Supreme Will


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Supreme Will


Choose 1-

  • Counter target spell unless its controller pays 3.

  • Look at the top 4 cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Supreme Will Discussion

MtgBigYiz on G/U Merfolk Standard

1 hour ago

irishmoosetard ive never played competitive in my life so im not too in the know about how they standard competitive format plays at the moment I do a little research now and again on the top 8 decks and stuffVerdant Rebirth is an iffy one, I like it for the fact of saving anything I really need, and also for that little bit of card draw, plus it lets opponents waste burn/removal on creatures then I just bring em back to hand, that was my reasoning behind it! Apart from it being super tasty whwn used with a gearhulk as you said!! Spell Snare seems cool, I was thinking to replace with Supreme Will a little more mana cost but more versatile...

crypticMTG on UB Control (Ixalan)

13 hours ago

I'd prefer to run Lost Legacy over Dispossess, but that's an entirely meta dependant call, if you find you're not bringing Disposses in and would prefer Lost Legacy, make that switch.

I think I'd rather cut some amount of mainboard Censor for Supreme Will. You can always board them as necessary.

Only other thing to consider is the instant speed on Vraska's Contempt may make it better than Never / Return.

At this point, I think you just need to sit down and get some reps in with it. Proxy it up and goldfish it for mana consistency. Then make specific decisions on cards and numbers once week one of Ixalan standard passes and people begin settling down from "Brewer's Time".

Radeint on UB Control (Ixalan)

14 hours ago

So I got some more cards today, and updated the list which it seems tough for me to find swaps. I mainly added the cards recommended to the side board. because i am not sure what to swap since there are too many good cards lul.

Although I feel Lost Legacy will be one of the only ways to deal with Carnage Tyrant based on how many are in meta ( since it is hexproof and can't be countered). what do you think about this?

I also am struggling on swaps between 3x Negate for 3x Supreme Will since negate is a nice 2 drop. same thing with 2x Essence Scatter for 2x Doomfall. please anyfeedback on whether these swaps would be better even with the higher cost involved, which would leave me with just Harsh Scrutiny and Duress until turn 3 if i hit all my lands.

crypticMTG on UB Control (Ixalan)

1 day ago

Lay Bare the Heart is going to be much weaker with the new rules on Planeswalkers being Legendary. Have you considered 1 or 2 Doomfall, the versatility is often valuable in different matchups. The edict mode may prove more useful in the long run over Lay Bare the Heart.

Similarly, what about Supreme Will? Even late game, the option to turn a seemingly useless counterspell into the best card in your top four is pretty important.

Only other comment is are you short of Fetid Pools? Dual land early, turns your Drowned Catacomb online. Cycles late game when you're good on mana.

Generally, consider cards that give you multiple options, they help against more decks than other cards, so are usually better mainboard options which can be swapped out for more specific answers out of the sideboard.

I've been on Grixis control since the start of Amonkhet - which if you want to, you can find on my page - and have found that once I started playing Doomfall and Supreme Will, I've found more matchups easier to play against before sideboarding, allowing me to win game ones I usually shouldn't.

A costly addition may be looking into getting a The Scarab God or two if you can too. It's possibly the best control creature right now.

THICCDADDY on The Locust God

1 day ago

I have play tested it and it just doesn't work. I'm swamped half the time and get my locust god 1 turn before losing. I would maybe try adding Supreme Will and maybe Commit / Memory

TheBooman on XLN Pirates (First Draft)

4 days ago

Perhaps 1 of the Siren Stormtamers or if you like the playset of them, one Kari-Zev? One of those for a Nicky-B or Scarab wouldn't hurt the deck too much and would add the curve topper.

As for the Drawing aspect; Maybe 1 Beckett Brass for something? I have no clue as all the draw spells I know are rotating.

Supreme Will seems like it could be worth the investment depending on where this deck goes. Could perhaps replace the Lookout's Dispersal Yeah the option for it to cost 1 less is gone but we get the option to dig through the top cards.

zandl on Esper Over--OH WAIT

4 days ago

Sweltering Suns is better than Yahenni's Expertise here. How often will you really net sweet value out of that free spell, especially if you wipe the board? You really only have Opt and Supreme Will for that, and I don't know if dumping Supreme Will on turn-4 is really the best thing if you're already limiting yourself with the number of counters you're playing. Sweltering Suns to the main and cutting Expertise makes a lot more sense, as Suns costs 1 less and can be cycled in otherwise-dead matches.

Glimmer of Genius is really the best card in the deck, so you should prioritize making that a playset. I'd play 4 Glimmer before 4 Opt, tbh.

For your sideboard, cut Spell Pierce and Jace's Defeat for Negate. Pierce is dead after turn-4 in control match-ups, and not being able to hit Planeswalkers is a big deal. Pierce is much better in tempo/aggro decks for use against control. For you, I'd even say Negate is strictly better, especially given how many times you're going to play control mirrors and both players have 11 lands on the board. Lightning Strike should probably be Chandra's Defeat, which can kill Glorybringer, Chandra, and the most playable dinosaurs with a single mana.

Oloro_Magic on Bant Stoneblade (prelim, advice needed)

5 days ago

Well Supreme Will is too slow for modern so it's interaction is very limited. The options I see are to replace it with Serum Visions or a better counter, Cryptic Command, Remand, Spell Snare, and maybe even Mana Leak are all options though I would lean towards something like 2 Cryptic and 1 Spell Snare, 3 Remand or Remand and Mana Leak could be a decent option budget wise.

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