( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn.

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Dismember Discussion

TheGodofNight on Xenomorphs

1 day ago


In my original iteration of this deck, I did run a pair of Dismembers in the sideboard. I found that it was more of a "responsive" card, and less proactive. I've had better success with the head on strategy. Admittedly, that method is a bit more cavalier and does come with some risk, but more often than not, by turn 4, I am able to get in with lethal and my opponent's are usually surprised by the amount of damage being done. Dismember is a fine answer, but as I said, I am less about answers and more about applied pressure to my opponent's life total. I checked out your build and it is solid. I would recommend Spellskite as it is a great psuedo sliver that can eat removal spells and pump spells. Thanks for the +1 and the suggestion.

netdecksandchill on Black Zombies - Help!

1 day ago

Some initial thoughts...

Dismember and Fatal Push are two of your best cards, should be in the main deck. Actually, you could use more of each or other black removal spells, of which there are many, like Grasp of Darkness.

You also probably want more/better zombies and less of a mishmash of creatures, plus more creatures overall - 24 seems about right. Lord of the Accursed, Diregraf Colossus, and Metallic Mimic are all fine. Relentless Dead is really good. Geralf's Messenger, Gravecrawler, Cryptbreaker, Dread Wanderer are worth considering. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is cool. Look at some of the Standard and Modern lists out there for more ideas.

Some Liliana planeswalkers would fit.

I think spells like Dark Salvation and Stir the Sands are too expensive to run 7 total. Dark Salvation is better I think, so maybe drop the Stir the Sands? Too many of the artifacts too I think - maybe one of each? Liliana's Mastery is good.

Other spells to consider: Thoughtseize (expensive though) or cheaper variants like Inquisition of Kozilek or even Duress. Collective Brutality is good too.

ekienhol on Xenomorphs

1 day ago

Love the list, very similar to my own. Any thoughts about running a couple mainboard Dismember. I find them quite useful.

netdecksandchill on Eldrazi Tron

1 day ago

Batterskull is good for the deck because of the Lifelink, which can help with Dismember life loss. Plus Batterskull is a nice 5-drop in and of itself, and attached to a Reality Smasher can be brutal.

Nephalia Academy is an interesting card, thanks for pointing it out. The only card I would swap it for is Sea Gate Wreckage though or maybe a Ghost Quarter. The rest of the lands are set.

TheHelvault on Eldrazi Tron

1 day ago

Why are you running Matter Reshaper? or Endbringer? This deck would benefit greatly from extra copies of Karn Liberated and/or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. If you're doing this right, you should have Urza lands online by turn 3 or 4, and your Dismembers will fend off any creatures you need to worry about while you set up. I don't know why Batterskull is in there, but you probably have a good reason. That being said, I believe you should cut the Endbringer's, add in 2 extra Karn Liberated and one extra Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Get rid of Matter Reshaper and add in an extra Dismember, another Ulamog, then maybe 2 other eldrazi titans (I suggest Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre).

As far as your lands go, I would make the 2 wastes into 2 Nephalia Academy, just in case if you run into Thoughtseize.

ODDIOBLENDER on Spider Tribal

2 days ago

I'm surprised you didn't think of Spider Umbra for easy creature protection. Also think Blooming Marsh for mana and maybe Dismember for removal. But i love it. +1 sir.

Tethys on Neo Bloo: Graveyard Fueled

2 days ago


Baral is arguably the weak link in this deck, and to be honest, he is kind of a vestige of an earlier version of the deck that ran mainboard Remand, Dismember, and other cards that benefited strongly from his passive abilities. Right now, he is good for a few different things:

1) He combos with Manamorphose for mana ramp, much in the same way he does in Storm.
2) He makes your opponent think that you are running counterspells, even if you are not, which you can actually play to your advantage pretty easily.
3) I actually do have counterspells in the sideboard (four right now since one of my Shattering Sprees disappeared).
4) If he's your first creature down, your opponent is almost certainly going to think that you are playing Storm, which would make him a much higher-priority removal target than he actually is.
5) He's a solid blocker against creatures from Burn (but that generally just causes him to eat a Bolt).

So I have actually been looking for replacements, and recently gave Curious Homunculus  Flip a shot. Unfortunately, the homunculus rarely flips before the turn 4 upkeep unless you get really lucky with a Turn 1 Thought Scour or Faithless Looting, and adding colorless mana that can only be spent on instants and sorceries on Turn 3 when he is your only creature on the board is next to useless.

It's funny that you mention Young Pyromancer because he is actually next in line in tryouts for Baral's spot. Stormchaser Mage is also potentially reasonable. Keep an eye on this page for updates as the deck is further refined :-)

Vman on Vampire Nocturnus = Win

5 days ago

the problem wiht mono B vamps is that it doesnt have enough to be compettive just as mono black beatdown. once upon a time RB vamps was a real thing, it basically just splashed red for some Lightning Bolt and whatnot burn to get Bloodghast hasted really fast.

Gifted Aetherborn doesnt really do too much for your deck, it does have nice tags but without the flying its nowhere enar the power of nighthawk. and for removal maybe Dismember Victim of Night and Go for the Throat are all really better than Doom Blade

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