Rapacious One

Rapacious One

Creature — Eldrazi Drone


Whenever Rapacious One deals combat damage to a player, put that many 0/1 colorless Eldrazi Spawn creature tokens onto the battlefield. They have "Sacrifice this creature: Add 1 to your mana pool."

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Rapacious One Discussion

MagicalHacker on We Forge The Chains We Wear In Life

1 month ago

biggestmtgnerd, when I first read that card during spoiler season, I thought it said "target attacking creature", and I thought that I would have to risk another creature for it be any good, but I feel so silly reading it now.

Absolutely! It's going in. Any recommendations for what to take out? My best guess is Rapacious One, because I actually do have to risk him in combat to get value out of him. What do you say?

JA14732 on Ulasht's Garden

2 months ago

I'd also recommend getting rid of Reverent Hunter, Raging River, maybe Gutter Grime, Kilnmouth Dragon and maybe Falkenrath Aristocrat. I could also see Ulvenwald Tracker being good here and possibly some Eldrazi Spawn cards for some of the more iffy Hydras, simply so that you have creatures to devour and ramp. Awakening Zone, Growth Spasm, Brood Birthing all could possibly do some work, with maybe Rapacious One.

Gidgetimer on FUN Cube Cards?

3 months ago

I see a lot of people advocating for high non-basic counts in cubes but I have never had a problem with mine where I run only 1 that has the possibility of making multiple colors of mana. People should be able to go into 2 colors without any fixing and I don't see a reason to dedicate 10% to something as uninteresting as fixing unless you are actively trying to support 3, 4, or 5 color decks.

As for suggestions for fun cards I looked through my cube and tried to find some cards that have an impact, but aren't oppressive. I didn't look up prices but I tried to stay away from cards I knew to be expensive.

White: Reinforcements , Cloudgoat Ranger

Blue: Fact or Fiction , Sigil of Sleep

Black: Blood Artist , Reign of the Pit

Red: Mizzium Mortars , Rapacious One

Green: Hydra Omnivore , Bear Umbra

Colorless: Reito Lantern , Galvanic Juggernaut

TheKurgan on God of Revels

4 months ago

So by and large I agree with the above comments, with just a couple of cards that I think you should cut, some absolute keepers suggested for cuts above that I would hold onto, and a couple of adds that I think are good.


Berserk - This is personal preference but I just don't really care for this card, although I guess you can get in a sneaky 1 shot on someone not defending themselves properly. Its like a less mean version of Tainted Strike . Plus it destroys the creature. Boo. Boo Berserk boo.

To preface the next paragraph, sorry for the Hydra hate - Protean Hydra - Too easily killed before the counters come back, a lot of mana investment for a vanilla creature. Vastwood Hydra is the same story (as already mentioned above), in most cases he won't die randomly on his own since he probably gets chump blocked because of his ability and then dies with everyone else in the board wipe and there is no where to put the counters. I don't like Scourge of Skola Vale either. You need to keep creatures on the board, not cut down on your giant army.

Wilderness Elemental - Yah he's a cheap creature that is gonna probably be a 4-6 most of the time (with trample), but he doesn't make an impact beyond that, and your ramp spells primarily grab basics. The suggestions of Regal Force and Knollspine Dragon would both do a lot more work for you than this guy ever will.

Rancor - Too small, not big enough picture. Either replace it with the hammer as suggested above or drop it like a sack of hammers.

Insurrection - Listen, I defend the crap out of your right to use this card below in my defense of Vorinclex, but it really doesn't have enough flavor to fit with your deck in my opinion.

Tempt with Discovery - Dumb for how expensive it is and how often no one will take you up on it. Unless two people agree its just a more expensive Explosive Vegetation with a drawback. If you are gonna help other people out, Collective Voyage and New Frontiers grab way more cards. Honestly though, you are going to run out of basic lands in your deck pretty fast with all this ramp, but maybe that was by design.

Rapacious One - Meh. There are 2719 creatures that are some combination of red and/or green in the game of Magic. I am pretty sure you can find a better one than this.

Eldrazi Monument - Could turn against you in the wrong situation. I am wary of this card.


Nylea, God of the Hunt - A lot of hydras don't come with trample, which is too bad because they have ungodly amounts of damage potential, especially with lots of mana floating around. Nylea has sticking power in the event of most board wipes, provides much needed trample, has a substantial indestructible body with enough devotion in play, and when you have no other plays you can spend the mana for her ability to increase the power of one of your creatures BEFORE Xenagos, God of Revels pumps them with his ability. This also works really well if you have the mana with Overwhelming Stampede since you can artificially raise the damage base given to all creatures. A must include if I ever saw one.

Oracle of Mul Daya - I just think this card keeps your deck moving better. If you are lucky you can cycle through 2 lands at a time. It may show your top deck but the benefit is still huge.

Spearbreaker Behemoth - Having lots of nasty indestructible creatures, including all 3 gods and this guy, can really allow you some sticking power in the event of a board wipe. If you have mana open, suddenly even more of your creatures survive (most are gonna have the requisite power).

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger - Yah, he is big and mean, but he is a huge and nasty board presence in every major way and if you are going big mana I don't know why you would do it half way. Sheoldred, Whispering One , Rise of the Dark Realms , Blazing Archon , Insurrection , Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Eldrazi et al., are all mean and nasty and can instant win/lock down a game, but they are also all answerable and stealable, and Vorinclex is no exception. Listen, if you don't want to play any of the 5 best cards in any color in your EDH deck, that is fine, but while these cards are degenerate at times, EDH games would go on even longer at times without them, and having one that fits into the strategy of your deck is just fine.

Garruk, Caller of Beasts - With the content of your deck and all the land search, this should pull 2-4 creatures a turn, which is a worthwhile draw spell for 6 CMC on its own. If you need to put something big out that is going to benefit you immediately, like a Worldspine Wurm or Artisan of Kozilek , he can do that and allow you to essentially ramp into a larger creature in a turn, necessitating that he has a blocker to allow him to survive to his second turn so he can do his first ability.


Polukranos, World Eater - Like the Hydra Broodmaster you can dump huge mana in there to deal with just about anything you could want. Pretty nuts with Triumph of the Hordes .

Deadwood Treefolk - With Eternal Witness this guy is a pretty fantastic graveyard cycler.

Silklash Spider - You have somewhat surprisingly few ways to deal with flyers. With how much mana and creature search you have, this guy is an easy include that provides an excellent answer to things like Utvara Hellkite .

By the way, I like the Colossus of Akros in this deck a lot. With a lot of mana (pretty easy for this deck) you suddenly have a 40/40 trampler. For. The. Win. Hulk SMASH.

Fun deck. Check out Animar and let me know if you have any cuts, I need to drop a few things and add some board wipe type effects.

ramshackleknight on Prossh and Snacks- suggestions appreciated!

4 months ago

I suggest you take out Quirion Elves . It's a weird, worse version of Birds of Paradise , and if you ask me, I wouldn't even throw that in there. I'd suggest you throw in literally any other sorcery speed ramp spell you can over that guy, stuff like Rampant Growth . Lands last, creatures don't. I'm also wondering why you're not running Rancor . I see you have the "Dragon's Enchantments" cycle with that recursion, but I feel like rancor would be better than Dragon Shadow especially. Some more token generators would be good in your deck too, stuff like Golgari Germination , Avenger of Zendikar , Dragon Broodmother , Feed the Pack , Grave Titan , Hornet Queen , Korozda Guildmage , Rapacious One , Predatory Advantage , Symbiotic Wurm , and Hooded Hydra . Also consider Fresh Meat . Play that after you sac, and look, all your 1/1's are 3/3's. And if you're running doubling season, it couldn't hurt to have Parallel Lives in there as well. On top of that, if you're going to be running Quagmire Druid , consider Viashino Heretic . Sure he's not a sac engine, but having those two together would keep you covered. Things I would cut from this list: Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder , he kinda just is only good for about 7 Thrulls at most, you want stuff that will net you more than that, whether it be immediately or over time; Goblin Sharpshooter , he's cool if you've got some deathtouch going on, but I'm not really seeing it. I don't think that one ping per kobold death is really worth it; Forgestoker Dragon , he's a nice beater that does things, but he doesn't really have any synergy with the rest of the deck, he's kinda just there. Also consider creature forms of Act of Treason type effects, like Conquering Manticore and Zealous Conscripts , over some of your "steal a creature" cards, just in case you need an extra dude on the field.

Power / Toughness 5/4
Color(s) Red
Cost 5R
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 2.27
Avg. cube pick 12.5


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi Uncommon

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