Creature — Elemental Incarnation

Double strike

When this enters the battlefield, this deals 4 damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or planeswalkers.

Evoke—Exile a red card from your hand. (You may cast this for its evoke cost instead of its mana cost. If you do, this is sacrificed when this enters the battlefield.)

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Fury Discussion

zapyourtumor on Skred prison

7 hours ago

Back when I used to play some modern mono-red prison (rip best monke) Chandra TOD carried me so hard.

I'm not sure whether Goblin Rabblemaster is good enough anymore (I used to play it but that was when I ran 4x bridge mainboard and it could get under bridge). I agree with Onyx77, Seasoned Pyromancer is a very strong card in the 3 drop slot which lets you bin dead cards for new cards, makes some tokens, and also just straight up lets you draw two if you have no cards in hand.

Fury is another very strong card for mono-red prison. Basically a pseudo-sweeper, it's a free spell that can knock out multiple of your opponents creatures/walkers making it usually a 2 for 2 or even 2 for 3, and lets you exile dead cards from your hand like Blood Moon.

zapyourtumor on Ponza

1 week ago

Elder Gargaroth seems like a really slow threat. I'd replace it with some Seasoned Pyromancer, which is just a really good card and you can also pitch it to Fury.

wallisface on Zombie Bombardment

3 weeks ago

Zombie-Bombardment generally don’t need/want Aether Vial, as they’re an aggro deck at heart and vial tends to slow them down (as well as giving you less zombies to swing with).

I can highly recommend running Fury mainboard - the card gives the deck a heap of free-wins.

nbarry223 on No Land Challenge It Definitely Has To Be Affinity

1 month ago

I'd say that evoke cards where you exile a card to pay the cost, like Fury and its cycle, the Force of Vigor cycle, the Nourishing Shoal cycle are all some solid options here.

Paradise Mantle would definitely be a solid option as a free card that could potentially do something for you, but I'm struggling to think up a way to get that one mana without lands to equip, since Mox Opal and Simian Spirit Guide are both banned. Leyline of Abundance might be worth considering as well, but it's probably not that amazing, since you'd only have the mantle to enable it.

Ah - Chancellor of the Tangle

Ok, now that you can produce some mana, you could potentially do some really stupid stuff, not sure how far down the rabbit hole you want to go though.

I'd say a solid enabler as well would be Wild Cantor since it is two colors for your free cards if you decide to go that route, and it could store your mana from Chancellor of the Tangle

You could also now play Aether Vial to cheat stuff in.

There's lots of convoke cards begging to be broken as well, and you can get black creatures out in the form of Salvage Titan, so that's just something to think about.

If you were willing to play some of the flip lands that are technically not lands, I'm sure you could do some crazy convoluted stuff and win with Laboratory Maniac without lands, but it would no longer be an affinity deck, and you could argue it did technically have lands. I'm thinking convoke Endless Obedience into Angel of Glory's Rise after basically dumping your deck into the graveyard.

That's a far cry from the current build of the deck, so I'm just mentioning it instead of suggesting it.

joschang01 on Updated Modern Belcher

1 month ago

It’s pretty confusing, but it is a “Doomsday” combo that can be set up in Turn 3 and start/kill Turn 4.

Turn 3: Cast Recross the Paths, as the card resolves you reveal your entire library to show there are no lands. Since the card says “…put the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in any order…”, you get to order the deck to:

After stacking your deck, you clash with your opponents and reveal Turntimber Symbiosis  Flip, put it on the bottom of your library, and put Recross the Paths back into your hand.

Turn 4:

In your draw step, draw and reveal Reforge the Soul to trigger miracle and cast it. Draw:

Now we should have one untapped land, follow the steps below:

  1. Play Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass  Flip untapped
  2. Cast Pact of the Titan
  3. Cast Infernal Plunge, sacrificing the 4/4 Giant; 3 Red floating, 1 lands Untapped
  4. Cast Pyromancer Ascension; 2 Red Floating
  5. Cast Manamorphose, add 1 Red and 1 Green, draw the third Manamorphose; 1 Red 1 Green floating
  6. Cast second Manamorphose, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, put 1 counter on it, add 1 Red 1 Green, draw the fourth Manamorphose; 1 Red 1 Green floating
  7. Cast third Manamorphose, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, put the second counter on it, add 1 Red 1 Green, draw Bala Ged Recovery  Flip; 1 Red 1 Green floating
  8. Cast fourth Manamorphose, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, resolve Pyromancer Ascension and put a copy on the stack

    2 Red 2 Green floating

  9. Cast Desperate Ritual, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, resolve Pyromancer Ascension and put a copy on the stack, resolve both 6 Red 2 Green floating

  10. Cast Bala Ged Recovery  Flip targeting Manamorphose, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, resolve Pyromancer Ascension and put a copy on the stack. The copy will target Desperate Ritual, resolve both spells 4 Red 1 Green Floating

  11. Cast Manamorphose, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, resolve Pyromancer Ascension and put a copy on the stack

    • The first will add 2 Red and draw the second Bala Ged Recovery  Flip
    • The second will add 2 Green and draw anything 4 Red 3 Green Floating
  12. Cast Desperate Ritual with Splice Onto Arcane with the second Desperate Ritual, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, resolve Pyromancer Ascension and add a copy. Resolve both add 12 Red 12 Red 3 Green Floating

  13. Cast second Bala Ged Recovery  Flip targeting Desperate Ritual, trigger Pyromancer Ascension, resolve Pyromancer Ascension, make a copy targeting a Bala Ged Recovery  Flip, resolve both 9 Red 2 Green Floating

  14. Repeat step 12 to add 12 Red mana 19 Red 2 Green Floating

  15. Cast Bala Ged Recovery  Flip to return Manamorphose and Bala Ged Recovery  Flip

    17 Red 1 Green Floating

  16. Cast Manamorphose, add 4 green draw 2;

    15 Red 5 Green Floating

  17. Repeat step 13, return Desperate Ritual and a Bala Ged Recovery  Flip

At this point, steps 12-17 will loop and lead to an arbitrarily large amount of mana and card draw. With that you can do a bunch of wonky things including:

For the record, I don’t play belcher, but I learned the combo after getting belched so many times haha

Exit777 on Baby's on fire - Delina ETBs

1 month ago

MichaaaR I definitely want the Pyro, I just can't (or don't want to) afford it :D

There are a few budget cuts actually, including Terror of the Peaks for example. I only included Fury since I think I've got one lying around and I'm still considering cutting Commander's Plate and Splinter Twin because I definitely don't own them already

Balaam__ on The SHUT UP BRINGER Combo

1 month ago

I really like this, but my knowledge of the rules isn’t the greatest—so I have a question. Isn’t Evoke just an alternate way to cast something, so wouldn’t Fury still have to be sacrificed after it enters play? I was under the impression that when Evoke creatures get sac’d it isn’t because of an inherent ETB effect, but was directly linked to the Evoke cost. I really don’t have a firm enough grasp of the rules to have a firm stance in the matter though, so if I’m wrong please explain why.

Poseidon31 on Nine Lives (modern)

1 month ago

Fury and Solitude would be the equivalent to Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile. BUT it is every time a 2 for 1. Your spell and your exiled card for the target you want to be removed. Fury could be a 2 for 4, so thats not that bad, but not in all cases.

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