Prized Unicorn


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Uncommon
2011 Core Set Uncommon
2010 Core Set Uncommon

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Prized Unicorn

Creature — Unicorn

All creatures able to block Prized Unicorn do so.

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Prized Unicorn Discussion

grantantalus on Green Ramp

2 weeks ago

You could add two Sakura-Tribe Elder and remove Prized Unicorn, Grafdigger's Cage ( Grafdigger's Cage is made to counter dredge decks or similars, it is usefull as a sideboard card).

If you want more creatures you can add another Sakura-Tribe Elder and remove Rampant Growth.

If you wanna optimize your "mana use" you could remove Thornhide Wolves to include another hydra (another Mistcutter Hydra for example)

Another possible change is Wurmcalling <-> Slime Molding

PS: As you said that this deck is casual I suppose you don't want a competitive build with the best possible card in every slot, that's why I give you this "keep the idea" recommendations , I hope it helps :D

juampi65 on Unicorn Code of Military Justice

1 month ago

If my humble opinion can help in some way I'd be happy.

I can see your intention of combining Noble Quarry and/or Prized Unicorn with Basilisk Collar and Darksteel Plate. Appart from destroying the battlefield and if they have gained trample ...well but how you are seeing is not that your deck hasn't got potential but you need a lot of cards in your battlefield and even if you have all there a simple holy day can destroy your strategy... I also think that it won't have a chance against quick red-damage-dealing decks, they can be only beaten easily with good blue counter decks but If you're green you need a quick deck and that's the main problem I see here. In my own infinite it happens the same, not quick enough.

And well another thing if've seen is that well you are highly reliant in few cards.

But keep it up, maybe you can find the perfect unicorniastical combination.

Hyato on Acute Infection

2 months ago

In my opinion you have very few creatures, so your infect possibilities are really low as of now. If you're willing to splash some blue, you can also add Thrummingbird, Tezzeret's Gambit, Viral Drake and Blighted Agent. Proliferate can help you add one counter when the opponent least suspects, so it can be useful.

But if you want to keep it mono-green I suggest getting better buffs, trading Battlegrowth, Forced Adaptation and Oakenform for bigger ones, like Giant Growth, Titanic Growth and/or Might of Oaks (which is a bit more expensive, but a very good surprise). Maybe some other forms of Fog too, like Defend the Hearth and Commencement of Festivities. The strategy being waiting for a Lure to come, so you can swing hard with everything else you got. Considering you just need 10 poison counters to win, it shouldn't be hard. Other cards with similar effects are Prized Unicorn and Noble Quarry.

Kaos_Kitty on First modern deck *Mono-Green budget*

10 months ago

Okay, it's going to sound silly, but here me out, Prized Unicorn. It makes it to where you can build up quite a large army, and when you swing all of your creatures get through, but the unicorn will die.

Then there is Sporemound and Life and Limb, which would give you infinite creatures, but you will have to kill it with something like Nature's Claim or it will go forever and never end, forcing a draw.

Kaos_Kitty on Tokens and Counters. HELP!!

10 months ago

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH You are playing into my roundhouse with this one! I have been playing for a little over ten years, and you have chosen the right color for token gen, green. Tokens have always caught my fancy, I actually have an insect tribal deck build for absolutely massive token gen. If you want to see it, I will gladly post it. I have taken it to several tournaments, and won a great deal with it. Anyways, on with the help.

If you want to splash a color, I suggest dropping the red, and doing black so you can abuse the sheer number of creatures you have with cards like Dictate of Erebos, Grave Pact, or Sadistic Glee.

Abuse lifegain: Cards like Essence Warden, Leyline of Vitality, and even Blood Artist help with this.

Enhance board presence with cards like Coat of Arms and Muraganda Petroglyphs.

IF YOU WANT TOKEN GEN YOU MUST USE THIS CARD!!: Ant Queen, dear god I love ant queen, she is probably a personal favorite of mine. Team her up with Heartstone and Blasting Station and you have yourself a insect powered machine gun!

Vernal Bloom for extra mana, yes it gives the same effect to your opponent, but you will benefit from it so much it doesn't really matter.

If you are still itching for that Mycoloth up there, then add in Life and Limb to turn all of those saprolings into a viable mana source.

Scute Mob: Want +1/+1 counters? He is your man.

Hornet Queen: She is a threat on her own, but with the added effect of bringing in a small army of flying death swarm, worth the mana cost.

Bring it home with Overwhelming Stampede.

P.S. Prized Unicorn makes your army basically unblockable.

If you want me to post my insect deck so you can see how it works, just let me know and I will :)

xzar987 on All The Way Turnt Up! (Budget Selesnya Morph)

1 year ago

I feel like Prized Unicorn would be a fun addition just for the combat trick. Did you think about using renown creatures to flip after no blocks and get your trigger?

wasianpower on None

1 year ago

I tried it - I wasn't very successful, but I felt there was potential. Your colors should probably be g/w or naya. Evasion is going to be important (I used Rogue's Passage and Prized Unicorn). Cards that have 1/1 counter synergy will be good - look at some hardened scales decks for a starting point.