I'm what happens when a bunch of poorly-disguised slivers hiding in a hat and trench coat become radicalized by the Machine Orthodoxy and wish to spread the good word of Phyrexia to all non-compleat.

I enjoy obsessing over and constantly updating my curated decks, blogging about how their archetypes and functions may change as new cards are spoiled from each new set Wizards releases. Additionally, I enjoy using CSS to customize my deck pages adding Easter eggs and memes for added flavor and (mostly my) amusement. Please feel free to make a post on my user page, or any of my deck pages if you wish to talk magic - especially when it pertains to any of my format specialties.

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For your Sen Triplets deck have you considered Telepathy? With that on the field you could make more informed decisions on which player you were going to control for the turn. As for your Teneb deck, maybe Unburial Rites? It's great for those situations where you can't get any combat damage in with your commander and you really need to reanimate a creature from your graveyard. And you get the added bonus of doing it again when necessary.

April 13, 2024 6:41 p.m.

Full disclosure, i'm a New Phyrexia fanboy - but i'm just bitterly reminded of the absolute hack job Wizards' writing department did for War of the Spark / New Phyrexia. Multiple plot holes and the sudden loss of basic reasoning on part of the villains for the sake of plot convenience has forever turned me off from stories from this game. But the most insulting part is that every single one of the walkers that went through heavy physical and spiritual augmentation - phyresis somehow "got better" and act as though the trauma never happened. Apparently anyone can just remove extra limbs then find and reattach long discarded limbs when you just ignore the trauma.

It is now cannon that there are no stakes. No circumstances. Every so called bad guy will simply encounter Deus Ex Machina when it's time to move on to the next thing. Why have bad guys in this game? It's not like they can actually do anything.

March 30, 2024 11:18 a.m.
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