Quest for Pure Flame


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Uncommon

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Quest for Pure Flame


Whenever a source you control deals damage to an opponent, you may put a quest counter on Quest for Pure Flame.

Remove four quest counters from Quest for Pure Flame and sacrifice it: If any source you control would deal damage to a creature or player this turn, it deals double that damage to that creature or player instead.

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Quest for Pure Flame Discussion

SpaghettiToastBook on Ashling the burn deck

5 days ago

Chain Reaction is a really good board wipe: it's inexpensive, has a low CMC, and almost always kills everything.Staff of Nin is recurring card draw and it's cheap. Mind's Eye is more expensive but probably better at drawing cards. Magus of the Wheel and Dragon Mage are more wheel effects you could try. You might also want to try Mana Flare, Treasonous Ogre, or Caged Sun for even more mana to sink into Ashling.

You might want to try damage doublers: Furnace of Rath, Insult / Injury, Quest for Pure Flame, Dictate of the Twin Gods, Curse of Bloodletting, Gratuitous Violence, or Overblaze. All of these are pretty inexpensive.

Copying spells is a neat way to increase the value of your burns. You could try any of these: Reverberate, Wild Ricochet, Fork, Chandra, the Firebrand, Dual Casting, Dualcaster Mage, Increasing Vengeance, Howl of the Horde. You can also use most of these to copy pesky counterspells or copy draw or ramp spells. Price of Glory is great since you're mostly playing at sorcery speed. Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Ricochet Trap, and Burnout are good for hating on blue players. Overmaster, Reroute, or Shunt might be okay too.

alfindeol on Borborygmos Enraged: The Breaking of the World

1 week ago

shame Thanks for the comment and the upvote!

Both of those cards have had their moment in the sun in the deck and did solid work on occasion. Both however got cut for similar reasons. They're both (close to) dead if you're not going off.

The deck used to run a number of damage doubling effects like Gratuitous Violence, but they were frequently win-more for me. Either I was going off and winning, or not. The only that stuck around is Illusionist's Bracers as it has some added utility when Borbor is out, but you can't combo off AND it copies the ability to generate two draws instead of one with Keen Sense Even that would probably be best getting cut as the deck doesn't really take advantage of it much anymore. What I DO like about Quest for Pure Flame though is that it is one mana. If you top decked it in the middle of going off, it's easy to sneak into play.

Nostalgic Dreams is also at it's best when you're going off. One of the biggest issues the deck has is running out of gas in general. Especially if you hit one of your extra land play cards, you can very quickly be sitting on 7 mana, but no cards in hand on turn 4, so I've opted for more traditional draw like Harmonize. In that scenario, Dreams is a dead card as you need to discard something to get value.

shame on Borborygmos Enraged: The Breaking of the World

1 week ago

Bobo was the first mythic rare I ever opened and since then he has always been a favorite of mine too! A couple of cards that I have found to work quite well with the big guy are Quest for Pure Flame and Nostalgic Dreams. Throw four lands, sac the quest making your lands now bolt for 6 dmg, and then pitch your hand to get quest and a bunch of lands back! There have been games when i have done over 200 dmg in one turn by recuring quest multiple times and then returning all my lands to my hand.

KongMing on *VICTORIOUSLY RETIRED* A Cure for Cancer

1 month ago

Also, I've got to recommend Guttersnipe, Thermo-Alchemist, and Quest for Pure Flame. Not really Leovold hate, but they combo out with all the Instants and Sorceries you have. They also fit within budget constraints easily.

KongMing on Red Deck Performs Adequately

1 month ago

Not much of your burn deals damage across the board. Could be problematic and cause the deck to stall out in mid-to-late game multiplayer matches. Guttersnipe and Thermo-Alchemist can help out with that.

Quest for Pure Flame can be used to end the game swiftly with a deck like this. You also get a counter on it for each opponent you hit, so group burn can make it pop off super quickly.

ComboCrazy on tiny leader - Ashling

1 month ago

Dual Casting is pretty good. So is Quest for Pure Flame

BeaudaciousGiebs on Quest for Thermo Guttersnipe

1 month ago

Might I suggest some spells to make Nivix Cyclops unblockable? You can hit hard with an easy huge hitter with spells like Slip Through Space or Artful Dodge that not only buff the cyclops but also make sure you get the hit.

As for Quest for Pure Flame, I'm sorry to say that Guttersnipe would only put a single counter each time. Think of it not as a counter per damage point, but a counter per instance of damaging which happens at once.

This looks like a very fun deck overall though, I would just suggest sticking in another Nivix Cyclops to make sure you get it a bit more often, then the fun begins.

ay.lobo on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

1 month ago

Hey Hybrow. That's true. I think it could also be super deadly fun with Quest for Pure Flame. I won't mind a little damage if everyone else gets it worse.

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