Supreme Will


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation Uncommon

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Supreme Will


Choose 1-

  • Counter target spell unless its controller pays 3.

  • Look at the top 4 cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Supreme Will Discussion

RowdyMagic18 on metagame update 7-23-17 (MetaWatch)

10 hours ago

Hi everyone, thanks so much for taking the time to read my first post of my new weekly forum series, MetaWatch.

Every weekend, I will cover the changes that have happened to the standard metagame in the last week, which decks are hot in standard, and a few decks in the metagame that we should watch in the next couple months.

So lets get started, here's the top 5 decks in the standard metagame as of 7-21-17

1st: WU Monument 11.27%

2nd: Mardu Vehicles: 10.8%

3rd: Blue Red Control: 7.51%

4th: Temur Energy: 7.04%

5th: GB energy: 5.63%

Notables: 7th Mono Black Zombies 4.69%

(Data from MTGGoldfish's metagame page)

Wow! UR Control has just overtaken Temur Energy for 3rd place in the metagame! Note that this deck wasn't even in the top 5 two months ago! This deck has really jumped up through the metagame and is now making a name for itself once again with HOU.

Some noteable cards from HOU in this deck are


with its ability to remove not only creatures, but vehicles as well, this card is a perfect fit for this deck.

Supreme Will:

a great counterspell one moment, but then acts like Anticipate another time.

Hour of Devastation:

Feel the ultimate power of the God Pharaoh!! No need for explanation, it's just good!

Because of this, I predict that UR control will continue to rise through the metagame and become one of the top decks in the metagame within the next couple months. Get your Negates ready!!

Another thing that I'm finding very interesting that I must point out is the fact that since the release of HOU, the metagame percentage for Mono Black Zombies has dropped almost 10% or more in two months! So with HOU now in effect, it appears that Mono Black Zombies are heading back to their graves to rest for a while.

Ok Rowdy we are bored, lets take a look at the top threats in standard.

WU Monument and Mardu Vehicles:

boasting almost a 3-4% lead over all the other decks in the metagame, Madru Vehicles and WU Monument seem to be the most popular decks in standard at the moment. I was thinking about these decks this morning while I was working on my deck, and realized that there is now a lot of big artifact threats now in standard. Cards like Oketra's Monument, Heart of Kiran, and Aethersphere Harvester are all dominating standard. So based of this, my first question for everyone is:

With these top threats, how are you getting your FNM decks, and Gameday decks ready to face off against these two decks?

Hope everyone enjoyed this addition of the MetaWatch, I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to read this.

I'll leave you with one final question.

With the Pro Tour and Gameday HOU coming up, what is everyone thinking about playing for Gameday and FNM tournaments?

That's all for now, can't wait to hear your responses, and if you have anything that you want me to cover next week for my next post, let me know, all imput is welcomed, but for now good luck on the battlefield everyone!

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

11 hours ago

taiga277677 im aware of Supreme Wills ability. What i was saying is it could allow me to "draw" into another instant. I do have 8 cycle cards in the deck with the cycle lands and more often then not i will be getting amazing card advantage late game between Rashmi, Eternities Crafter and As Foretold and am able to cycle them for something useful. Spontaneous Mutation isnt meant for a T1 drop, it's meant to be played T4 with As Foretolds ability. This is why im not viewing it as a removal slot but as a 1 drop slot (meaning replacing it with more expensive removal isnt what i want to do).

Reason / Believe i may replace with Spontaneous Mutation as it's card advantage and can cheat in a big creature. For oath i would already be running it but it doesnt hit As Foretold so it could throw that off of the top of your deck. Renegade is a maybe and i'll put in when theres an open slot in the deck.

Thanks I was worried about that as well but Glory-Bound Initiate fixed that for me with its big body and life gain. All you need to do with this deck is survive until T6 and at that point As Foretold has 3 counters and you can play 3 cards within a turn cycle (1 with your lands, 1 with foretold on your turn, and 1 with foretold on your opponents turn). The major thing about hitting 3 counters is you can play your counters for free. I've had opponents misplay cards because they were afraid of me casting a Disallow even tho my lands were tapped.

multimedia on Afflict Control

22 hours ago

This looks unique good job, +1

A powerful interaction with Wildfire Eternal's trigger is getting to cast Approach of the Second Sun for free.

I recommend you splash white for Approach. This can be achieved with only 4x Aether Hub and 2x Irrigated Farmland that's all you need because hard casting Approach is just a back-up plan and if you're hard casting it then it's late game.

My suggestion is to cut 2x Combustible Gearhulk and 1x Insult for 3x Approach and cut 3x Island, 3x Mountain for 4x Hub and 2x Farmland.

Supreme Will is better main deck than Disallow because it can dig for Eternal turn three while also being a counterspell for most of the game. Having options that can help you find Eternal before turn four seems pretty important because he's basically the deck. Currently you're depending on drawing Eternal every game which is realistically not going to happen.

I also recommend 4x Dispel in the sideboard to protect Eternal from instant removal.

Good luck with your deck.

taiga277677 on Shenanigans were Foretold

1 day ago

Supreme Will places them on the bottom of the deck for 2nd ability, not graveyard. It is also a turn 3 play. Spontaneous Mutation will not work well unless, for example, you run cycling, and even then that doesnt make it a good turn 1-2 play (might as well make it straight up removal past that like Stasis Snare, Declaration in Stone or Cast Out.

1 drops are lacking in these colors tho, the good removal 1 drops are in black and red atm :/ only other things i see for turn 1 play is Reason / Believe, Oath of Nissa, Narnam Renegade with that 1/2 deathtouch body, sideboard stuff (Blossoming Defense can be an option tho to protect a creature or trade up).

I like the deck tho, just skeptical(?) about there being enough early game plays as your curve is stacking a lot on 3 drops. Why i recommended selfess, you would have more on 2 drop curve.

multimedia on When Bolas has the tables turned...

1 day ago

Good ideas here, consider building around the synergies of Gift not using it as a plan B. +1

Consider Gate to the Afterlife to tutor for God-Pharaoh's Gift? It's the fastest and most efficient way to get Gift into play. Without playing Afterlife, Gift is a seven mana play which is unrealistic. Adding Afterlife means you also need to include a self milling strategy which is fine because Afterlife can tutor for Gift out of the graveyard. Self milling yourself makes it easier to actually have enough creatures to utilize Gift's reanimate ability once it's online.

Consider this 12x card self milling package (might need more self mill, but this is a start):

These cards let you put creatures into the graveyard and both Wits and Planning also either let you draw or dig. Rivulet is a land which you can sac to mill yourself, using lands that are part of your deck's strategy are very good. Wits is great with Gift because the first time it's cast it can draw as well as put creatures in the grave and then when reanimated its a 4/4 letting you draw 4 four cards when it enters play.

My suggestions are to include 4x Gate to the Afterlife to tutor for 3x Gift, the 12x card self milling package and 3-4x Angel of Sanctions as an excellent reanimate target for Gift who can act also as a removal spell.

To make room for these suggestions I would cut 4x Supreme Will, 3x Nissa's Renewal, 2x Hieroglyphic Illumination, 3x Declaration in Stone, 3x Island, 1x Forest, 2x Rishkar, Peema Renegade and 1x Cloudblazer.

For sideboard options I recommend using creatures who have good enter the battlefield abilities to take advantage of them with Gift. Manglehorn as artifact removal, Cataclysmic Gearhulk as a pseudo board wipe, Linvala, the Preserver to help stabilize. For non-creature spells, Refurbish can reanimate a destroyed Gift, Declaration in Stone for aggro, Cast Out for additional unconditional catch all removal and Negate to protect Gift.

Good luck with your deck.

Ares111123 on Shenanigans were Foretold

1 day ago

taiga277677 I've been looking at all the possible 1 drops that could go into this deck and none of them are standing out. Spontaneous Mutation will now have more cards backing it up with the addition of Supreme Will in more ways then one. Supreme Will itself will hit the graveyard after being cast as well as allow me to dig into my library and remove cards that wouldn't be helpful and pick up another Supreme Will or Disallow to keep adding to Spontaneous Mutation.

camarouge on Thing's 7/8, but nobody's Counting

2 days ago

The glaring flaw with Solemnity/Thing combo decks is the lack of any real pressure to your opponent before a Solemnity comes into play. I use a build with 4x Anticipate and 4x Supreme Will so lots and lots of digging but I still get games where I can go 20-30 cards deep and not even draw one of my 4 Solemnitys. It's a big problem.

For this reason I've been toying with the idea of including Diabolic Tutor, luckily reprinted in Kaladesh, although that seems super slow to me. Also, this deck is 3 colors already, I'd say screw and go 4 for Claim//Fame because it's a great combo with a solemnity in play and a thing in the yard.

Unicornsareevil on Cheaty Cycling

2 days ago

First Standard Tournament Results

Round one: W/U control. (Not monument)Game one - Found the combo relatively quick and won. Was concerned about about my Cunning Survivor getting tapped by his Fan Bearer but luckily he was tapped out when New Perspectives entered the battlefield.Game two - Sided in Countervailing Winds for Haze of Pollen. Pulled of the combo again and won.(2-0)

Round two: B/W Zombies.Game one - Got run over fast. Without either combo piece and missed land drops meant the combo flopped.Game two - No sideboard. Had a faster hand but the zombies were too fast. Managed to pull a Haze of Pollen during one attack saving 6 life but a In Oketra's Name from the opponent the next turn killed me.(0-2)

Round three: R/B/U/W/G Planeswalkers.Game one - Seemed pretty even but ended in a lose. The game started slow for both despite the turn three As Fortold by the opponent. I waited a couple of turns before playing New Perspectives while Cunning Survivor was out so that i could afford a Censor.I did pull of the combo but Cunning Survivor only became a 15/3 after i got stuck with three New Perspectives, three Cunning Survivors and four basic lands in hand.Game two = Sided in Shadowstorm Vizier for Haze of Pollen. The second game was not as slow after my opponent used Deploy the Gatewatch and got a Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and a Nissa, Voice of Zendikar out. I played Shefet Monitor to try and kill them but it kept getting blocked by plants. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. game ended when he hit me for seven with Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh -4 ability and played another copy of Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and hit for another seven. (yes he did sac the old one.)(0-2)

So the deck went 1-2 overall. I didn't expect much from it but wanted to see what the consistency of the combo was.

I found that i need Supreme Will to protect or dig for New Perspectives. Some removal would be great but there is none with cycling, unfortunately. Control seems to be my LGS's metta at the moment with almost half of the decks being R/B/U bolas control. For this reason i'm considering putting Haze of Pollen in the sideboard since it only stops some aggro decks. Also wondering if Canyon Slough and Sheltered Thicket would be worth adding to splash for Sweltering Suns. it would be risky and would remove Beneath the Sands from the deck but would increase the number of cycling cards.

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