Relentless Assault


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Rare
Tenth Edition Rare
Ninth Edition Rare
Eighth Edition Rare
Seventh Edition Rare
Starter 1999 Rare
Portal Three Kingdoms Rare
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Portal Second Age Rare
Visions Rare

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Relentless Assault


Untap all creatures that attacked this turn. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase.

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Relentless Assault Discussion

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Iroas, a not-so-shitty Boros Commander

3 days ago

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight straight up doubles, yo.

Relentless Assault and Seize the Day to turn SMACK into SMACKSMACK.

Insult / Injury double up and enter the NO FOG zone.

Alkadron on Rakdrazi 2.0

1 month ago

I used to run a bunch of Haste Enablers in my rakdos deck (It's Riot Time), but they always disappointed me. I was usually only playing important creatures in the second main, using the discount I got from attacking with Rakdos. For a while I ran stuff like Relentless Assault and Seize the Day to try to capitalize on the hasty-ness, but it never worked out - mana was too tight for a 4-drop sorcery, or I had haste but not a second attack phase, or I had a second attack phase but no haste.

I ended up taking almost all the haste enablers out of the deck. There creatures that you'll get more use out of, I think.

For you, I would switch out Fervor for Avatar of Slaughter and Hammer of Purphoros for Tree of Perdition.


It certainly puts the pressure on. And it can end a game immediately if you can give everyone haste... but that's really hard to set-up, and the tree is basically the only card capable of rioting hard enough for Titans and Colossi without using the attack phase, so I still wouldn't bother with stuff like Fervor

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Anya

1 month ago

Love me some Angels! My Aurelia build uses Final Fortune and Last Chance as finishers. Multiple combats can win games quickly as well, with things like World at War and Relentless Assault.

Denial048 on Can Pyromancer's Goggles copy Flying ...

1 month ago

To give you a little assistance, the cards that let you untap your creatures in Red are:

Flying Crane Technique, Insurrection, World at War, Savage Beating, Fury of the Horde, Relentless Assault and Waves of Aggression.

Hopefully that also helps you.

McDeity on Redheads have anger issues. Competitive Kaalia

2 months ago

Hoard-Smelter Dragon is just one of the better Commander dragons in general, and it looks like you are a hair light on artifact removal anyway. Hellkite Charger is a reasonable dragon, and though you can't use him the turn you drop him in off of a Kaalia, he'd replace Relentless Assault fairly well. Oros, the Avenger is a poor man's Balefire Dragon, but having access to a second sweep for decks going wide may help- I'd likely opt for Scourge of Kher Ridges though. Knollspine Dragon is still a good card, especially as you're running Wheel of Fortune anyhow. Like the previous posters stated, Angel of Finality is a beating against the right decks. You could also look to upgrade Grand Abolisher with Conqueror's Flail.

krackhour on Red doesn't suck in CMDR

2 months ago

I personally luvvv goblins in EDH, don't listen to the BS others put out about it! +1 from meee!Here's some cards that come to mind when I look at this deck - not really suggestions - cuz I like it the way it is!Could throw in a Great Furnace and Kuldotha RebirthA Goblin Marshal is always nice with lackey and instigator, it's decent mid game as well.Goblin Pyromancer is a good finisher.Timed right Final Fortune or Last Chance can be great finishers too! Kind of the same goes for cards like Relentless Assault.I've always liked Song of Blood too! It's way underrated.

Shmijda on Narset, Enlightened Master (Extra Turn)

2 months ago

Nice Deck! I look forward to the descriptions of the others.

Also, have you considered Relentless Assault ?

CrazedGinger on Blood of the Saints

2 months ago

I really like your deck, your inclusion of Xenagos, and sideboard choices will give me something to think about. Your description was extremely really helpful as well, while I was reading it I realized you were mainboarding Relentless Assault and I was curious if you had ever heard of Fury of the Horde

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