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Rapacious One

Rapacious One

Creature — Eldrazi Drone


Whenever Rapacious One deals combat damage to a player, put that many 0/1 colorless Eldrazi Spawn creature tokens onto the battlefield. They have "Sacrifice this creature: Add {{1}} to your mana pool."

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Rapacious One Discussion

Voldeganon on The "Between Her Legs" Challenge

3 weeks ago

I have too dirty a mind, methinks. Let's see what we think of these...

Rod of Spanking , between her legs.Taste of Paradise , between her legs. (As well as "Taste of Blood " and "Taste for Mayhem ", between her legs.)Lockjaw Snapper , between her legs.Assassin's Blade & Assassin's Strike , between her legs.Spiritual Focus , between her legs.Swirl the Mists , between her legs.Blood Frenzy , between her legs.Blood Funnel , between her legs.Blood Lust , between her legs. (Hell, if it has Blood in the name it works!)Gratuitous Violence , between her legs.Wet Willie of the Damned , between her legs.Destructive Urge , Destructive Revelry , Destructive Force , between her legs.Destroy the Evidence , between her legs.Door of Destinies , between her legs.Door to Nothingness , between her legs.Cellar Door , between her legs.It That Betrays , between her legs. There are a goodly number of Eldrazis that work suitably for this purpose, actually, such as "Emrakul, the Aeons Torn ," "Hand of Emrakul ," "Nest Invader ," "Not of This World ," "Pathrazer of Ulamog ," "Ulamog's Crusher ," and "Rapacious One ," between her legs.All Is Dust , between her legs. (Any other Armaggeddon cards also work)Waking Nightmare , between her legs.Mind Rot , between her legs.Mind Grind , between her legs.Grinding Station , between her legs.Barren Glory , between her legs.Battering Ram , between her legs.Staff of Domination , between her legs.Stab Wound , between her legs.Stabbing Pain , between her legs.Aesthetic Consultation , between her legs.Parasitic Implant , between her legs.Rotted Ones, Lay Siege ... between her legs.Crop Rotation , between her legs.Grotesque Hybrid , between her legs.Necrotic Plague , between her legs.Prototype Portal , between her legs.Cryptic Gateway , between her legs.Floodgate , between her legs.Any Guildgates would work, albeit some Gates are better than others for that _Touch of Brilliance , between her legs.Touch and Go , between her legs.Mysteries of the Deep , between her legs.Denizen of the Deep , between her legs.Deep-Sea Serpent , Deep-Sea Kraken , Deep Water , Deep Spawn , Deep Reconnaissance , Deep Analysis , Research the Deep , Thing from the Deep ... between her legs.Shrivel , between her legs.Festering Wound and Festering Evil , between her legs.Creepy Doll , between her legs. Anything with "creep" in it works, actually.Lurking Predators , Lurking Informant , Lurker , Lurking Evil , between her legs."Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep " and the FLAVOR TEXT on that beast... between her legs.Swords to Plowshares , between her legs.Call to the Netherworld , and anything else with "Nether" in the title, between her legs.Drown in Filth , between her legs.He Who Hungers , between her legs.

I've spent waaaaay too much time on this already, but there's so many more...

Unnatural Hunger , between her legs.Vicious Hunger , between her legs.Feast of Flesh and Feast of Blood , between her legs.Cavern Crawler , between her legs.Caverns of Despair , between her legs.Growth Spasm , between her legs.Stunted Growth , between her legs.Unchecked Growth , between her legs.Shrine of Boundless Growth , between her legs.

Needless to say, anything with growth, hunger, blood can give us an Urge to Feed ... between her legs.

Sinkhole , between her legs.Into the Maw of Hell , between her legs.Mouth to Mouth , between her legs.Frog Tongue , between her legs.

That's all for now, folks. I gotta go.

Askani28 on Zendikar: Eldrazi Spawn

1 month ago

Just delete this guy's comments. He's vulgar and uninteresting.

If you wish to focus your deck on Eldrazi Spawn tokens, I'd suggest adding some token-makers like Brood Birthing , Emrakul's Hatcher or Rapacious One .

When you have plenty of baby Eldrazi out, just make sure you get the maximum out of them to win: use their mana ability to cast an Ulamog's Crusher or an Artisan of Kozilek ; or cast Overrun (or a similar spell) to trample your opponent to death. Comet Storm is a great idea to finish the other player with the mana from your tokens.

(I would personally swap the Bramblesnaps, the Soulsurges and the cool but too slow Skittering Invasion for some of the cards I mentionned above.

If by turn 5 you have, for example, 4 lands and 4 tokens, you could cast Ulamog's Crusher for the win, or directly cast an Overrun if you have a total of 6 or 7 creatures on the field.

Just had an idea, dunno if its budget-friendly, but there's this card I always wanted to play with Eldrazi tokens... Shared Animosity . Could be fun!

Nickosis on A Mighty Karn EDH deck

2 months ago

I didn't mean to anger you if I did. I just thought of random things and spit them out, the problem with third shift work. But Arcbound Reclaimer wouldn't be too bad, because it lets you get stuff back, but again, you don't want to rock Prolfierate too much so it would be conditionally helpful. It That Betrays is just nasty because if they sac a get a free land. I mean he is DUMB in a colorless commander setting. I used Spawnsire of Ulamog for the longest time in Omanamanath because I create infinite mana....and I have about 100 Eldrazi cards, because the common and uncommon dudes like Rapacious One count. I do like your deck though. Just spouting random comments, sorry.

artakha on Eldrazi

3 months ago

What about Artisan of Kozilek ? He can revive any of your other non-legendary Eldrazi or Rapacious One when he enters the battlefield, and he's a bigger body for 9 mana than Hand of Emrakul . True, he's harder to get out, but one good board wipe like Supreme Verdict or Final Judgment will destroy all your Eldrazi Spawn tokens, and leave you without the mana advantage, and in Final Judgment 's case, cause you to lose your legendary Eldrazi.

WarldWorZ on Deity of the 1/1's: Purphoros

3 months ago

I don't really like Pentavus or Thopter Assembly because they play a little too slow for the kind of aggro I'm looking for and I can't really justify them. However, I do like Battle driver and Rapacious One

GoldenDemon on 2014-02-17 update of The Gods ...

3 months ago

For this list, I would recommend Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord , Parallel Lives , and possibly some more of the Eldrazi-Spawn-generating creatures - Nest Invader , Emrakul's Hatcher , Kozilek's Predator , and Rapacious One . Conjurer's Closet will allow you to repeatedly trigger Warstorm Surge , re-use the token-generation of Avenger of Zendikar (and the Eldrazi token-generators, if you elect to include them), give you a second chance to Devour things with your Devour creatures if you couldn't afford to sacrifice anything to them when they first came out, and untap Tenacious Dead , Reassembling Skeleton , and Rakka Mar . Ooze Flux is another token-generator that lets you turn the +1/+1 counters you generate into more creatures to sacrifice. Burnished Hart and Yavimaya Elder ramp you, can be recurred with your reanimation effects, and kill themselves for your death triggers.

I like this brew, though! +1 from me.

babydaggers on Tymaret, the Sausage King of Chicago

5 months ago

Removed Unwilling Recruit , Strionic Resonator and Wound Reflection . Added Vicious Shadows (seems like a perfect fit), Insurrection , and Rapacious One .

Rapacious One is certainly borderline jank. However, it also makes a ton of tokens if any player has a crummy board position, or if I can use one of the nine Threaten effects in the deck to remove pesky blockers. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.17 $0.57 $0.49
Power / Toughness 5/4
Color(s) R
Cost 5R
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 2.68
Avg. cube pick 12.04


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi Uncommon