( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn.

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Dismember Discussion

GolgariLeprechaun on This isn't a Tim Burton Movie... Meren Stax.

1 hour ago

My Meren duel commander deck started out much the same way, a budget deck based on the pre-con with a couple dozen cards I had lying around that fit the deck and has grown from there. I am going to throw a couple of cards I think you might want to run in no particular order but feel free to take a look at my deck and make some comparisons.

For a start I would look at your instant-speed removal. Fatal Push, Dismember, Abrupt Decay, Go for the Throat and Smother are all cards I would run in any duel commander deck in golgari colours though Smother only really gets good once you are in a competitive meta where fast games keep the average CMC of creatures low enough to keep Smother relevant.

Since you are already running Buried Alive/Jarad's Orders and Victimize I strongly suggest you run Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Triskelion as a way win the game on the spot. Mike and trike are individually powerful cards and mike especially synergies very well with most of what a Meren deck is trying to do in general. More often than not you don't even need Trike to win with Mike in play. Another great wincon for Meren is Blood Artist.

Overall I think you creature count is a bit low, though I can understand that you are making room for stax pieces. In no particular order take a look at Lotleth Troll, Scavenging Ooze, Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, Wood Elves and Thragtusk. Each one of those creatures are all-stars in my deck.

I worked out after much testing that cutting all non-creature mana acceleration was the way to go, but your mileage may vary.

BottropBoB on Modern Goblins

2 days ago

Exquisite Firecraft its to slow as Removal Dismember its faster and kill a crea with a 5 body.

As a Burn for your opponent its ok, but not in your starthand, but on the draw its Thunderous Wrath better.

Bernie1o1 on Infect

3 days ago

You shouldnt play Spell Pierce main board you should instead play more pump spells. I would also suggest cutting how many unblockable spells you play. I would personally cut the Distortion Strike and Artful Dodge and keep the Slip Through Space if you really want to. You should also consider dropping the Ichorclaw Myr and instead play x4 Birds of Paradise. For pump you should bump Might of Old Krosa to x4 and the same for Groundswell. You should also not play Misty Rainforest you should instead play Windswept Heath and Wooded Foothills they are cheaper and do the same job of fetching Breeding Pool. And you should also cut the Rancor for more pump spells. You should also add Apostle's Blessing and Dismember

clayperce on Infection

3 days ago

Four Abzan CoCo decks? Blurgh! Good luck (and good skill) with that!

I'm frankly too new to Modern to use Pithing Needle at max effectiveness, so for me it's an easy call. I really like Surgical Extraction though ... especially vs. Snapcaster Mage and really anyone with Graveyard recursion.

That said though, I hate Melira, Sylvok Outcast more than any other card in the deck, so I'd personally run an extra Dismember instead, just for her. :-)

BlackjackHD on Combat Tricks

4 days ago

This is a really neat idea and I love the innovation of using Bioshift as a game closer. However, in this environment, there are too many things working against your strategy for which you have not prepared.

Blossoming Defense is an absolute must-include, or else someone can respond to Bioshift with Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, Lightning Helix, Dismember, Vapor Snag, Kolaghan's Command... there's too much creature removal in the format to go unmitigated, and you can't just wait for your opponent to tap out every time. Other possibilities include Vines of Vastwood, Apostle's Blessing and Heroic Intervention. The latter is very nice against Wrath of God and similar effects since you need a bunch of creatures for this to work.

I think the hydras are a bit too big, slow, and awkward for this strategy. For more effective card draw, consider Dark Confidant. I think Simic Initiate is better than Scrounging Bandar. Either one also positions your deck to fairly effectively use Become Immense. Lastly, having another, possibly faster kill shot seems prudent. In your colors are the very effective Tainted Strike and Triumph of the Hordes. Either one should win on resolution, used properly.

Even if all you do is make a sideboard out of these suggestions I think you'll be better for it. Give them a try. This is a really cool idea and I'd like to see it work.

Dennis14 on Esper Death Shadow

5 days ago

Street Wraith is useful for enabling both Death's Shadow and the delve creatures while cycling through the deck and keeping the land count low.

Ranger of Eos is a 1x-of which can be very impactfull later in the game, I might move it to the SB if it becomes a liability.

Lingering Souls (and Stubborn Denial) is in the SB as I'm not sure if deserves a maindeck slot over Liliana, the Last Hope which is one of my main recursion engines for the deck's threats.

With both Fatal Push and Path to Exile Dismember becomes unnecessary.
Orzhov Charm's main function in the deck is instant-speed Death's Shadow reanimation, but having the removal option (and the more fringe self-bounce option) is also good and helps grow the D.Shadow.
I think that it is better in this deck than a half of Rise/Fall.

WillySmasher on Letting Your Opponent Win For You (you still win)

5 days ago

i haven't played modern in a good while but depending on your meta Dismember and Spellskite are both good sideboard cards I used to run. Spellskite always slowed down infect at just 2 life per Vines of Vastwood.

Caldra on Esper Death Shadow

5 days ago

I run a pretty similar list but with a few changes:

I don't play Street Wraith it can be good but most of the time it's just you lose 2 extra life when you try to dig for some removal and try to survive, maybe sideboard vs slower decks.

I also don't play Ranger of Eos because he's so slow, if you ever get to 4 mana you have to tap out play a vanilla 3/2 so you can flood the board next turn, maybe sideboard vs slower match ups.

I play 2 Dismember instead of Orzhov Charm and an extra Rise/Fall, Dismember is just a better removal and you can adjust your lifeloss, I have no idea why this card sees no play in death shadow decks (?)

Rise/Fall only the U/B side is a 2 for 1 trade, for 3 mana you get a death's shadow from the graveyard into play and you bounce an enemy creature, great tempo card.

Also you mentioned Lingering Souls but I don't see it on your current list? I run 2 copies, really amazing results with it. One problem of the Death's Shadow deck is, that you go low on life, you have to attack with your threats but you can't because your opponent will kill you in response -> Lingering Souls makes your day.

I also play Stubborn Denial or Faith's Shield not quite sure which one is better and a single Liliana of the Veil

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