Deranged Assistant


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Common

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Deranged Assistant

Creature — Human Wizard

{T}, Put the top card of your library into your graveyard: Add 1 to your mana pool.

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Deranged Assistant Discussion

Lucrass on The Frog's Graveyard

1 month ago

You can easily replace some of these cards with more Gitrog triggers, like Hedron Crab Screeching SkaabDeranged Assistant or more dredge cards. Doing so would make all your extra card draw options redundant, so those cards might as well come out like Sign in Blood and Harmonize.

Getting your land drops would be a breeze too with all those card draw triggers, so mana-fixing like Abundant Growth and Gift of Paradise isn't really necessary in a dual-color deck. Mana-ramping cards however could be benefitial if your running enough.

These are the cards I think can be taken out to make room for Gitrog triggers: Greater Good, Increasing Savagery, Altar's Reap, Deathrite Shaman, Deathcap Cultivator, Garruk's Horde, Lumberknot, Oblivion Sower, Artifacts and Enchantments.

RazortoothMtg on Sac-able ramp for Muldrotha

1 month ago

The blue Millikin is Deranged Assistant.

Burnished Hart is specifically good as you can cast it for your artifact-per-turn, meaning you can cast it and a creature from your graveyard each turn.

Font of Fertility is another one. A 3 mana Rampant Growth isn't fantastic, but it is another card type than most of the other cards you'll be recurring each turn.

Mythos242 on Muldrotha the Unyielding Graveyard

2 months ago

What about Jace's Erasure which let you draw 2 Cards each turn... it's a Rhystic Study with less CMC and much cheaper in price. Additionally I would recommend Hedron Archive for early Ramp and Carddraw in the lategame when you have enough mana to spare. Deranged Assistant and Millikin let you "draw" cards and ramp you early to get Muldrotha way earlier.

I would in fact think about playing no instants or sorceries at all to get more value out of your commander and nearly every instant or sorcery effect is now available on a permanent type - maybe sometimes not that good but good enough to want to abuse it.

Another card i would change would be Shriekmaw... Cards like Ravenous Chupacabra or Noxious Gearhulk dont have any restrictions and Gearhulk also gives you life and can hit enemies hard due to Menace. In commander, usually played as multiplayer, I think it is more important to be able to hit as many threats as possible. And I live and play EDH in the sense of "think BIG"... so I would pay 2 CMC more every day for the chance to hit that nasty Sheoldred or Grave Titan.

And one of the most underrated card-draw cards for Muldrotha imo is Jace's Archivist. It gives you alot of value and also cripples our enemies by letting them discard their precious cards they just tutored or drew...In my opinion much better and usefull in that deck than Fact or Fiction or Vessel of Nascency

goodair on Sidisi: all engines go!

3 months ago

Deranged Assistant & Millikin ramp/incremental mill/ keeping creature count high
Maze of Ith allows you to be more reckless with sidisi or more importantly kessig cagebreaker
Noxious Ghoul if your vs heavy token builds
Pathbreaker Ibex doesn't have haste like craterhoof, but its huge other x/x creatures
Vizier of Many Faces clone you can cast from your graveyard
Perpetual Timepiece, Memory's Journey graveyard protection
Svogthos, the Restless Tomb

JuQ on Sidisi Zombie EDH

3 months ago

If you are going to include The Gitrog Monster, Ramunap Excavator is one of the last cards you should cut to make room for it, it is one of the signature cards for Gitrog's deck. Just add Terramorphic Expanse or other similar budget fetchlands.

Ghoultree is just a big body with no additional abilities once it's on the battlefield.

In my Gitrog deck I included at some time the Millikin, I ended up cutting it because one card wasn't really worth it and it died to easy to any board wipe. So I'd say here is just the same (you have similar number of creatures as I have lands in my deck). So I would cut it and Deranged Assistant too.

I'm not really in love with Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord either, your deck looks like it wants to go creature wide rather than high. But many people like it, so it may be just personal prefference. Also his color requierements are over the top for a three color deck.

Is Skaab Ruinator worth exiling three creatures from your graveyard each time? Scourge of Nel Toth feels like a better option as you will probably have more tokens to sacrifice than creatures to exile. Tokens are a renovable source, but creature cards in graveyard are a limited resource.

I've faced Undead Alchemist several times in my friend's Gisa and Geralf deck, I can tell you that it is a respite for me everytime he plays it. Yes, he gets a bunch of zombies, but I'm not losing any life meanwhile. It is just buying me time until someone casts a boardwipe.

Isn't Corpse Connoisseur a bit high cost just for tutoring a creature into the graveyard? Honest question, I've never used it, but I'm not really sold on it.

Maybe you can survive without Brawn. Again, most of your deck is putting many creatures on the table and trample is better the bigger the creatures are.

The deck feels heavy and it doesn't ramp too much and some cards have activated abilities that need mana, those make the deck even slower. I advise to cut cards costs five and higher that you see they underperform (hard to tell just from the simulator), maybe a couple lands more also.
At least in my meta, by turn 6 there are a lot of scary stuff in the battlefield swinging left and right and your deck has a lot of late game cards. But you know, each meta is different.

Sidisi she needs to attack to trigger the milling, some support for her to survive combat may be necessary Key to the City is really nice and Whispersilk Cloak is a commander staple.

If you play Living Death, some graveyard hate is needed. I run Bojuka Bog in every black deck I have.

Xorik_McCloud on Maniac self-milling (help please!)

4 months ago

Perpetual Timepiece to grab him from the grave and it also mills your cardsFraying Sanity on yourself and use Traumatize once or twice to mill yourself out quickly;Deranged Assistant its far less specific and restrictive and it moves your self mill along quickly;Vedalken AEthermage to make sure that you get through a lot of the mill;Psychic Spiral would be a good idea, especially if you decide to mill them out instead. though if you put a couple Fraying Sanity in as well and enchant each other you can either end in a draw or a win. if things go in their favor, a lose, however i would honestly suggest getting Tormod's Crypt its a great card to have. mill them, then exile the grave

Barsan on Consume: by Phenax

9 months ago

Deranged Assistant, in addition to being a rare blue mana dork. Is mainly in there for a combo I found for Necrotic Ooze when it shares a graveyard with Pili-Pala. I can mill my own library at mana speed and briefly access every activated ability, including Tree of Perdition and Eater of the Dead.

Paradox Engine doesn't really shine in a deck with such a heavy focus on permanents over instants and sorceries but Havengul Lich would certainly be useful. Especially in conjunction with Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there's a card besides Teferi that I could swap for it.

Barsan on Consume: by Phenax

9 months ago

Deranged Assistant, in addition to being a rare blue mana dork. Is mainly in there for a combo I found for Necrotic Ooze when it shares a graveyard with Pili-Pala. I can mill my own library at mana speed and briefly access every activated ability, including Tree of Perdition and Eater of the Dead.

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