3 days ago

Lately I've been running some main board Blessed Alliance due to local usage of hexproof stuff.

GeminiSpartanX on W/B control

3 days ago

Oops, I meant Sorin, Grim Nemesis. sorry! Anyway, I know that Anguished Unmaking is the most unconditional removal spell in standard and likely the best reason to play BW, but having so many copies can be a liability in some matchups which is why I suggested moving the 3rd one to the SB. You mentioned that your local meta is mostly midrange, but are there really no agro decks? Looking at your list, it just seems like the heavy agro decks like mardu vehicles and BR agro would be tough matchups for you if you don't happen to play an Aetherborn on turn 2. Scrapheap Scrounger is a large part of why they're so oppressive, which is why I like tendrils in my SB. I do honestly believe that this standard format requires lists to run some sort of sacrifice effect like Blessed Alliance or To the Slaughter to deal with cards like Bristling Hydra and help keep opposing Gideons under control. Blessed Alliance especially could help this deck, since the other modes can be relevant against a wide variety of decks moreso than a redundant Murder. Our standard experiences likely differ from each other which gives us our preferences, so I hope you don't feel like I'm arguing card choices with you. I just want to share what I've noticed in an effort to see if there is an optimal BW list I could try sometime.

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