I'm what happens when a bunch of poorly-disguised slivers hiding in a hat and trench coat become radicalized by the Machine Orthodoxy and wish to spread the good word of Phyrexia to all non-compleat.

I enjoy obsessing over and constantly updating my curated decks, blogging about how their archetypes and functions may change as new cards are spoiled from each new set Wizards releases. Additionally, I enjoy using CSS to customize my deck pages adding Easter eggs and memes for added flavor and (mostly my) amusement. Please feel free to make a post on my user page, or any of my deck pages if you wish to talk magic - especially when it pertains to any of my format specialties.

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Hi MilesHiles,

Thank you for checking out my list and the +1. Superfriends definitely isn't my flavor as i'm something of a Vorthos but it appears we may have some really interesting Planeswalker options coming in the near future that I may want to integrate into this deck (i'm still giddy over Ajani). As for your question about Urza's Incubator, back in Modern Horizons 2 Wotc "retconned" roughly 225 creatures to have the subtype "Phyrexian" in addition to their other types. If you want to read my thoughts on the subject you can click on my deck update titled A "New" Phyrexian Tribe. The update also has the full list of creatures that are now Phyrexians if you would like a reference guide.

To put things more succinctly - with the exception of Grateful Apparition, every creature in this deck has the "Phyrexian" subtype. So when I play Urza's Incubator, I name Phyrexian and that will apply to (almost) every creature in the deck - yes including Atraxa as well. Note - Grateful Apparition's inclusion is only temporary. I wait with baited breath on a new creature to be printed who is hopefully mono white, has Proliferate, and Infect on it's body with good stats - something of a Mono-white Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon if you will.

Thanks for suggesting Semblance Anvil. I have honestly never heard of this card until now. It's going to live rent free in my brain until I can think of a good deck to house it in. Thanks again for commenting and i'll definitely be checking out your Atraxa build as well.

September 26, 2022 5:17 p.m.

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Thank you for the words of praise! This deck is something of a love letter to New Phyrexia as their whole aesthetic and lore really appeal to me. I'm also a huge fan of Poison and Infect, but each ability hasn't received the fleshing out that it deserves in my opinion. Ajani, Sleeper Agent is truly a step in the right direction but there needs to be more support to make Poison really work - in my opinion.

Most of the deck is quite affordable if you don't have a magpie brain and pursue foils. If acquiring ABUR dual lands is an issue there are plenty of viable alternatives. I'm a fan of proxying, but that may not fly with all playgroups so here are some options I would recommend:

  • Pain Lands - A long complete cycle that just saw a reprint in Dominaria Unlimited. Excellent series of lands, but the constant use of the Add colored mana to your mana pool can really hurt you late game.

  • Triomes - The cycle was just completed with New Capenna, so you could easily slot in Indatha Triome, Zagoth Triome, Spara's Headquarters, and Raffine's Tower. Each land is typed, so they can be targeted by Fetchalands. Sure the always ETB tapped is a drawback, but the pros outweigh the cons. Late game if you draw one of these and you won't miss a land drop the cycling is always a nice bonus.

  • Bond Lands - These are definitely some of my all time favorites as more often that not they will be entering the battlefield untapped. I think Bond lands tend to be forgotten, but in my book they're among the best. Unless your meta is strictly 1 v 1 then I would obviously stay away from these.

That's all I would suggest at this time. If I think of any more lands to suggest, i'll leave a post. I hope you enjoy piloting your deck, may you compleat many a heretic.

September 21, 2022 7:30 p.m.

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Hello Skaso,

This is Lvl666 from Reddit, finally making due on my promise. Sorry for taking so long to respond, life got in the way. So first things first - the key to making a deck "good" in a sense is to know everything about how it's intended to function and what "routes" you would play with a given boardstate and cards in hand. To help achieve this I always encourage a deck owner to build a primer. What's a primer? It's an in depth discussion/analysis/presentation of what your deck is, how it's intended to function, and it's overall limitations and strengths are from your perspective. I would suggest you use Epochalyptik's Do you Want to Write a Primer? as a basis. It forces you to ask some deep questions about your own deck construction process, and makes you more aware of your own inclinations and play style preferences.

I also recommend you watch the following videos from The Command Zone Podcast to help you get a better understanding of how early your deck can threaten to win, how powerful it would be considered, and what you can do to help it win more consistently:

I do have some questions for you as well:

  • What's your budget?
  • How do you want to win? Combo? Aggro?
  • What's your meta like? When you say "Competitive" are you facing off against the cEDH meta? e.g. Urza, Lord High Artificer Stax?

All of the previously mentioned would be good information to have in your Primer, it would help with card suggestions and help you better communicate the vision you have for your deck. Those are all my thoughts for now, I look forward to hearing from you!

September 20, 2022 4:47 p.m.
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