Now currently the artist formally known as Lvl.666. Just figured it was time for a name change. There's no real reason behind it. But don't fret, I'm still just a bunch of poorly-disguised slivers hiding in a hat and trench coat.

I enjoy obsessing over my decks, but what I enjoy even more is making and customizing deck pages for them to live on using CSS. Additionally, I love easter eggs/memes. So I tend to place them in all of my deck pages.

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Always good to have a comment from you, Slayroth

In regards to your question, enpc pretty much hit all the points I'd make. But, to summarize - Fetchlands provide an overwhelming advantage to your deck by providing you best in class mana fixing on demand (Which is beyond a doubt the most important thing in a 5 color deck!). The cumulative life loss from fetching shocks in untapped is negligible in the long run because you will be able to consistently threaten to win at least 1 to 2 turns earlier than with your current mana base. Also, as enpc pointed out earlier - you don't always have to bring the shocks in tapped.

On a (slighty) unrelated note I am so appreciative and flattered that you chose to base your first deck off of mine. Slivers made a huge impression on me when I first encountered them back in Legions (during the Onslaught block). Their design, art, and lore really drew me to them - kind of like when you gravitate toward a specific character in a fighting game - you see them in the select screen, and without even knowing a thing about them you just know that's your main. This is my first EDH deck as well, and it has evolved with me as a player and a person over the years. Anywho, I appreciate the comment and the question - i'm hoping that the answer you received is satisfactory, and inspired you to make a decision - one way or the other.

August 11, 2020 2:49 p.m.

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Thanks for the comments. I'll address them by individual.

Slayroth, as a matter of fact yes I have considered the highly versatile Nature's Claim over Krosan Grip. I mainly ran Grip because my friends' Najeela deck ran free countermagic out the wazoo. But, my meta has shifted considerably as i've moved overseas. Don't fret, there's a magic community here - haven't met them yet due to well...COVID...but i'm sure i'll make some adjustments after playing with them. For now, I need to get a copy of Nature's Claim for my "side board" trade binder.

abierto, I absolutely adore Dockside Extortionist. It's an amazing card - but unfortunately due to my quirks as a deck builder I simply cannot include it - it's a filthy non-sliver. Sure, I could look at it as merely an animated mana rock, but the thought will simply sting in the back of my mind. Honestly, i'm considering Carpet of Flowers - but it depends on my meta, and how many players I know make use of islands.

Thanks for the comments all. I hope you're keeping safe during these weird times. I know i'm definitely holed up in my Hive Cocoon.

July 28, 2020 12:54 p.m.
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