Darksteel Axe


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Common
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Uncommon
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Uncommon

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Darksteel Axe

Artifact — Equipment

Darksteel Axe is indestructible. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it.)

Equipped creature gets +2/+0.

Equip 2

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Darksteel Axe Discussion

Barito on Darksteel Family (MODERN)

6 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions DeRotto17 and xyr0s.

Unfortunately Nevinyrral's Disk is not modern legal.

My idea behind Worldslayer is to get out Phylactery Lich, place the phylactery counter on an indestructible artifact, and then equip Worldslayer to Phylactery Lich. I know the auras get destroyed, but I find it more beneficial to wipe the board of all potential threats and still having Phylactery Lich attack alone from there on out. Rogue's Passage helps trigger the Worldslayer effect and Darksteel Axe can be equipped to Phylactery Lich as well.

I agree Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas could go well with this deck and could probably replace Darksteel Pendant. The only reason it is not currently in here is because of money. I would like to add them eventually to see how well they do.

Drakorya on Robocopters - UR Artifacts

1 week ago

Cool deck.

If you add a bit of black, you could run Tezzeret's Touch as another 4 copies of Ensoul Artifact.

Also, have you thought at all about using any of the darksteel artifacts that are indestructible? Like Darksteel Axe and Darksteel Relic?

PartyJ on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

2 weeks ago

Hello Gleeock,

thanks for the review here. In the past I played with Scorched Ruins, but land destruction is something common here. Everyone runs Strip Mine. If they strip this one, than I get a serious blow. But on the otherhand, it is indeed great ramp. How do you feel about this, knowing that strip mines are common here?

Hi CrimsonWings3689,

thanks for sharing your input. I am curious on your stance after my answers;

Cultivator's Caravan : Basically for 3 mana you get to draw a card and get 1 mana available in return. With ramp for the next turns as a result. I feel this is something that helps me equip faster midgame.

Myth Realized : acts as a backup plan. Mainly to make him a bloker on instant speed when needed. It's a try, since I didnt get to play him yet. But I do not plan on equipping him that often. But perhaps it's too narrow to keep?

Opal Palace : Since colorless mana is not a real issue in this deck, then what do I have to lose if I do not use that second ability that often?

Darksteel Axe is on the chopping block and I agree with you about its ineffectiveness for Sram. Basilisk Collar lost its place in the past, but I can see it return for this build again.

Empyrial Plate : This card had some great plays in my deck. I am a fan of it!

Strata Scythe : Although you sac a land, it's still gives lots of value and in our playgroup there are several white players boosting me too :-)


CrimsonWings3689 on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

2 months ago

As requested, Throwing my 2 cents in for your build.

Short version: Having 30 equipments feels like it's too dense when you have so few actual creatures, for support or otherwise. If anyone manages to remove/kill Sram more than 3 times, you're probably dead in the water. You have enough ramp to potentially get there, but if Sram isn't on the field, you're probably getting killed within a few turns as their recovery potential should be greater than yours without one of the major 3+ mana producing artifacts.

Long version:

Cultivator's Caravan - To be honest, I feel this should just be a land. It's ramp that you have to pay mana to play, when it's crew ability is for worst case scenario and you have to equip it at an inefficient rate. This should at the very least be Pearl Medallion for cost reduction.

Myth Realized - The successive equip cost makes this prohibitive in my mind. having to continually reequip this after board wipes and such is possible, but it's investment of casting spells/equipments, activating the enchantment to be a monk, equipping, etc. seems highly inefficient when your mana ratio is as thin as it is.

Opal Palace - I don't believe that you'll have the mana necessary to use the 2nd ability and equip with protection with the limited mana base you have.

Darksteel Axe - Indestructible is great, cheap cost is great too, but it's not an effective deterrent. Basilisk Collar seems a better option, and would improve your longevity vs attacks against you when you don't have much in the way of attackers/blockers.

Empyrial Plate - I understand that you will be drawing with Sram, but with your low cmc average, shouldn't it be relatively easy to drop more equipments quickly?

Strata Scythe - I feel like exiling a plains when your mana base is already so thin is dangerous and unreliable. If there were more plains to pull it would be more consistent.

Shleptar on Damned Devotion

2 months ago

@RingweMakil thanks man. Do you have any tips on how to run this deck on a budget? Are Vampire Nighthawk's strong enough to fit in here as a replacement for some pricey cards like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet? I was also thinking about running Phylactery Lich with maybe some Darksteel Axe's, but I tend to make decks slower and more on the control side where i don't think black shines the best.

PartyJ on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

2 months ago

Hi Gleeock. Thanks for your indepth comment. I had the exact same feeling the last 2 games when I had Conviction in my hand. So this card is surely on the chopping block. The other options I will review for my next update. Thanks! I will be at your deck soon too...

Hey Stefouch. Darksteel Axe is surely on the bottom of the list when it comes to effective equipment. After many games I felt that the amount of equipment/auras feels pretty well tuned. So this card, along with a few others like the one above, now function as a placeholder for when new equipment has been spoiled.

Paradox Engine untaps 10 targets. But with so much carddraw going on, I usually get a few out during a game. Only ones I had the engine on the board yet and that time it was bonkers, as I made a streak of casting 6 cards in a turn. Preferably I should even add a few extra rocks to get the most out of it. You got any suggestions regarding this?

Myth Realized : This is a short story. Usually we have games here with 4 or 5 players involved. Since Voltron is pretty lacking in multiplayer, I needed some sort of backup plan to last longer. Because doing the 21 damage to one player is pretty easy. But doing this 4 times to grab the win is a whole other story. When my playgroup sees me with this deck, they figured by now that I am dangerous if not dealt with after I whack the first player. And as a result they start gangraping me as soon as things turn dire for them. If you commander does not have vigilance, they overrun me... if they manage to tap my commander, they overrun me... But this is where Myth Realized can help me alot. Because its an enchantment, its harder to deal with. And when I need him as creature I can instantly 'activate' him. Because I am casting and drawing many spells, the counters on this enchantment fly high, which will deter most players of attacking me, since I can potentially have a huge critter to defend. So it's more of a big wall. In one game I was facing the last 2 opponents. I attacked one for the 21 commander damage and the other got a 19/19 critter on his roof simultaneously, which I gave some protection with equipment too. Solid win as you can imagine.... so in the end. It does not synergize at all.... but the first experiences did gave me more survivability in a multiplayer game..... ofcource if you are lucky enough to find it.

Alhammarret's Archive : I share your opinion after a few games with it. It's on the chopping block as of now.

I will be reviewing yor deck too. Thanks for your thoughts!

Stefouch on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

2 months ago

I really like your take on this deck! Way more equipment pieces than my own Sram. You gave me ideas to reforge my list!!

Few questions:

Suns_Champion on Sigarda, best Voltron

2 months ago

Hello! I see that you have 111 cards in the deck, so here's 11 possible cuts for you to consider!

Argentum Armor - Cost 12 mana to get going.

Darksteel Axe - Just okay.

Dauntless Escort - Selfless Spirit is better. You also have enough indestructible effects

Eldrazi Displacer - Sure, you have a few good ETB effects, but not enough to focus on it. You also don't have as many colorless sources of mana.

Karmic Guide - Sigarda should be your focus and she doesn't go to the yard.

Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist - Neat effect, but do you really have room for a taxes or pillowfort sub-theme? Does this win you games?

Regal Behemoth - Better ways to draw cards. Mirari's Wake does the mana thing sooner.

Thrun, the Last Troll - I think you have too many people competing for the voltron spot.

Ulvenwald Hydra - Doesn't do much at the top of your curve.

And finally, I'd say cut two lands. 39 seems like a lot.

Sweet deck friend. +1

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