Grateful Apparition


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Uncommon

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Grateful Apparition

Creature — Spirit


Whenever Grateful Apparition deals combat damage to a player or planeswalker, proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)

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Grateful Apparition Discussion

bushido_man96 on The Song of Phyresis

6 days ago

LVL_666, sorry I'm so long in responding. I've been busy with home/work stuff...

An off-white coloring for the letters might be helpful...I'd have to see it to be sure. It could be just enough to help out.

As for Champion of Lambholt , and what to cut...that's tough. Perhaps Grateful Apparition ? It doesn't fit your Phyresis theme, either, really, and I imagine it eventually gets dealt with. At least with The Champ, it will put counters on itself, and then proliferate can take off. And I imagine you've got enough proliferate triggers in the deck that you wouldn't miss that one.

multimedia on Proliferate Chaos

2 weeks ago

Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help.

Budget lands to consider adding:

The lands that have been reprinted in C19 will decrease in price over the next month.

Upgrades to consider:

Many of these suggestions are repeatable sources of proliferate or counters. Ancient and Managorger are good with a counters theme because they get counters as you and your opponents cast spells. In multiplayer Commander these cards if not dealt with can get out of hand very fast especially Managorger because it has trample. Farseek can search for a dual land: Temple Garden , Irrigated Farmland or Scattered Groves . Being able to land ramp with a dual is helpful when playing three colors and wanting to be able to make turn three.

chri1852 on Mowu Money, Mowu Problems

2 weeks ago

Have you thought about Ajani, the Greathearted ? I am running it in my proliferation deck, and with those pride mates the +1 on him would be even more useful. Grateful Apparition may also be uselful to get those proliferations.

kamarupa on Ghost Note

3 weeks ago

Grateful Apparition , Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit , Mausoleum Wanderer , Metallic Mimic , Supreme Phantom - it's essential to have a solid 1CMC creature to play T1, and good too keep all but the most essential spells to 2CMC or less.

Glacial Fortress / Temple of Enlightenment would both be helpful if you can afford them. Other potentially useful lands: Cavern of Souls , Unclaimed Territory , Scavenger Grounds , Field of Ruin , Ghost Quarter

Swap Vapor Snag in for Unsummon.

Swap Chart a Course and/or Tezzeret's Gambit in for Think Twice.

Deny Existence keeps too much of your mana reserved. I suggest more dynamic means of dealing with threats instead of reactionary counter-spells. Permanents are easy to deal with - Journey to Nowhere , Oblivion Ring , Path to Exile , Cast Out , Blessed Alliance , Celestial Flare , Pongify , Generous Gift , Reprobation , Imprisoned in the Moon , Oppressive Rays . There are, of course other spells - these are just possibilities off the top of my head.

Other useful spells: Negate , Faith's Shield , Unbreakable Formation , Dovin, Grand Arbiter

Sideboard ideas: Declaration of Naught , Nevermore , Hurkyl's Recall , Revoke Existence , Disenchant , Teyo, the Shieldmage , Leyline of Sanctity , Shalai, Voice of Plenty , Witchbane Orb , Sanctimony , Ratchet Bomb , Elixir of Immortality , Pithing Needle

kamarupa on $5 White Spirits

3 weeks ago

I was so hoping to see Grateful Apparition here but I see it doesn't fit.

Last_Laugh on Atraxa V2 *COMPLEATED*

1 month ago

Ok, I finally have a day off.

Fellwar Stone and Talismans (i.e. Talisman of Dominance ) over Signets. Bloom Tender is the best mana dork you're missing here.

Diabolic Intent for another tutor.

Grateful Apparition over Thrummingbird. Proliferates off hitting walkers too.

Teferi's Protection and Heroic Intervention for wrath/key piece protection.

FunkyMountains on Ishai says: Rey-Hun get us le help

1 month ago

Last_Laugh hmm very interesting I will consider Blade of Selves cuz that is wild however I'll wait till I've playtested it a bit more to see if I want to add things that will win more or if its in lign with my play groups power.. Grateful Apparition is a good call tho thanks! Do you see anything I should remove? The cuts are the most difficult for me to see\make.

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