( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn.

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Dismember Discussion

Valengeta on A Little Off The Top

5 days ago

If you have the mana sure, but don't forget that doesn't save you from things like Path to Exile or Dismember. If you're running low and need the mana for other spells, try Mizzium Skin, Dive Down and Turn Aside

zAzen7977 on Harrison's Life Spend Deck

1 week ago

Hey keizerbuns, I like your deck! I’m not sure if you are on a budget, but I have a few suggestions you may like:

I would move the Surgical Extraction to the sideboard and drop the Cathedral Membrane and Phyrexian Arenas. In their place I would run 4 Street Wraith for “free” drawing and include 4 Thoughtseize to preemptively remove threats.

I would also include at least 2 Bitterblossom on the sideboard to boost your defensive capabilities against decks with flyers. I don’t see any creature removal in the 75. You may want to make room for a few Dismember too.

ilovemydoghisnameistuna on Nim tribal

2 weeks ago

Very nice.

There is a Mirrodin version of Ornithopter, by the way.

You might consider some of these cards:


Devour in Shadow

Go for the Throat

Greater Harvester

Night's Whisper

Shriveling Rot

All just for Mirrodin flavor and the Dross itself. All of these cards have had printings in a Mirrodin set.

TristanCVena on Demon Artist

4 weeks ago

This deck really would like some removal. I would recommend the obvious Fatal Push bumped into the mainboard, but I also think Dismember is neat cus ur mono black, and also should have a pretty healthy reserve of life to spend. Not sure if Bontu's Monument is really a big help here. I don't know if theres a lot of turns where you feel great just playing that, and it's a pretty dead draw a lot of the time. Also, Yawgmoth, Thran Physician might be a nice sacrifice outlet, and a way to get more gas, which this deck seems to be wanting a little bit. You could even toss in a couple Geralf's Messengers so that you have that combo potential on the top end, and also just because they're great creatures to have and sacrifice. Cool deck!

SilentPlague on Cheap Grixis Deck

1 month ago

Definitely a multiplayer deck since turn 4 is most likely where anything will happen for you as it stands now. Wouldn't try one on one with this one unless you play another slow deck.

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, Mairsil, the Pretender, and Kess, Dissident Mage are all better alternatives to Spellbound Dragon. I feel they fit your disruption technique better and are very cheap ($). To help with getting quicker spells out, there is Dismember that can be paid with life to get out sooner or Sign in Blood. Not cheap, but a really good early game player, is Baleful Strix.

This looks really fun in multiplayer. So I don't blame you if you keep it as is. I feel like it would make everyone so annoyed. I also like Swerve a lot. I have 4 in my Izzet deck.

KuzcosPoison on Tayam and Tayam again

1 month ago

RNR_Gaming thank you for suggestions! I actually replaced Dismember with Darkblast for some dredge so Stinkweed Imp seems like a good addition, will try it out. Trying to find the line since I still need creatures on board to get counters for tayam's ability.

king-saproling thank you also! Mesmeric Orb looks fantastic, will try and pick one up, will try Seal of Primordium over Qasali Pridemage too since it seems a bit faster. I did start with Meren but found her a bit slow and it turned out I didn't actually want a lot of my creatures back in my hand. Also trying to limit the number of creatures with cmc higher than 3 so I don't get stuck.

Tzefick on Velos, Traitor to Artifice

1 month ago

My last reply was made in a bit of a hurry, so I completely forgot to mention it's an interesting design and it would be cool with an artifact themed Commander. Like TypicalTimmy also points to, I like the functional part of himself creating a target for him to plant a phylactery into (the object the lich binds their soul to, to achieve immortality). It's a neat little packaged deal. In many fictional works, destroying the phylactery destroys the lich as it acts as the lich's actual mortal body (like seen on Phylactery Lich), so this is actually an even better lich - I like it.

If I were to suggest something for the lich style you want; I would still ditch the deathtouch + indestructible combo by removing the natural deathtouch, again just because it's a nasty combination that doesn't really take anything to achieve. I assume you still want the creature to be immortal so indestructible from having the phylactery cannot be the keyword to go.

From an interaction perspective I would not have the phylactery grant him hexproof too. That's just way too many defensive measures and a lack of interaction makes for an annoying/unpleasant experience. That's especially true for a Commander which can come back again and again.

I'm not sure what role you want the Construct to fulfill. Are you supposed to lean into it, make it big and use it as a giant beater? Are you supposed to just use it as an artifact for other purposes like sacrifice it or use it with Velos' ability? Is it somewhere in between? Right now I feel like you'll never want to make the Construct more than a 1/1 artifact you use to sacrifice or tap for the ability because of how costly it is for just a token. I wouldn't really do much to improve the quality of the token by granting it keywords but you could make the cost of making it bigger, less exhausting to pay.

A little flavorwise bewilderment; why is he a traitor to artifice? It looks like he creates artifacts and use them to keep himself alive while zapping others for life. He could be a traitor to whomever trained him or whatever organization he served.

Here's my take on your lich Show

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