Creeping Chill


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Creeping Chill


Creeping Chill deals 3 damage to each opponent and you gain 3 life.

When Creeping Chill is put into your graveyard from your library, you may exile it. If you do, Creeping Chill deals 3 damage to each opponent and you gain 3 life.

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Creeping Chill Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

2 weeks ago

Paradoxical Paradox Engine

Legendary Artifact

If X is less than this spell's converted mana cost, exile it.

Paradoxical Paradox Engine enters the battlefield with X paradox counters on it.

Whenever you cast a spell, untap all permanents you control. Then, tap a permanent with converted mana cost X or less. It doesn't untap during it's controller's untap step.

"It's like looking down a hallway of mirrors... in the reflection of an outside mirror... in a different hallway of mirrors..."

That was a hard one to top, so I just added back onto it.

Make the Spider Horror that is in the artwork of Creeping Chill (The shadow that appears on the wall)

cdkime on Can you use an ability ...

2 weeks ago

One additional point of clarification--the way I read this is you wanted to surveil, put Creeping Chill into the graveyard as part of this surveil, and thus implicate its second ability.

Rhadamanthus has already explained why this would not work, but just to be clear, this would not be "casting" Creeping Chill . Creeping Chill 's merely triggers, exiles the card, and results in the same effect as if it had been cast. At no point is the card itself put on the stack, only its ability.

Zashman32 on Can you use an ability ...

3 weeks ago

I have 1 life left and I have a Doom Whisperer in play. Can I pay 2 life to surveil and cast a Creeping Chill which would then bring me to 2 life, and deal 3 to my opponent winning me the game.

wallisface on to Dredge or to Human

3 weeks ago

imo i'd be going with Dredge - considering you already have Spirits, Dredge feels like a more distinctly different deck than that of Humans, which shares a lot of similarities with Spirits.

I used to have both a Humans (albeit not 5-colour) as well as a Dredge deck, and ended up just dismantling the Humans because it just wasn't particularly fun for me - so I guess you need to factor in which deck will give you the most enjoyment playing also.

In terms of your 3 criteria: 1 -Resilient: Dredge will always be the more fragile of the two due to virtually every competitive deck ever including some form of graveyard hate in their sideboard (if not main). All the Arclight Phoenix nonsense probably only increases the quantity of hate cards in the meta right now. But Dredge, despite this, has managed to remain a competitive nightmare for people to face. And in that it poses an interesting puzzle as far as figuring out how to hose the stuff people will be bringing to hose you. So still fairly resilient really, just expect a lot of hate cards. Humans obviously get a much easier time, but all it takes is a board-wipe for them to be in a struggling position. Overall i'd say there's far less cards/decks that hose them though, and in general they're probably more resilient.

2 -Will get better over time: It's hard to say. Wizards are obviously very scared of making Dredge too strong, and aren't trying to build cards to strengthen it. Despite this, we've seen new toys for Dredge in almost every recent set. The great thing is that whatever set gets released, there'll always be some graveyard nonsense to look forward to, though you can probably only expect a card (or if you're lucky two) per set to be worth considering for anything. Humans will have tons of differing cards printed, because it's pretty hard for Wizards not to. However i'm convinced the viable/competitive quantities human-cards printed going forwards is going to drop. They'll start using other creature types for particularly string cards imo (conspiracists could argue this has already started looking at some of the pushed humanoid-looking-but-not-actually-human cards in ravnica). I don't think Wizards want to break Modern, and probably consider these aspects when choosing creature typings... now that Humans are a thing competitively, we may see them lower the amount of good human cards they print. Or not, who knows.

3 -Good against Jund, Tron, and Shadow: I can't give too much insight into how Humans pair up against these decks, as my human deck wasn't the full 5-colour variant and was missing a lot of the stronger control pieces. I can say how Dredge fairs though. Jund I would say is almost an insta-win. If they have a way to bin your grave it's an issue, but usually the biggest threat is Scavenging Ooze. The rest of their deck is bad card against you though. Lili just lets you move cards from your hand to your grave-hand, and a lot of their kill spells are worthless when you're bringing everyone back. Dredge probably has advantage against both Tron and Shadow, though more narrowly, in that it can race either one of them and potentially even end the game before they get going (obviously you need to be a bit careful gambling with Shadow). With Creeping Chill being a thing now, you can quite happily just charge in guns-blazing and secure a win pretty quickly. Tron is probably the most iffy matchup, but it really depends on whether they can disrupt your grave long enough to get started.

coltron518 on to Dredge or to Human

3 weeks ago

tpmains: you forgot Creeping Chill for dredge.

hungry000 on lava spike, vorpalaxe

4 weeks ago

Browbeat is in its own category, as it can't be called strictly burn or card advantage, while Light Up the Stage always gives you card advantage and is really good card advantage at that. Their effective cmcs are different as well (3 vs 1). The point is, just because a card is ever so slightly reminiscent of another card doesn't mean you can compare the two. And I firmly stand by the fact that it's a good card.

The inability to play Skewer the Critics on turn 1 is not a suitable justification for why it's worse; it does not matter which turn you play a burn spell by (within reason) as long as it is cheap and deals damage, as your goal is to get your opponent down to 0 as efficiently as possible (generally a cost:dmg ratio of 1:3). In regards to cost efficiency, Skewer the Critics and Rift Bolt are equal, as they both deal 3 damage for 1 mana. After this point, though, Skewer is superior than R. Bolt because it deals damage immediately. This is relevant in many common situations. If, for example, your opponent is at 6 health with a lethal board state and you have a Lightning Bolt in hand and 3 lands in play, a Skewer on top of your library would give you a win whereas a Rift Bolt topdeck would result in your untimely death. Of course, there are situations where you can't activate Spectacle and it's bad, but generally I believe Skewer the Critics to be better. Rift Bolt aside, I just remembered you have Shard Volley s in your deck, and I'm 93% certain that Skewer is better than that. It even dodges Chalice, unlike Shard Volley.

You say you're not afraid of graveyard decks, but have you seen the things Arclight Phoenix decks can do? They are able to easily outrace Burn with a good hand, and Dredge decks all play Creeping Chill now, which looks unassuming but can gain them 12 life in a game against Burn (though mono r doesn't actually have any way to deal with it).

I feel that the additional speed Guide/Swiftspear give you early on is far more important than the slightly (and may I stress the SLIGHTLY) higher probability of drawing direct damage that the two copies of Viashino Pyromancer give you. I'd also like to add that 8 cards do not make up a large percentage of a 60 card deck and that playing those 8 cards won't in any way result in a very high chance of not drawing direct damage when you need it.

wallisface on Pattern Recognition #96 - Custom ...

1 month ago

< removed nonsense >

Edit - sorry i'm an idiot, I didn't read the word exile

Dete on BIRDS

1 month ago

first thing Creeping Chill is not pauper legal and it can be used in this deck since its black, Expel from Orazca is not legal either.

good card for them to replace are :High Tide, Distant Melody, Airborne Aid, Shared Discovery, Mizzium Skin, Gigadrowse, Sage's Row Denizen, Rhystic Study, any of the cantrips. theres a bit of protection, control and card draw. but i suggest you take out Sudden Storm, Aerial Formation, Piracy Charm, Hubris, Jace's Scrutiny, Refocus, Reach Through Mists, Tidal Bore. for more useful cards like Gush, Hoodwink, Man-o'-War, Snap, Volrath's Curse, Relic of Progenitus and more counters like Dream Fracture, Faerie Trickery, Arcane Denial, Logic Knot oh and See Beyond seems like a good enough hand filter.

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Creeping Chill occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0,02%

Glint-Eye: 0,84%


All decks: 0,03%

Dimir: 0,28%