Relentless Raptor


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon

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Relentless Raptor

Creature — Dinosaur

Vigilance Relentless Raptor attacks or blocks each combat if able.

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Relentless Raptor Discussion

FullmetalWes on Angry Dinos

2 weeks ago

I see you have Kinjalli's Sunwing in maybe board and I think it's good enough for main. I'm also surprised to not see Relentless Raptor, Huatli, Warrior Poet and Sky Terror. Good luck!

Hexaflexagon on Aggro R/W Dino [WIP for RIX]

1 month ago

I'm going to hand this to you straight: Relentless Raptor Sucks. You have to attack and block with it every single turn, even if you don't want to. My suggestions:

Take out a Raptor for a land like Clifftop Retreat or another Inspiring Vantage. You're low on land anyway

Saljen on Primal Calamity

2 months ago

Looks good man. Here's some card suggestions, mostly on the cheap:

Oblation - shuffle opponents commanders, or whatever else

Swiftfoot Boots - your commander will be a removal target, give him hexproof

Sol Ring - Every EDH deck should have this card

Illusionist's Bracers - Every time you activate your commanders abilities, this gives you the same affect a second time

Keen Sense / Snake Umbra - These pair with your commanders' Lightning Bolt ability. Each time you bolt, you draw

Basilisk Collar - This also works with the bolt ability. Turns the bolt into "Destroy target creature, gain 3 life"

Oblivion Ring - solid catch-all removal

Gratuitous Violence - Double the damage of your bolt ability and the damage of your creatures

Temur Sabertooth - If you have 12 lands, your commander, and this guy in play you get infinite mana, meaning you win the game.

Rampaging Baloths - one of the best landfall guys

Mina and Denn, Wildborn - Play extra lands, gives trample to creatures, and lets you return lands to activate landfall more

Darien, King of Kjeldor - just an awesome white bomb I ran across

Angel of Serenity - Kill everybody's commander, or temporarily remove any other threatening creature

Acidic Slime - solid removal that serves double duty

Harmonize - great green draw spell

Grow from the Ashes, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Nissa's Renewal, Peregrination, Untamed Wilds - all solid pieces of ramp. Your 2 CMC ramping elves are pretty slow and weak to removal/board wipes. Plus, using land ramp rather than creature ramp increases your commander's utility when it comes into play and makes getting that infinite mana combo easier. With infinite mana, you win the game if your commander is out and no one can remove it at instant speed.

Some of the weaker cards that I'd suggest removing: Akroan Hoplite, Polis Crusher, Relentless Raptor, Sylvan Primordial (this card is banned in EDH), Budoka Gardener, Quirion Elves, Skyshroud Elf, Sylvan Caryatid.

Kayldan95 on Red Dinosaurs

3 months ago

Hey dude sorry but this deck isnt commander legal because of Relentless Raptor

razelfark on

4 months ago

I like what you are doing here and understand the difficulties of adding cards to deck because they are hard to come by/afford. So while you may want to cram as many Legion's Landing in a deck like this as you can get a hold of, the vampire card list isn't rotating anytime soon so you have time to get them.

You may want to run a 4th copy of Legion Lieutenant and Radiant Destiny. To make room for these you may want to cut copies of Squire's Devotion. I know that you like the Devotion because it pairs well with Famished Paladin, but if your opponent kills you creature as you cast it you are out 2 cards to his possible one. I was a big fan of a certain enchant combo that was similar (Relentless Raptor+Cartouche of Solidarity), but ultimately cut back on it because of how often it would be killed in response to trying to enchant.

With the new set coming out you may want to keep an eye for Forebear's Blade. This may become a good card for token decks like yours. Equip the blade to a lifelink token, swing, gain life, blade auto equips to next fodder unit.

razelfark on Boros Path Of Mettle

4 months ago

I will be honest the Cataclysmic Gearhulk has actually been very good to me. I put in the deck as a filler card as I couldn't find my other Glorybringers and was rather impressed at how well it was functioning. Most of the times I cast it was to my favor and it worked with my want for a later game bruiser card. I would recommend him for side deck more then main board usually, but my local has a lot of decks either running a lot of tokens or enchantments and this gives me an answer to both.

As for the Relentless Raptors, I would not suggest cutting these as their 3/3 body as a two drop is very strong. The only time these cards become bad is late game when your opponent has large creatures and its force to block becomes trouble some. However, their early game is very strong especially paired with Cartouche of Solidarity; having a creature swinging as a 4/4 first striker with vigilance makes things very hard for your opponent to block or attack. Yes they are able to be killed by push, but push was designed to work well against decks like this.

AS for Kari Zev's Expertise, this card has got a done a lot of work and I think has earned a spot to stay in the deck. The cards ability to steal a creature and give it haste allows us the ability to flip Path of Mettle  Flip path of mettle even with only one creature on board. Its ability to allow us trick out a 2 cost or less spell also works well with how cheap most of the deck is; this can be more noticeably valuable in later parts of games as it could leave you mana available to cast more spells or activate Metzali, Tower of Triumph.

While it is true the Fanatical Firebrand is a nice option for the deck, I don't think their is anything main board I want to pull out for it outside of Cataclysmic Gearhulk. To make room for one copy of Firebrand doesn't feel that worth while. I will have to think on this more for what can be removed to make room if it is to be played.

Thanks for the suggestion. I really like the idea of that creature, just not sure what to do to make room.

Freezingfist on Boros Path Of Mettle

4 months ago

This is definitely coming along, razelfark. Seems a lot more streamlined.

This is just my personal preference, but I'd probably cut 2-4 Relentless Raptors and sideboard the Cataclysmic Gearhulk and Kari Zev's Expertises for Fanatical Firebrands and maybe a third Captain Lannery Storm. I'd probably also push down on the Plains for more dedicated Mountains. I know you're trying to get to Path of Mettle  Flip, but the utility of Fanatical Firebrand early seems too good to pass, and Captain Lannery Storm can get you the you need as long as she swings with the Treasure (plus, she's probably my favorite sleeper pick from Ixalan).

Cool to see you're still working on it. Maybe once Kaladesh rotates, Ascend can get a real chance to shine =)

Agusdakilla on Huge Dino attack

5 months ago

I second what Trifas said, and would like to add even more. I would take out Lightning Strike, which is a good card, and replace it with cards that are even better for the deck, such as 1x Savage Stomp and 1x Reckless Rage for removal.

Then, I'm going to go even further and say that you should completely optimize your creature count. If you can get you hands of more copies of Drover of the Mighty and Otepec Huntmaster for ramp (Drover is a bit better, but they both work), I'd put them in. I'd put Kinjalli's Sunwing and Deathgorge Scavenger into the sideboard (for control and graveyard decks), remove Siegehorn Ceratops and Relentless Raptors, and put in more Regisaur Alphas, Ripjaw Raptors, and Ranging Raptors. You should also probably play 3 or 4 Thunderherd Migration mainboard, since the ramp it gives combined with the smaller creatures and Ranging Raptors is pretty sweet. Since the white would only be used for cards such as Settle the Wreckage and big splashy finishers that I assume you don't have, since they aren't in the deck, you could consider taking out the white entirely and making it a G/R deck. This would make your land draws much smoother and eliminate a large part of the percentages of getting color screwed.

Just a few suggestions for you to consider! Another question, are you planning on playing this deck in a few tournaments? It would help pinpoint the deck's weaknesses, and check out your local meta.

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