Supreme Will


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Supreme Will


Choose 1-

  • Counter target spell unless its controller pays 3.

  • Look at the top 4 cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Supreme Will Discussion

Beda69 on esper controll

19 hours ago

Silverdrake Wow thank you for this feedback and your effort. I like how you explane all of your sugestions. I understand the thing with the hardcounters and i will try this with Supreme Will and Spell Snare. I also like Opt over Serum Visions even more with the "reale" counterspells. And second Search for azcanta i have to include i think.

The thing with Monastery Mentor is that i complete understand what you say but it a card that i want to try out so munch that i decied to play him to test out. But i can imange that he have to go after playing with the deck.

After i see how the manabase work i can imagen to play other two color spells then just blacks.

With my meta it's not that easy becuse i play at different places with different metas.

So i decied: -3Remand -4Serum Visions -1Liliana of the Veil -1Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip +2Spell Snare +2Supreme Will +4Opt +1 Search for azcanta

Silverdrake on esper controll

1 day ago

Hey there, I've been playing Esper control on and off for the past couple years (playing Azorius when I get tired of Esper) and I've got a couple suggestions.

For counterspells, Remand is a great card and at first it feels like an awesome control card, but in practice it plays as much more of a tempo piece than an actual control spell. You may be better off running something that actually deals with the threat (putting it in the graveyard) rather than just delaying the inevitable, like Spell Snare. Supreme Will is another option you might want to try 1-2 of. Not playing any double blue does shut you out of some of the most powerful countermagic like Disallow, Cryptic Command, and Logic Knot, so I'd recommend you reconsider that bit of your gameplan, but know that you do have better options than Remand even if you decide to stick with only single blue cards. In terms of number, I'd say 5-10 is the range you should shoot for, but the actual sweet spot is up to you to determine.

For card advantage, I'd agree that a second Search for Azcanta  Flip is the right choice. Note that even if you draw both, the flip ability is a 'may' effect, so you can flip one, then play the second and not flip it so you can keep the effects of both. I'd also suggest trading the Serum Visions for Opts. Serum Visions is similar to Remand in that it's a very powerful card, but it fits best in a different kind of deck - you don't need to fix your draws for a combo piece nearly so much as you need to hold up mana for counters and removal, so the instant speed part of Opt becomes relevant. Lastly, as I already mentioned, Supreme Will is an often overlooked modal spell that does excellent work digging for an answer or win condition when you need one.

Now for my personal thoughts - 9 Planeswalkers + 4 Lingering Souls + 2 Monastery Mentor = 15 non-control cards. Admittedly they do have some control elements to them, but even so dedicating a quarter of your deck to what is essentially just win conditions is something you're likely going to struggle with in a control deck. You're going to find too often you have a handful of cards that can help win the game once your in control, but no cards to stop your opponent from completely taking over. I'd recommend you cut to at most 7 Planeswalkers + 4 Lingering Souls. Monastery Mentor fits in the same category as Remand and Serum Visions in that it's powerful, but a control deck isn't necessarily the right home for it. It fits much cleaner in a straight tempo deck.

Now, keep in mind this is all just my opinions and you're free to build your deck however you like. They are, however, well informed and experienced opinions.If I had to make a loose recommendation I'd say you should cut 3x Remand, 4x Serum Visions, 1x Liliana of the Veil, 1x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, and 2x Monastery Mentor to replace them with 2x Spell Snare, 2x Supreme Will, 4x Opt, 2x Damnation, and 1x Thoughtseize.

Sideboard is, as you said, very meta dependant. If you let me know what your meta is like I can help with that too

AlmondCat on Budget Tempest Djinn - Time of Ice and Lay Claim

3 days ago

I actually really like this deck. I like Tempest Djinn as a bomb and wincon. It's not something as obvious as Torrential Gearhulk, and would probably fly under the radar of some players. It's super budget and cool but personally I'd add in a few more counter spells, probably an Essence Scatter or two. I think Anticipate and Supreme Will are both right at home here, being able to filter your deck is never a bad thing

Rednad on Talrand EDH

1 week ago

Danke für deine umfangreiche Einschätzung!

  1. Einfach mal drei Inseln streichen? Was würdest du als erstes anstelle der Länder reinnehmen? Meine Favoriten (auch unter Berücksichtigung deiner 4. Anmerkung: Mystic Remora, Telepathy und Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur. Oder doch Stasis? Was meinst du?
  2. Guter Hinweis! Ich hab Mana Leak mal durch Disallow ersetzt. Supreme Will hingegen wird bei EDHREC als Signature Card für 50% der Decks geführt - scheint also durchaus einen berechtigen Platz zu haben. Vermutlich durch die Vielseitigkeit. Bleibt wohl erst mal drin.
  3. Hervorragend! Genau für solche Hinweise hab ich dich eingekauft! ;-) Pull from the Deep ist ja einfach mal strictly better, wenn Talrand im Spiel ist.
  4. s.o.
  5. Mal schauen ob ich heraus bekomme wie ich die Edition einstelle :-D
  6. Danke! Ich denke, dass ich noch eine Woche oder so warte und dann den Rest bestelle. Wenn du was hast, das du loswerden willst, gib mir einfach kurz vorher Bescheid :)

StrateN on Talrand EDH

1 week ago

Eindruck zur neuen Version:

  1. Eventuell zu viele Länder - du hast ausreichend Carddraw, als das du mit ca 33 Ländern auskommen könntest

  2. Ich würde Mana Leak rausnehmen, nimm lieber nen 3 Mana Hardcounter (Disallow wäre zu empfehlen). Im lategame wird der deutlich weniger bringen. Gleiches gilt für Supreme Will.

  3. Tausch den Archaeomancer mit Pull from the Deep, denn (I) du willst nicht den Archaeomancer mit Polymorph erwischen und (II) Pull from the Deep bringt dir 2 karten zurück und gibt dir dazu noch nen Token

  4. Mystic Remora ist unglaublich stark, das einzige, was dagegen spricht, ist, dass manche Gegner dich danach bevorzugt als Ziel wählen werden ^^

  5. Damit Jace, Unraveler of Secrets nicht als Foil angezeigt wird, musst du einen aus ner anderen Edition nehmen - die jetztige ist die San Degio Comic-Con Version

  6. Ein paar Karten sollte ich haben, muss ich aber erstmal durchgucken ;)

21 on Mono-Blue 1+1+1=7

2 weeks ago

You're welcome TKDbeast! I also forgot to mention Supreme Will when I was talking about digging cards and ways to recur them. To answer your other questions,

  1. Gifts Ungiven helps me get whatever I need at the moment. Am I short on blue mana? Ill get an Island, Snow-Covered Island,Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, etc. Do I have enough mana for Mindslaver lock and I have Academy Ruins on board, then I'll grab Mindslaver! It's one of those cards that is very useful for card advantage and can help me either close the gap or widen it even more.
  2. That choice is up to personal preference. Most Mono-Blue Tron Decks run about 7-9 creatures to make room for more spells and such, some people up to 11 creatures. I've talked to people that have cut out the mages for Fabricate since they both can be played only during your turn and it can be used again by Snapcaster Mage. But me personally I don't like to go below 7 or 8 creatures. It is true that they die to kill spells and can't be used again with Snapcaster Mage but, with the cheap cost it does help to get some early creature board presence. Same thing with Walking Ballista. Sure you can save him and make him huge later but other times it's just better to make a 1/1. You can grow him later or snipe something early and get him back with Academy Ruins.

stfl500 on Approach of the Friendless

2 weeks ago

I like the way this is looking a lot, huge improvement from the first version I saw! You're going with a card draw heavy variant which is fine and gets you to what you need faster and I especially like the addition of Supreme Will; counter spell early, digs for what you want later. I think you have a good control deck that can easily be upgraded later if that's what you want.

Because you mentioned above that you're using this deck to help you learn how to play control then I hope you don't mind me giving you 2 pieces of advice:

1) The first Approach of the Second Sun doesn't matter as much as the second since you don't need the first to resolve in order for the second to still win you the game

2) Be patient when playing control decks. Most things in your deck is instant speed so try to do as many things on your opponent's turn as possible. Control decks can be tough to play but very rewarding and oppressive if done correctly

Either way, I hope you have fun!

QuilavaUchiha on Let's Make Something Together!

2 weeks ago

Search for Azcanta  Flip might be good to combo with Phyrexian Arena. Supreme Will could push it further?

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