Nature's Lore

Nature's Lore


Search your library for a Forest card and put that card onto the battlefield., then shuffle your library.

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eliakimras on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

6 days ago

Hey! Kinda late, but I would like to suggest some stuff:

(Disclaimer: I have a budget way lower than yours, but I've been tinkering with Ghired for almost two years - he's my favorite commander. I'll break the suggested upgrades down into categories for better organization.)

Haste enablers:

Ramp: Run at least 15 ramp cards to make your deck flow smoother and faster.

Direct damage:

Extra combats: You don't have to worry about your opponents' answers if they never get to their turn, so...


Card draw: Alongside ramp, it is my main concern with Ghired. I want to be able to rebuild my board after a boardwipe.

  • Garruk's Uprising is a better Colossal Majesty, even giving evasion to your creatures.

  • I believe that Camaraderie can be substituted for Shamanic Revelation as the latter cost less mana. Mouth / Feed is another option that creates its own big token. Return of the Wildspeaker can either draw cards or buff creatures for an alpha strike.

  • Keeper of Fables triggers all other power-based card draw, while giving easy draw triggers to all your trampling creatures. Elder Gargaroth is a buffed, more versatile version of it. And remember: both can be cloned for extra juicy draw or extra tokens.

  • Sylvan Library is an overall great card filter for your regular draws. It gets better with shufflers like fetchlands and tutors.

  • Since your deck is focused on attacking and getting extra combat steps, Etali, Primal Storm might be a fun way to play your opponents' cards while lowering their life points.

Some cards I suggest you to remove:

  • Sundering Growth: you already have enough flexible removal. You will almost never be in a situation in which the token to copy and the artifact/enchantment to remove are optimal choices. Since you're running Eladamri's Call, Reclamation Sage might be worth including (and cloned for the enjoyment of your friends).
  • Starnheim Unleashed: one token is too little for a whole card slot in the deck. If you're foretelling, it costs a lot of mana to be worthwhile. The game might be over before that.
  • Growing Ranks: waiting a whole rotation to get a token which does not even have haste is not ideal.
  • Ghired's Belligerence, Full Flowering: good for a late game play, mostly dead until then. I like those, but I removed them in favor of more mid-game cards, since I might not last until 9+ mana.
  • Trostani, Selesnya's Voice: while on-theme, it does little to advance your win condition.
  • Thunderfoot Baloth: not an amazing buff. Your creatures are big already, and Garruk's Uprising takes care of the evasion.
  • Feldon of the Third Path: all-star when there is a lot of graveyard filling - there is none in this deck. (I really tried to keep him on my deck because I like the card, but most of the time there was no creature in my graveyard.)
  • Eldrazi Displacer: are you using it for a combo? I couldn't identify it.

Some cool lands for you to try out: (landbase is my favorite part of deckbuilding)

I hope I've been of some help to you. I didn't suggest many token-related cards because I believe that, as long as you have decent ramp, draw and removal in your deck, you can win to your heart's content. Wanna throw in a Godsire? Do it. Prefer to clone your opponents' creatures with Hate Mirage? Go ahead. But the fundamentals of the deck is what makes it flow consistently. Have fun and smash 'em all (and run Doubling Season for extra fun) ;-)

Gidgetimer on How Good are the New …

1 week ago

The slow lands are unplayable in Modern and Legacy, the only other format that I play enough to have thoughts on is EDH and oh boy do I have some thoughts. The TL;DR is that I agree with Gleeock's assessment on power.

Lets preface this by saying that I play on the higher end of casual. I am primarily a combo player and enjoy doing "unfair" stuff in a game, but by no means am I kidding myself that I am playing cEDH. Slow lands are also unplayable in cEDH and I know this.

In a 6-10 turn sub-hour long game of EDH slowlands are perfectly playable. They become even more playable the slower your meta is. Any keepable hand is going to guarantee that they come in untapped if you draw them, if one is in the opener it isn't a huge deal to play it tapped turn 1.

My positive opinion of slow lands may also come from the fact that when it comes to deck building I am more of a tuner than a brewer. So, card assessment happens in context of a deck, not in a complete vacuum. My typical deck is 2 or 3 colors. It contains enough lands with basic types that I don't need more fetch/Nature's Lore/Farseek targets for fixing, but few enough that any two lands is a much smaller ask than a land with one of two specific basic types. Basic count is low enough that tangos aren't ideal. Any of the "guildgate with a minor upside" have the downside of ALWAYS coming in tapped and so are going to be placed lower than slow lands.

If pressed (and I am pressing myself because you asked people's opinions on how good slow lands are) in my decks in my EDH meta I would put my top 10 2 color land cycles as:

  1. Fetches

  2. ABUR Duals (Never personally going to have any)

  3. Shocks

  4. Battlebond Lands

  5. Filters

  6. Pain Lands

  7. Horizon Lands

  8. Slow Lands

  9. Check Lands

  10. Fast Lands

Honorable mention of Tango Lands in case someone has a problem with fetches on my list of 2 color land cycles.

bushido_man96 on I said the REAL One Punch Man.

2 weeks ago

To help your ramp, you could go heavy on one-mana dorks, including Birds of Paradise and Elvish Mystic, and then some two-mana land ramp spells, like Nature's Lore and Three Visits.

I like your approach here. I think if it were me, I'd lean more into an Enchantress approach to Voltron. In fact, that may be my next deck!

Omniscience_is_life on How Good are the New …

2 weeks ago

EDH perspective first:

imo they're VERY situational. I don't think they are by any means auto-includes, even in decks with very color-intensive costs. Not being able to play one T2 and thusly cast a ramp spell that same turn is a MAJOR disadvantage, and their lack of fetchability (in a landscape of fetchlands, slow fetchlands, Farseeks, Nature's Lores, Three Visitss) makes the tangolands ("battlelands" as they appear to also be called) seem above and beyond this new cycle.

Since commander is an increasingly fast format, I honestly don't think folks should be running lands that don't activate until T3. Again, it puts you miles behind to not be able to ramp on T2 on the back of one of these things. At least with the tangos (battlelands), you can fetch one T1, guarantee the downside of ETB'ing tapped is mitigated, and ramp off it T2.

In addition--the bond lands exist! Rejuvenating Springs, Spectator Seating, etc are infinitely better than this cycle, and not even that expensive atm (pick them up now, WotC is shit at reprinting good land cycles).

Ok. Now for some other-format perspectives...

In Historic, the only place I could see these is in Jeskai or Grixis control, maybe Esper control too. Past that, they just seem too slow for what is essentially a T5 format these days.

DemMeowsephs on First Is The Best! (An EDH First Sliver Deck)

2 weeks ago

Hey there! Not sure how your mana-base is faring, but here are a few suggestions, as manabases in a five color deck can be very difficult.


Run all of the tri lands! I hate tap lands, trust me, but with the first sliver at the head I'm willing to bet you want him out as fast as possible. You're running most of them, but I'd recommend getting your hands on the others: Arcane Sanctum, Jungle Shrine, Nomad Outpost, and Sandsteppe Citadel.

Of course, the Ikora triomes would be awesome, but they can be a bit much per land if you have a smaller budget. For reference, here they are: Savai Triome, Ketria Triome, Indatha Triome, Raugrin Triome, Zagoth Triome.

Not sure how you feel about these, but something else to consider would be the 5 panoramas from wherever it was they were first printed. Having that choice of fetch without spending money on the big fetches can be a really big asset in many games: Naya Panorama, Jund Panorama, Grixis Panorama, Esper Panorama, and Bant Panorama.

Semi-Expensive Side

I'm sure you're aware of these, but in case you aren't, there are of course the expensive duals and fetch lands. The fetches (like for example, Bloodstained Mire) are incredibly powerful. They give you the power of choice between yes, the two colors, but beyond that virtually any color you wanted if you ran all the shock lands (like Stomping Ground). If you drew that Bloodstained Mire and needed a green, you could fetch Stomping Ground and boom, you have it. Of course, that is quite a lot of money, but if you weren't aware of them, it's a good thing to keep in mind. On a side note, the fetches are even more extremely powerful as they go to your graveyard, allowing you to recur them (with say, Ramunap Excavator) and get tons of landfall triggers per turn.


You don't seem to have too much ramp in the deck besides the 3 green guys and a bit of Artifact ramp. Not sure how much you need more, but some I'd recommend are Fellwar Stone, Ornithopter of Paradise, Three Visits/Nature's Lore if you add the shock lands (like Stomping Ground, etc., then you can use these to find any color), Noble Hierarch, Ignoble Hierarch, Bloom Tender (adds one of each when big sliver is out!!), Birds of Paradise, definitely Arcane Signet, Sylvan Caryatid, etc. The dorks aren't slivers, but they are really really crucial in adding any color. It is a bit much of green though, which is probably not something you want to do, so maybe pick and choose wisely- especially if you replace the green ones I mentioned before (maybe not all of them). Let me know if you'd like some more of these kinds of ramp suggestions.

Anyways, I've got some stuff to do so I'll leave it at that for now- I'm not gonna read through this so sorry for any grammar errors too. Hope some of this is helpful, and insightful. Feel free to check out some of my decks (main one is Double Trouble EDH ⫸PRIMER⫷), and let me know if you have any questions or want some help. Best of luck with your deck, and have a wonderful evening.

edit: most of the slivers and all look good there's a couple things I'd swap no biggies, small things like maybe consider Kindred Discovery or Toski if you like Bident of Thassa) but that looks all good!

bushido_man96 on Close the beaches #seamonsters

2 weeks ago

If you're looking to capitalize on the landfall theme more, I recommend more land ramp to get the triggers. I'd ditch the Simic Signet for another spell like Nature's Lore or Kodama's Reach/Cultivate. I'd ditch Jungle Basin and Coral Atoll for some other fetch lands like Bant Panorama and Naya Panorama. Gush is a fantastic draw spell in a deck like this. Psychosis Crawler is a great payoff for drawing a bunch of cards.

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