Diabolic Servitude


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn Uncommon
Urza's Saga Uncommon

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Diabolic Servitude


When Diabolic Servitude enters the battlefield, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

When the creature put onto the battlefield with Diabolic Servitude dies, exile it and return Diabolic Servitude to its owner's hand.

When Diabolic Servitude leaves the battlefield, exile the creature put onto the battlefield with Diabolic Servitude.

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Diabolic Servitude Discussion

foxboy93 on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

1 week ago

I mean you could also effectively use Feldon of the Third Path to reanimate her, give her haste and then swing in. You can also do this at instant speed with something else in the graveyard you need, like Karmic Guide, bringing back Reveillark or bringing back another card you need. And Feldon does it for ANY creature in your grave, not just legends.

Using Diabolic Servitude can also save you one cast for her. The way people have told me is you let your commander go to the graveyard, then when they die again, exile it, and then exile to the command zone and Diabolic returns to hand.

Grind on Our Lord and Master Gitrog

3 weeks ago

playable: Harrow, Jund Panorama...
also how about Diabolic Servitude or Phyrexian Arena over Palace Siege? siege seems like 5 mana is a lot for something kinda slow like that. servitude actually reanimates repeatedly for 4 mana.
and Sol Ring is missing! i think you could run a little more ramp but idk. i always like tons of ramp.

Grind on Six Flags Great Adventure

1 month ago

you could run Farhaven Elf over Civic Wayfinder.
also could consider Caustic Caterpillar over War Priest of Thune as he can sac himself so you can reanimate him to use him again.
some nice reanimation engines are also Phyrexian Reclamation and Diabolic Servitude.
also i really like Skullclamp + Reassembling Skeleton as a draw engine

Rhadamanthus on Liliana, Defiant Necromancer and Diabolic ...

1 month ago

The creature in your example won't get returned. If an effect is trying to do something to an object after it changes zones, it will look for the object in the first zone it moved to. The effect will lose track of the object if something else causes it to move out of that zone.

In your example, the creature goes to the graveyard and triggers both Diabolic Servitude and the emblem from Liliana, Defiant Necromancer  Flip. The Servitude trigger moves the creature from the graveyard to exile. At the beginning of the next end step, the delayed trigger created by Liliana's trigger will try to find the creature in the graveyard, but it's gone. The delayed trigger will do nothing when it resolves.

603.6c Leaves-the-battlefield abilities trigger when a permanent moves from the battlefield to another zone, or when a phased-in permanent leaves the game because its owner leaves the game. These are written as, but aren't limited to, "When [this object] leaves the battlefield, . . ." or "Whenever [something] is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, . . . ." (See also rule 603.10.) An ability that attempts to do something to the card that left the battlefield checks for it only in the first zone that it went to. An ability that triggers when a card is put into a certain zone "from anywhere" is never treated as a leaves-the battlefield ability, even if an object is put into that zone from the battlefield.

Opifex on Liliana, Defiant Necromancer and Diabolic ...

1 month ago

Does Liliana, Defiant Necromancer  Flip's emblem make a creature that was returned with Diabolic Servitude return at the end of the turn? I know it wouldn't with Whip of Erebos because it replaces the death with exile.

Opifex on Reanimator in Commander?

2 months ago

Diabolic Servitude, Champion of Stray Souls, Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip.

I have a mono black animator, unlisted.

Demppa on No budget - Reanimator (BUG)

2 months ago

I don't like Diabolic Servitude, it's quite fragile for a 4 CMC animator. Eureka is a good second S&T if you want to be cute with it. I would cut the fat on the creature suite. Raven's Crime is a good additional discard outlet if you feel you need one. Sylvan Library and Thought Scour are missing from the obvious candidates.

TheThriftyWizard on Oloro

3 months ago

I think the deck is pulling too many directions. I understand playing cards like Mind's Dilation, they are super fun. If you are trying to be competitive though I would pull these cards:

Mind's Dilation

Vampire Nighthawk


Spell Crumple (doesn't work with commanders like it used to)

Diabolic Tutor (too expensive. I get it if you're saving money though. The alternatives cost big bucks)

Angelic Accord (not consistent enough)

Boon Reflection (if it doubled instances of life gain it would be better but as an effect, just gaining life doesn't win you the game)

Venser's Journal (gaining life isn't that important honestly and having an unlimited hand size is a nice bonus but seven cards in hand is more than enough nine times out of ten. I don't like paying five for that effect)

Before I give you my general add list let me make a distinction. There's building a deck for fun and there's building a deck to be competitive. You decide which you would like to build and don't let people tell you you're wrong if you like a card. That being said I will only tell you how I think you could be more competitive with this deck.

I would cut most of the life gain cards that are here simply to ping and gain life. They seem to be there to facilitate the cards that get bigger when you gain life. There aren't enough of these life-gain-beaters in Epser colors to really be effective. I would rebuild a control shell and find more ways to get the cards that let Oloro insta-win. You are playing in WBU, it is easy to find, play and protect just about anything.

This would change the way the deck plays entirely and might bug people who don't like playing against a deck that plays like a game of solitaire though so please, do what feels right to you. I'll give you a list of some cards that I think will help regardless though.

Heliod's Pilgrim and a package for her. Removal (Faith's Fetters), Reanimate (Diabolic Servitude) and Draw (Underworld Connections).

Capsize is just too good. I always run it in blue. Period.

Faerie Trickery is another exile counter spell.

Dream Fracture counters and draws you a card.

Negate it is limited but it hits so much.

Duress gets rid of bad stuff and lets you see the blue player's hand.

Greed I know you have one in there but it's too good not to have another with as good a mana base as you have.

Clutch of the Undercity can replace your diabolic tutor. It costs less to search with and finds you several win conditions (Aetherflux Reservoir) while doubling as removal. I would say the same for Brainspoil and Muddle the Mixture which both go get parts of your infinite life gain loop (Vizkopa Guildmage & Exquisite Blood).

I would trade out Sphere of Safety with something cheaper like Island Sanctuary or Solitary Confinement.

I am a fan of Quiet Speculation and a package for it including Increasing Ambition which could go get a win condition or two.

It looks like a really fun deck to play as it is and is very good for a first deck. I'm impressed. I was much worse when I started.

A buddy of mine and I are putting together a website for budget EDH and it has some good deck building tips. You should check it out and let me know what you think. There are one or two things that aren't finished yet but it's coming along.


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